Thursday 10-02-03 Recaps

Thursday 10/02/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Juan Pablo suggests that Greenlee give up on Fusion and start another company; he even offers to fund her new project. She is not sure she can trust him. She goes to Ryan's room later. Bianca is nervous about going back to classes, but everyone greets her nicely. Maggie sees Bianca's prenatal vitamins. Bianca lies to her so she gets upset. Bianca admits she is still pregnant. Adam and Palmer meet at a seedy bar to talk about their big secret, but they're caught by Tad, who guesses they had something to do with Michael's murder. They deny it. Adam and Tad are fighting when J.R. pipes up, announcing his arrival, much to their shock. Ryan and Kendall continue to fight, despite the fact that she said she still loves him, but they also kiss. Aidan breaks up their embrace but knows that Kendall's heart lies with him. Ryan's lawyer tells him that he is safe as long as Michael does not have an heir somewhere because then the heir will inherit everything.

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Lea

Days by Jenne

GH by Dee

After Jax wins the hand, Sam wants to play once more. High card wins – if she wins, she gets her boat back; if Jax wins, he gets her for the night. They draw and he wins. She comes to his hotel room, ready to follow through, but he tells her she’s not into this. He asks her what she knows about the dead man’s hand. She denies any knowledge and leaves. He gets a call, telling him to come to the bar and bring the ‘card’. When he gets there, a man knocks him out from behind. The man who called him is shown to be AJ! Jax doesn’t have the real card, later we see Sam on her boat, holding the card. Sonny tells Carly to turn around, but when she does, ‘Lily’ is gone. Sonny insists to Carly that he’s been seeing Lily. She tries to convince him that Lily would want to comfort him, want him to be happy. He tells her to go home, he needs some time alone. Faith shows up. When he sees Lily again, she says she does too. Courtney wants to get married now; she says the wedding will be a distraction for Sonny and Carly. Jason tells her that their wedding will be for them, no one else. Courtney takes Michael for ice cream; when she gets a call from Mike, Michael turns around and sees ‘Lily’. She tells him that his daddy talks to her all the time about him. She shows him her red ring and asks him to tell his daddy to come to her.

Dillon overhears Stefan trying to set up a hit on Alcazar with Coleman. He goes to Alcazar and tells him, Alcazar pays him, but tells him he probably isn’t a very good friend for Dillon. Dillon shows Georgie the money and says now they can go to a concert. Luke sets up a ‘courtroom’, then sends a message to Alexis, Lydia, Emily, Zander and Nikolas to meet at Kelley’s. When they meet, he calls Alexis and sends a hearse to bring them to the courtroom. He abducts Stefan and brings him to the courtroom, he’s on trial for murder and Luke thinks he’s guilty. Sonny brings Faith to the PH to tell Jason and Carly that she saw Lily. When she leaves, Michael and Courtney come home and Michael tells them about the lady he saw.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Standing dangerously close to the edge, Christina loses her footing and falls over the cliff. Ian jumps after her and floats back to higher ground with the grinning little girl in his arms. Christina is thrilled to have her own private "Superman." Arriving in the wake of the near tragedy, Kevin sincerely thanks Ian and takes Christina back home. Realizing that Ian's curse may actually be a blessing in disguise, Lucy urges him to accept his fate and use it for the greater good. Struggling to understand what she's suggesting, Ian promises to try. Meanwhile, Imani is relieved when Jamal returns to the cafe unscathed. Now that everyone is safe, Ricky decides to head back to Port Charles. Jamal demands to know the truth about Imani. He especially wants to know why he and Olivia had similar experiences when trying to bite Imani and her stalker. Although Imani argues, she realizes that Jamal can handle the truth. Before she can tell him, Madea clocks him with a frying pan. Promising to make sure that Jamal will be all right, Madea urges her granddaughter to run now, before it's too late. Heeding her advice, Imani flees into the night. While Rafe and Alison enjoy their shower, Caleb makes himself at home in their suite. Sensing that someone is there, Rafe rushes out to catch the intruder, but no one is there. Finding evidence that someone was there, an amused Alison shows Rafe the chocolates left on the bed. She has a hard time convincing him that maids enter people's rooms from time to time. Rafe admits to overreacting and promises to let it go. Caleb is curious about whether Rafe will keep his promise to Alison or come after him. While Rafe prays in the wedding chapel for a sign from above, Alison stays in the room to pray for a fresh start with her fiancé, unaware that Caleb is watching.

Y&R By Glynis


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