Wednesday 10-01-03 Recaps

Wednesday 10/01/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Everyone reacts to Ryan's unexpected appearance at the Valley Inn. There are arguments between everyone as they try to figure out what his appearance means to their companies and personal lives. Ryan tries to prove that Kendall's claims of marriage to Michael are bogus. He confides that he is the one that found Michael's body in the meat locker. Liza and Tad each act jealous of the other's love lives. Jack interrogates Erica. Kendall talks to Ryan alone, over Aidan's objections. They fight and she ends up telling Ryan that she still loves him.

ATWT by 

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Carly comes downstairs looking for Sonny. She finds a picture of Sonny and Lily; when he enters the room, he tells her he had it packed away. He goes on to tell her he’s been seeing Lily’s spirit, but gets a phone call and leaves before they can discuss it further. She follows him to the cemetery, the groundskeeper tells him they were supposed to move one grave, but moved Lily’s by accident. After Sonny checks Lily’s coffin, he and Carly talk. When they hug, he sees Carly’s name on the headstone again. After Mac welcomes the group of rookie officers to the force, Luke strolls into the PCPD and says he wants Lucky to arrest him. Mac tells him he’s no longer wanted. In private, Lucky tells him he became an officer to clear his name, and that he got Stefan on tape admitting that he had Summer killed. When they walk out of the interrogation room, Stefan is there, he’s just been acquitted of the charges. Alexis and Cameron meet at the cottage. She thanks him for paying her bail; he has a payment agreement ready for her to sign. They argue about that and the fact that he can’t find an apartment. They agree that he will move in with her. As they’re leaving, they meet Luke at the door. He wants Alexis to join him in taking Stefan down.

John tells Jax that the lucky cards (the dead man’s hand – the hand that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when Jack McCall shot him) that he had are missing and that’s why he’s dying. After he bought them, all his investments were successful, now that they’re missing, everything is going south. He got a ransom note, giving a location, but he’s too weak to go there. Jax promises to get them back. At the bar, he meets Sam. They play high stakes cards and she wagers her boat. As Jax shows his cards, she tells him he has the ‘dead man’s hand’. As Carly and Sonny leave the cemetery, she goes back to Lily’s headstone. Sonny sees Lily on the other side of the gate, she says, ‘She’ll never understand.’

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Olivia has mixed feelings about the wedding arrangements that Caleb made. Although she loves the idea of going someplace different, she's anxious about his reference to a "clean slate." Telling her be ready to leave before nightfall, Caleb claims to need time alone to perfect his wedding vows. Unable to shake her insecurities, Olivia calls the number on the brochure and speaks to Annette Manning, who assures her that Caleb has taken care of everything. Hanging up, Olivia feels confident that she has no reason not to trust Caleb. Meanwhile, Alison and Rafe enjoy their stay at the luxurious bed and breakfast. After Annette, their hostess, mentions wedding guests, Rafe worries that he may have rushed Alison into eloping, but Alison is confident that they're doing the right thing. While Rafe joins her in the shower, Caleb materializes elsewhere in their suite. After Chris takes Elizabeth back to Port Charles, Ian tries to make Lucy understand how close he came to feeding on the very woman who made him a vampire. Although he is determined to send Lucy away, she is equally determined to help him the only way she can. When Ian accuses her of making the situation even more difficult, she offers him the choice of loving her or fighting her to the death. Giving in, Ian takes her in his arms. In the woods near the cabin, Christina backs away from something that is scaring her. She comes dangerously close to the edge of a hole or a cliff. Ian senses something wrong, and he and Lucy race to find the little girl. Finding her standing too close to the edge, Lucy warns her not to move.

Y&R By Glynis

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