Tuesday 09-30-03 Recaps

Tuesday 09/30/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

JP asks Tad to look into the man that might be stalking Greenlee: Ryan. Tad laughs and fills JP in on Ryan's history. Kendall makes a big grandstand play in front of reporters, at the police station. She offers a big reward for information about Michael's killer. She won't be questioned by the police without her lawyer. Jack refuses to let Justin try the Cambias case. Adam asks Liza to help him mend his relationship with J.R., who is coming home soon. Liza is reluctant but agrees, if Adam listens to her. She advises him to get rid of Mary. Erica and Greenlee have words about Kendall, among other things, when they both go to the Valley Inn for the mysterious meeting called by Alexander. Most of the cast shows up there. No one knows why they are there and Kendall is not happy about them all being there. A lawyer explains that if Michael died before Alexander, then all of his assets revert to Alexander. He plays a videotape of Alexander, who welcomes them and introduces his sole heir. Ryan then walks into the room, shocking everyone.

ATWT by Hilary

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

At Windermere, Jason tells Nikolas he’s going to give Stefan up to Alcazar. Nikolas pleads for 24 hours. Jason leaves and Nikolas tells Stefan he has to give himself up to the police. Stefan refuses and they fight. Emily confides in Skye about her feelings for Nikolas; Zander hears her on the monitor. Skye tells Emily that Nikolas and Jax are the men they can daydream about while they live in real life. Emily agrees. Ned arrives with Kristina’s blanket, then Cameron arrives and tells him he can’t see Kristina. They argue about Alexis until Zander comes down and tells them they need to compromise, Kristina needs them all. They agree. Sonny and Carly argue about her saving Alcazar. He tells her that he’s afraid that one time when his anger fades, there won’t be anything left. She begs him to understand that they’re both in this together; she’s afraid too. She almost died when Michael was born. She needs his strength. When he doesn’t respond, she goes upstairs alone.

Jason returns to the penthouse and Sonny vents about Carly. Jason tries to make him see that Carly’s afraid and when she’s afraid, she does stupid things. He tells Sonny to forget about Lily, his family is falling apart and he needs to concentrate on them. Sonny tells him about Carly saving Alcazar and Jason tells him that Stefan was the one who tried to kill him. Sonny tells him to meet with Alcazar and give up Stefan. He needs to take a walk. Lucky and Lydia come in on the aftermath of the fight between Nikolas and Stefan. Lucky says this is assault and Stefan can be arrested again. Stefan urges Nikolas not to break trust with him, but Nikolas tells them to call 911. Jason meets with Alcazar and gives him Stefan’s name. When he leaves, Alcazar calls Capelli and tells him he wants Stefan dead. No problem, Capelli is at Windermere arresting him. Sonny returns to the PH, he sees ‘Lily’ on the Terrace. He asks her why she’s there, but Carly comes down and asks him to come upstairs.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Kevin dazzles Lucy with his ability to walk. Chris tracks Lucy down at the lighthouse to let her know that Ian may be in trouble. When Lucy and Kevin convince Chris that he played right into Elizabeth's hands, he reluctantly admits to ensuring that she and Ian would be stranded. Worried about the implications, Lucy orders Chris to drive her to the cabin, unaware that Christina is listening. On the way to the cabin, Lucy tries to convince Chris that he is in love with Elizabeth. After admitting that he is "Georges," Chris is surprised when Lucy states that she already knew. Frustrated by his inability to locate Christina, Kevin tries to call Lucy and finds that she left her cell phone behind. Although Ian is fully prepared to walk down the mountain for help, Elizabeth begs him to stay in case she has another reaction to the bee sting. She is also worried about Ian, who has the hungry look with which she is all too familiar. The rage catching up with him, Ian prepares to bite Elizabeth out of revenge for making him a vampire. Arriving at the cabin, Chris and Lucy hear Elizabeth scream. They rush inside, and as Lucy tries to deal with her crazed lover, Chris makes his way to Elizabeth. Outside, little Christina, stowed away in the back of the car, climbs to the front seat, gets out, and heads away from the cabin. In Alabama, Ricky reassures Imani that Jamal can take care of himself. Imani tries to go after Jamal, but Ricky catches her and brings her back inside. Meanwhile, Jack gets away from his attacker, but the man catches up with him and holds him down. Jamal comes to Jack's rescue by grabbing the sheriff and administering a deadly bite. After straightening things out with Jack, he looks for the body, but it is gone. When Jamal becomes violently ill, Jack fills him in on the similarities to Olivia's story about biting Imani.

Y&R By Rachel

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