Monday 09-29-03 Recaps

Monday 9/29/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Mia quizzes Liza about her feelings for Tad; Liza says they have too much baggage. Tad and Simone wake up in bed after a wild night, but they are interrupted by Jamie, who gets an ineffective lecture from Tad. Tad and Simone accidentally switch cell phones, which leads to Liza and Mia finding out that they were together. Liza hides her feelings and says it's fine. The women of Fusion get a letter from Alexander Cambias, inviting them to a gathering at the Valley Inn. Kendall, Erica, and David get the same letter. Kendall thanks Aidan for sticking by her. Greenlee begs Kendall to sell her back her shares of Fusion, so Kendall agrees. Bianca finds Lena in the hospital but Lena lies that she had food poisoning. Kendall visits Lena. Bianca asks Kendall again about whether she married and/or killed Michael. Erica is freaking out about what she and David did, but he is not worried. Maggie asks them if she should tell what she knows, but they convince her not to. Aidan tapes part of their conversation. Edmund and Ryan plot together.

ATWT by Kim

B&B by Lea

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Stefan tells Nikolas that he has cancelled their debt and saved his life by killing Alcazar. Nikolas rejects this, tells him he was the one who incurred the debt to begin with, then he tells him he’s no longer trustee of the Cassadine family, he will have no access to the money or the property. Carly considers leaving Alcazar, then remembers that he helped her – she administers CPR and yells for help. Georgie and Dillon come running up, she sends them to get his car and they take him home. Sonny breaks a glass on the bar and then cuts himself to see if he’s dreaming. He’s afraid that ‘Lily’s’ appearance means he’ll lose Carly and the baby. He calls Jason, who tells him that maybe he’s ‘seeing his fear.’ When Zander and Emily can’t get the baby to go to sleep, Emily calls Skye who comes over to help.

Ric convinces Elizabeth to go for a walk; they meet Courtney on the docks. When Ric rants that Courtney ran Elizabeth down, Elizabeth asks Courtney to walk her back to the hospital because she’s had enough of Ric. At the hospital, Courtney asks for her forgiveness. She explains that she was taking medication and was upset about losing the baby, and although she doesn’t remember hitting Elizabeth, she thinks she does. Elizabeth tells her it’s not ok, she doesn’t like not being able to see, but Jason loves Courtney and she realizes how much she misses Jason’s friendship. For Jason, and because she knows it was an accident, she forgives her. Carly tells Alcazar that he helped her before, now they’re even. When she gets home, she tells Sonny that she saved him to keep Jason from being arrested. Sonny thinks she cares for Alcazar. Jason tells Nikolas he needs to give up Stefan to Alcazar – Nikolas says he can’t let Stefan be killed.

GL by 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Although Alison is impressed with their suite at the inn, Rafe is disconcerted by the news that no incoming or outgoing calls are allowed. When Alison informs her chuckling soul mate that they can't have the honeymoon before the wedding, they set out to discover what boundaries they should set. Before long, they decide that there are no boundaries after all. At the Silverhill Cafe, the door bursts open. When Imani screams, Madea rushes in and shoots at the intruder. Fortunately, she misses. Ricky has come to warn them that the sheriff has been snooping around Port Charles. Hearing about Jack's plan to lure the man away from them, a worried Jamal determines to find the man who has been stalking Imani. Madea stops Imani's attempt to tell Jamal exactly what he's up against. Ricky is prepared to help Madea and Imani to safety if Jamal doesn't return in twenty-four hours. Madea tells her granddaughter her belief that Jamal might actually emerge victorious. Meanwhile, Jack wrongly concludes that he has lost the sheriff. When he stops to get his bearings, the man puts him in a choke hold and demands to know where Imani and Jamal are. Caleb tells Olivia that he has made the final arrangements for their wedding. Olivia is shocked when Caleb bites her harder than he ever has before. Unable to fight him off, she passes out. When she regains consciousness, Caleb offers reassurances about their relationship, and they make love. Afterward, Olivia admits that she's just waiting for the other shoe to drop. When she leaves the room, Caleb picks up her shoe and deliberately drops it to the floor.

Y&R By Glynis

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