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Friday 9/26/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

ATWT by Hilary

Alison convinced Mike that if they went to Tom and Margo's together, they would both get away with it, but things were still awkward when they arrived. Alison told Chris that Katie should be turning to Mike right now. They planned to attend the new club opening, then get a room in Bay City. Katie told Mike he was just a horrible reminder of Simon's death, and he said he understood, but that he would always care for her. Jen insisted that Dusty is the only person to never hurt her, and insinuated that Barbara actually wants Dusty for herself. Barbara admitted she was lonely, but said she didn't want Dusty. In the surveillance van, Dusty and Molly continued to kiss, but were soon discovered. They were brought to the police station, and Dusty told Margo they were there because of Paul bugging the club. Paul told Rose he loved her and would fight for her. Rose convinced Dusty not to press charges against Paul, but he punched Paul in the stomach before leaving with Rose. Molly said she was out of the deal with Paul.

B&B by Judy

Oscar is at the nightclub which is in the process of renovation. In walks Bridget and she assumes that Oscar is working there. When he tells her he bought the place she seems very happy about it. He wants her to hang up the lucky horse shoe and when she goes to do it, he kisses her. They are unaware they are being watched by a fake construction worker. Massimo and Brooke are now disagreeing about Nick's decision about going to look for the bell man and Ridge. Mass thinks he is trying to be a hero. Brooke thinks he can help. Weber shows up from the embassy and Brooke is upset that they are holding back the second half of the ransom. Weber gets a call and they find out that the bell man was found dead. Nick tells Anna she can't live running from the kidnappers after what they did to her brother. He asks her where Ridge is, she tells him and that they are expecting her to return with food. Nick has a plan to go with her. The kidnappers are upset that Mass won't pay up. Toro gets a call from the mystery boss and tells Ridge he has a reprieve. He has Ridge make a call to Massimo's number and Brooke answers the phone and gets to talk to Ridge. The call is cut short and Toro tells her that now they know Ridge is OK so they better pay up or it is the last time they talk to him. Mass comes back and finds out Ridge called. Meanwhile, Nick goes to Ridge and lets him know he is there, he cuts Ridge's ropes and asks him if he can take out a couple guys. Ridge tells him he can and they take care of the thugs. Ridge stops to pick up the pocket watch that Brooke gave him and Nick goes to help Anna. Just when Ridge is about to head out the door, he looks up and recognizes the person standing there with a gun. He says, "YOU !!" We here the gun click and see Shiela standing in the doorway.

Days by Rebecca

Victor, Nicole and Brady listen to reports on Abe's condition. Lexie is with Abe and he is out of surgery, and she and John beg him to tell them who shot him. Tony, Rex, Kate, Sami, and Lucas remain to act suspicious...

GH by Dee

AJ is very harsh with Dillon as he orders him to stay at the office and wait for a fax. Skye arrives and tries to intervene, but after Dillon leaves the office, AJ excuses himself by telling her Dillon is Ned’s brother. They go to Kelly’s, where Skye asks AJ to give Ned his job back; he refuses, so she hands him papers and tells him Ned is suing him and ELQ for wrongful termination. Stefan visits the penthouse, where he tells Sonny and Jason he won’t let Nikolas accept their help. Sonny has Max show him out. Sonny tells Jason to eliminate Alcazar. Carly and Courtney talk about Sonny’s nervousness, unaware that Alcazar is listening. He comes out of hiding and tells Carly to tell Sonny he’s bought a warehouse. Jason meets with Nikolas and tells him to establish an alibi in about 30 minutes. Courtney hears them talking and asks Jason what they were talking about. He tells her he’s helping Emily. Faith meets with Marcella, then reports to Alcazar.

Georgie meets Dillon at ELQ and they begin making out, AJ comes back to the office and insults Georgie. Dillon hits him and he fires Dillon. Carly calls Sonny to The Cellar where she has candlelight and music. They dance and kiss, then Carly gets a call from Courtney, asking her to meet her right away. When she leaves, Faith comes to The Cellar and pushes Sonny’s buttons. Courtney tells Carly what she heard Jason and Nikolas talking about; she asks what they should do. Carly says nothing; she’s going back to her husband. Alcazar is in an alley talking on the phone, he’s attacked from behind. When the attacker flees, Jason comes out from hiding, then flees himself when he hears sirens. Carly is on her way back to the club when she spots Alcazar on the ground. She wants to walk away, but she remembers when he helped her when she was in labor and when he pulled her back to the top of the cliff. She walks back. After Faith leaves, Sonny is shocked when he looks up and sees ‘Lily’.

GL by Barbara

Beth surprised Jeffrey by showing up at his room in nothing but a trenchcoat. He took her into the room next door, saying his bedroom was a mess, and they made love. After Beth told Edmund how happy she was with Jeffrey, he saw Jeffrey with a mysterious Asian woman; they went up to his room. Christopher tried to warn Olivia about Lizzie, but she said she wouldn't be intimidated by the teen. Lillian told Lizzie that she and Beth were going to Olivia's shower, and she pretended she wasn't bothered by the news. When Tammy arrived and told her she was worried that Joey would dump her if she didn't sleep with him, Lizzie told her not to do it, but then said she should and should get pregnant so she can keep him. Tammy was creeped out, and left. When Joey called for Tammy, Lizzie lied and said she was still there, and arranged for him to come over. She jumped in his car when he arrived. Blake and Harley tried to duck out of Olivia's shower, but Cassie wouldn't hear of it. Marah was shocked to discover that the Mole was actually Sandy, using a puppet as his alter ego. She promised not to tell anyone. After she left, he angrily looked at a picture of Reva that he kept in a locked cabinet.

OLTL by Kym

Roxy comforts Max in his time of grief. Rex continues to nag Jenn about joining his "team". Kelly visits Joe & he lectures her about the dangers of her decision to have a child. Deke & Madison get the charges that were filed against them in Al's death, dropped. RJ pays a mechanic to lie for him in Antonio's trial. Al's friends have a memorial for him in Angel Square. Luna's spirit comes to help Max get thru his loss. RJ testifies at trial & claims that the brakes on Keri's car had been cut before they crashed. Witnesses testify against Antonio. David tells Kevin about the danger Kelly's in if she has a baby. Kevin tells Kelly they can adopt a baby. Jessica testifies that Antonio's been out of control lately.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen and Theresa have a run in at the apartments and begin to face off. Meanwhile, Fox and Ethan have words. He accuses Ethan of being a cad and tells him he's not the troublemaker of the family Ethan is. Beth and Charlie spend time together while Beth plans to kill her. Sheridan begins to sink to the ocean floor. She sees her mother and realizes she's dying and begs and pleads that her mother helps her. Luis has a feeling that his true love has died while Antonio becomes concerned that Luis has feelings for his wife.

PC by Beth

With no signal on either cell phone, Ian and Elizabeth are unable to call for help. Ian is convinced that Chris slit all the tires out of jealousy. Elizabeth realizes that she's to blame for a lot of things, including Ian's unwanted immortality. When she is stung by a bee, she doesn't expect to be allergic, but she anticipates swelling and an itch. While gathering some ice cubes, she accidentally steps on Ian's only blood packet. Elizabeth has a severe allergic reaction to the sting. Ian administers a shot and coaches her through the episode. Elizabeth curls up on the couch, sleepy from the shot. Although she trusts Ian to take care of everything without resorting to feeding on her, Ian looks worried. Meanwhile, the sheriff is on Jack's trail. Seeing the scratches on Jamal's face, Madea jumps to the conclusion that he did something to her granddaughter. Imani reassures her and privately admits to having the familiar vision of being hunted down. Although Imani doesn't want to admit it, Madea knows that it means the stalker is closing in. Although Madea does her best to discourage it, Imani is intent on enjoying the little time she has left. After making some progress with Madea, Jamal is floored when she abruptly leaves the room, apparently due to something he said. Imani and Jamal plot to sneak away from the cafe for some time alone. Imani is shocked when the cafe door flies open. Back in Port Charles, Rafe persuades Alison to elope tonight, promising to let her choose their destination. A new member of the gym gives Alison the use of the room intended for his own cancelled honeymoon. Rafe is adamantly opposed to this, but Alison manages to change his mind. Pleased with himself, their benefactor morphs back into himself: Caleb.

Y&R By Rachel

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