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Thursday 9/25/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca has a friendly visit with Myrtle. Yet, it is revealed, by a nightmare she's had, that she has not gone through with the abortion.

Jack goes to the warehouse where Cambias' corpse was found. The police lieutenant says that it is his job to question not only Jack, but all others who'd have a motive to kill Cambias or protect whoever did.

The Fusion girls are still attempting to work on Kendall. But she completely alienates them by telling them nothing about her marriage to Cambias, and letting them know that she could care less about any of them as long as she owns everything.

Although Ryan has made himself invisible to almost everybody, he runs into Erica and talks to her. She promises to not tell anybody that he's back in town.

ATWT by Hilary

Mike said he will stay away from Katie if that's what she wants, but Carly thought that was a bad idea. She said he needs to stop blaming himself for everything. Katie and Margo interrupted Alison and Chris's date when they arrived home. Chris examined Katie after she fainted in his arms, and he said someone should keep an eye on her. Margo received a call that the body found in the rubble was confirmed to be Simon's. Alison was jealous when Chris agreed to stay with Katie, but she said she understood. Molly and Dusty entered the surveillance van, and Dusty worried that Paul had taped his near-trysts with Jen and Molly. Henry locked them in, and Molly faked a claustrophobia attack. They both started disrobing because of the heat, and started to kiss, just as the van was towed. Paul told Rose he bugged the club for her, but will turn himself in. She said she didn't want him to go to jail. Barbara arrived and told Paul he has probably driven Jen away with this latest stunt. Rose said he must apologize to Dusty. Paul was shocked when he realized the van had been towed, as that wasn't part of his plan. Barbara told Jen about Paul's crime, and Jen gloated that this would give her a chance with Dusty.

B&B by Judy

Massimo is upset because he got set up. The bell man brings another note, the thugs want another $10 million in gold. The bird goes crazy when it sees the bell man. Mass thinks he is going out to get more money, but Nick says he should think about it. Nick wants to know why the bird does not like the bell man. He puts it together as he has seen before how smart these birds are. Meanwhile, Ridge continues to get slapped around by the kidnappers. He tries to get information from Anna. She tells him he talks to much. Toro is talking to someone on the phone and whoever it is wants to talk to Ridge, but then remains silent. Toro and some of the gang leave but one man remains to watch Ridge. Ridge gets an idea when he remembers his pocket-watch. He gets the watch and crushes the crystal with a stone and uses the glass to cut the rope tied around his wrists. Nick has headed out to the bar to see if he can find out why the bird does not like the bell man. At the bar he sees some men talking to the bell man and over hears them talking about the note and the bird. The bell man does not want to do any more work for these guys but they insist. The men rush the bell man out and when Nick follows them he finds the bell man face down on the ground with a knife in his back . Anna is there screaming. Nick wants her help. Macy and Deacon discuss her career. She is encouraging her to follow her career but she wants to stay home.

Days by Rebecca

Lexie hears the news about Abe's shooting and rushes to the hospital, followed by most in the church and around Salem. Most suspect Tony, Rex, Nicole and Victor. Brady, Victor, and Nicole talk about the shooting, and them being prime suspects. Roman is brought a gun that was left in the bushes (which Kate did before coming in) and thinks that this is the weapon...

GH by Dee

Sonny arrives to take Carly home; she tries to reassure him that she’ll be safe but Courtney comes in the room and tells them she met Faith outside the room. Later, as they’re leaving the hospital, they run into Alcazar. He and Sonny trade threats in Spanish. Alcazar goes on in the hospital to see Marcella, whose bandages have come off. He tells her she’s not only beautiful, she’s perfect. Jason and Nikolas realize Emily could be in trouble and rush to the cottage. As they’re both calling to have people search for her, she comes in the door. She tells them that a man told her that if Nikolas doesn’t pay his debt, they’ll take her. Zander is furious that Nikolas has put Emily in danger. Emily asks Jason to lend Nikolas the money to make the payments on his loan until he and Lydia have a child. He agrees and they leave. Emily assures Zander she is where she wants to be.

At the PCPD, Alexis is in handcuffs – Cameron rushes in and asks if she’s ok. He asks if she spent anytime with Cindy. She says that Stefan set this all up. Ric, Skye and Ned come into the station and Ric informs Alexis that Ned is suing her for ten million dollars. She meets with Stefan who reminds her that Helena told him she would betray him. Ric agrees to act as Stefan’s attorney and gets him released on bail. Ned tells Alexis that he’s been subpoenaed and he intends to tell the whole truth, that he’s tired of living in fear and she needs to think of what she wants Kristina’s future to be. At Windemere, Nikolas tells Stefan that Jason is loaning him the money to make payments on the loan. When Stefan calls Jason a gangster, Nikolas informs him that the person they really owe is Lorenzo Alcazar. Jason and Courtney meet outside GH and renew their commitment to each other. At home Sonny and Carly make love, then fall asleep – Sonny dreams that he’s taking Carly and the baby home and they’re blown up in a car. He awakes yelling, Carly comforts him.

GL by Hilary

Phillip told Christopher he was worried that Lizzie would fall apart if he married Olivia. Christopher was worried when Lizzie ripped the head off a baby doll as she talked about Olivia. She admitted that she would hurt Olivia and the baby when given a chance. While Lizzie invited Tammy to visit, Christopher told Felicia he felt it was time to breach privilege and warn Olivia. Marah pointed out to Reva that they had forgiven her each time she had messed up, and said now it was her turn. She worried that neither of them were capable of having good relationships. Later, she went by the radio station to see Sandy, and was surprised by what she saw. Marina and Josh agreed to put aside their differences for Shayne. Josh said he would rely on Marina to tell him if he pushed Shayne too hard. Sandy and the Mole announced a candlelight vigil for Shayne, and Shayne was so inspired he moved his finger. While Phillip massaged her back, Olivia admitted she was afraid that Phillip only proposed because he was afraid she would keep him from his daughter, but she promised she never would.

OLTL by Kym

Al's friends & family continue to mourn him. Antonio gets his bail hearing & is released. Coulson takes over prosecution duties for the case, because he thinks Nora's being too lenient. Marcie decides to stay with Jenn & Joe for awhile. Evidence of a 911 call that Keri made about an intruder is revealed in the case. Rack 'Em Ross comes back to coach Natalie & urge her to do the Vegas tournament. Natalie tells him she's decided to do it. A woman comes to see Joe for counseling about her son's drug problem & Marcie gives her some helpful advice. A dejected Jenn returns to Ultra Violet & watches with some interest the prostitution ring that her ex is running. He offers her a job working for him. Gabrielle & Max decide to bury Al's body in Argentina. Sarah & Riley work on a song for Al. RJ shows up at Antonio's with a court order giving him guardianship of Jamie.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney is upset about Puff Dog and is shaken by his actions and threats. Chad reassures her and lets her know he will never let anything happen to her. Ethan talks to Theresa and lets her know he wants to move. She is devastated when he says he wants to move far away from her so he can be faithful to his wife. Meanwhile, Gwen gets the shock of her life while Ethan and Theresa have no idea what's happened. Beth and Charlie steal a boat and head out to the sea so they can dump Sheridan in the sea while she's bound up by duck tape. Luis, Hank, and Antonio catch sight of the boat and are suspicious so they head after it.

PC by Beth

Chris fumes about the idea of Ian stabbing him in the back by inviting Elizabeth to the cabin. He blows off his date with the new nurse, who now thinks of him as a jerk. At the cabin, Ian is surprised to see Elizabeth. When he asks whether she's actually coming onto him, Elizabeth assures him that she's just trying to make Chris jealous. Ian advises her to give Chris a little more time. For once in her life, Elizabeth would like to want someone who wants her. Reassured by Ian's insight into the situation, Elizabeth decides to head back to town. Unfortunately, she finds that all her tires has been slashed, as have Ian's. Nearby, Chris hides in the brush with the scalpel he used on the tires. Back in town, Alison and Olivia end up sharing a dressing room at the bridal shop. They pick out ugly wedding gowns for each other and try them on for fun. Reminiscing about how they used to talk about their future weddings, they lament the way things have turned out between them. Trying to put the animosity behind them, they wish each other well. Meanwhile, Rafe's visit amuses Caleb, who sees him as insecure about his relationship with Alison. Using this weakness to goad his enemy, Caleb informs him of Alison's offer to do absolutely anything to bring the retired slayer back from hell. Pointing out that he and Alison are certain to run into each other occasionally, he urges Rafe to take her and leave town if he can't handle that possibility. Alone, Caleb gloats about Rafe's ignorance of what happened at the barn. To show Lucy that she can attend an event out of town without worrying about him, Kevin manages to stand up and take a few steps.

Y&R By Judy

Paul gets his brother's address from Mary. He is feeling the need to speak to his brother, the priest. Lynn stops to see Chris they have a talk and in comes Paul. Lynn leaves and Paul asks Chris how she can stand him after what he did to her. Chris tells him she is thankful for him because he saved her. Paul calls his brother Todd and he thinks something is wrong with Mary, but no that's not it, Paul wants to talk with him. Todd is going to fly to Genoa City. John stops to see Ashley. She is playing with Abby but is not all there mentally. John finds out that Ashley can have no more children and that Brad is no where to be found. Jack is at Jabot wondering where Brad is too. He tells Damon that Brad is in a rage with Victor and this makes him concerned. Diane comes in and Jack introduces her to Damon and they have a chat about Phyllis, Victor and Jabot. Phyllis has Safra information for Vikki but doesn't want to talk with her. Vikki tries to push her but Phyllis heads to Victor's office. Michael is at Victor's office but he is in one foul mod and Michael tells him so. Victor wants to know the dirt on Vikki but Michael thinks they should leave her alone. Phyllis tells Victor that Diane gave Jack money for Tuvia. Victor warns that there will only be one company left standing and it won't be her husband's.

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