Wednesday 9-24-03 Recaps

Wednesday 9/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Mary attempts to get Greenlee to see Juan Pablo as a fraud. But she does not, Instead the two of them tell Mary they don't believe a word she says about anything.

David and Bianca share some secret about what happened when she went to the clinic. And they are not telling Erica. David and Erica share a secret about what happened the night Cambias was murdered, and are not telling anybody.

Ryan and Edmund have discovered Cambias's body at an abandoned warehouse, and are aware that Kendall put up top dollar for the warehouse not to be torn down.

Kendall goes to see Lena at the hospital and offers her a job at Enchantment.

ATWT by Hilary

Marshall asked Bonnie to tell Sarah about the rape, but she refused. She told Walker that Sarah would come running to her once she knew the truth. Instead, Sarah blasted Bonnie for lying to her, saying that she admired her father for coming clean. Emily found Jeffrey Starr's suitcase in a closet at Susan's. Chris and Alison planned to spend the night at Tom and Margo's, believing they were out of town. Alison tried to back out, saying she needed to take care of her mother. Chris convinced her that she needed to let him take care of her, and they began to make love. Margo took Mike and Katie to the hospital to be checked out. Katie told Margo that Mike should have let her die with Simon. Mike told Ben and Carly that Katie wasn't speaking to him. He asked Katie if they could ever be friends again, and said that if they can't, he will do what she asked and stay away. Carly told him he was making a mistake, and he admitted that he loved Katie. Henry cleaned out the surveillance van of all traces of his and Paul's presence, rigged the van door, then made sure he was caught by Dusty and Molly. He said he was hired by Paul, but was there to remove the bugs. Dusty threw him out, and he and Molly searched for the bugs themselves. Paul admitted to Rose that he had the club bugged, and said he did it to prove to her that Dusty was still doing illegal activities. He said he now realized that was wrong, and had the surveillance stopped.

B&B by Judy

Ridge is still being held for ransom. A beautiful woman shows up with food and feeds Ridge. He has words with the thugs and finds out they are not taking him with them. He says that it was supposed to be an exchange. The women returns and Ridge asks for her help. Massimo has the $10 million in gold bars. He and Brooke argue again over who's fault it is that Ridge was kidnapped. Nick intervenes and tells them fighting won't help. Mass gets a note that says show up at pier 6, alone. Nick does not want him to go by himself. Mass refuses to let anyone else go. He shows up at the pier and he refuses to give the kidnappers the gold without getting Ridge back. They have a scuffle and the gold bars are yanked from him and spill to the ground. The thugs grab Mass. Bridget is all smiles and has a chat with Oscar. They talk about the past with Deacon and Oscar tells her he would like to run a club without a casino. Bridget encourages him and he gets a big chuckle out of it. When he compliments Bridget, she gets all flustered and tries to leave the room, but ends up dropping the tray which really amuses Oscar.

Days by Rebecca

Sami covers about the gun, and has a run-in with Lucas, who tells her that she may be getting a new step-mother, Kate. Roman and John find Abe with a bullet in his neck, and Roman goes to tell Lexie. Tony plans for Theo to be raised a Dimera. Belle and Shawn have fun dreaming about their wedding day. Victor and Caroline talk about their past, and Nicole throws her gun into the water at the pier.

GH by Dee

At the PCPD, Skye and Ned explain to Scott that his being arrested for rape, then losing Kristina was planned. As Cindy leaves the room after talking to Stefan, Skye grabs her hat and exposes Stefan’s ‘relative.’ She admits setting Ned up, but says Alexis hired her. Alexis meets Zander on the docks and asks him to intervene with his father to get visitation for her. Meanwhile, Cameron brings Kristina to the cottage and asks Emily if she and Zander can keep her until he can find another apartment, he lives in an adults only building. The judge tells Ned and Skye that she’s leaving Kristina in Dr. Lewis’s care for now. Bent on revenge, they find Ric at GH and tell him he’s just the man they need to drag someone through the mud. At the cottage, Emily and Zander have a pleasant time with the baby; as she leaves for shopping, Cameron and Alexis arrive.

When Nikolas arrives at Windemere, Lydia begs him to give their marriage a chance. She loves him and she’s afraid his creditors will kill him. He tells her no, he wants to be with Emily. Later, she arrives at Lucky’s room. She says he owes her for getting Stefan arrested for Summer’s death and she’s here to collect. She has to economize, so she’s staying with him. Nikolas goes to Alcazar’s apartment and tells him he has the first payment on his debt - $100,000. He tells him to come alone to Windemere that evening and pick it up (this is according to the plan he and Jason have worked out.) Scott and a police officer arrive at the cottage and place Alexis under arrest. Alcazar arrives at Windemere, he threatens Nikolas and starts to pull something from under his jacket; a hidden Jason aims a gun at him. Emily is carrying her packages on the docks; someone grabs her and puts their hand over her mouth.

GL by Hilary

Alex told Brad that she had covered for him in Paris, but wouldn't again. He said she had better watch herself, because he knows a lot of company secrets. Gus was proud that Phillip took time for himself to jog. He asked Phillip if he knew the missing girl, or Brad Green. He said he knew of Green, but didn't know him personally. He later checked Green's personnel file, and asked Alex why she gave the man a 20-year guaranteed contract. Gus tried to get Harley to drop the Jenson case since it was now a police matter, but she said she deserved the same respect as any other private investigator. They made a bet about who could solve the case first. Blake pretended to be an old college buddy of Brad's to gain access to him. Marah pretended that seeing Tony with a date didn't bother her, but when he said he wants her to be happy, she said she is no longer his concern, and stormed out. She told Josh she missed Tony, but was going to concentrate on Shayne; she also said she hated how stubborn her parents were being. Nico figured out that Tony set it up for Marah to see him with Jenny. Tony said Marah would be better off if she hated him.

OLTL by Kym

Todd pops the question once again, but Kevin butts in. Blair says she'll think about it. Kelly shows up at Ultra Violet & meets David there, until Rex asks where Kevin is & she leaves. Gabrielle loses it when she finds out Al's dead. Marcie confronts Deke & lays into him about what happened to Al. Starr starts hinting to people that she's got a secret. David & Kelly start kissing again, until Kevin comes home. Marcie & Gabrielle gain strength from each other. Dorian & Starr try to talk Blair into marrying Walker/Todd. Kevin & Kelly try to work out their problems. David bursts in & tells Dorian that he's given up on trying to seduce Kelly because it's hopeless. He then reconsiders after she tells him if Kelly gets pregnant that she'll die. Todd almost loses it when Blair turns him down, but gets his temper under control. Marcie speaks to Al's radio audience about him. There's a nice montage of him at the end.

Passions by Ashley

Puff Dog and Chad get into a full blown brawl. Whitney and Syd watch as they are horrified about what could happen to Chad. Gwen gets a ride to the hospital by Ethan. Ethan is confused when he gets certain treatment from Gwen's nurses because they have seen him on television with Theresa kissing. Sheridan says a tearful good-bye to her baby when Beth and Charlie take her to the sea. They plan to take her out and drown her but their plan has a problem.

PC by Beth

In Alabama, Imani and Jamal spend the day at a fishing hole. Imani has good memories of fishing with her father. When Jamal gets a little too nosy about how the man died, Imani announces that they should head back before Madea worries. After a flashback in which she is running in terror, Imani scratches Jamal's face. Back in Port Charles, Jack is alarmed to learn that a stranger is looking for Jamal. After comparing notes with Ricky, he comes up with a plan to help their friend. As Jack leaves the club, the sheriff is on his trail. Although a customer has just arrived at Body and Soul, Rafe makes an excuse to get rid of him so that he and Alison can make love. Rafe is startled by the news that Alison saw Caleb at the park. Alison is surprised that he isn't happier about Caleb's plan to marry Olivia. Even though she assures him that it was a chance meeting, Rafe suspects Caleb's motives. Olivia questions Caleb about his music, demanding to know whether his new song is about her. Stunned that she knows the lyrics, Caleb admits that he meant he wrote them out of anger and meant every word. He forgives her but can never forget her betrayal. He forces her to watch a replay of when she drove the silver arrow into his heart. Afterward, he engages in rough vampire sex with Olivia.

Y&R By Rachel

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