Tuesday 9-23-03 Recaps

Tuesday 9/23/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca stands over the surgery table. David senses her hesitation and assures her that she can cancel and has time to re-think her decision. When she returns home, she tells Maggie that something happened but she will not say what. When Erica returns home to see her, she assumes that Bianca has gone through with the procedure and everything is over, now. But Bianca does not confirm that THAT has happened.

Mary is trying to "seduce" Adam Chandler to get him to support her. Erica discovers her scheme and tells her she's pathetic.

Greenlee is aware that Ryan is back in town and tells Juan Pablo she must find him, and use him as "leverage" to get Kendall to sell her Fusion. Juan Pablo wants Greenlee to forget Ryan but she cannot

Kendall and Boyd stop at nothing to persuade Spanelli not to tear down the mysterious warehouse. He's determined not to do it, until they force his hand by offering him triple the going rate, plus covering all his expenses. At that point, he agrees not to tear it down. All the while, Ryan is spying on them. He later manages to get into the mysterious warehouse and remarks that it's very cold. When he gets in, he discovers a corpse, suspended by chains. He turns it around and discovers Michael Cambias.

ATWT by Hilary

Jessica told Marshall she is glad he wants Bonnie to stay away. Later, she asked Walker to check in on Bonnie. Sarah told Bonnie that other girls were talking about her at school. Bonnie told Marshall that it was only a matter of time before Sarah heard the truth from someone at school, but, when he tried to tell her himself, he chickened out, and admitted he needed Bonnie's help. Rose admitted to Dusty that Paul still has feelings for her, but insisted they weren't mutual; Dusty didn't believe her, though he told her he did. Paul wanted Molly to seduce Rose, but she refused, saying she didn't want to be used. Later, after sensing that Dusty was upset about Rose, she changed her mind and told Paul she was in. Rose told Paul that their feelings were irrelevant because she plans to stay with Dusty. Lucy loved Aaron's new look, but was less than thrilled when he said he would be working at Craig's new club. He ultimately convinced her that it was a good opportunity for him.

B&B by Judy

Brooke continues to question Ridge's disappearance. She is frantic and when she hears a knock on the door, she thinks it is Ridge. But it is Massimo. She is upset to see him and thinks that he has taken Ridge to keep them apart. Mass wants to know what has happened to Ridge. He finally has to grab Brooke to get her to stop ranting. Nick comes in and backs up what Mass has told her. They explain about these bad guys and how they want money. Nick comforts Brooke while Ridge is being held. The creeps have tied him up and have a knife to his neck. Then another knock on the door and a letter is delivered with a photo they took of Ridge. The terrorists want $10 million in gold or Ridge is dead. While all this is going on, back home, Stephanie has no idea what is going on with Ridge. She is getting a make over from Samantha's friend Raphael. He ends up giving her a natural, silvery, short combed back look.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

On the docks, Emily tells Zander that she loves him, and she also loves Nikolas. He tells her to choose between them, she says she married him and she will not break her vows with Nikolas. He says if she wants to be his wife, she’ll have to live at the cottage, he won't hide out at the Cassadine cabin. Later, she suggests they light a fire, but he says he can’t get the picture of her and Nikolas together in front of the fire. Sonny visits Lily’s grave, Carly’s name is on the headstone! Not being able to sleep, Carly stops by Nikolas’s room and interrupts Capelli, who was ready to kill him. He covers by saying he was testing the security. Jason finds her and sends her back to her room. Sonny’s there, frightened for her safety, he yells at her for leaving her room. When he leaves, Courtney tells Carly that Sonny doesn’t believe he deserves happiness, he’s afraid that something will happen to Carly and the baby. Sonny tells Jason to double, no triple the security around Carly. When Jason tries to calm him, he tells him what happened in the cemetery.

Georgie tells Mac that she wants to make him proud of her, but she’s made her decision about Dillon. Dillon accepts her completely and she loves him. Mac accepts her decision, but tells her he thinks she’s reacting to her mother being gone. When Mac leaves, Georgie and Dillon admit that they’re ‘not in the mood’ anymore. They decide that the next time, they’ll get a hotel in Manhattan, far away from Port Charles. Faith reports to Alcazar that his plan is working. He says he understands Sonny’s guilt over Lily, he’s felt guilty over someone for fifteen years. He says his ghost gives him the key to destroying Sonny. Sonny goes back and apologizes to Carly; she tells him he’ll receive his pardon when he gives it to himself. He promises to pick her up in the morning, when he leaves he sees ‘Lily’ at the end of the hall.

GL by Hilary

Reva told Shayne he needed to let go of his anger, or it would eat him alive. Cassie and Olivia talked about the men in their lives. Olivia said she would understand if Cassie couldn't find anyone to attend her baby shower. Reva bit her head off when she heard her talking about Shayne's accident. After Cassie calmed her down, Reva talked to Olivia about parenthood, and said she would attend the shower. Edmund warned Jeffrey not to hurt Beth or the Lewises, but Jeffrey assured him that Beth was happy, and he didn't intend to prosecute Josh because he knew the crash was an accident. Danny forced Nico to attend a Santos family dinner. Marah freaked when Sandy told her Josh had moved into the boardinghouse. She raced over to Danny's, where Danny was reassuring Josh that he could handle their project while he tended to Shayne. Josh explained to Marah that he and Reva just needed some space for now. Sandy told Tony that Marah was still hanging on because she didn't want to believe they were over. Tony took Jenny, a flirtatious waitress, to dinner at Danny's, knowing Marah was there.

OLTL by Kym

Max agonizes about whether to tell Gabrielle about Al dying. Evangeline offers to take on Antonio's defense & he agrees to let her. Pictures are snapped of Kevin & Blair together. David tells Kelly he's falling for her. David messes with Kevin's head by answering Kelly's phone. Todd shows up in Harrisburg with dinner for Blair. Marcie struggles with her grief over losing Al. Todd accuses Blair of going there to meet Kevin. Blair says she's afraid of getting involved with Todd/Walker. Carlotta offers to lie for Antonio & give him a phony alibi. He refuses to let her do this. Marcie confronts Deke about killing Al. Todd proposes to a shocked Blair.

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

After Elizabeth and Chris pleasantly discuss getting together for another dinner date, Chris asks for Ian's advice about his feelings for Elizabeth. Ian thanks Chris for stopping him from making a serious mistake by getting rid of the serum. After hearing Ian tell Chris about his plan to go to the cabin, Elizabeth observes as Chris makes a date with a new nurse. Using the excuse that he has a lot of work to do, she asks him not to go, but he tells her that he deserves a break from everything. Getting an idea, Elizabeth fabricates a phone conversation with Ian, who is supposedly flirting with her and inviting her to the cabin for some romance. With Chris nearby, she "accepts." Alison runs into Caleb in the park, and they talk about getting on with their lives. When she trips, Caleb helps her to the bench and checks her ankle. Alison states her determination to live a nice, normal life without vampires. As she limps away, Caleb thinks about how their shared destiny is just beginning. Lucy is thrilled by Rafe's news of his impending nuptials. Realizing that he means what he says about putting Alison first in his life, she gives him her blessing. Olivia apologizes for standing Jack up and tells him of her marriage plans. Worried about her safety, Jack shows her the lyrics to Caleb's new song, but the unconcerned vamp burns the page. Back at the loft, she is disconcerted by Caleb's claim that he hasn't written another song about her.

Y&R By Judy

Vicky gets a visit from Neil and she shows off her newly remodeled home. Neil suggests it is a peace offering from Victor but Victoria doesn't seem impressed, even though she seems to like the place well enough. Nick wants to know why Victor confided in Sharon then really gives it to him when he finds out his father visited Ashley in the hospital. Victor doesn't want to keep mentoring Nick if he has so much hatred towards him. Nikki goes to see Ashley and offers her sympathies. When she starts to discuss Victor, Ashley doesn't want to talk about him. Jack thanks and accepts Diane's money offer and then wants to give her a job and an office at Jabot. Phyllis talks to Damon about her problems with Jack and he suggests she should talk to her husband. Anita runs into Fred and chews him out for having time to drink but no time for her. She hears from Fred about Brittany's new job, which stuns Anita, but when Fred asks her to go home with him, she agrees. Brittany is home and trying to be nice to Raul but he isn't interested in her. Raul tells her he told her mom about their break up but Brittany seems surprised, as if she didn't realize Raul had dumped her. JT asks Lauren about her meeting at the loft with Raul. She tells him about the kiss from Raul but brushes it off. JT compares this to his connection to Anita which doesn't set well with Lauren.


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