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Monday 9/22/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca announces to Erica that she is choosing to go to the clinic to get an abortion without Erica coming with her. Erica is upset. But Jack firmly tells her that Bianca must make her own decision and she must back off. Erica protests that Bianca is making the right decision, they both agree, and it is her own decision, independent of them, and it’s for that very reason that she needs to be with her daughter. Suddenly Maria appears at Erica’s door. She tells them she’s there to see Bianca. Erica angrily assumes that Maria attempted to persuade Bianca not to abort, and demands that Maria leaves Bianca alone. Maria informs them that she’s surprised that Bianca would have already made a decision because when she last saw Bianca, she was far from making a decision. This only convinces Jack that Bianca is merely choosing to abort, in order to please mommy.

Kendall and Boyd rush Lena to the hospital. Coincidentally, while there, Kendall just happens to run into Bianca. Surprisingly, Kendall apologizes to Bianca for causing a scene and making Bianca’s situation into something personal about her. And she encourages Bianca to do whatever is necessarily to make her heal.

While spying on Greenlee and Juan Pablo, Ryan overhears that Greenlee is on to him. Juan Pablo informs Greenlee that he saw a man who fit Ryan’s description in the hotel room, eavesdropping on their conversation and spying on them. Ryan immediately calls Edmund.

ATWT by Hilary

The Australian police told Katie and Mike that a badly-burned body was found in the rubble of the explosion. They found her crucifix on the body, so she assumed that it was Simon. She told Mike he should have left her to die with Simon, and told him she never wanted to see him again. Lucy asked Craig to help Aaron find a job, so he arranged for Dusty to hire Aaron at the new club. Carly apologized to Rosanna for confronting Craig, and they discussed their mutual skepticism about Craig's sincerity when he said that he now wants to adopt. Craig surprised and thrilled Rosanna when he arrived and told her that he was on his way to meet the lawyer, unaware that he was actually meeting with a baby broker. Paul and Henry listened in as Molly needled Dusty about Rose. She said that if they were meant to be, things wouldn't keep getting in their way. He insisted that Rose wanted to be with him. Paul told Molly that he wanted her to get back together with Dusty, so she deduced that he wanted Rose back. Rose admitted to Mitzi that she still had feelings for Paul, but insisted that she wanted to be with Dusty. Dusty arrived and said they needed to get things straight about Paul once and for all.

B&B by Judy

Nick and Mass discuss the security and problems going on with Marone. The group responsible for defacing the Marone symbol want money. They decide to head to Calixto to see what's going on. On the jet they find out that Ridge headed to Calixto with Brooke. Ridge and Brooke are enjoying the honeymoon and are amused by a tropical bird that is watching their every move. Ridge tries to remove the bird and chases it around which amuses Brooke. They shut up the doors and shades but Ridge does not notice a man hiding in the bushes of the patio. Meanwhile, at the hospital Amber tries to convince Oscar to tell the judge the goods he has on Deacon. Oscar responds that he doesn't have to help her. Bridget comes in and gives it to Amber and tells her she is impulsive. Oscar hears all this so now knows Bridget is Amber's sister-in-law. Later Bridget comes back to apologize to Oscar for the interaction she had with Amber. She is all giggly and he then finds out she was married to Deacon, which leaves him speechless. As Nick and Mass head off to Calixto, Ridge notices the bird got back into their room. He then sees the doors open. Brooke calls out from the shower. The man that was lurking in the bushes has entered the room and hits Ridge on the head, knocking him out. With the help from some other unknown man, we see the two of them drag Ridge off to a beat up old van. Brooke comes out from the shower and discovers Ridge is gone.

Days by Rebecca

GH by Dee

Georgie and Dillon are at the Port Charles for their ‘first time’. First, Dillon opens the champagne and it sprays all over Georgie, then just as they’re on the bed kissing, the smoke alarm goes off (from all the candles). Lydia confronts Nikolas with the pictures; he tells her he’s getting an annulment. Capelli listens at the door and reports to Alcazar. Later, she shows the pictures to Zander, he goes to Nikolas’s room and starts punching him, but Emily comes in and stops him. Nikolas tells them he’s working with Jason to get the creditor. Zander and Emily go to the docks, he tells her it’s time for her to choose, him or Nikolas. Sonny is shocked when he sees ‘Lily’ on the terrace. Courtney enters the penthouse and tells him he looks like he’s seen a ghost. He has Max bring Faith to the penthouse; he thinks it was her dressed to look like Lily. Jason arrives and tells Faith to leave and Sonny tells him what happened. Jason thinks he’s just stressed out. Sonny leaves and tells Jason not to follow him. Faith reports to Alcazar that his plan is working.

After the manager leaves, Dillon and Georgie try to get back in the mood. She says he’ll have to help her, tell her what to do, but he admits it’s his first time too. They start kissing, there’s a knock at the door. When Dillon yanks the door open, Mac is standing there! Lydia meets Lucky at Kelly’s and tells him that her husband wants to end their marriage. She also tells him she’s fallen in love with Nikolas. Sonny goes to the cemetery; he looks at Lily’s headstone – except now Carly’s name is on it. Capelli goes into Nikolas’s room and points a gun at his sleeping form. Courtney and Jason go to Carly’s room. Her guard is gone and so is she.

GL by Hilary

Olivia saw Phillip emerge from the hospital elevator, shaking and covered with sweat. He told her he had a claustrophobia attack, and it was the first time. She tried to calm him, but, in a manic state, he asked her to marry him. She knew he was only asking because he wants the chance to look after their daughter, so she said she won't say yes or no. Marina helped with Shayne's first physical therapy session. Marah was concerned when Marina said she was taking the semester off to help with Shayne's recovery. When Reva admitted she can't even look at Josh right now, Josh offered to move to the boardinghouse for a while. Tony stopped in to see Shayne, but told Marah nothing had changed between them.

OLTL by Kym

Midnight Logic plays at Ultra Violet & dedicates a song to Al. Blair & Kevin sit down to dinner & discuss his marriage problems. Todd & Kelly argue over what Blair & Kevin are doing together. He finishes it up by getting in her face as a sort of threat to back off. Antonio's arrested & put in a cell. Evangeline offers to help in his defense. Nora calms down RJ at the police station. Gabrielle recovers from her surgery. After attempts are made to revive Al, he dies. Rex continues to taunt Jenn about her past, saying she'll never be happy as a minister's wife. Marcie says goodbye to Al & finds the tape he made for her. Max says his goodbye to him. Todd heads out for Harrisburg, trying to keep it together. David comes by to visit Kelly & they wind up kissing. Kelly turns around & accuses him of being sent by Dorian to destroy her marriage. Todd sees Blair & Kevin sitting & talking together.

Passions by Ashley

Chad gets a threat from Puff Dog. He tells him that either he gives up Syd to his record label or he'll hurt Whitney. Whitney and Syd both wait to hear what he has to say as they fear for Chad and themselves. T.C. has and emotional reunion with his wife, Eve. Luis talks to someone about the skecth of Charlie and they can identify her.

PC by Beth

When Jamal takes a break to talk with Imani, he learns that Madea has been her only living relative since her father's death. Imani decides to surprise Jamal with his very first fishing trip. At the Elixir, the sheriff approaches a suspicious Ricky to ask Jamal's whereabouts. Learning that Olivia left with Caleb, Jack instinctively turns to go after her, but Alison stops him and begs him to reconsider his association with his ex. The sheriff decides to stick around long enough for someone to lead him straight to Jamal. Jack and Ricky commiserate over their sad love lives. Seeing Caleb's latest song as evidence that the vampire is furious with Olivia, Ricky shows Jack the lyrics. Caleb surprises Olivia with a romantic setting, but she is suspicious of his motives. Tired of being doubted, Caleb opens the door and invites her to leave if that's what she wants. Choosing to stay, Olivia soon falls into bed with Caleb again. Afterward, Olivia is thrilled when Caleb proposes marriage to her.

Y&R By Rachel

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