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Friday 9/19/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Adam Chandler attempts to charm Kendall into joining forces with him. But she declines. He goes to Jack and demands that he prosecutes her. Jack says he has no way of doing that.

Jack discovers Mary in his car, demands she leaves him alone and offers her money to leave town. But she declines and finds her way to Adam Chandler.

Bianca runs into Greenlee and, at first does not want to talk to her. But they manage to bond and Jack is able to witness them together.

Kendall cooks up a plan to rehire Lena at Enchantment, with the assumption that Lena can help her regain power of the company, and with the belief that it will get her back with Bianca. But when Kendall and Boyd arrive at Lena's home, she's passed out on her bed with sleeping pills in her hand.

ATWT by Hilary

Mike knocked out Mordecai, then rescued Katie. They heard Simon calling out for Katie, but Mike carried her out before they could find him. Just then, the building exploded. Katie told Mike she hated him for cheating her out of a final moment with her husband, and accused him of only saving her because he wanted her for himself. As Henry listened in, Carly confronted Craig, saying he needs to work things out with his wife. Molly suggested that, instead of giving up the bar, Craig should use a baby broker to find a baby to adopt. Although it could be illegal, Craig agreed, and told Rosanna that he has found a Canadian lawyer who thinks he can help them. Rose broke off Paul's kiss, and told him to go. Dusty saw him leaving, and, when Rose was too shaken to say what happened, he punched Paul. Paul told Dusty that he and Rose had kissed. Rose asked why he had kissed her, and he reminded her that she kissed him. He admitted he is not over her, and believed she isn't over him. She denied this, and ran out in tears. Molly made a pass at Dusty, but he turned her down. Henry told Paul about the pass, and Paul decided to have a talk with Molly. Chris worried that Alison is taking on too much responsibility, but she insisted she is fine. He told her he is staying at Tom and Margo's while they are gone.

B&B by Judy

Ridge and Brooke are ready for the wedding ceremony and are wearing attire that is traditional for the village where they are staying. The Padre' says a prayer and the couple exchange impromtu vows and give each other rings. The birds and monkeys chatter through out the ceremony and Ridge seems relaxed and pleased with their wedding while Brooke is moved to tears. Amber, Deacon and Oscar are still in the hospital room and Oscar explains now he knows Deacon. It seems they met in Las Vegas. Deacon blames Oscar and his father for having him thrown out of town but Oscar tells the story differently. He says that Deacon was run out for stealing poker chips. Deacon ends up leaving Amber's room and Amber is wanting to know when he will return with Little Eric, but he doesn't give her an answer. While talking with Oscar, it dawns on Amber that he can help her get Eric back because he knows a lot of dirt about Deacon. The Captain brings Nick the photos of the Maroni logo that was vandalized. The men however, think it was an intentional hit on Maroni. Nick fears that there will be threats and that they are originating in South America.

Days by Lisa

GH by Dee

GL by Barbara

Buzz and Alexandra attempt to entertain Robbie at Company. Multiple ladies of Springfield puzzle over their invitations to Olivia's baby shower. Buzz tries to talk Alexandra into going. Phillip checks out Beth as she prepares for her date with Jeffrey. They talk about Lizzie and going to the shower. Lizzie comes in and questions her mom. She compliments her mom on looking so glamorous, like she used to when she went out with Phillip. Beth admits to having a date with Jeffrey. Christopher arrives to see Lizzie. Jeffrey comes to pick Beth up. After everyone leaves, Lizzie tries to play with Christopher even to the point of kissing him to which he responds that he has seen everything and he's not going anywhere so she might as well talk. He asks her if she knows what it means to really be happy or is she always angry? Reva lashes out at Josh over Shayne. She refuses to listen to Josh or accept his apology. She blames him for trying to control Shayne's life and causing this tragedy. Mr. Walker calls Josh insisting on an apology from Shayne for missing their meeting. Josh snaps and hangs up on him. Josh tries to console Reva. Rick shares his impending fatherhood with Phillip who appears to be very frazzled. Jeffrey takes Beth on a picnic on the docks. Beth is surprised. They kiss. They share a picnic of tuna sandwiches and chips. Puzzled, Beth wonders why she got all dressed up to have Jeffrey change their plans. He wonders how much of a challenge it will be to get her out of that dress? Josh shares a heartfelt time with Shayne as he cries and admits his guilt regarding Shayne's accident. He apologizes as Reva listens from outside the room. This is my last installment for the GL recaps. I have enjoyed my time at the TV Megasite Board. Keep the light shining and remember to STAY TUNED!!! :) Barbra Ash

OLTL by Kym

Whoops! I forgot!

Antonio's arrested for the murder of Keri.

Blair & Kevin run into each other in Harrisburg. Al comes out of surgery & is alright at first. Gabrielle has complications from her surgery & has a near-death experience where she runs into Al who tells her she needs to go back. Al & Marcie make plans to move in together after he leaves the hospital. Antonio gets help from Natalie on raising Jamie. Rex tells RJ he heard Antonio makes threats against Keri that day of the argument. Kelly has a fit when she finds out Kevin wanted Cris to spy on her while he was out of town. Midnight Logic prepares to play at Ultra Violet. RJ nags Bo to arrest Antonio. Jenn finds Rex pimping. Todd finds out that Kevin's in Harrisburg, too, & takes off after Blair. Gabrielle pulls through her surgery, but Marcie comes in to check on Al & finds that he has flatlined.

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Grumbling about all the orders Madea has been barking at him, Jamal tries to rest for a second and is immediately accused of being a slacker. Madea strongly advises Imani to reconsider her decision to let Jamal stay, saying that he is a distraction that could prove dangerous if Imani lets her guard down. She also points out that Imani may pose a danger to the man if he is truly on her side. Jamal realizes that Imani is having second thoughts about having him around, but he assures her that absolutely no one knows where he is. Back in Port Charles, the sheriff who has been tracking Imani stands outside the Elixir. Unbeknownst to Rafe, Alison arranges pre-wedding counseling for them both with a minister. In her counseling session, Alison acknowledges her fear of losing Rafe because of her actions. When she asks why God let this happen if she and Rafe are meant for each other, the minister advises her to learn and become stronger from this particular test. Rafe admits to often placing more importance on his work than on the woman he loves. He also admits to never feeling worthy of Alison's love, but he promises to work on that. After their individual sessions, the minister sees them together, and she states her belief that God had a hand in bringing them together. She counsels them to learn to forgive themselves and each other if they want their relationship to last. Alison and Rafe return home, confident that everything will be all right. Although Olivia has a date with Jack, Caleb refuses to let her go. Claiming to be embarrassed about kicking her out, he tells her that being apart simply doesn't make sense. Taking Olivia back to the loft, Caleb goes to bed with her while thinking about his own agenda of revenge against her, Rafe, and Alison.

Y&R By Rachel

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