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Thursday 9/18/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Bianca finally makes a decision, with Maggie and David with her, to terminate. They question, however, whether it’s her own decision, or merely another act to do what her mother wants.

Kendall is being overheard by Boyd, revealing that she and Boyd have some sort of secret plan. Boyd informs her that some sort of building will be torn down the following day and they must prevent that from happening. She reveals to him (and unknowingly, to Ryan) that if the demolition of the building is NOT cancelled, she will lose everything.

When Bianca and Maggie go swimming, they are overheard by Lena, talking about Bianca’s pregnancy, the fact that it will be terminated the following day, and the fact that Maggie blames Lena for what happened.

Ryan reveals to Edmund about what’s has been revealed to him, from overhearing Kendall.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo join forces to buy Kendall out of Fusion. Greenlee reveals that she doesn’t mind joining forces with Kendall, as long as she can overthrow Erica.

ATWT by Hilary

Sarah was terrified about her first day of private school, and wanted to see Bonnie. Bonnie overheard, and offered to talk to the teen, but Marshall insisted he had things under control. Sarah left school, saying she was never going back, because other kids were laughing at her. Henry agreed to bug Java Underground for Paul, then offered his services as a bartender to Molly. She said no way, but, while she was distracted by the health inspector, he managed to plant the bugs. Dusty told Jen that she and her model friends were no longer invited to the club opening. She insisted that he would eventually give in to his desire for her. After Marshall cleared Dusty's gambling charges and the health inspector gave them the go-ahead, Molly and Dusty embraced; it was obvious that there was still sexual tension between them. Rose told Mitzi and Paul that Dusty made her happy, but Paul forced her to see that wasn't completely true. She slapped him, but after he said that she needed someone that would love her forever like he had, they began to kiss. Margo told Hal and Tom that the constable's body and Katie's fingerprints were found at the sheep station, so she and Tom made plans to head to Australia to search for Katie. Mordecai strapped Katie to a bomb, but Mike snuck up on him and held a knife to his throat. Isaac told Ben and Jessica that he was leaving town, then convinced them to set a wedding date; they decided on Thanksgiving.

B&B by Judy

Amber tries to explain things to Bridget. Bridget however, says she's sorry she lost custody of Eric but doesn't offer any personal response about what has happened. She instead informs Amber that she is getting a room mate. When she comes back into the room later, she is bringing Oscar in a wheel chair into Amber's room. Amber protests, but it does no good. Later, Deacon shows up with little Eric and Macy. Amber exchanges hugs with Eric and after they say good bye, Macy leaves with him. Deacon stays and goes around with Amber about the kidnapping episode. He does not know that Oscar is listening. Oscar realizes he knows it is Deacon Sharp. When he pulls the curtain back and Deacon sees him, he's not too thrilled. Nick is conducting a meeting and doing a great job according to the fleet Captain. He compliments Nick to Massimo, but Mass has to include Ridge in it too, which seems to amuse Nick. Nick informs Mass that Ridge and Brooke have eloped and this news is not what Mass wants to hear. Ridge and Brooke arrive in their private paradise. Ridge has lots of surprises for her. He gives her a wedding dress, some type of ceremonial royal head piece, chocolate and a photo frame that has one empty spot, he says that is for "their" baby.

Days by Lisa

GH by Dee

At the Q mansion, Ned tells Skye that the ELQ board has asked him to step down; he also tells her that AJ is now CEO of the company. A gloating AJ tells them that Ned screwed up at last. Ned’s day gets worse as a policeman arrives and tells him Judge Farmer wants to see him at the PCPD. When Ned and Skye get to the meeting (along with Alexis), the judges tells them she is putting Kristina into a foster home. After the meeting, Cameron tells the judge that foster care would not be good for Kristina. Alexis goes to Stefan and tells him she’s lost her daughter and she’s cutting him loose. She warns him not to use the paper trail linking her to Ned’s problems, she’ll use Darius’s letter if he does. Later the judge tells them all that she’s awarding custody of Kristina to Cameron. Also at the PCPD, Jason bursts in and tells Courtney not to say anything, but she’s already confessed.

Emily and Nikolas run into each other on the docks – they agree that they love each, but will not be alone together. Sonny visits Elizabeth at GH – Ric comes in and accuses him of threatening Elizabeth. She tells him to butt out. After Sonny leaves, they continue arguing and Elizabeth tries to walk – she falls, but she says she can see shadows. In the lounge at GH, Carly tells Lorenzo that Courtney’s car was found and that she spent the night in jail. She asks him if he had any thing to do with that. He says he only wanted to help her and wanted to help Courtney because she cares for her. She tells him he is not her friend and to stay away from her. Later, at the PCPD, he arrives and tells Mac that Courtney didn’t hit Elizabeth, a car thief did it. At home, he tells Marcella that she will be more beautiful than ever when the bandages. She’ll be a beauty who drives men crazy.

GL by Sylvia

At the hospital Marah begged Reva to not blame Josh for what happened to Shayne. Reva didn't respond to her daughter's pleas and continued to ignore her husband. While Marina was talking to Shayne he opened his eyes for the first time since the accident. Ed examined Shayne and told the Lewis family it appears Shayne may be paralyzed from the chest down. Sandy comforted Marah who is missing Tony and told her she would be just fine without him.

Danny and Nico took a tour of Fifth Street. Nico saw an old neighbor and surprised Danny when he sang a very moving song to her. Alexandra told Eden if she wants to be a spokesperson for Spaulding Enterprises she would have to give up her old lifestyle and stop hanging out with mobsters.

OLTL by Kym

Todd has some surprises for Blair at work. Renee & Rex give their eyewitness accounts of Keri's death to the police. Gabrielle & Al have their surgery & Al comes through alright. Rex sells info about Dawes & the hooker to Todd. Todd plans to nail Kevin with it. Asa warns Kevin once again, to stay away from Blair before it hurts his career. Antonio swears to Jessica that he didn't hurt Keri. She agrees to stand by him. Rex turns around & sells the fact that Todd knows about the Dawes incident to Asa. Asa makes a deal with Todd to keep the info out of the paper & in return he'll make Kevin stay away from Blair. Kevin tries to warn Blair about Walker/Todd, but she again doesn't listen. Both Kevin & Blair leave on separate flights for an event in Harrisburg. Bo discusses the possibility of arresting Antonio for the murder.

Passions by Ashley

Chad and Syd spend some time together and they are confronted by a familiar face from his past. Meanwhile, Whitney and Fox spend time together. They talk about the sizzling kiss they shared. Gwen arrives at the apartments to surprise Ethan. But just as she gets there Ethan gives into Theresa's kiss. Hank finally thinks he knows who has kidnapped Sheridan, but Luis thinks it may be too late to matter. Charlie shoots at Sheridan while Beth spends time with the baby and Antonio shows up.

PC by Beth

Caleb listens in astonishment as a woman screeches her way through an audition. He welcomes her advances at first but soon pushes her away when thoughts of Olivia plague him. When Ian tries to apologize for the attack, Kevin kindly tells him to forget about it. Ian says his goodbyes to Lucy and Danny. Kevin's offer to order dinner for the kids further upsets Lucy, who doesn't consider him part of her family anymore. Casey convinces Ricky that she is real and that he's been conjuring up a nasty version of her. She wants him to straighten up and let go of the past, because she can't come back to him anymore. Casey assures Ricky that he will find love again, and she wants that for him--just not with Reese. After a goodbye kiss, Casey returns to heaven. Ricky tries to let go of the past and accept things as they are. After some initial hesitation, Olivia accepts Jack's invitation to the opening of a photo gallery tonight. While Jack takes off to run some errands, Olivia is approached by Caleb, who was looking for her.

Y&R By Judy

Nick tells Sharon that he saw Frank and wants him out of town. Sharon thinks Frank is sincere about wanting to see Cassie. Cody lets Sharon know Cassie is talking to a strange woman at the coffeehouse so Sharon heads there. She finds Cassie in conversation with Alice, but Cassie didn't get much information from her before Sharon heads her out. Sharon doesn't want Alice interfering. Jill and Katherine discuss Esther, Jill wants her fired and of course Kay wants to keep her. Jill tells Larry that getting Esther out of Katherine's employ is a step towards having the estate to herself. JT and Colleen discuss Lily and the mistake she is making by sleeping with Kevin. Anita shows up at the apartment looking for Brittany but she has snide remarks for Colleen and Raul. Raul tells her where to go. Brittany asks Bobby when her singing career is going to take off. He is promising her it will, but she has to get into her routine more. Fred is having a business meeting and then they plan to go out to a gentleman's club for relaxation. They decide to go to Marsino's

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