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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall encourages Edmund to interview her, informs him that she is Mrs. Cambias, that she also realizes that her mother will never love her, because she’s the child she had from a rape and therefore, all she deserves in her life is a rapist. She attempts to sound tough, but breaks down and cries. Edmund refuses to print her story.

Erica urges Jack to persuade Bianca to abort. Although Jack admits that he certainly agrees that it’s Bianca’s only sensible alternative, he firmly tells Erica that it is crucial that they both back off and let Bianca make her own decision. Jack reminds Erica that Bianca’s pattern, throughout her life, whenever someone else makes a decision for her, is to shut down, live in denial, make great effort to please everybody except herself, and it only brings on her eating disorder. And he tells her that it will happen again if they don’t let Bianca make her own decision.

Jack also finds out that Erica and Greenlee do not get along, and are "rivals" for Jack's love.

Bianca cannot decide to what to do about her pregnancy. Then, suddenly, she doubles over in pain. Maggie calls David. He informs them that it’s a normal reaction, probably due to stress, and that Bianca has not miscarried. It’s clear to tell that she’s very disappointed, because a miscarriage would be a decision made for her.

ATWT by Hilary

Rosanna went home and tried to work things out with Craig, but he continued to lie to her. She said that if he didn't give up the bar, she couldn't live with him anymore, but he didn't think he should have to give it up. She walked out again, and went back to Carly's. Jack and Carly couldn't find a nanny, because either the nannies scared them, or they scared the nannies. Rosanna offered to take the job, and they accepted. At the sheep station, Mike awoke and pulled himself out of the rubble. He spoke to "Katie" in his head, who convinced him that if he thought about how the room was constructed, he could escape. He found a boarded-up dumbwaiter, and used it to climb out of the cellar. He found a scrawled address, and decided to start there in his search for Katie. Paul and Jen made up, but not before she insisted once more that he stay out of her personal life. He agreed, but then hired Henry to bug Java Underground. After Dusty had insisted once more that there was nothing between him and Jen, Jen arrived at the salon and spilled the beans about her kiss with Dusty.

B&B by Judy

Sally is just waking up from the drinking binge. She has the scissors in her hands and sees Stephanie sprawled on the couch. She thinks the worst and goes over to Stephanie and in walks Throne. Sally assures him nothing is wrong and Stephanie wakes up to Thorne asking her what happened to her hair. Stephanie tries to sneak into her house wearing a baseball cap but Samantha stops her. She informs Stephanie that Ridge and Brooke eloped and Stephanie is not happy about the news. She informs Samantha that Brooke has won, "for now", which brings a smile to Samantha's face. Brooke and Ridge are ready for take off and share romantic times in the cabin of the jet. After some champagne Brooke gets down to the bra and undies and they have a romp under the ceiling camera. Rick is all over Amber about what happened and she tries to apologize. He's not buying it and after bringing up the past and airing his disappointment, he tells Amber that the marriage is over and leaves her alone crying.

Days by Lisa

GH by Dee

At the cottage, Emily and Nikolas begin to make love. The lights come on, which shock them into stopping. They vow not to be alone again, but it’s too late, someone has been outside the window, taking pictures. At Kellys, Zander tells Lydia that he trusts his wife, she loves him. She calls him naïve. Later, Zander makes contact with Cindy and gives her his phone number – Nikolas comes in and chides him for being at Kellys instead of home with his wife. Lydia joins Nikolas, she tells him she will keep fighting for their marriage. Zander goes home and has dinner with his wife. Ric tells Scott that Courtney is the one who ran Elizabeth down. When Mac tells Scott that the car in the lake is Courtney’s, they leave for the PH. When they arrive, Jason and Courtney are gone to a safe-house. Jason vows to get to the bottom of things, but he wants Courtney to go to the island. She agrees and he leaves to make arrangements.

Sonny tells Carly to go to bed, he’s staying up for awhile. She realizes he can’t get past her going to see Alcazar. She breaks down, tells him she’s sorry she messed up, she was kidnapped, almost lost baby; she starts upstairs, he calls her back and they embrace. Marcella has her surgery at GH and Alcazar shows her a savings deposit in her name for $150,000. He recruits Faith for his plan of destroying Sonny. Jason arrives at the safe-house and Courtney is gone. She arrives at Scott’s office and tells him she thinks she ran Elizabeth down

GL by Sylvia

Phillip donated fifty thousand dollars to Harley's Angels. Harley was happy about the donation but was concerned Phillip donated the money as a way to distract himself from Lizzie's problems. Harley and Blake are looking for Spaulding employee Lori Jensen who was last seen with Spaulding executive Brad Green. Alan asked Gus to talk to his brother (Phillip) about Lizzie's problems. Edmond asked Beth to consider going to Olivia's baby shower. Beth accused Edmond of wanting her to pursue a relationship with Jeffrey so he wouldn't be available for Cassie.

Reva had a conversation with God in the hospital chapel and told him to do the right thing and make Shayne come out of his coma. Alan admonished Brad Green for having an affair with his assistant Lori Green who is half his age. Brad told Alan to find a way to make the mess disappear or he will go public with dirt he has on Spaulding Enterprises. Rick and Mel found out Mel is pregnant.

OLTL by Kym

Kevin's furious with Kelly for playing around with David. RJ grieves over Keri. Antonio's questioned about her death. David pants after Blair, who's not the least bit interested. He shows concern over her attraction to Walker & says he doesn't trust him. Dorian gets back from seeing Melinda & goes over to Asa's to talk to Kelly about it. She runs into Kevin who says he'll give her the message. Dorian chews him out about his messing around with Cassie & her cousins. Dorian blurts out to him about Kelly's medical condition, but Kelly says she's lying. Rack 'Em coaches Natalie & offers her a chance to play in a tournament in Vegas, but she says she's too busy with wedding plans. Kevin asks Cris to keep David & Kelly apart while he's out of town. The judge gives sole custody to Antonio. Ross tells a furious Flynn that Natalie doesn't want to play the tournament. Flynn tells him to get her or else. Cristian later talks her into going. Evangeline gives RJ the letter Keri wrote about giving him sole custody in the event of her death.

Passions by Ashley

T.C. gets a shocking surprise visit from Liz while he is in the shower. Eve goes to Julian for a shoulder to cry on because she is convinced her marriage to T.C. is over. Gwen gets some Motherly advice from her mother, Rebecca. Gwen then shows up at the apartment to surprise Ethan not knowing she may be the one to get the surprise. Beth tells her mother, Edna that she will kill Charlie just as soon as she kills Sheridan. Luis, Antonio, and Hank decide to search again for Sheridan when they decide she has most certainly been kidnapped.

PC by Beth

Jamal wakes up to find himself tied to a chair at the Silverhill Cafe, while Imani's grandmother goes through his wallet for information. Although he tries to explain why he lied to her, Madea doesn't trust him at all. Imani walks in the door just as a man known as Junior grabs Jamal's neck. Imani unties Jamal and explains that he's a friend, but Madea doesn't like it. Imani is alarmed to hear that he tracked her down from the photo she showed him. Madea warns Imani that Jamal will learn too much if he stays, but Imani is confident that it will be all right. Back in Port Charles, Reese cheerily invites Ricky to accompany her to London, where she intends to start looking for her mother. Unlike Ricky, she isn't depressed about being fired from the band. She likes being a free agent, and now she thinks that she and the drummer can make a go of it as a duo. Casey urges Ricky to choose her over a woman he merely likes. Finding Ricky talking to an invisible person again, Reese sadly asks him to choose between reality and fantasy. Insulted by his hesitation, Reese storms off. Casey appears to Ricky again, and when a passerby acknowledges her presence, Ricky wonders what's going on. Casey explains that she is real, whereas he's been conjuring up a nasty version of her in his mind, and she doesn't appreciate it one bit. After Alison confesses to having sex with Caleb, Rafe tears out of the apartment with murder on his mind. The image fades as Alison begins to wake up, and she talks in her sleep about how she shouldn't have told Rafe about Caleb. When Rafe asks her about it, Alison says that it was an upsetting dream that she would rather forget. Rafe assures her that he doesn't want to continue the war with Caleb. For the first time in his life, he is choosing his own destiny, and he chooses Alison. Unfortunately, Alison is unable to get the memory of what she did with Caleb out of her mind.

Y&R By Rachel

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