Tuesday 9-16-03 Recaps

Tuesday 9/16/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Kendall goes ballistic when she overhears Erica, indirectly urging Bianca to terminate her pregnancy. She makes her presence known to them, tells them that she knows they will always judge her, see her a the child of a rape, that all she's wanted is for Erica to love her but she knows that's impossible. Erica tries to convince Kendall that she need not take Bianca's situation personally, that she has no ill-will toward Kendall. And Erica reminds Kendall that she has some responsibility for her own behavior, must importantly meaning why Kendall has married Michael Cambias. But Kendall has no answer. She simply informs Erica that if she is sorry to have had Kendall now, she ain't seen nothing yet.

Greenlee reconciles her differences with Jack, finds out that he never throughout Greenlee's life knew that she was his daughter and that Mary lied. They have a very amicable visit until Greenlee inquires what Jack might know about Kendall's marriage to Michael Cambias. At that point, Jack gets angry and reveals that he might be hiding something.

Edmund locates a website where Michael Cambias is on video and manages to get an interview with Kendall, which might reveal some very important information.

ATWT by Hilary

When Alison confronted Susan about the empty vodka bottle that she found in her purse, Susan swore she poured it into a plant before taking a drink. Alison believed her, but told Chris that she needed to stay home with her mother instead of going to Katie's cottage with him. He was impressed by her maturity, and she promised that she won't let her family problems come between them. Rosanna was heartbroken when Craig missed his last chance to come clean, and still lied about Molly's investment. Lucy was devastated when Rosanna told her she was leaving Craig. Carly and Jack's first romantic evening since Sage's birth was interrupted, first by Craig, then by Rosanna. Craig blasted Carly for spilling the beans to Rosanna, but she insisted he was the one who broke his wife's heart; Rosanna wanted a place to stay after leaving Craig. Despite Lucinda and Mitzi's advice to the contrary, Rose decided to give Dusty another chance. Molly teased Jen that Dusty was too old for her. Dusty insisted to Molly and Rose that Jen means nothing to him. Rose and Dusty made up. Barbara tried to enlist Paul's help in keeping Jen away from Dusty, but he said he would let his sister make her own decisions. Jen told Paul she was moving out of the penthouse the next day.

B&B by Judy

Ridge is demanding that Stephanie make peace and give her blessings for his and Brooke's wedding. Stephanie doesn't give much of a response in front of Ridge. When he leaves Brooke and Stephanie alone, Brooke starts in with her bratty attitude and Stephanie tells her that it will be "a cold day in hell" when she gives them her blessings. Brooke responds that Ridge will be very disappointed. Warning her not to gloat, smart Alec Brooke grabs a fake bouquet and tosses it at Stephanie's feet. Later on, Sally meets up with Stephanie at her new office. She wants to know what happened with Brooke, half expecting bad news. When Stephanie tells her what happened, Sally needs a drink. The two of them got sloshed and Stephanie falls on the floor. Sally helps her up and then gives her a makeover. She plops a potted plant on Stephanie's head and stars chopping away. They are gabbing and Stephanie tells Sally she should come work for them. When Sally is done, Stephanie's hair is about 2 inches long all over her head, a look Stephanie declares as "hip-hop !" Bridet is still being held by the fake doctor. Oscar isn't much help but Bridget elbows the goon and he falls to the floor when she bonks him on the head with a tray. The cops come and take him away and Bridget asks Oscar what kind of trouble he is in. Brooke is admiring her diamond ring when in comes Nick. He wants her to be happy. He has a gift for her. She opens it and finds a bracelet with a compass dangling from it. He says she should use it when she feels lost. Their conversation is halted when Ridge raises a ladder to the window and expects Brooke to elope with him.

Days by ?

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GH by Dee

Nikolas and Lydia meet with Alexis, they know Stefan is applying pressure to make her defend him, at this point she can tell them nothing. Zander and Emily celebrate their new home, but they’re interrupted when Alexis calls Zander and asks him to meet her. She tells him about Cindy and asks him to get information about her. He owes her and he agrees. She tells him to protect Emily. Meanwhile, the lights go off at the cottage. Nikolas arrives at Emily’s request. He turns the lights on, but they go back out. Emily asks him to stay, he agrees and takes his wet shirt off to dry. They share a kiss, unaware that someone outside the window is taking pictures. Jason comes to Courtney’s aid with Ric, he tells him to talk to him if he has a problem with Courtney. After he leaves, Courtney tells Jason that Elizabeth remembers the color of the car that hit her. Sonny asks Carly not to lie to him, she tells him she was at Alcazar’s apartment. He’s furious that she hid when he was there. She tells him she was protecting Courtney, then proceeds to tell him everything. He tells her that Alcazar can’t be trusted, he’s out to destroy him. He's frustrated that she seems to trust Alcazar. She asks him not to tell Jason about the car, but when Jason arrives Sonny tells him.

Courtney visits Alcazar, who tells her she left the park in a different direction from where Elizabeth was hit. After she leaves, Alcazar greets ‘Marcella’ and introduces her to Julian. Julian thinks she will be perfect for what they want. Sonny and Carly explain their feelings, but are interrupted by Max. The guys went to the lake, but they were too late. The cops were there and they found Courtney’s car.

GL by Sylvia

Shayne remains in a coma after he and Marina were hit by Josh who was hurrying to find Shayne for a meeting with a Cubs executive. Reva won't speak to Josh because he put so much importance on baseball instead of Shayne. Marina told Josh he should have had more trust in Shayne. She said Shayne's desire to please his father is what put him in the hospital. Josh collapsed after Marina's onslaught. Ed is afraid Shayne may be paralyzed.

Beth told Lillian she had a wonderful time on her date with Jeffrey, but didn't mention she slept with in a Japanese restaurant. Alan apologized to Olivia for the treatment she suffered from the Spaulding's when she tried to tell them something was wrong with Lizzie.

OLTL by Kym

RJ finds out about Keri dying & Antonio having been there & goes ballistic. He hunts down Antonio & tries to attack him, but he's stopped by Bo. Asa shows the tape to Dawes & threatens to show it, if he doesn't leave Kevin alone. Kelly finds out she's not pregnant. Marcie spends the night with Al before his surgery in the morning. Bo proposes to Gabrielle & she accepts. Kevin threatens to fire Asa, if he doesn't stop going after Dawes. Asa kicks Kevin & Kelly out of his house. Kevin asks for Joe to counsel Kelly & Joe warns him to talk to her before he loses her. Evangeline comforts RJ in his grief. Joe warns Kelly to tell Kevin about the complications from a pregnancy. Kelly runs into David at Dorian's house & he gets her to loosen up & go swimming with him. Unfortunately, Kevin catches them together. Bo shares the experience of losing his son Drew with RJ. The cops find Antonio's necklace in Keri's dead hand & confront him about it.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney has a talk with Ethan. She tells Ethan that he should let Theresa go so she can move on with her life. Meanwhile, Theresa is now more than ever convinced she will be with Ethan. Whitney and Fox have a heated moment on the beach when they share a sexy dance. Eve spies on T.C. and Liz and is appalled to find them kissing. Later on she goes to confront Liz and attacks her. Charlie becomes fed up with Sheridan and cruelly takes the baby right out of her arms. She then tells her it's time for her to die. Beth manages to get rid of Luis and finally she gets to hold "her" new baby.

PC by Beth

After Jamal tracks down Imani's grandmother's restaurant in Silverhill, Alabama, he leaves a partial message for Jack before losing the signal on his cell phone. Recognizing the woman from the photo Imani showed him, he places an order and tries to establish a rapport so that he can get some information. After all his questions about family arouse her suspicions, she drugs his food. When he passes out, she confiscates his phone, draws the shade, and calls someone to take out the "trash." Elizabeth tracks down Chris at the hospital for a nice surprise, but he is tired of her bothering him at work all the time. He goes to Ian's room, where Lucy again states that this is all his fault. Chris refuses to take the blame for any of this, because he shouldn't have had to play babysitter while Ian stole the serum and then went after Kevin. He blames Lucy, since Ian did this to try to live a normal life for her. After waking up in restraints, Ian is relieved to hear that Kevin is all right. Although Lucy accuses him of having gone too far this time, Ian intends to keep doing it until they find a cure. Chris informs him that it's over; he destroyed the rest of the formula and all the research. Furious, Ian says that he had no right, but Lucy tells her lover that he had no right to put everyone through hell. Ian still intends to continue, at least to find a way to control his dark side. He asks her not to stop him from leaving. After Chris was so mean to her, Elizabeth cancels the dinner reservations she had made as a surprise. Chris overhears and tries to apologize. Elizabeth informs him that she had noticed his anxiety about Ian and thought a nice dinner would cheer him up. His attempts to apologize don't quite placate her, but she agrees to go to dinner anyway--as long as he pays. Meanwhile, Caleb isn't pleased to see Olivia. Telling him that she came by to pick up a few of her things, she removes her coat and states that she has nothing to wear. Caleb appreciates her beauty but orders her to get out. Olivia responds by trying to seduce him. As they kiss, Caleb makes it a point to note that she hasn't stolen his ring again. Accusing him of being unable to forgive one mistake, she tells him to use the ring to wish that she had never stolen it from him. Caleb laughs, amused by the similarity to Alison's request. Olivia still wants to get him into bed, but Caleb points out that it wouldn't make a difference, because he still wouldn't be able to believe a word she says. Olivia refuses to ever let him go. She leaves, confident that he will never be free of her. Caleb is equally confident that she's fooling herself.

Y&R By Judy

Victor shows up at the hospital and tells Ashley he meant her to stay out of business problems. Her response is flat she tells him, "business is business." She asks Victor to leave and then she is surprised to hear that her own father punched Victor. Ashley is very bitter even though Victor says he never intended her or the baby harm. He tries to share his feelings about the birth of Abby then finds out she can't have any more children. Colleen and Sierra are trying to plan a way to get Kevin out of Lily's life. Lily shows up and she is not happy about her friend's attitude towards Kevin. Colleen picks up on Lily's defense and asks if she slept with him. Lily over reacts and accuses Colleen of hitting on Kevin. Lily heads home and meets up with Dru who sees her daughter is upset. When Lily tells her Colleen is no friend, Dru is concerned that a boy caused her to have such hard feelings for Colleen and tries to warn her about this type of boy. Dru becomes emotional when sharing her past with Lily. Cody offers to help Colleen and Sierra but they refuse. Cassie keeps pressing Sharon for answers about Frank. Nick tries to persuade her that he knows all about Frank, but Cassie seems convinced that Sharon is up to her old tricks. Cody gets a call from Nick who is asking questions about Frank. Nick heads to the coffeehouse and tells Frank to stay away from Cassie. Colleen hatches a plan and checks the internet chat room for Kevin. She thinks she has found him and sets up a date at the park, same place where she met Kevin before. Just when Jill thinks she's alone, in comes Larry and brings up the Katherine topic which sets Jill off. She admits her feelings have improved for Kay and Larry thinks she could love her if she let herself. Esther and Kay are at Nikki's for tea and as usual Esther throws in her two cents about Jill. Kay doesn't want to hear the negativity and Nikki warns Kay to be careful when dealing with Jill. Then Kay calls home to talk to Jill, asking her to go to lunch. After some convincing, Jill agrees to meet her at Gina's.

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