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Monday 9/15/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee reveals that her idea of merging Fusion with Enchantment and becoming CEO is an effort to overthrow Erica, and she's under the mistaken impression that that is also Kendall's plan. Kendall angrily informs Greenlee that she has no intent to stab her mother in the back, is no longer desperately trying to make mommy love her, and is merely doing what she's doing for business reasons. The Fusion girls all wait on Kendall to tell them just why she would choose to marry Michael Cambias. But there's no answer. Kendall and Greenlee get into a "mommy war" where Greenlee's attitude about Kendall's "attachment" to Erica is motivated by her anger over her own mother. But Kendall defends Erica, saying she is a quality person, not trash like Mary. Greenlee and all the others "band together" to go after Kendall. Mia reveals that it may be possible that Kendall did not marry Cambias, but instead killed him.

Bianca discusses her "options" with Erica. She says although this baby would be the child of Michael Cambias, it would also be her child, as well as its own person, and she has resources and support available to her that Erica did not have. When Bianca also brings up the possibility that Cambias could come back at some point and "claim" his rights to his child, Erica assures her that THAT will never happen. Bianca asks her mother just how she can be so certain that Cambias will never come back. Erica simply replies by saying that if Cambias ever came back and tried to hurt Bianca, she would murder him. Kendall walks into Erica's home, in perfect time to overhear Erica telling Bianca that abortion might be the best alternative.

ATWT by Hilary

When Alison and Chris left for a date, Susan poured herself a drink. Thinking better of it, she poured it out and put the bottle back in her purse. After paying off Henry to let them use the cottage for a few hours, Alison and Chris stopped by to check on Susan, and Alison found the bottle. Jessica told Bonnie it was best that she move out, then cried on Ben's shoulder. He told her it was time that she lead her own life; she said she was ready to feel safe with him again, and said she wanted him to make love to her. Isaac told Bonnie that they were through, and that he was leaving town. Molly agreed to finance the Java Underground renovations. Craig said that no one must know that she invested, not realizing that Carly had already spilled the beans to Rosanna. When Craig lied to her and said that Dusty was working on financing, Rosanna said that she needed honesty, and couldn't stay married to Craig. Jen told Dusty that Paul had lied to her, and she no longer trusted him. She said that she knew Dusty wouldn't lie to her, and begged him to make love to her. At first, he resisted, but started to give in, just as Molly walked in on their kiss.

B&B by Judy

Stephanie continues to rage on at the press conference, even though Eric tries to stop her. Ridge orders her out of the room and Clark tries to smooth things over with the press, then points a knowing finger at Sally. Ridge and Stephanie go at it, arguing their points without convincing each other. Stephanie calls Brooke a slut again and this pushes Ridge to the limit. He wants it all to stop. Eric lends a shoulder to Brooke and he tells her he supports her and Ridge's plan for Logan Designs. Bridgette is startled by Oscar who orders her around. She sets him straight about that. Masssimo shows up to see Oscar and tells him his friend died. When Mass lectures Oscar about the business choices he's making, Oscar orders him out. Right after that, a creepy guy dressed like a doctor shows up. He has a huge syringe and starts to inject Oscar's IV's just as Bridgette walks back into the room. When Oscar sees that Bridgette is puzzled by this goony doctor, he rips the IV's out of his arm. The bad doc starts to run towards the door and grabs Bridgette. Oscar yells, "leave her alone !" When Brooke goes to see how Stephanie and Ridge are progressing, Ridge says he doesn't know if any of what he has said has sunk into his mom's head. He demands Stephanie apologize. She does it in a half hearted way and then Ridge makes her put the diamond on Brooke's finger. He then puts their hands together and makes his mom agree to never interfere again. It seems that both Brooke and Stephanie are in disbelief as they both stand there speechless with blank stares on their faces.

Days by ?

may be late

GH by Dee

Alexis meets with Stefan at the PCPD and tells him she knows he ordered Darius to kill Emily (and he mistakenly killed Summer) and that he ordered Darius killed. He threatens that she will never get custody of Kristina if she takes her proof to Mac. He also tells her that Ned is being arrested for rape. At the Q mansion, in spite of Ned’s denials, Capelli orders him cuffed and reads him his rights. Carly sends Courtney’s car over the cliff, but her coat is caught. She manages to get free of the car, but is hanging on to the edge. Alcazar runs up and pulls her to safety, then takes her to his home to wash up. Jason tries to reassure Courtney that she would have known if she hit Elizabeth, but she’s not convinced. Sonny has everyone looking for Carly, then gets Jason and they leave together.

Carly assures Alcazar that she sees through him, and that she loves her husband and would never leave him. While she’s cleaning up Sonny and Jason burst in. Alcazar tells Sonny he would never harm Carly, they leave, and then Carly comes out. She calls and leaves a message for Sonny, then leaves for home, but not before she lets it slip that Sonny’s pregnant first wife was blown up in a car bomb meant for him. Alcazar finds the news stories about Lily on the internet. Courtney visits Elizabeth, when Ric hears them talking, he becomes suspicious of Courtney. Alexis decides to help Ned, but is forced to change her mind when Cindy tells her that, on paper, Alexis is the one who paid her to set Ned up.

GL by Barbara 

After making love with Jeffrey, Beth has an attack of conscience and asks Jeffrey to take her home. Jeffrey tries to convince Beth that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Eden begs Tony not to tell Bill about their affair. Bill calls Marah to come get Tony. She arrives and Tony is angry. Reva and Christopher continue to talk about her gift. Marina is talking to Shayne and hears the cell phone ring. She tells Shayne that she will go get help. She goes to the other car and discovers that it is Josh. Josh goes to help Shayne. Marina talks to Reva and tells her what happened. The EMT's come to take Shayne to the hospital. Phillip and Olivia talk about Lizzie. Josh confesses to Reva that he was driving the car that hit Shayne and Marina. Reva has a come apart. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Dorian catches David in her boudoir snooping for the necklace. Asa shows Kevin the video he made of Dawes. Kevin hits the roof & so does Kelly, but he decides to go along with it. Antonio & Keri get in a big argument at the Palace, that Renee & Rex overhear. Todd stops in the middle of a passionate kiss with Blair & starts to worry that she won't feel the same about him that he does about her. She denies this. Marcy offers part of her liver for Al. Larry tells everyone that Al needs a whole liver from a deceased donor, but since the wait might be long, Gabrielle offers part of hers. Dorian talks Kelly into going out with David under the ruse of finding out what he's up to. A horrified Renee finds Keri's dead body underneath the hotel window.

Passions by Ashley

Julian tells an upset Rebecca about the woman he really loves. Fox tells Whitney more white lies to get her closer to him. Theresa becomes upset when Ethan tells her he can't leave his wife for her. Meanwhile, Gwen's pregnancy is in jeopardy when something she sees on T.V. upsets her. Sheridan acts unafraid when Charlie gets ready to kill her. Eve goes to see T.C. to work things out but what she doesn't know is he is in a lip lock with her sister, Liz. Beth convinces the Lopez-Fitzgerald family that Sheridan is missing so she can go "deliver" her baby.

PC by Beth

Not wanting to get involved with Olivia again, Jack pulls away from her embrace. After she admits to wishing that he no longer hated her, Jack tells her that she left him defenseless, because his hatred of her was the only thing standing in the way of his love for her. A crazed look on his face, Jack chases Olivia around the room, proclaiming his undying love and devotion. He smothers her face with kisses and asks her to marry him and have his babies. Scared, Olivia runs to the door, only to learn that Jack was teasing her. Unamused, she leaves Jack laughing about his little joke. Alison demands that Caleb somehow undo what they did at the barn, but Caleb informs her that he can't change the past. Caleb realizes that she still hasn't told Rafe the truth. Alison feels that she's in a no-win situation, since she can neither tell Rafe the truth nor keep it from him. Caleb understands that she's being tormented for something that isn't her fault; they are both paying the price for their lovers' obsessions. When he accuses Alison of having the hots for him, she slaps him hard. Caleb says that he is moving on, and he advises her to do the same. Alison vows to live happily ever after with Rafe. After she storms out, Caleb lingers at the door, confident that he's right about her feelings. When there's a knock at the door, he assumes that Alison has returned, but it's Olivia. Confused by Alison's behavior, Rafe comes home to an empty apartment and is soon joined by Elizabeth, who realizes that something is wrong. She is appalled by his idea to get married in a barn, but as he explains the barn's significance, she begins to understand. Rafe, however, silently concludes that Alison might have been upset about some unhappy events that also occurred there. Elizabeth admits that Rafe has Alison's best interests, and she knows that he can handle whatever is wrong now. When Alison comes home, Elizabeth leaves to give the couple some privacy. Rafe admits that he only thinks of good things in regard to the barn. Alison tries to talk, but Rafe smothers her attempts with kisses.

Y&R By Rachel

Frank stands by the fact that he just bumped into Sharon and wonders exactly what Cassie meant by Sharon being away for a while. Sharon shares Nick that she believes that Frank has motives on being in Genoa city. Nick argues his point on telling Cassie the truth – Frank is her biological father. Victor is truly upset for Ashley loss but he does not think he should take the blame – Nikki agrees. Ashley is told by Olivia that she may not have anymore children due to the bleeding and scaring that took place during surgery. Ash is devastated – the new chance/beginning that her and Brad had is now gone. Brad feels the same way. Dru and Neil discuss the dangers on Internet dating and Lily’s obsession with being connected. Although Colleen has not told Lily about Kevin threatening her in the park, Kevin tells Lily that Colleen came on to her. At Kevin apartment, Lily and Kevin fall to the couch in passionate kisses.

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