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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee is ready to have a romantic moment with Juan Pablo, until she is interrupted by Simone and Mia. They urge her that she must prevent Kendall from taking over Fusion and ruining all the work they've done. She goes to help them, but surprisingly, does not appear "angry" at Kendall, as they are. She suggests that since Kendall owns everything, that she merges Fusion with Enchantment and make Greenlee the CEO of the two "smaller" companies, while Kendall makes it big with Chandler Enterprises and Cambias Industries.

Liza has also gone to help them "salvage" Fusion, which cancels her trip to Tahiti with Tad. Tad returns home, and discovers a wild party, rap music, booze, and his son making out with his girlfriend on daddy's bed, completely unaware that he's there, until he slams the door and startles them.

Bianca goes to talk to a crises counselor but unexpectedly runs into Maria. She bonds pretty well with Maria in their conversation, learns Maria's sister got pregnant from a rape, and chose to abort, but Maria has resources for adoption or any choice Bianca makes.

When Bianca returns home, however, she discovers that Erica has made some unfounded "assumptions" about what to do with the pregnancy.

ATWT by Hilary

Craig told Dusty that Molly would be a perfect investor in the club. Molly wouldn't listen to Carly's apologies regarding her recent neglect of her cousin. Carly was disgusted when Craig presented his business proposal to Molly, and even more so when Molly considered the offer. Craig asked Carly not to mention the conversation to Rosanna, but Carly said she wouldn't lie to her sister. Molly agreed to invest in the club. Carly went to tell Rosanna about it, but hesitated when she saw how upset her sister already was. Jessica brought Sarah back to Marshall, and the teen said she was ready to go home with him. Bonnie started to tell Sarah about her mother's rape, but Jessica convinced her not to, saying it would only cause the girl to live in fear. Barbara told Jen that Paul paid off Andre. Jen said she didn't believe her, but still went into Paul's desk for a bank statement. Without looking at it, she told Barbara that Paul was innocent; she later admitted that she hadn't looked at the statement out of respect. When Paul admitted that he had done something shady to Jen that he now regretted, Rosanna told him to confess and apologize. He told Jen the truth, and Barbara gloated when Jen walked out in disgust. Jen rushed over to Java Underground, and asked Dusty to make love to her.

B&B by Judy

Clark wants Sally to go home, quit torturing herself, Spectra is no loner hers. Sally won't give up and thinks Stephanie will help her get rid of Brooke. Stephanie has returned and is surprised by Eric. Brooke's old office has been completely done over. Nick watches Ridge and Brooke in a romantic embrace then later hear's Ridge's business call. When he gives him kudos, Rigde puts him off then shows him the diamond he plans to give Brooke. Nick tells him to be good to her, Ridge tells him to count on it. Bridgette is on duty at the hospital when Oscar is brought in. Dr. Cooper lets Massimo know that Oscar had surgery for a gunshot wound. Sally gets in touch with Stephanie but thinking Sally's talking about Samantha, Stephanie tells her she's happy about the news of Sam's new position as a designer. Clark and Samantha goof around while setting up for the conference when Brooke comes in. She wants to know what Samantha is doing there. Clark seems more than glad to tell her that Ridge hired Samantha to create a designer home line. Brooke's not happy about it and when Ridge shows up she questions him. He shrugs it off but she says they will talk about it. At the press conference Ridge announces that Brooke is now head of Logan Designs, taking over Spectra. They play it up for the press. They're asked if the partnership is romantic, they kiss and show that it is. Nick looks on but his face shows sadness. Just when Ridge is about to slip the over size diamond on Brooke's finger, Stephanie walks in and yells....."STOP !!"

Days by Lisa

Premonitions continue to circulate around the deaths of Abe and Jack and start to come to fruition as the two put themselves in the line of fire with their high profile investigations. Abe catches Bo and Hope spying around the crime scene from the Basic Black fashion show and suggests that they investigate the case as officers by returning to the force again. He emphasizes the fact that he will be retiring soon and alludes to them that he may die from his involvement in the case against the Dimeraís. Meanwhile Jack puts himself in danger when he volunteers to plant a bug at the Kiriakis mansion under the disguise of a phone jack repairer and is caught by a suspicious Nicole. He manages to get away without being discovered just before Nicole demands that Victor eliminate anyone who can connect the two to Colinís murder. Once in the living room Victor finds the bug hidden in their phone and knows that the person who planted it is in close proximity to the house because the bug only has a 500 ft range. Victor takes off and discovers the van the Jack is hiding in. Cassie finds a way to weasel her way into the dinner party by going as Philipís date. When chaos erupts between Shawn and Rex, Belle decides to hold a mock trial to put an end to their feud with herself as the judge! 

GH by Dee

At The Cellar, Ned and Skye try to figure out who’s behind Cindy. His phone rings, it’s Cindy – she says she’s in trouble and asks him to come to the PC Hotel. He says he’ll be right over. Skye goes in his place and warns Cindy to stay away from Ned. Dillon promises Alcazar that he’ll work for him if he’ll protect Georgie. He agrees. Just as Carly’s leaving to meet Alcazar, Jason and Courtney arrive. Courtney admits she’s been taking too many painkillers. She also says her car was stolen. Carly tells them about Elizabeth, they leave to go see her. When Ric arrives to talk to Sonny, Carly leaves. At the hospital, Courtney tells Jason to go in to see Elizabeth by himself. He does and is able to calm her frustrations at the therapist for suggesting she go to rehab. At The Cellar, Ric asks Sonny to have Faith killed, she comes in and tells Ric she didn’t run Elizabeth down.

Dillon arrives at the barn in time to rescue Georgie. As they celebrate, Faith arrives. She tells them the charges have been dropped against her, so Georgie’s off the hook. At the Quartermaine mansion, Capelli arrives and arrests Ned. A battered Cindy is with him – she says Ned raped her. Ric has Maxie play a tape for Elizabeth, their song. Both Ric and Elizabeth remember dancing together. Courtney has a nightmare and thinks she might have run Elizabeth down. Carly meets Alcazar, she demands the keys and location of Courtney’s car. He gives them to her. She takes the car to the cliff to push it over, her shirt gets caught in the car door – it’s pulling her over!

GL by Barbara

Jeffrey takes Beth to a Japanese restaurant. To her surprise he took her to an art house. She was expecting a man's movie. As the evening progresses, Jeffrey and Beth talk about his reputation and about their feelings. He surprises her by speaking Japanese. Beth wonders if he comes there often. He says it is a private sanctuary. Beth tells him he is charming. As the evening progresses so does the passion as Jeffrey begins to seduce a willing Beth. Nico and Danny go to Company. Shayne and Marina head to the concert but Marina is worried about Shayne being late. Reva and Chris talk. Josh meets with Mr. Walker who decides to leave when Shayne can't be located. Josh is furious. He confronts Reva about Shayne's whereabouts. Shayne and Marina decide to go back home, but a stuck in traffic. Reva foresees a car accident involving Shayne and Marina. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Elyssa winds up back at Kevin's house & tells him she tracked down the real Walker, but he's already left the hotel. Natalie's check bounces & Cristian tells her about the bet. Keri's distraught over the custody decision & decides to leave town with Jamie. RJ agrees to go with her. Asa asks Rex to set up Dawes with a hooker & tape the encounter. Todd's confronted by Flynn at his penthouse. Flynn offers to "take care of" Kevin, but Todd says he can handle it. Cristian asks Kevin for another advance to pay off the bet. Rack Em comes back to Crossroads & offers Natalie a chance to play more tournaments. She agrees. Kelly gets a letter saying she has a brother she's never met, but she's not interested in meeting him. Evangeline & RJ fight over Keri leaving & break off their relationship. We find out that Rack 'Em's working for Flynn. Flynn then leaves for Las Vegas. Antonio catches Keri trying to leave town & stops her.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen has nightmares about Ethan going back to Theresa. Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa share a passionate kiss on the beach and are caught on tape. Fox sees what's going on and he acts upset while Whitney comforted. Grace and Eve talk about Liz and he pursuit of T.C. Liz tries more schemes to get T.C. Antonio worries about Sheridan while Sheridan has her baby taken away by Charlie. Beth realizes she needs to take the next step in her plan.

PC by Beth

Alison vows not to let what happened with Caleb ruin her relationship with Rafe. Pointing out that she now flinches at his touch, Rafe reassures her and promises to never leave her again. Getting an idea, he blindfolds her and takes her to the barn, where he envisions them having an intimate wedding ceremony. Alison becomes upset when she realizes where they are. Her adamant refusal to get married at the barn puzzles Rafe, who agrees to find another venue. Caleb endures several interruptions as he works on a new song. Ricky takes his life in his hands by uttering a sarcastic remark about Caleb's relationship with Olivia. Having temporarily forgotten about vampires' need for blood, Jack is alarmed by Olivia's admission that she needs to feed. He goes to Jamal's apartment to get the blood supply from his buddy's refrigerator. Olivia calls Caleb, who refuses to acknowledge her existence. Deciding to make some changes in his life, Caleb fires the other band members and makes plans to audition some new musicians. Olivia tries to seduce Jack, who succumbs to her kisses. Alison asks Caleb to make what they did go away.

Y&R By Rachel

Nick continues to worry about Abbots and his dad’s involvement – how will he face his father. Sharon tells Nick about running into Cassie’s biological father Nick thinks that they should tell Cassie – she is smart and will start to figure it all out herself. At Crimson Lights, Cassie spots Frank fires questions at him --- how do you know my Mom? Why were you arguing? Were you with my Mom the whole time she was gone? Ashley refuses to sit there and wallow in guilt – she plans to have another baby soon. However has some very bad news for her regarding that issue. Diane tells Jack that she is worth millions and can be Jabot financing. Jack eventually takes Diane up on her offer, but not before giving Phyllis an ultimatum: Leave NE or our marriage is over. Phyllis refuses and is hurt that Jack does realize that she is damn good at what she does. Recovering from the punch that John laid on him, Victor learns that Ashley baby died. John warns Victor to stay away from Ashley and promises revenge. Michael apologizes to Chris for all the pain he brought in her life and is grateful for Paul who ultimately saved her life. Chris agrees to stay at the firm. Lyn suggest that Paul go see a physiatrist to work out his raping of Chris.

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