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Thursday 9/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

When confronted by Aiden, about the suspicion of David tampering with evidence in the Cambias case, Anna feels she might have to resign from the police force. But David tells her he wants her to stay with him. ShGe tells him that it may not be possible or practical.

Bianca tells Maggie that she is still facing a dilemma about the pregnancy. Lena comes to see her. Bianca cannot bring herself to tell Lena about the pregnancy, tells her she's not ready to be with Lena again, but later regrets it and admits that she still loves Lena.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo suddenly reveal, to Mary that his "romancing" to her was all a set-up to find out if Greenlee can trust her. Mary is very disappointed that she cannot "have" Juan Pablo and may lose her source of income. Greenlee talks tough letting her mother know that she will not give her any hand-outs, but when she is alone, breaks down and cries.

ATWT by Hilary

Bonnie promised Sarah that even if she had to live with Marshall, he wouldn't keep Bonnie out of her life. She told a frantic Marshall that she would tell him where the girl was in exchange for shared custody. He refused, and ordered Hal to arrest her for kidnapping. Meanwhile, Jessica discovered the girl hiding in her apartment. After talking through her fears, she convinced Sarah to give living with Marshall a try. Jen showed Dusty, Rosanna, and Craig the proof that Craig had made the 911 call that got the club raided; he admits his guilt. She demanded an apology from Dusty, insisting she really does like him. He said she just needs to stay away. Rosanna was furious and hurt, but said that Craig could make things better by giving up the club. When he begged her not to make him give it up, she said she would just pull her money, instead. Overhearing this, Dusty threatened to beat up Craig. Barbara told Paul that she knew he had paid off Andre to set her up, and threatened to tell Jen. Paul tried to call Andre, then had a drink with Rosanna. Barbara went to see Jen, and told her that Paul is not all that he seems.

B&B by Judy

Rick and Bridgette wait at the hospital for Amber. Deacon arrives with Eric in his arms, Eric calls "Daddy" as soon as he sees Rick. Rick blames Deacon but Deacan reminds him that Amber was out of control. When Macy arrives Eric runs to her which doesn't set well with Rick. The doctor informs Rick of Amber's serious injuries and that she is asking for him. Rick lets the doctor know that Amber is a recovering addict. Macy goes in to see Amber, not a great time to give her a piece of her mind. Macy wants Deacon to press charges but he thinks her injuries will hold her back from doing anything. Deacon tells Rick to call his attorney to make plans to see Eric. Amber says goodnight to Eric. Macy warns Amber and gets a surprise when Amber bites her. Massimo and Jackie share drinks but a call from Oscar (his cousin's son) interrupts and Mass does not seem amused. Mass does not want him around. He tells Oscar he has a cheesy casino. As Mass gets cozy with Jackie he tells her to set a wedding date. The phone rings again but he tells her to ignore it. Mass finally answers the phone and Oscar says they are being followed, he needs help. Shots ring out and Oscar's bodyguard falls to the ground. More shots are heard and we see the phone booth riddled with bullet holes and the phone receiver dangling, but we don't see Oscar.

Days by Lisa

Cassie warns Tony that there may be something wrong with Rex due to the fact that they were genetically engineered by Stefano. After assuring her that Rex will be fine, Tony immediately calls Stefano and demands that he admit the real reason Cassie and Rex were engineered for. Will returns from summer camp and questions Sami abut Brandon’s return to Salem. She promises him that they will be a happy family someday very soon when Lucas interrupts and objects to her lying to their son about their future. He pulls her aside and tells her that Brandon will never come back to her because she is officially now Tony’s whore. Before taking off with Will, Lucas reminds Sami that the Dimera’s do not make investments in people unless they are expecting huge returns. Mimi and Belle’s day of shopping is cut short when Mimi spots her mother sporting a brand new outfit at Salem Square. She confronts her mother and is devastated that she is still hiding money she embezzled from her. Her mother tries to persuade her that their luck is about to change soon but Mimi is not convinced and is devastated that her mother continues to lie to her about everything from cigarettes to money. In light of new evidence, Abe questions everyone at the Kiriakis mansion about Colin’s murder again. Nicole sticks to her story that she neither saw nor spoke with Colin on the night of the murder but grows fearful when Abe shows her the picture of her and the deceased on the terrace together. She quickly changes her story and admits to running into him when he wished her good luck with the wedding but still denies having anything to do with the actual murder. Victor then jumps in to save his wife from Abe’s interrogation but is cut short when Abe vows to dig until he reaches the truth about the married couple’s involvement in the murder. Later and alone with Victor, Nicole pleads with him to help her execute the solution to their problem….kill Abe!

GH by Dee

Nikolas and Lydia arrive at the hospital for her checkup. Emily walks up, she’s going home today. When Lydia leaves, Emily and Nikolas talk about their wishes for each other’s happiness. Lydia and Emily trade barbs when Lydia returns from the doctor (Nikolas is visiting Elizabeth); Zander arrives telling Emily he has a surprise for her. He takes her to Brenda’s cottage, he rented it for them. Skye returns to Port Charles, she’s going to surprise Ned at Kelly’s, but AJ grabs her first. He tells her about Cindy – Skye thinks Ned is being set up. When she and Ned discuss it, they agree that it’s Stefan working behind the scenes for Alexis. Georgie and Dillon hide out (from Faith) in a barn. Dillon tells Georgie he loves her, she loves him too. He leaves to get some food but is attacked by Faith’s thugs. Alcazar saves him; Dillon says if Alcazar will protect Georgie, he’ll work for him. At Windemere, Lydia joins Nikolas in his bedroom. She tells him that maybe in the future they’ll have more, but for now, she wants to be his friend. He kisses her.

Sonny tells Alcazar to stop calling his wife and sending her presents. He isn’t going to take her away. Alcazar thinks he can. Carly arrives and tells Alcazar to stop harassing her family. She reminds him that he held her hostage, caused Courtney to lose her baby and tried to kill Jason. She tells him to leave. Later, she and Sonny make out in The Cellar. Later, when Sonny goes to her office, She receives an envelope from Alcazar. It’s a picture of Courtney’s car with a smashed headlight, and a note. Meet him in an hour - alone.

GH by Kelly

Nikolas and Lydia arrange an appointment with Dr. Meadows to find out if she is able to carry a child. When they find out that she can, Lydia rubs it in Emily's face, as well as the fact that she has Nikolas. Later on, Nik and Lydia go home and begin 'producing' a baby. Zander takes Emily to their new home, Skye and Jax's old one. They talk about how much they love each other. Sonny meets Alkazar at Carly's club to tell him to stay away from Carly. Carly shows up at the club and tells Alkazar to stay away from her because she will never like him. Later on, Carly receives a package from Lorenzo telling her to meet him at the docks in one hour. Dillon and Georgie hide out in barn and tell each other for the first time that they love each other. Later on, Dillon leaves to get supplies but is caught by Faith's 'thugs', until Alkazar rescues him. Georgie is found inside the barn by the owner of it and he threatens to punish her. Skye returns from visiting Rae to find out that a 15-year-old girl was in Ned's bed. When questioning Ned about it, he doesn't tell her. She tells him that she knows about it and they work everything out. Cyndy visits Stefan in jail to tell him about Ned.

GL by Sylvia

Lizzie lit matches during her session with Dr Langham in the study at the Spaulding mansion. She held them to the curtains, tired of that and held them to Dr Langham's face threatening to set him on fire. He encouraged her to contact her feelings and she blurted out she hates her whole family. Phillip took books to Olivia about raising daughters. Olivia told Phillip he didn't need to worry about their unborn daughter but focus on sick Lizzie instead.

Shayne decided not to meet with the Cubs executive and chose to go to Jamfest with Marina instead. Marah introduced Sandy to Josh who hired him to work part time for Lewis Construction. Alan and Alexandra disagreed about Lizzie's treatment under direction of Chris Langham. Alexandra was furious Dr Langham isn't acting on the wishes of the Spaulding's regarding Lizzie's treatment.

OLTL by Kym

Asa talks to Kevin about starting a smear campaign against Dawes, but Kevin wants none of it. David has lunch with Kelly & tells her he's in love with Dorian. Todd sets up a romantic rendezvous at Crossroads for Blair. He plays the one song he learned for her on the piano & she sings to it. The 2 of them start to get closer. After a new hearing, the judge grants joint custody of Jamie. Al develops complications & requires a liver transplant, while Marcy recovers. She goes on the radio & asks listeners to pray for him. David asks Kelly what happened to that wild girl she used to be. Jenn complains about Joey's job to Marcy.

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Finding Olivia crying on his doorstep, Jack invites her inside and listens as she blames herself for her misery. While he tries to comfort her, Jamal starts pounding on the door. Olivia ducks out of sight so that Jack can answer the door. Filling Jack in on the situation with Imani, Jamal urges him to pack a bag and help him find her. Jack is prepared to go until Olivia returns and begs him not to leave her. Jack assures Jamal that it's not what it looks like, and he fully intends to help look for Imani. When Jamal refers to Olivia as "psycho," she advises him to take a good look at Imani before tossing that word around. Seeing that Jack is prepared to leave her there alone, she decides to accompany the guys in their search, but Jamal would rather do this alone than have her along. After he leaves, Olivia reluctantly fills a skeptical Jack in on her strange encounter with Imani. Meanwhile, at a diner, Imani rejects a potential suitor and calls Jamal, but she can't bring herself to speak. Convinced that it was Imani who called, Jamal thinks hard about where she could be, and he decides to start with her grandmother in Alabama. After leaving Kevin, Lucy runs into Chris, who is frantically looking for Ian. When Chris explains that Ian took a super dose of the serum, Lucy tries to blame him for this, but Chris informs her that she is the reason her lover stole the serum. A crazed Ian confronts Kevin at the hospital. After alternating between uncontrolled rage and tearful pleas for help, he gives in to his dark side. As Ian bares his fangs to kill his wheelchair-bound rival, Kevin throws a pot of hot coffee on him. Lucy arrives just as Ian prepares to smash a chair down on his enemy. While she distracts him and tries to talk him down, Chris manages to jab a needle into the raging vampire's neck.

Y&R By Judy

Phyllis tells Diane to stay away from Jack. Diane shows up at Michael's office. She starts out about Isabella but really wants to know what's going on with Jack and Phyllis. Michael tells her that Jabot is broke. Brad panics when he doesn’t see Ashley in her bed. She went to see the baby. She tells him she had to go, it's her fault he died. Brad says it isn't her fault and he couldn't bare to go see the baby. When he brings up Newman, Ashley breaks down. John’s anger is boiling over towards Victor. Jack tends to plan a memorial for his nephew. John sees red for Victor but Jack warns him to stay away from Newman. At the office, Jack tells Dru he thinks Newman used illegal tactics to bring them down. Jack is frustrated when the bank won't give him money. Then Diane shows up with an offer. Nikki warns Victor to stay away from the traumatized Abbott's. Victor wants to know all about Vikki and Damon Porter. Nikki thinks that it's too late, Vikki has already fallen for Damon. Damon answers the door with no shirt and Victoria is amused. Over passion fruit smoothie's the conversation turns to Baldwin and how everyone is warning her to stay away from Damon, he gives a devilish chuckle. Damon wants to take Vikki to dinner, sparks fly when they kiss. Christine surprises Paul with a touching thank you card. They are feeling very close to each other. An unsuspecting Victor answers the door where John is standing with a swift right hook to Victor's jaw !

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