Wednesday 9-10-03 Recaps

Wednesday 9/10/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee and Juan Pablo are still in the process of plotting the plan to "test" Mary. Suddenly, after Juan Pablo has "lured" Mary onto his jet, Greenlee appears. And Mary suddenly reveals to her daughter that she believes she has a great opportunity to be with Juan Pablo, and that Jackson Montgomery did not lie to her, saying he never knew she was his daughter. It's the truth, he never knew.

Kendall turns off all the Fusion girls, by marching into the office, informing them that they must not see her as the enemy, that they need to understand the reason she married Michael. When they fail to understand, she reminds them she is the boss, since she married Michael, she owns everything including them. They all walk out. She attempts to defy them but breaks down crying.

Jack invites Erica, Bianca and Maggie to join him and Reggie in a picnic to celebrate Reggie's adoption. While they get the meal ready, Bianca rounds up Maggie and Reggie to work up a plan to get Erica and Jack back together.

Ryan is secretly snooping in Michael's home. Then David appears. Ryan departs. Then Aiden appears. Anna catches David and Aiden trespassing.

ATWT by Hilary

Mordecai told Mike and Katie that he intended to leave Mike in the cellar to die, while he took Katie to Sydney. Mike was determined to find a way to escape. Susan visited Rick at the asylum, and was told that he only has moments of lucidity. During one of these moments, he told her he chose her as his target because she was beautiful, successful, lonely, and desperate. Hal provided Jen with the transcript of the 911 call the night of the bust at Java Underground. She raced straight to the bar with the proof that Craig ratted out his own business. Barbara told Hal she was worried about Jen, but he reminded her she was a grown woman. She told him that she believed that Paul was financing Andre, but admitted she had no proof. Hal warned her that she'd be sorry if she turned her kids against each other. Paul told Rosanna that he was not the one that made the 911 call. The "James" in Paul's head told him he missed a perfect opportunity to get to Craig and Dusty through Rosanna.

B&B by Judy

Amber on the edge of the cliff holds Eric. The police warn her. She lets the boy free and he goes to Deacon. Rick can't believe that Amber would run away with Eric but Macy pushes him to see the truth. Rick wants her to go and warns her that nothing bad better happen to either Amber or Eric. Bridgette and Macy have words and Bridgette tells her to leave . Amber tells Deacon he got what he wanted. He tries to haggle with her but the officer tells Deacon it's not the time. Deacon wants Eric away from the scene as it's not good for him to see what's goin on. This sets Amber into a tirade as she screams at Deacon. Then Brooke (who does not know Amber fled with Eric) arrives home to find Macy and wants to know what she is doing there. Macy lets her in on the event and instead of worrying about Eric and Amber, Brooke cops a snippy attitude and delights in telling her about Sally faking a heart attack and that she and Ridge are taking over Spectra. Bridgette goes upstairs to tell Rick that Macy left. He tells Bridgette that Amber blew it by taking Eric. A distressed Amber continues to hash out what's happened with Deacon. He tells her they will work it out. The police let Eric call Rick but Amber seems to lose her footing and slips over the cliff. At the end, we see her still crumpled body.

Days by Lisa

At Salem Square Victor tells Brady that he should think about involving himself with other women and forget about Nicole. Before Brady has a chance to respond Victor spots Abe questioning his wife and is shocked to see Brady jump to Nicoleís rescue. Brady explains to Abe that Nicole is still traumatized over her fatherís murder but Abe is not convinced making it known that he is still investigating the Colin Murphey murder and will not give up until he finds the real murderer. Later Brady takes Nicole back to the mansion (absent her husband) where she pleads for him to stay and comfort her despite Victorís wishes. She confesses that her husband is old and means nothing to her as opposed to Brady who could offer her a great life not knowing that Victor is standing at her door eavesdropping. At the police station Abe teams up with a computer surveillance expert to review the footage from Nicole and Victorís wedding and behold they finally find something! A magnified picture of a window reveals Colin outside on the terrace at the time of his death with someone in an all white gown!!! Meanwhile Jack works his own angles to find out what who killed Colin by interviewing a caterer that mysteriously turned up missing the night of the wedding. The woman reveals to Jack that she witnessed Nicole and Victor arguing on the night in question and that both of them paid her to leave town and never speak of that night again. Mimi leans on Belle for emotional support during her financial crisis but does not reveal that her mother is the one who put her in the situation. Belle reassures her that money is nothing compared to their strong friendship and suggests that they focus their energy on stopping the feud between Shawn and Rex. The two come up with a plan to have a private party for the five friends to bond. 

GH by Dee

GL by Sylvia

Josh warned Christopher against encouraging Reva to act on her impulses. Phillip and Lillian encouraged Beth to go out with Jeffrey after he snuck into the mansion to see her. Nico and Marina exchanged insults after meeting while they were both working at Danny and Michelle's house. When Shayne walked in, Nico recognized him and said he (Shayne) could do better than Marina.

Marah asked Josh to interview Sandy for a job. Reva asked Cassie if she would ever be able to forgive Edmond for causing her to lose her baby. Cassie thinks she can because he makes her happy. Edmond told Cassie he is afraid she will come to her senses one day and force him out of her life. Lizzie didn't want to talk to a new psychiatrist but agreed when she found out he has been working with Reva on psychic phenomenon. When he arrived to evaluate her, Lizzie pretended she had something to tell him only he would understand. When he asked what it was she said 'I see dead people' and broke into peals of maniacal laughter.

OLTL by Kym

Cris gives notice to Max & starts his new job with Kevin. Al's moved to Llanview Hospital & battles complications from the illness. He starts a tape recorded diary for Marcie in case he doesn't make it. Coulson & Nora try to intimidate each other about the election. He accuses Riley of being a traitor when he catches him having lunch with Nora & Sarah. David makes his move on Kelly & sits down to lunch with her. Flynn tells Todd he's moving his operation to Vegas. Gabrielle threatens to walk out on Bo until he convinces her that Nora is nothing but a friend to him. Asa orders Coulson to stay on the wagon or he'll pull out of his campaign. Todd asks Blair for another chance, but she turns him down. While alone with Jack, Todd tells him he's his dad, but warns him not to tell anybody. Jack then blurts out "Daddy!" as Todd walks away. After Blair says she would never go back to Todd, Todd decides that he will remain Walker.

Passions by Ashley

Sheridan is kept from her baby when Charlie takes it away. Upstairs Beth and Edna do their best to keep Luis away from the basement. Ethan tells both Whitney and Theresa that Fox is not a good guy they both disagree. Theresa enters a sexy dance contest with Fox to make Ethan even more jealous. Fox does it to have Whitney take notice of his moves. T.C. becomes infuriated when he reads an article about Whitney which Liz uses to her advantage.

PC by Beth

Confronting Chris about his lack of progress toward a cure, Ian demands that they test out the latest serum on him immediately. When Elizabeth distracts Chris, Ian steals the serum and leaves the penthouse. Chris and Elizabeth refuse to admit to the sexual tension between them, but it's perfectly clear to their seamstress. Alison frets about putting the wedding together on such short notice. Although Rafe reminds her that there's no real rush, Alison insists that they've waited long enough. Rafe meets Caleb in the park to inform him that the war is over, but Caleb can't forget the fact that Rafe threw him into the healing pool. After refusing to end the war until he's ready, Caleb laughs and claims to have been kidding. Believing that Alison is inwardly gloating about the breakup, Olivia accuses her of wanting Caleb for herself. Alison worries that she knows what happened, but Olivia "knows" that Caleb was alone when she made the wish. She finally accepts responsibility for her role in driving Caleb away from her. Kevin tells Lucy that being near Christina is the main reason for his progress. Lucy blames Kevin for Ian's rush to cure his immortality. After injecting himself with the new serum, an angry Ian watches Kevin comfort Lucy. Alone, Caleb gloats about his plans.

Y&R By Rachel

Ashley learns that Robert, her baby is dead. Both her and Brad grieve the death of their son. John is devastated over the pain that Ashley is going through and blames Victor Newman. Jack fills Phyllis in on Ashley’s accident and adds he can not take Phyllis working for NE. Phyllis refuses to quit and leaves to stay at a hotel until Jack calms down. Victor tells Vikki that he know she is seeing Damon Porter and that it must stop – Dru basically give Damon the same warning of Vikki - neither have any influence. Chris and Paul begin a romantic night at the colonnade private room with dinner, dancing, and are serenaded by Peter Cincotti, a jazz singer.

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