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Tuesday 9/9/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica suffers and emotional breakdown, when she overhears Bianca informing Kendall of her pregnancy. Although she tries to be loving and supportive to Bianca, she is in major denial that it's happened. Kendall listens to their conversation outside the door and takes it very personally when she hears Erica's reaction to the very thought that Bianca could have a baby from a rape. Bianca calls Jack to inform him that the last thing she wanted to happen, has. Erica has found out she's pregnant. Jack stays with both of them.

Aiden goes to confront Jack when he discovers Erica's appointment book in Cambias' home, as well as his suspicion when discovering David Hayward outside the door. Jack tells Aiden he wants him to stop playing cop. And both men reveal their suspicion of the other.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo continue to plot their plan to find out what Mary will do when she's offered the opportunity to "run away" with Juan Pablo.

Ryan reveals his presence to Edmund, tells Edmund he's one of the few people he trusts, and that he needs to "keep himself scarce" in Pine Valley by not letting many people know he's back.

ATWT by Hilary

Susan and Alison were still shaken by their ordeal with Rick. Alison had a flashback of Rick's hand over her mouth, and Chris reassured her she was safe now. Susan decided that she needed to see Rick again, to ask him why he chose her. Emily and Hal reluctantly agreed. Marshall accused Bonnie of orchestrating Sarah's disappearance, but she insisted she knew nothing about it. Jessica blasted Walker for interfering with Bonnie and Sarah, but Walker insisted that she is the one who will end up breaking Bonnie's heart. She told Marshall that she would help him retain custody once the girl is found. Meanwhile, Bonnie found Sarah, then promised her she wouldn't make her move in with Marshall. Tom and Marshall decided that if they didn't hear from Katie soon, they would go to Australia themselves. On the sheep station, Mordecai killed Constable Brighton just as he found Katie and Mike. He made them bury the body, then forced Katie to call and reassure Margo, to keep the police from arriving. Simon called, and Mordecai prepared to meet Simon in Sydney with Katie, but leave Mike behind. Margo wasn't sure that Katie was really alright.

B&B by Judy

Amber is desperate as she explains to Becky's parents why she needs to get little Eric away from Macy and Deacon. Amber is about to explode with emotion and pain from the past when the police arrive. Amber screams at Deacon, go to hell. When they break down the door Amber is no where to be seen but a car can be heard speeding away. They chase her and she ends up holding Eric as they stand at the edge of a cliff. Macy continues to see Rick's denial about Amber and worries that she is feeling desperate. Ridge tells Samantha that he and Brooke our going to elope. You can see she's disappointed and gives him a peck on the lips as congratulations, instead of a high five. He asks her to come to work for them as a home goods designer. He tells her that this time Brooke and he are going to get it right. She agrees to work for him. Nick tells Brooke he knows she is going back to "Forrester". She says she belongs with him. Brooke tells him, Ridge has learned his lesson, he wants to know, when will she learn hers ? She says Nick has never had a long term relationship, but he tells her she doesn't really know him. He tells her he misjudged her and history repeats itself. He says she does dumb things.

She wants to be friends, then touches his cheek and tells him her life is with Ridge.

Days by Lisa

Brady and Nicole grow close after he comforts her from a bad dream she was having about killing Colin but their intimacy is cut short when Victor storms in the door calling his wife a whore. He quickly kicks Brady out of her room and warns Nicole not to attempt to seduce his grandson. Victor later has a chat with Brady and suspects that he has feelings for his wife. Lexie catches Abe holding a picture of her “deceased” father and finds out that Abe believes that Stefano is still alive. She tries to convince him that it can’t be possible but Abe still holds on to his suspicions. Meanwhile Jack gives Jennifer more reason to worry over his “sudden death” when he makes it a point to take advantage of the “time” they have left together. Later Abe finds Jack to warn him that Stefano may be alive and expresses his belief that Stefano may have been the one behind the attack on Bo & Hope. Caught up in the new news about Stefano, Jack jumps to the conclusion that he could have also been the one who killed Colin Murphey but Abe shuts down his theory and knows that all the evidence points to the Kiriakis mansion. Jack then tries to get Abe to confide in him about who it is that he suspects for the murder but he sticks to keeping it quiet. To Jack’s surprise Abe then suggests that Jack back himself away from the case against the Dimera’s to protect both himself and his family but he is determined not to let the story of his career pass him by. Meanwhile, Lexie appears as a guest on Jennifer’s show, In The House, to talk about the rising epidemic of clinical depression. They invite a woman, Mrs. Manning, who was treated by Lexie to tell her story of depression after her husband died which turns out to be hauntingly similar to what both Jennifer and Lexie are going through with Jack and Abe. When Mrs. Manning pulls out a picture of her late husband and passes it to the two women, they see the faces of their husbands. After the show they confide in each other about their fear that their husbands will die soon. 

GH by Dee

Jason and Courtney go to the island where they open up to each other. He says that because of his brain injury, he can’t visualize the baby, it isn’t real for him. She, on the other hand, is so afraid that she’ll push him away and eventually he won’t come back. At last, they agree that although their life together may be different than they had planned, they love each other and they will be together. They make love and sleep in each other’s arms. Sonny gives Faith a choice – she lets him believe it was her who ran Elizabeth down, and she disappears; or he calls the cops and shows them Ric’s car. She opts to call Scott. He comes out, congratulates the two mobsters on cooperating with the law. Yeah right! Sonny visits Ric and gives him the info that his car is damaged and his wife says it was him who tried to kill her. As he’s leaving, Kyle and Maxie are in the PCPD. Kyle tells them that he saw a blonde woman standing over Elizabeth’s body.

The ‘four musketeers’ visit in Elizabeth’s room, then Zander arrives and takes Emily up on the roof. Nikolas admits to Elizabeth that he loves Emily, and then goes up on the roof. Spying Emily and Zander kissing, he leaves quietly. Faith visits Elizabeth, she tells her that Ric is under arrest, wants to know if she saw who ran her down. Dillon comes in to protect Elizabeth, he and Faith leave together – she has him at gunpoint!

GL by Sylvia

Eden warned Harley if Gus is willing to turn his back on his sister, he would turn on her too. Harley tried to defend Gus, but has doubts about his changing attitudes when it comes to the Spaulding's. Alexandra hired Eden to promote a new line of fragrance and cosmetics called 'Bad Girl'. Eden agreed to take the job, but reminded Alexandra she doesn't come cheap.

Alan was assaulted by a woman at Company who threw a glass of water in his face. The woman says her daughter was lured away by an executive at Spaulding and if Alan doesn't give her some information, she is going to go to the press. Danny hired Marina to be his new nanny after his current nanny locked Robbie in his room for a nap.

OLTL by Kym

Blair meets Flynn & mistakes him for Walker. Flynn explains that he runs the casino, but he's going to get out of it. Dawes shows Asa the dirty photos. David breaks into Dorian's house & is busted. In return for Dorian letting him go, he agrees to romance Kelly away from her husband. Elyssa spots Todd in the casino & threatens to expose him, until he drugs her & ships her off to Morocco. Flynn threatens to kill Todd, until Todd shows he can prove Flynn's lawbreaking activities to the cops & will have his people mail the evidence if something happens to him. Todd tells Blair he loves her, but she says she doesn't know if she can trust him now. Kelly almost finds the pics until Kevin intercepts her. Blair struggles with her feelings for Todd (the original one!) Todd struggles with his feelings about his new face & whether he can keep up the charade.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa and Ethan continue to dance while he tries to convince her to stay away from Fox. Whitney cuts in to send Theresa back to Fox. They then turn up the heat to make Ethan jealous once again. Tabitha visits a passed out Sheridan. Antonio tells everyone he has come back from Paris and found no trace of his wife and he thinks she really was kidnapped. Beth becomes more and more nervous when Eve tries calling her OB/GYN. T.C. tells Eve he wants to talk about their marriage.

PC by Beth

Jamal tracks down Imani as she prepares to leave town. Imani informs him that he could have stirred up a lot of trouble by snooping around her past. When Jamal insists on knowing what's really going on, Imani says that her obsessive stalker is the one who killed her professor. Since the man is a cop, he managed to implicate her in the crime, and now he's free to hunt her like an animal. Jamal agrees to let her leave but states that he's going with her. When his back is turned, she takes off without a word. Meanwhile, the man who is after Imani refuses to give up on finding her. Alison tries to tell Rafe about what happened at the barn, but he is determined to put his slaying days behind him forever and forget that Caleb even exists. From now on, his only mission in life is to make sure that Alison is happy. Rafe and Alison are both ready to erase the past and start fresh. Alison stops before letting him make love to her, asking him to hold her instead. Pointing to her hand, she expresses the desire to get married as soon as possible, and Rafe has no problem with that. After Olivia claims that she would never hurt Caleb, he demands the immediate return of his ring. When she asks how he spent the night, Caleb taunts her with the idea that he was with Alison. He retracts this when she begs him to say it's not true, and Olivia swears that she's learned her lesson. After making love to Caleb, Olivia is stunned by his order to get out. Although she screams and clings to him, Caleb pushes her out and then closes the door in her face.

Y&R By Judy

Sharon is not happy to see Frank (Cassie's dad) at the boutique. Cassie wants to know who he is, Sharon says an old friend. Back at home Cassie drills Sharon about Frank and Sharon tries to avoid answers. Cassie keeps up the questions and wants to know if it's another secret she will hide from Nick. Cassie brings up more of the past and wants to know if she was with Frank when she was away. Sharon stops her questions. Christine talks with Paul about her trip and how good for the soul it was. Paul has a surprise for Chris. Victor shows up at the hospital and Brad's anger is unleashed as Jack, John and Nick try to hold him back from ripping Victor apart. Brad is tormented as his wife and baby are in danger due to Victor's interference with his family. He says if anything happens to either of them, he is dead. Olivia comes out to say that Ashley is stable and the baby was delivered. When Brad asks if the baby is a boy or girl, Olivia says the baby WAS a boy. She tells Brad the baby did not make it. Brad is heartbroken and is worried about Ashley, he breaks down in tears. He wants to be the one to let Ashley know about the baby. Brad goes into Ashley's room as she starts to wake up he tells her what happened, she asks about the baby while he searches for words to tell her. Nick and Jack talk over the tragedy. Jack wants to know why she was in the car. Nick's fury can be seen as he says he is ashamed to be a Newman. Victor seems mystified why Brad went off on him at the hospital. Nikki can't believe that Victor doesn't get Brad's attitude. They argue over the reasons for the problems but Victor says he is just worried about Ashley and says he has no clue. Nikki tells him it is because of him she had the accident. This really ticks Victor off and the argument gets worse.

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