Monday 9-8-03 Recaps

Monday 9/8/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Erica is furious when she finds out Kendall has married Michael Cambias. But Kendall is determined to make her understand and believes she did the right thing, since marrying him will enable her to restore Enchantment to Erica.

Erica and David are both panicking, remembering she is without her appointment book, and afraid that somebody could discover it at the "secret place" before they do. And sure enough, Aiden does.

Greenlee and Juan Pablo are following their "plan" to find out whether Mary will prioritize seducing Juan Pablo, before being with her daughter, in order to find out whether Greenlee should trust Mary OR trust Jackson Montgomery.

Tad Martin discovers his son, Jamie, drinking illegally at SOS. He goes home and attempts to "figure things out" with Brooke, about their son.

Kendall corners Bianca, urging her to believe that she will never let Michael hurt her again. Bianca says she finds that hard to believe with Kendall's past track-record. And Bianca blurts out to Kendall that she is pregnant. ANd unknown to them, Erica overhears and freaks.

ATWT by Hilary

Kim warned Chris that the Stewart women are ruthless, but Chris said that Alison was good for him. While Alison, Emily, and Susan removed all traces of Rick from Susan's home, they found some photos that Rick had taken of Susan before they had met. Susan was disgusted that he had been stalking her, and ran out in disgust. Alison admitted to Emily that she and Chris had made love, and said she thinks she loves him. She worried that she might waste her life going after the wrong men like her mother; Susan overhears. Sarah faked a recurrence of her illness so she could see Bonnie. When Marshall defended Bonnie to Marshall, Marshall deduced that Walker was the one that performed the illegal DNA test. He threatened to have Walker prosecuted, unless Bonnie agreed to stay away from Sarah. Marshall bought a bunch of age-inappropriate gifts for Sarah, but when she expressed her displeasure, he offered her an allowance in exchange for her compliance with some rules. He insisted that she stay away from Bonnie, and move in with him that day. When he turned his back, she took off. Margo sent a constable to check out the sheep station when she realized that Mordecai was Bartleby Shears's brother. Mike and Katie scuffled with Mordecai when the constable arrived, so he locked them in a wardrobe while the constable looked around. They managed to escape, and the constable heard their cries for help.

B&B by Judy

Samantha gives her regrets to Nick that things didn't work out between Brooke and him. Then they discuss Ridge. Nick wants to know how she forms her opinions when she doesn't even know Brooke, then he tells her he has work to do. Brooke is questioning her decisions concerning Ridge. But he says he will be there for her and then plants a big kiss on her. They end up naked under blankets and then have pillow talk until Nick calls and Brooke says they should tell him what's going on. Brooke goes to Nick's office where he is fiddling with a miniature boat. Lt. Baker shows up but Rick tries to explain that Amber is just out for a drive with Little Eric. Macy says Amber is reckless and Deacon says he is afraid for Eric. Baker wants a list of where she might be and Macy and Deacon scramble up some ideas. Amber is trying to drive with tears running down her face as she recalls events in her life. Eric calls for her and interrupts these memories. Macy and Rick argue about Amber, and Macy is convinced that Amber is running. Amber shows up at her Aunt and Uncle's wanting to take their car and she explains the judge's ruling. The police and Deacon close in on Amber.

Days by Lisa

Mimi is furious when she finds out that her mother embezzled almost $50,00 from her bank account. To her defense, her mother insists that she needed the money to buy a bar in order to showcase her mid-life singing career! Meanwhile, a freshly showered Belle is shocked to find Rex in her apartment. He explains that he was there to visit Mimi and admits to wanting the feud between him and Shawn to cease. He convinces her that he had nothing to do with the attack on Bo and Hope and reminds her that they are brother and sister. Later when Shawn returns home Belle pleads for him to stop fighting with Rex, which pushes him over the edge. He firmly believes that Rex attacked his parents and warns Belle to stay away from him. Back at Mimi’s when her mother suggests that she asks Rex for money to help them in their time of need Mimi storms out and heads straight for Rex’s where she witnesses him sneaking in through his bedroom window with mud dripping from his shoes and questions him. The sly Rex is temporarily successful when he maneuvers to evade her questions by silencing her with a kiss. In other shocking news…Stephano DiMera is alive and ready to wreck havoc on the majority of the Salem population…again! He sends Tony a package and fills his awe stricken son in on the details of the plan. Tony is stunned when he hears that the plan involves so many of Salem’s loved ones but willingly agrees to help and insists that Sami Brady will turn out to be a great ally. Tony then heads off to secure his interest with Sami. Meanwhile, Lucas delivers a letter from Brandon to Sami that was mistakenly but in his mailbox. Sami, under the impression that Brandon is ready for reconciliation, is shocked to read that Brandon is disgusted at her recent shenanigans and urges her to sign the annulment papers A.S.A.P.!!! She goes off the deep end blaming Brandon’s hate for her on Abe and wishes him dead. According to Sami, not only is Abe responsible for Brandon leaving but also John. In an argument with Lucas who is trying to talk some sense into her, she reveals that she is working at Basic Black to destroy John and Kate. They are interrupted when Tony arrives ready to sweep Sami off her feet for a night out on the town. Alone with Tony, Lucas questions his intentions for Sami but he insists that he only has Sami’s best interests at heart. Their building tension is cut short when sexy red dress Sami shows off her hot look is ready to kick up her heels with power mogul Tony. In other parts of Salem, Jennifer and Lexie catch Jack and Abe in the act of preparing their wills in case of death. They try to explain that they are just being cautious and attempt to assure their wives that there is no need to worry but to no avail. Later Abe is visited by a stranger in an alley and is horrified when he is lead to a warning written in blood that reads…”Stephano is Back”. 

A freshly showered Belle is shocked to find Rex in her apartment. He explains that he was there to see Mimi and admits to wanting the feud between him and Shawn to cease. He convinces her that he had nothing to do with the attack on Bo and Hope reminds her that they are brother and sister. Later when Shawn returns home, Belle pleads for him to stop fighting with Rex, which pushes him over the edge. He firmly believes that Rex attacked his parents and warns Belle to stay away from him.

GH by Dee

In spite of Cindy’s advances, Ned backs up and calls desperately for Alice to come get her dressed and get her out of the house. He leaves and AJ comes into the room, sends Alice out, gives Cindy some money ‘for her time’ and takes her home. Later, he taunts Ned about her. When Nikolas comes to Emily’s room, she returns the bracelet. She tells him she would be honored to wear his bracelet ‘for sixty years’, but she took vows to be Zander’s wife and she’s going to honor them. Sadly, Nikolas leaves. Faith stands over Elizabeth and happily says, ‘Ric is finally free.’ Later, the emergency squad takes her to General Hospital. Scott orders Capelli to get a corroborating witness; he thinks he knows who did this. At General Hospital, Sonny tells Jason that his other children were a hope, a dream, but he saw his son’s face on the ultrasound – he’s real – and he’s afraid he won’t be born. Jason reassures him that he will hold his son. He asks Jason to take Carly home while he does something. Later we see him talking to Dr. Meadows. She tells him that although nothing can be 100 percent, this looks good.

Ric reserves a flight to Manhattan, one way – he’s not coming back. Faith comes in while he’s packing and convinces him to let her go with him. While she’s getting ready, Capelli comes to the door and tells Ric his wife is in the hospital. At GH, Audrey sits with her granddaughter. When Ric arrives, she unhappily leaves him with Elizabeth at her request. When Scott and Capelli arrive, Elizabeth accuses Ric of trying to kill her. They take him to the PCPD and later arrest him. Sonny visits Faith and accuses her of running Elizabeth down. When he tells her to explain the damage to her car, she points out the damage is on Ric’s car. Jason comes home to a sleeping Courtney. They decide to go away. Courtney tells him she’s ready to let go of the grief and anger, and concentrate on what the future holds, with him.

GL by Barbara 

Cassie makes plans for Olivia's shower. She is a little frustrated since she is having a difficult time finding anyone willing to attend. Olivia gets nosey and Cassie has to tell her about the shower to get her to back off. Ed and Rick discuss his infertility issue and he wonders about the results of Mel's bar exam. Robbie opens Mel's letter. Mel and mom Felicia talk at Company about the same issues as Rick and Ed. Mel is holding a letter regarding her infertility. Eden and Marah talk. Marah is trying to figure out what happened to make Tony change his mind. Eden tries to warn Harley about Gus and tells her that Gus will eventually hurt her. Cassie calls Edmund who is missing in action. He doesn't return her phone calls. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Marcie, Al & Max are all quarantined with staph infections. Al takes a turn for the worse.

Kelly's saved from the falling chandelier by Cristian. A grateful Kevin gives him a job on his staff. Real Walker (known as "Flynn) warns Todd not to botch things up for him or else. Dorian's necklace is missing, but David didn't take it. Roxy & Nigel have fun gambling in Atlantic City. Blair distracts the guard at the elevator & sneaks up to Flynn's office. Gabrielle catches Bo & Nora cutting a rug & blows a gasket. Dorian double crosses David & hides the necklace from him, claiming she doesn't know who took it. Blair's busted by the guards & meets Flynn, who's a dead ringer for Todd/Walker, thinking he's Walker.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa and Fox spend time together and share a kiss to make Ethan jealous. Chad tells Whitney he hopes she knows what she's doing in her matchmaking. T.C. fights to stay with his wife and away from Liz so he can fight temptation but she is plotting behind his back to steal him away from Eve. Endora gets a message from Timmy and Tabitha tells her all about him and their memories. Eve tells everyone at the baby shower how deadly a breech birth can be and Edna tells everyone that Sheridan and her baby will die everyone is shocked. Sheridan struggles though her labor while the shower continues.

PC by Beth

With a new purpose in life that doesn't include slaying vampires, Rafe waits for Alison to come home to a night of romance. After using the ring to wish for the most passionate night of Caleb's life, Olivia anxiously waits for him so that she can make it come true. While she waits, Jack arrives with some kind words and a red rose for her. Although he is completely perplexed by his behavior, Olivia realizes that this is the fulfillment of her wish for him not to hate her anymore. After admitting to taking the ring and wishing on it, Olivia expresses worry about how Caleb might be spending his time. Against his better judgment, Jack agrees to stay with his tearful ex. At the barn, Caleb and Alison share a night filled with incredible passion. After waiting all night, Rafe decides to go out looking for Alison. Waking up next to Caleb, Alison is appalled by the memory of how she spent the night. Caleb assures her that they had no control and that his irrational lover must have used the ring, but this doesn't make Alison feel any better about it. She worries about how to tell Rafe, but Caleb would prefer to keep this their little secret. After Alison hurries home, a smug Caleb states that he never loses control. Alison goes home to an empty apartment and throws herself on the bed, crying about having betrayed the man she loves. When Rafe returns, they hold each other close, and Alison doesn't say a word about what happened. Caleb finds Jack and Olivia asleep on the couch. After an embarrassed Jack leaves, Caleb tells Olivia that she's been a bad girl. Lucy becomes upset by the news that Ian is drinking blood packets again instead of relying on her. Ian is determined to stay away from her until he finds a cure.

Y&R By Rachel

Victor interrupts Damon’s mediation and tells him as long as he works for the competition he does not want to see him with his daughter; however a position at Newman Enterprises can be arranged. Ashley is rush to the OR – the doctors are trying to save the baby. At the hospital Nikki fills Nick on his dad’s involvement in Ashley’s accident. Nick immediately becomes concern and angry that his dad could have caused this…Colleen tries to comfort her father. Michael tells Vikki to stay away from Damon Porter – he is not just after a relationship. As Cassie is trying on dresses in a dressing room, Sharon finds herself face to face with Cassie’s father who nonchalantly ask how Cassie is doing – Sharon is terrified.

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