Friday 9-5-03 Recaps

Friday 9/5/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Jack keeps trying to get Erica on the phone.  Erica goes to David's, looking for her address book.  She fears that she might have dropped it "that night".  He tells her about Kendall marrying Michael.  A tired Anna comes home and tells David how tired she is of suspecting all of her friends of disposing of Michael.  Even though she's glad he's gone, she plans to do her job.   Juan Pablo assures Greenlee that he only has eyes for her, not her mother, leaving her in a romantic haze.  Mia and Simone tell Greenlee what Kendall did, ruining her good mood.  Juan Pablo goes to bed only to find Mary in it.  Reggie reminds Jack that tomorrow he is going to formally adopt him.  Jack is distracted.  Jack questions Reggie about why his gun was missing and asks him if he stayed with Bianca that whole night.  Reggie avoids the first question and swears that he stayed with Bianca.

Ryan watches Kendall crying through the window; Aidan arrives and comforts her.  He kisses her to try to get the truth out of her.  Ryan leaves in disgust, misreading the situation.  He finds Maria putting flowers on Chris' grave. He quizzes her about it, not revealing who he is.  She says Chris died a hero because he died saving her daughter.  Ryan talks to Chris after she leaves and says he plans to follow Alex's last wish.  Aidan tries hard to get Kendall to admit she killed Michael but she doesn't.  Edmund arrives and wants to interview her about why she married Michael.  She agrees but says he has to take her a nice restaurant first, so they agree to meet up later.  Erica arrives and asks Kendall if she really married Michael.  When Kendall says she did, Erica slaps her, hard.

ATWT by Hilary

No show today due to tennis coverage.

B&B by Judy

No show today..U.S. Open

Days by Kristi

GH by Dee

Ned is walking the baby when he meets Alexis. He tells her Alice will have Kristina in the park tomorrow, but she’s going to be out of town. A ‘teenager’ comes up and asks for Eddie Maine’s autograph. Later she meets with Stefan, everything is going as planned. Ric confronts Jason in the park, thinks he’s meeting Elizabeth. Afterward, Jason sees Elizabeth on the pier, they chat, Ric eavesdrops, then argues with Elizabeth. Sonny tries to advise Courtney, but she erupts and tells him to leave. Then she gets a delivery, it’s hydrocodone. The delivery man checks in with Alcazar when he leaves. Sonny meets Carly at the hospital for an ultrasound. They’re both in awe, Dr. Meadows tells them it’s definitely a boy. While waiting for Carly in the lobby, Sonny and Jason talk, he tells Jason he doesn’t think the baby will be born. He has a feeling…….

Courtney and Ric argue in the park, he tells her Jason wants Elizabeth back. Although she argues with him, when he leaves, she is shaken. She takes a pill. When he leaves Alcazar comes by and tells Courtney that it was all her fault that she lost the baby. Alexis tells Stefan that if Darius is dead, she can prove Lucky and Lydia were entrapping him. Elizabeth is walking down the street. Faith is driving her car. Courtney is driving and crying. Ric is driving. Elizabeth crosses the street, a car hits her!

GL by Barbara

No show today..U.S. Open

OLTL by Kym

Nigel & Roxy arrive at the hotel & find out they have to share. Natalie wins the pool tournament, but loses against the Black Widow. Cris makes a foolish bet with someone & struggles to come up with the cash to pay it off. While David & Dorian work out what they're going to do for the robbery, Blair bursts in & punches him in the face. Coulson brags to Nora about how he's going to win the DA position. Nora announces to the Governor that she's running also. Elyssa tracks down the real Walker. Kelly tries to warn Blair about the fake Walker, but she won't listen. Marcy gets sick & is rushed to the hospital. The Governor has a press conference & announces Kevin as the new Lt. Gov. Kelly goes up to accept some flowers & a chandelier starts to crash on her head.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen pushes Ethan right into Theresa's plans not knowing what she is really doing. Theresa's plan begins Whitney is thrilled but Chad warns her to be careful for what she wishes for. Kay has an "accidental" fall down the stairs and Miguel takes care of her and fusses over her just like she wants. Beth tries to act as if she is having fun at her shower but is worried about getting caught. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to keep a determined Sheridan from escaping.

PC by Beth

At Elixir, Jamal overhears Imani speaking on the phone to her grandmother, who is very much alive. Imani is alarmed by the news that someone has been asking questions about her. When Jamal accidentally drops the newspaper clipping that he took from Imani's things, his angry roommate picks it up. She reluctantly tells him a little about her past. The murdered man was her professor, who was a very nice man. She didn't kill him, but Jamal's actions may end up getting her killed. Now knowing exactly what she wants from the ring, Olivia orders a lobster dinner as part of the romantic evening she's planning. After an argument with Jack prompts Olivia to wish that he didn't hate her anymore, Jack watches her through the window, buys a single red rose from a flower vendor, and takes off early. A man with a gun looks through a folder about Imani. Rafe is informed that being stuck in hell is the price he must pay for his arrogance. The slayer learns that he has changed the future by violating a sacred code. Choosing to go to hell was the defining moment of his life. He is responsible for what happens now, and he will have to live with the consequences for all eternity. Filled with remorse, Rafe finally admits that he was wrong to put his desire to fight vampire before Alison. He was sent back to earth specifically to be with her, and that's exactly what he will do if he gets another chance. Amused by the imminent consequences of Rafe's actions, the speaker sends him back home. Overjoyed to be home at last, Rafe waits for Alison and vows not to fight Caleb anymore.

Alison tries desperately to persuade Caleb to help her, but he refuses. Alison is touched by his admission that both she and Olivia have betrayed him. After feeling a shift in the balance of good and evil, Caleb tells Alison that Rafe is back. Alison throws her arms around Caleb, fully believing that he did this for her. As Olivia waits for Caleb to come home, she makes her big wish on his ring. She wishes for this to be the most romantic evening that Caleb has ever known. She wishes for him to feel the kind of passion he's only dreamed of. She wants this to be a night of intense love that Caleb will never forget, and she wants him to always know that she is the one who made it happen. As Olivia makes her wish, Caleb's night of intense passion begins--with Alison.

Y&R By Rachel

Tennis.. No show today. :(

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