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Thursday 9/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

There are a lot more hints dropped to make us be suspicious of Jack, David, Kendall, and Maggie about Michael's disappearance and death.  Kendall tries to convince everyone that she married Michael so that he would leave town, but everyone is still suspicious.  Anna and Jack grill Kendall about why she married Michael but they can't charge her with anything.  Anna is stunned to find that Jack called off the cops that were following Michael.  Ryan listens in on Kendall at the airport and then follows her to Michael's condo, where she breaks down crying inside.  Maggie meets with David to see whether she should come forward with some information she has about Michael's disappearance.  He fills her in on everything that Kendall said and convinces her to keep her mouth shut.

Mary comes on to Juan Pablo but he manages to get quiz her about Greenlee and Jack without having to go to bed with her.  Greenlee is still unsure about whether it's Mary or Jack that's been lying to her.  Juan Pablo gives her a pep talk and tells her how brave she is.  Tad spies Opal and Palmer at the airport, trying to sneak back into town without being spotted.  They lie to Tad and Liza that they were shopping for Petey, but Tad finds out that they have joined forces with Adam.  He jokes to Liza that they should run off to Tahiti together to avoid the Armageddon that is surely coming.  Mia and Simone are bummed out that Kendall's marriage means they have lost the bet, thereby losing three months' pay.

ATWT by Hilary

Alison was thrilled when Chris said she was great their first night together. She wanted to know where they will go from here, and he said they will just take it one day at a time. Lucy and Rosanna discussed Craig's behavior. When Lucy mentioned that Craig didn't intend to get caught, Rosanna appeared to wonder if that was entirely true. Rose was furious when Dusty admitted he had been with Jen the night before. He told her about the bust, and that he was trying to prove that Jen and Paul were behind it. Rose didn't want any part of it, and kicked him out, saying they were over. Jen told Connie that her plan with Dusty had backfired, and admitted that she was physically attracted to him. Connie said she wouldn't sit by and watch Jen chase someone else's boyfriend, and said she would go back to New York. She changed her mind, however, when she heard Paul accusing Craig of having himself arrested. She told Jen that things were getting interesting, after all. Craig tried to make a deal with Paul to keep Jen and Dusty apart, but Paul wasn't buying. When Margo called the Frazier farm, Katie played a record loudly as a signal. Mordecai hit Mike, hurting Mike's shoulder, and broke the record.

B&B by Judy

Ridge tells Brooke that Sally will be up and dancing soon, little does he know. Then Massimo gets all huffy about Sally faking her heart attack and she accuses him of only worrying about losing his precious son, Ridge. Does he think she should pay for it ? Mass tells Clark the company is none of his business. Cussing, Mass tells Sally he thinks Ridge's plan is right but Sally says she won't allow it and tells him if Brooke gets involved he will regret it. Ridge tells Brooke that he has been "a good boy" and wants to make love to her "right here, right now". Mass calls Ridge to tell him Sally was faking. Ridge dims the lights and professes his love to Brooke. The judge denies Rick and Amber's petition for custody and grants them two day a week visitation. He gives custody to Deacon as Amber begs and pleads for little Eric saying that he will think they have abandoned him. At home, Amber is hysterical but Rick tries to reason with her that Deacon will allow them to see little Eric more often. Rick takes off to see Jonathan. Amber has to tell little Eric that he has to go to Deacon's but he says she promised him he didn't have to go so why does he have to ? Rick returns and finds a note from Amber just as Deacon arrives. She has taken off with little Eric, Deacon calls the cops and reports Amber has kidnapped Eric.

Days by Kristi

Once again we see Sami plotting to destroy John and Kate. Roman and Caroline drop by and are a little concerned about Sami’s working conditions. Kate and John assure them that they are treating Sami as they would any new intern. Sami is jealous of Belle’s big office. Belle tells her that she is looking forward to working with her. Later, Tony tries to convince her that she can only trust him because her whole family is out to get her. Meanwhile, Shawn finds out that Rex is his new room mater. He’s not to happy about this and things get ugly just as Belle walks in.

Abe and Lexie decide that it will be best if Abe quits the force (for protection). Later, he calls Mickey about updating his will and says that he must prepare for death. Meanwhile, after Jack swears up and down to Jen that he will be okay, he also makes arrangements to update his will.

GH by Dee

Nikolas and Lucky argue about Stefan’s and/or Lydia’s guilt. Nikolas apologizes to Lydia, and then leaves for the hospital. He gives Emily a bracelet, a family heirloom as a wedding present. She tells him about the dream, and admits it was him who brought her back from death. He tells her he loves her. Courtney orders Elizabeth to leave her home, then yells at Jason, accuses Elizabeth of wanting him back, then says that Elizabeth could give him a child. He tries to reason with her, but then she says he never wanted the baby and doesn’t want a family, then tells him to leave her alone – perplexed, he does. Sonny and Carly and Michael spent some quality family time in the park (with Alcazar watching from the bushes) until Jason calls Sonny and tells him he needs to see him. Courtney meets with Carly, tells her about the argument and her grief at not being able to get pregnant. Carly sends her to talk to the doctor, find out if something can be done.

Alexis meets with Emily and tells her the legend of the bracelet. Nikolas goes home and asks Lydia what she wants. She tells him he is her husband. Alcazar tries to tempt Carly with cotton candy, she tells him to stay away from her – he is her husband’s enemy that makes him her enemy too. Ric wants a truce with Sonny – no deal. Jason brings Sonny files that show the Cassadines are in debt to Alcazar for millions. Sonny says they can keep Nikolas alive, and use him against Alcazar. Courtney meets with Dr. Meadows, learns that surgery might be an option, but not a sure thing, and not now. She asks the ER doctor for more hydrocodone, he refuses. Alcazar is listening, calls someone and tells them to get him some hydrocodone.

GL by Sylvia

Edmond found a baby outfit Cassie bought for Olivia's baby and was forced to remember how he caused Cassie to lose her baby. Cassie refused to talk to him about and told him he has to forget it because all of that is in the past. Edmond can't forget about it now that he has told Cassie he loves her. Phillip admitted to Olivia she was right about Lizzie and promised to protect her and the baby. Olivia found out Phillip will be moving back into the mansion to live with Beth and Lizzie. She will be alone at The Beacon when the baby is born. Olivia told Cassie she isn't as lonely as she might have been because of their friendship.

Gus asked Eden to forgive him for suspecting her in the murder investigation. Eden refused saying he isn't her brother anymore. Gus found out Eden is sewing for Marah and asked if she has a guilty conscience about something since she spent the last year chasing Marah's boyfriend. Tony wouldn't take Marah back when she told him she was wrong for breaking up with him and thinking he could ever hurt her. Tony was plagued by the memory of him and Eden on the roof in New York and told Marah the best thing for them is to just say good-bye.

OLTL by Kym

Rex continues to wine & dine Lindsay to Jenn's disgust. Renee worries about Asa overdoing the campaign partying & asks Kevin to talk to him about it. After doing this, Asa agrees to cut back. David & Dorian scope out the premises for their big jewel robbery. David asks Kelly out for a drink, but she refuses. Natalie prepares for the ProAm Champ in Atlantic City & meets the Black Widow, the pro player that the winner gets to play. RJ & Keri get in a car accident & he takes the opportunity to cut her brake lines & make it look like Antonio did it. Joey tries to warn Kelly about getting pregnant, but she doesn't listen. Dorian charms the Governor & disses Vicki to him. Kevin's blackmailed with pics of him & Blair together by Dawes. Keri starts to make out her will.

Passions by Ashley

Kay puts her plan into action as she stalls to keep Miguel away from Charity by talking about their past memories. Gwen pushes the thought of Fox and Theresa while Ethan stands firm that he will not let them be together. Whitney is as happy as Theresa about Fox helping Theresa with her plan because she believes they will fall in love. Pilar and a bunch of the other Harmony citizens show up at Beth's house for a surprise baby shower. Beth panics because Sheridan is very close and Luis is nearby.

PC by Beth

While Chris monitors Ian's reaction to the serum, Lucy comes looking for Ian and is stunned to find him hooked up to medical equipment. Wrongly assuming that the doctors have made a breakthrough, Lucy worries when she learns that her lover is a guinea pig and that Chris isn't at all comfortable with the situation. Chris decides to throw out the serum after it fails. Telling Lucy that he can't continue to depend on her for relief, Ian takes off. When the barn door flies open, Caleb steps inside. Alison assumes that he returned to help her bring Rafe back, but he has no intention of doing any such thing. Alison hatefully tells the vampire that she could drive a stake through his heart and not blink an eye. She grabs Caleb's hand and touches the ring, wishing for Rafe's return. She doesn't understand why it doesn't work until she realizes that he is wearing the fake. After waking up alone, Olivia frantically checks her pocket to ensure that the ring is still there. Relieved to find it, she sets out to think of the perfect wish. She tracks down Kevin at the hospital and apologizes for her selfishness, admitting that it's taken a long time to get her priorities straight. After taking out the ring without his knowledge, she urges him to help her come up with a way to help him feel better, but Kevin really doesn't know what she can do for him. After Kevin stresses the importance of family, Olivia decides exactly what her wish will be.

Y&R By Judy

JT and Bobby discuss Brittany and Bobby doesn't think much of how Raul is messing with Brittany's future calling him a "ball and chain". Bobby asks JT how he likes his work at the Boutique and makes an offer of a better job. JT doesn't go for it though. Brittany decides not to quit the club and then breaks the news to Raul. He thinks she fell for Bobby's line. Raul says he plans to go watch her dance and she doesn't want him to. He is so upset about her not quitting the club he decides to move into the other bedroom. Nick lets Nicki know that he's not happy about how his father is doing business while Sharon gives Victor a visit. Victor suggests she get Nick to do business like he does. Olivia explains to Brad and Jack that Ashley has to have a c-section. Brad is in agony over the news and the mood is heart wrenching, he signs the paperwork to permit the surgery. John shows up at the hospital in disbelief of what has happened to Ashley. Jack let's him know it is Victor...the Black Knight's.... fault the accident happened. Brad goes to Ashley's bedside and while he is talking to her the baby's monitor stops.

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