Wednesday 9-3-03 Recaps

Wednesday 9/3/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Greenlee and Juan Pablo are in his room, ready to discover what Mary will do when forced to choose between her daughter or being able to seduce a stranger. But Mary surprises them, by informing Juan Pablo that she cannot meet him because her daughter is a higher priority. She meets Greenlee for dinner, playing the “loving mother” who remembers all of Greenlee’s childhood experiences. But it’s obvious, it’s only an attempt to poison Greenlee against Jackson Montgomery, and their meeting is cut short. And, again Mary finds time to meet Juan Pablo, while Greenlee is determined to hide in his closet and witness everything that happens.

Bianca reveals to Jack that she really does not want to have an abortion, but she cannot let Erica know that she’s pregnant by the man who raped her. And she has no clue which course of action to take.

Everybody is wondering what Kendall is up to. But they know that she’s flying back to Pine Valley, from Vegas. Tad, Aidan, Mia, Simone and Anna all rush to the airport to meet her. They all suspect she might have murdered Cambias. But she blows their minds by telling them she married him.

ATWT by Hilary

Lucinda emceed the charity bachelor auction at Rosie's Roller Palace. Rosanna won Paul, Nancy won Walker, Lucinda won Henry, Connie won Aaron, and Emily won Chris. Rosanna and Paul went to Al's Diner for coffee, and she told him about Craig's arrest and subsequent adoption problems. Paul received a call from his doorman, who said that he was worried because Jen came in drunk with a man. Paul left to check on her, fearing that she was with Dusty. At the penthouse, Dusty played along with Jen, though he guessed she wasn't really drunk. He pushed her on the couch, saying if she wanted him to take advantage of her, that's what he would do. He stopped it after a few more kisses, saying he didn't play with people who ratted him out, and he was surprised Paul would "pimp out" his sister; she slapped his face. After Paul arrived, Jen insisted once more that she had nothing to do with Dusty's arrest. Jen later told Paul she had Dusty right where she wanted him. Rose was upset when she realized Dusty had been with Jen. She believed he was pushing her away because he thought she would eventually go back to Paul. Back at the salon, Henry ran away from the auction, and Aaron was nervous about his date with Connie. He took her to the Lakeview, where he knew that Lucy was having dinner with Ned. Aaron decided he needed a new job when Connie remarked that Lucy would leave him in the dust when she went to college. Emily revealed that she had bid on Chris for Alison. Chris and Alison went back to Katie's cottage and made love for the first time.

B&B by Judy

Sally is still on the floor but starts to come out of it. Massimo tells Brooke to leave her alone. Paramedics arrive and take her to the hospital. Brooke wants to go there but Mass blames her for Sally's collapse. Then Brooke, Mass, Nick and Ridge have words over who runs Spectra. Mass tells Ridge and Brooke not to dare go to the hospital. Ridge tells Nick he made a business decision and Nick makes a snide comment about Ridge and Brooke's love life. Sally has stabilized and Clark learns that Sally is faking to buy time for the company. She thinks Ridge's idea about Brooke is enough to send her blood pressure through the roof which will make her look ill. Mass shows up at Sally's room. Clark covers for Sally and Mass doesn't notice her stats are OK. Then a fly starts buzzing Sally's nose while Clark tries to get rid of Mass before she swats it. Mass goes out calling Brooke a bitch and returns to the room to see Clark and Sally doing the gig. The judge questions Amber about her criminal past and her addiction, she tries to explain it away. He wants to know about the scene at the wedding but she says that she went into a panic for fear of losing her son and that her and Rick are his parents. Deacon stands and says that's not exactly the truth and now the Judge wants to hear from him. He says they tried to keep him away from Eric and explains why there was an span of time he wasn't a good father. Macy stands to support Deacon and Amber has an outburst saying little Eric didn't want to go see Deacon today. At that point the Judge says he's heard enough then returns quickly with a decision.

Days by Kristi

Bo and Hope receive what I’m guessing is a bill. She tells him that she is worried about their money problems. Bo assures her that they will be fine and that he will have a new job soon. Later, when they hear something break they freak out because the think and intruder is in the house, but it turns out to be Belle and Shawn. Hope and Bo get mad because Shawn didn’t tell them that he was moving out. They forbid him to go but later agree. Separately, they each tell Bo and Hope about Shawn’s suspicions of Rex. Jennifer and Jack call Mickey and Maggie for help with Alice. They come over and later Lexie and Abe do also. Alice tells Lexie about a myth where whatever name the spirit says is doomed. Later, Tom says Abe’s name.

Mimi’s mom tries to convince her to stay home by saying that she will quit smoking and help out more but Mimi refuses. Later, Mimi tells Rex that she wishes they could see each other more. Rex then tells her that he is going to be moving closer to the loft.

GH by Dee

Alexis confers with Stefan at PCPD, she tells him the tape is inadmissible, but there’s enough evidence to bind him over for trial; no bond. At Windemere, Lucky and Capelli show up with a search warrant, Lucky tells Lydia the tape isn’t admissible. Alexis shows up to question Lydia, cautions her about perjury. Jason brings Courtney breakfast, tells her about Emily. She’s comforting him, when he receives a call that Emily’s awake, and he rushes out again. Nikolas dreams of Emily lying on a bed in her wedding dress. He kisses her and her eyes open; on the other side of the wall, Emily has the same dream. She awakens to see Zander holding her hand. As she tells Zander about her dream, he thinks she dreamed of him kissing her. Nikolas hears her telling Zander about the dream. The whole family gathers around Emily, happy that she’s recovering. Jason comes to the hospital, he promises that he will protect Nikolas.

Edward welcomes Zander to the family. Later, the teens visit Emily and Zander. When she says she always dreamed of going to Venice for her honeymoon, they leave, but return with a gurney they’ve ‘transformed’ into a gondola, and they push them through the halls to a room they’ve decorated as a ‘hotel in Venice.’ Nikolas visits Stefan who insists that Lydia is the one who is dangerous. When Nikolas confronts Lydia, Lucky defends her. Courtney takes more pain pills. She confides in Carly that she fears Jason will turn to someone else who can give him a child. Carly reassures her, but later, when Elizabeth knocks on the PH door, all her insecurities come to the surface again.

GL by Sylvia

Danny was upset when Michelle bailed Nico out of jail. Michelle convinced Danny to let Nico move into their house and help with repairs. Tony warned Nico against 'messing' with the Santos family. Afraid of starting kindergarten, RJ turned to Jeffrey for comfort. Jeffrey made curious remarks about the benefits of starting over and reinventing one's self. Jeffrey told Reva she is a hero because her vision reunited a missing girl with her family.

Dean Boudreau conceded to allow Sandy and The Mole to resume their radio show but asked that they make an attempt to censor their mean spirited comments.

Beth thanked Jeffrey for the information he gave her about Lizzie and was then left breathless when he kissed her. Cassie complained to an amused Reva about how arrogant Jeffrey is. Michelle left for psychiatric training at Hunley. Marah followed Tony to The Beacon to talk about their relationship.

OLTL by Kym

Al & Marcie confront Deke & Madison & finally have them arrested. RJ & Evangeline go out on a double date with Keri, but run into Antonio & Jessica at the same restaurant. David talks Dorian into helping him stage a robbery of the Badhra necklace, to get the insurance money. Kelly runs into David & lectures Dorian about getting involved with him. Keri's accused by Antonio of hurting Jessie's kitten. Upon finding out that Carlotta intends on sending Adrianna back to Puerto Rico, Dorian offers to underwrite her educational expenses if Carlotta will let her stay. Evangeline reminisces with Keri's date about when they attended school together. Evangeline offers Antonio a job, but he refuses. Kevin receives a threat about his political ambitions. Al & Marcie start to make love.

Passions by Ashley

Kay does all she can to get Miguel to stay with her instead of going to the game with Charity. Tabitha has trouble of her own while she's at the hospital. Theresa is upset when Fox turns her plan down and tries o think up another one. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Fox they could've been together 24-7 if he would've gone through with Theresa's plan. This convinces him to help Theresa to get Whitney. Gwen and Ethan talk about Sheridan and she believes she is in danger. Charlie plans to kill Luis when he becomes close to finding Sheridan.

PC by Beth

Determined not to cry over Rafe's apparent trip to hell, Alison goes to the barn. Keeping himself unseen and unheard, Caleb follows her around the barn as she berates herself for going to the vampire and forces herself to have faith. Rafe learns that he is in hell, and that he's not wanted there. An unseen force knocks him around and warns that he has made a very big mistake. Realizing that Alison may be in danger, he begs for her safety. Alison decides to go to hell and bring him back. Her plan is unsuccessful until she manages to remember Rafe's exact words and actions. The barn door flies open as she completes the incantation. To test the ring, Olivia wishes for a glass of lemonade, which immediately appears on the table beside her. Returning home early, Caleb gives her the ring from his hand and urges her to make a wish, but she refuses. To keep him from making one for her--and finding out that his ring doesn't work--Olivia gives in and wishes for him to make love to her. Afterward, Caleb accuses her of giving his ring to the slayer. Although she protests that he's crazy, Caleb raises a stake over her, prepared to destroy her. Olivia wakes up screaming; it was a nightmare. Angry and disappointed that she still hasn't told him the truth, Caleb commands her to sleep. He removes the ring from her pocket but then decides to put it back. He's giving her one final test, and it will determine her fate.

Y&R By Rachel

Raul wonders if Bobby is in love with Brittany. Brittany quits the club and Bobby tries to get her to stay by offering her deal after deal. At the hospital Brad and Jack are informed that Ash was hit in her abdomen and is bleeding internally. The injuries are fatal; the baby may need to be delivered in case Ashley does not survive. Brad blames himself. Victor asks Michael to keep his eye on his daughter’s involvement with Damon. Vikki and Damon kiss, but the uncomfortable Vikki heads for the door after it…Nick is still suspicious of his dad; Sharon tells him to wait to see what comes to the surface before accusing his Dad of something illegal.

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