Tuesday 9-2-03 Recaps

Tuesday 9/2/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

At the local restaurant and bar, Greenlee asks Juan Pablo to "help" her by charming Mary . Mary eats out of his hand when he pays her tab and arranges to meet him in her hotel room. When he departs, Greenlee approaches her mother, plays nice, pays Mary's tab, and invites Mary to have dinner with her, forcing Mary to "juggle" with her "date" planned with Juan Pablo. Greenlee is very certain that Mary would "prioritize" having a romantic encounter with a strange younger man, before being with her own daughter.

Kendall's got a little "scheme" planned when she goes to Vegas. Nobody can clearly tell what she's up to. Except, at Fusion, Tad Martin reveals to Mia that Michael has booked a flight for two, and that his "companion" is Kendall. Kendall is seen by herself, as though she's finally "relieved" of a terrible burden, but is shocked to discover a blood droplet on her shoe. Bianca forces herself to "drop the bomb-shell" on Jack that she is pregnant by Michael Cambias.

AMC by Lisa

Bianca tells Jackson that she has some news that will devastate everyone in her family. She warns him that he will need to be strong for Erica and love her to get her through this time. She honestly asks him if he still loves her mother and he admits that in spite of everything that happened he still loves her with all his heart. She eventually reveals that she is pregnant with Michael Cambias’ baby. Meanwhile at the Pine Valley Inn, Tad reveals to Liza that Juan Pablo and Carlos have been hiding the fact that they are brothers. He warns Liza that she should stay away from Juan Pablo for her own safety but she refuses. In other parts of the Pine Valley Inn, Juan Pablo and Greenlee team up to set a trap for Mary. After warning the hotel manager that Mary is basically bankrupt right now, Greenlee sends in Juan Pablo to woo her mother. He lays on his sexy Argentinean charm and sets up a date for the two at eight that night. Later, Greenlee comes in to make a truce with her mother and invites her to dinner also at eight that night to find out who is more important to her…her daughter or a man she just met. At the P.V.U. dorms, Henry says good-bye to Maggie when he tells her that his band is going on tour. He admits that he will always love her for being the first woman to see who he really was and what he wanted. At Fusion, Aidan explains to Mia how determined Kendall is to kill Michael Cambias. The two team up to find her to either prevent her from killing Michael or help her escape for the good deed. They call in Tad to help them track down Kendall and Michael through the passenger lists for any flights leaving for Las Vegas and are able to confirm it. And finally in Vegas, after spotting long lost love Ryan, Kendall creates a diversion by knocking a woman down with luggage. Ryan gallantly comes to the woman’s rescue and Kendall is able to get away without being seen. She later returns to the lobby and notices that she has a blood stain on her shoe while Ryan makes plans to take the first one-way flight to Pine Valley. 

ATWT by Hilary

Katie worried that Simon would walk into Mordecai's trap. When Mordecai took a photo of Katie to show Simon, Katie stood beneath a hanging trap as a clue. Mike worried that Simon would stay away, and they would never be rescued. Alison worried that she wouldn't be able to afford to bid for Aaron, though Emily tried to convince her she had nothing to worry about. After telling Emily she would move back home to keep an eye on Susan, she met a very nervous Aaron at the auction. Lucy's tutor, Ned, flirted with her, but insisted it was harmless, because he had a girlfriend. Molly wanted to see Carly, but Carly told her she was busy interviewing prospective nannies. Rosanna arrived at the end of one of the interviews, complaining about Craig. Molly arrived, and believed that Carly had blown her off for Rosanna. Rose when angry when Paul arrived for the auction, but he refused to leave. Jen pretended to be drunk, and got Dusty to take her back to the penthouse, where she grabbed and kissed him. He kissed her back.

B&B by Judy

Ridge calls a meeting with Massimo, Sally, Nick and Clark. Sally thinks Ridge is quitting and going full time to Maroni. Ridge says, no that's not it and then drops the bomb, that he wants to make Spectra a fashion house for Maroni Industries by getting the best person to make that happen, Brooke. Sally immediately belts out "NOooooooo" with a look of repulsion on her face. Sally objects profusely and thinks Brooke is trying to get back at Macy. (Nick stands in the background with a knowing look on his face). Then Ridge proposes changing the name to Logan Designs which really upsets Sally. Clark doesn't seem as repulsed. Brooke says Sally can stay but Sally says it isn't going to happen, it's an outrage. Nick wants to know when this plan took place. After more words, Sally clutches her chest and falls to the floor. Rick and Amber make plans to adopt Eric together while Deacon gets spiffed up for court. Deacon's attorney tells him they have to be honest and that Amber's actions at their wedding may harm her and Rick's case. Rick thinks since they have been raising Eric since he was a baby that they will win custody. Little Eric tells Amber he wants to stay home and play with Tommy and not go to Deacon's. Amber says he doesn't have to go anyplace he doesn't want to go. Meanwhile at the courthouse, Macy tells Deacon he could be bringing Little D home after court. The judge tells Macy he is a fan of hers, which worries Amber and Rick. The judge wants to hear from Amber next.

Days by Kristi

John and Marlena go and visit Sami. She lets them know that she is going to work hard and that she is excited about her new job. Later, John and Marlena leave and she tell John that she is okay with leaving now she knows everyone she loves is safe and happy.

Jack manages to convince and very worried Jennifer that he will be okay. After a little seduction on his part she calms down a little. Later, Alice calls them over because she is worried about the people she loves. Lexie and Abe come home and tell Celeste about Theo’s christening. She suggests they have it as soon as possible. Later, Lexie and Abe make love as Celeste has another premonition.

GH by Dee

Jason and Courtney cuddle on the sofa, she apologizes for lashing out at him, anger is easier than grief. Meanwhile at GH, Emily and Zander say their vows with Gia, Lucky and Liz in attendance, and Nikolas watching from the hall. Afterwards, Emily says good bye to her friends, including a tearful goodbye to Nikolas. She and Zander cuddle. Later, Nikolas sleeps in the room next door - he and Emily both dream of marrying each other.

It's meeting day at the PCPD! Cameron and Scott are discussing one of Cameron's patients as Stefan is brought in; Alexis appears as his attorney. Stefan assures Alexis the charges are bogus, but Cameron asks her how many things she is going to do, or cover up, in her daughter's name. Ric appears to be questioned about Sonny and Alcazar. Georgie and Dillon see a body in the water off the pier, report it at the PCPD, and when Dillon tells Scott the man was one of the thugs who jumped Courtney, Sonny and Alcazar are called in for questioning. Alcazar tells Sonny that he had them killed. Later, Sonny and Carly argue about Alcazar. Jason has a very emotional visit with Emily. He promises to protect Nikolas and to keep him alive. Later in the chapel, Jason asks God to help his sister loose her fear of dying, and to help him find a way to let go. Elizabeth walks up and puts her hand on his shoulder. She doesn't know how to let her best friend go. Jason puts an arm around a sobbing Elizabeth, just as Courtney comes to the door of the chapel.

GL by Sylvia

Harley regained control of her car after Lizzie grabbed the steering wheel in an effort to avoid going home to face her family who she fears want to have her hospitalized. Lizzie resisted Harley's attempts to comfort her, but gave in and cried in Harley's arms. Harley managed to get Lizzie back to the Spaulding mansion as Alan, Alex, Beth, Lillian, Phillip and Gus argued about Lizzie's treatment. Phillip berated Alex for being rude to Gus who Phillip said is a member of the family. Phillip decided to move back into the mansion to be available for Lizzie. Lillian also agreed to move back in and assist in Lizzie's treatment. Alan was relieved they are not sending Lizzie to the 'nut house'.

Marah and Sandy staged a sit in at the campus to protest Dean Boudreau's decision to cancel the Sandy and The Mole radio show. Sandy and Marah grew closer as they prepared to spend the night on the tower. Shayne kissed a girl he thought was Marina. Marina interrupted the kiss, but was amused because of Shayne's shock at finding out it wasn't Marina. Reva tried to comfort Tony who is upset over his break up with Marah.

OLTL by Kym

Sarah's worried about the direction of her life & her & Riley commiserate about their struggles. Kelly's worried about the health complications of a pregnancy, but decides to go thru with it after talking to a mother in Angel Square. Al brings Marcy home from the hospital & stays to look after her. Keri starts stalking Jessica & spying on her. She tries to explain to Carlotta why she's done the things she has, but Carlotta tells her to get past it. Jessica & Antonio get it on in her bedroom. Al swears to Marcie that no one will ever hurt her again.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa tells Fox her newest plan and asks him to help her make Ethan jealous to win him back. He turns her down but when Whitney decides it would be a good idea and they'd spend lots of time together he rethinks it. Gwen and Ethan decide something is wrong that Sheridan hasn't contacted them on her due date. Kay does all she can to ruin Charity and Miguel's night out. Luis hears Sheridan calling his name and is concerned so he goes to investigate.

PC by Beth

After a 36-hour shift at the hospital, Chris still can't get to sleep because of all the noise in his penthouse. The two workers Elizabeth hired are there, and the sewing machines are extremely loud. Everyone has to shout to be heard over the noise. Chris tries to throw them all out, but Elizabeth is determined to see this through. She tries giving Chris some earplugs, but he isn't impressed. When Ian shows up expecting to work on the research, Chris finally manages to get rid of the others. Ian insists that Chris test out the serum on him, and Chris reluctantly gives in. While Imani is in the shower, Jamal stares at the newspaper clipping in disbelief. He's looking at a sketch of Imani in connection with a murder. Realizing that he's about to be caught with the clipping, he quickly puts it back where he found it. Imani sits down to a romantic spaghetti dinner with Jamal, who starts asking her questions, trying to warm her up for the important one. He wants to know about the guy she's running from, but Imani keeps changing the subject. When Jamal gets quiet, she concludes that he's having second thoughts about having her there, and she's ready to get her old motel room back. Jamal stops her and assures her that he does want her there, but he needs to know what's going on. Imani asks for a little time, and he agrees. After heading out to pick up some ice cream, Jamal calls the police department from the town where the murder took place and pretends to be a reporter. Vowing never to let Jamal know the truth, Imani gets out her calendar and circles Friday, September 26. While Jack taunts Olivia about the way Caleb allowed Alison to interrupt a romantic evening, she accuses him of being a pathetic man who clearly isn't over her. Her continued attempts to throw him out convince Jack that she's nervous about something. He looks down at the floor where the ring lies. Alison admits to Caleb that Rafe broke in and looked at his book. Caleb has no intention of helping her bring Rafe home. Alison begs him to use his ring to help her, but when he asks for Olivia's opinion, the other vampire tells him not to help. After Alison slaps Caleb for a callous remark, Jack escorts her out. When Olivia refers to Alison's "act," Caleb informs her pointedly that no one gets away with fooling him. Feeling guilty, he gets dressed and leaves, refusing to say where he's going. Olivia picks up the ring and tells herself to make a wish.

Y&R By Judy

Jill has a tirade when she finds out Katherine can speak, which of course thwarts her plans to send Kay to a nursing home. After Kay explains why she wanted to test Jill, her daughter reacts with anger but soon they are hugging which is almost unbelievable considering their past. Esther comes in and starts in on Jill, but Kay stops her short and expresses her feelings about having a happy home. Esther helps her upstairs while Jill stands in disbelief. Jill tells Larry about Kay and that she was having second thoughts about sending her away. She is still very bitter over the past and cries telling Larry she hates her. Brittany tells JT that Raul wants her to quit the club and she is determined that no one is going to tell her what to do. She acknowledges that JT has changed since he has been with Colleen. Raul shows up at the club questioning Bobby about his involvement with Brittany, wanting to know if he is sleeping with her. Bobby treats Raul like a kid then Raul tells him Brit is done working there. After chatting with JT, Brit tells him that she is going to Marcino's to quit. Nick wants to know from Victor why Jack was there. Victor explains carefully but Nick doesn't seem to swallow the story. He tells Victor that Ashley should be spared details due to her pregnancy and is sarcastic to Victor. When Nick states his feelings about Jack, Victor just about blows a gasket. Brad gets the call from the State Police about Ashley's accident. Jack and Brad rush to the scene and are stopped when they arrive. Then Brad goes to Ashley and tries to help her stay conscious. She thinks she isn't going to make it. Brad rides in the ambulance with Ashley and Jack follows to meet them.

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