Monday 9-1-03 Recaps

Monday 9/1/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Jennifer

Rerun of 'fan-fair' episode

ATWT by Hilary

No show today due to tennis coverage.

B&B by Judy

Did not air today. US Open

Days by Kristi

Marlena receives a call from Eric and learns that John has arranged for her to go to Colorado. Meanwhile, Abe comes storming into the Dimera mansion and yells at Tony about sending the RIP reef. Tony covers saying that he sent it for the officer that died. Abe makes it clear he doesn’t believe Tony and he and Lexie leave. At Tuscany Abe and Lexie discuss who Theo’s godfather will be. Abe suggests John or Abe and when Lexie suggests Tony Abe gets pretty angry. Later, Abe asks Tony and John to be the godfathers together. Lexie then turns around and asks Tony to also be the godfather.

Kate shows Sami to her office (I’m guessing its in the basement, I couldn’t tell). Kate makes it clear that she is the boss and what she says goes. She also promises to make a sincere effort to get along with her. Alone, Sami dreams of cutting off John and Kate’s heads while Marlena and Roman hug and kiss in the background.

Belle and Shawn go up to the roof and carve their names on the same door as Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla and Brady and Chloe did. They start to make-out when Belle stops because she thinks that Shawn wants to make love. He says he doesn’t and is just happy that they will be able to spend a lot of time together now that they are neighbors. They kiss again as he rolls on top of her. Meanwhile, Mimi leaves Rex at the loft to go get some of her stuff. He asks to come along but she refuses. He wonders why but then begins to plan out how he is going to get back at Shawn. When Mimi gets home it is filled with smoke and there is loud music playing in the background. A woman yells where the hell have you been.

GH by Dee

Rerun of 'fan-fair' episode

GL by Barbara

Did not air today . US Open 

OLTL by Kym

Today was pre-empted in my area, but it was a re-run of the Fan Fantasy episode from February

Passions by Ashley

Theresa and Fox make a pact to use each other to get what they want. Gwen tries to get Whitney's help in getting Theresa and Fox together and out of Ethan's life. Meanwhile, Ethan rants to Chad that Theresa could never belong with Fox and he will not allow it. Chad is convinced by Ethan that Fox truly wants to be with Whitney. Beth and Mrs. Wallace do all they can to get Luis out of the house so Sheridan can have her baby. Sheridan is meanwhile gathering all her effort and strength to escape her captives.

PC by Beth

Port Charles did not air today. This was a scheduled pre-emption, and tomorrow's episode will pick up where Friday's left off.

Y&R By Rachel

No show today. US Open tennis...

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