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Friday 8/29/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Lisa

Has Someone in Pine Valley Finally Rid the World of Michael Cambias?

The morning after the manhunt for a rapist the residents of Pine Valley scramble to get rid of evidence, fabricate alibis, and ensure loved ones that Michael Cambias will never be able to hurt anyone again. All centered around protecting Bianca, Reggie explains to her that Michael is nothing but a distant memory, dead, and burning in hell now…Maggie frantically pushes Bianca to run away with her and leave Pine Valley forever…Jackson returns the gun he stole from the evidence room…A bruised face David makes a secret phone call to Erica asking her if she regrets what they did last night… and Lena throws her gun in the water off the docks chanting to herself that “It’s over now Bianca”. At the police station Opal realizes that Palmer may have had something to do with Michael’s disappearance after she questions him about his whereabouts of the night prior and why he did not spring her out of jail. At Fusion, Juan Pablo is on a desperate search for brother, Carlos. When he eventually is found and questioned about his whereabouts on the night prior he alludes to having something to do with offing Michael. Greenlee later opens up to Juan Pablo and admits to wanting him to be her close friend. She confides in him the recent shenanigans Mary has her caught up in when he offers himself to help her find out the truth about Jackson secretly knowing that he was her father. Later in the day, Anna gets an anonymous tip from the police hotline that there could be a possible crime scene at Michael Cambias’ apartment. She rushes over to find her nephew Aidan and Mia who have broken in. When she questions them they explain that they smelled smoke coming from his unit and rushed in to see if anyone was in danger. Aidan then informs Anna that one of Michael’s suitcases is missing and could mean that he skipped town. Anna buys his story and tells the two that the police are there because of a tip she received saying that Michael was hiding drugs in his house and brings in Jackson to help with the matter. Before they leave one of the officers finds the kilo of coke hidden in his chimney and they put out a search warrant. Meanwhile in Nevada, Alexander continues to insist that Ryan handle Michael after his death and he finally agrees just before Alexander flat lines and dies. Ryan mourns his death and is given Alexander’s treasured gold pocket watch by a nurse. When he opens the watch it reads…”To My Son”. 

And at last we find Kendall in Las Vegas hot on the trails of Michael who is completely blown away when she spies Ryan roaming around her hotel casino!!!

ATWT by Hilary

While searching for tools that she and Mike could use to escape, Katie found an old Fraser photo album, and lamented not knowing about Simon's life before their marriage. She figured that Simon had forgotten about her, but Mike insisted that was impossible. Mike patched into Mordecai's phone line, and he and Katie heard Simon warn Mordecai to stay away from Katie. Walker, Bonnie, and Molly arrived at the salon. Walker told Bonnie he had been offered a job in Oakdale, then reassured her she had done a good thing by giving Sarah a father. Molly cried to Lily about missing her family, and Lily convinced her she needed a night out with Carly. Paul heard Jen warn Connie to leave Dusty to her. Jen tried to pretend that she had been referring to him, but he didn't buy it. She promised to stay away from Dusty if Paul participated in the charity auction, but, when he agreed, she secretly plotted with Connie to get the penthouse to herself for the night. After Craig's anonymous tip to the police, he and Dusty were arrested for illegal gambling. Dusty mistakenly thought Jen was the whistle-blower. Rosanna was heartbroken when Craig's arrest forced the adoption agency to rescind their offer for an interview. Alison revealed her jealousy about Chris's participation in the auction to Aaron. Aaron offered to lend her the money to bid on Chris herself, if she promised to help make sure only someone "safe" bid on him.

B&B by Matthew

Brooke and Macy keep on arguing and Macy says Brooke is pathetic. The two women separate. Deacon and Macy go home. Deacon makes sure this isn’t about revenge. Macy assures her husband that though it was sweet to see Brooke suffer, this was about justice for everyone Brooke hurt, not revenge. They proceed to have some nice lovin’. Ridge heads over to Brooke’s and just walks in (!). I guess they don’t lock doors, even after the Sheila incident. Nick and Brooke head home and although angered by Macy’s words, she realizes she is right. Nick tells her to take a break and figure things out tomorrow. Ridge leaves as Nick watches. Ridge surprises who isn’t in a mood to talk to him. With a stunning revelation, he offers her a CEO at Spectra, but under the name “Logan Designs.” He even has a stupid looking logo to boot. Although taken aback, Brooke accepts and kisses Ridge. Yawn. This show only had 5 characters today!

Days by Kristi

Sami runs into Caroline at Salem Place and tells her how mad she is at Marlena. She says some really mean things about Marlena having an affair with John( like a millions years ago.....get over it!) This makes Caroline remember when she was unfaithful. Once Marlena finds out about this she tells Sami that she is out of control. Sami promises to work hard at Basic Black, but secretly plans to bring down Kate and John.

Victor threatens to tell Brady the truth about Nicole, but he decides otherwise. Once alone, he tries to get Nicole to tell him what's wrong. She refuses but does tell him how special he is to her. Meanwhile, Belle, Shawn, Phillip, Rex, and Mimi all paint Belle's loft. Rex and Shawn are at each others throats as usual, but they cool off later. Later, Victor gives Kate advice about not letting Sami ruin everything. Tony decides that Abe needs to die because Lexie will always choose him over Tony.

GH by Meghan

GL by Barbara

Beth and Lillian talk about Lizzie and how to treat her. Harley takes Lizzie back to town in her car. Lizzie doesn't want to talk about her problems. She causes Harley to go off the road. Michelle refuses to press charges against Nico. Ray tries to talk Danny into giving Nico a job. Nico comes to see Michelle. Christopher argues with a mystery person regarding Reva. Reva and Christopher share some time together. Christopher shares with Reva that his wife was killed and this is why he got interested in psychics. Phillip talks to Alan about Lizzie saying that he will send her to an institution if necessary. Alex and Alan aren't happy about that and argue with Phillip. Beth and Phillip try to determine what is best for Lizzie. No episode on Monday. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Dorian gives the necklace to David, but he blackmails her into helping him with another scheme. A bag lady finds Marcie unconscious in the dumpster & takes her sweater. Antonio & Jessica grow closer, while Keri freaks out over it. Keri tells Rae her woes. Kevin asks Rex for help with entertaining his clients, including getting prostitutes. Rex tricks Lindsay into going out with one of these clients. (yuck) Jenn has a nightmare about trying to fit in as a proper preacher's wife. Al sees the bag lady wearing Marcie's sweater & tracks down where Marcie was dumped.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney and Gwen discuss Theresa while at the hospital. Meanwhile, Ethan talks to Chad and finds out about the plot to set up Fox and Theresa and he has a fit. At the pool Fox and Theresa share a passionate kiss. Sheridan continues to go into labor as Charlie watches. Edna and Precious are frantic with worry for Sheridan and her child. Beth stalls to get Luis away from the house while Sheridan gives birth.

PC by Beth

Jamal surprises Imani with a home-cooked meal, which reminds her of time spent in her grandmother's kitchen. While she takes a shower, Jamal snoops through her things and finds a newspaper clipping about a brutal murder and a mystery woman who resembles Imani. After a frantic call from Alison, Jack rushes over to her place, where she fills him in on Rafe's apparent journey to hell. Jack is angry but believes that Rafe will be all right. Alison isn't so sure of that, which is why she's going to ask Caleb for help. Kevin manages to move his finger again but keeps this to himself. Christina tries to give him her favorite doll to take home with him, but when it falls under the table, she goes after it. Fearing that she'll get hurt, Kevin grabs for her, stunning the other adults and scaring Christina with his cry of pain. After a quick examination, Ian tells Kevin that the pain was from nerve regeneration. Kevin thanks him for his help, mentioning Ian's special situation. This angers Ian, who goes outside to cool off. Lucy tells Kevin off for pushing Ian's buttons. Kevin voices his fear that Ian is a danger to Christina. He is counting on Lucy to protect his little girl from the monster in her life. Ian overhears this from nearby, and when Lucy storms out of the living room, she finds Ian with fangs and red eyes. When Caleb says that there's something different about Olivia, she says that she finally feels that she can be everything he wants her to be. Caleb tries to get her to admit to her deceptions, but she denies having done anything worse than stretch the truth a little. Caleb's resolve to concentrate on her and refrain from answering the door is tested when Alison calls out to him.

Y&R By Rachel

Jack accuses Victor of playing dirty and he plans to expose him. Ashley is upset that Brad is trying to sugarcoat the fact that Jabot is in a crisis situation as Safra is braking sales records. Ash must find out what Victor is up to and will visit him personally, but gets into a horrible car accident at the intersection that leaves her unconscious. Dru reports to Brad that Michael Baldwin was in the lab trying to steal away Damon. Jill meets with a nursing home associate at the estate in Kay presence to discuss putting Kay in the state-of-the art resort-like nursing home. Alone, Kay speaks to Jill --- Don’t send me there Jill and she apologies for anything I may have done to Jill. Jill stands shocked that she can talk.

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