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AMC by Lisa

The Pine Valley manhunt for Michael Cambias has officially (and finally!!!) begun and its loyal citizens are ready to use any and everything to get rid of him. From poison snakes, to handguns, to secret elixirs and rat poison……Michael Cambias’ days are numbered as half the town sets out to kill him. Opal is caught on the docks trying to score drugs to frame Michael with, Lena chooses a handgun over rat poison to exterminate him while Erica teams up with David who has just cooked up a secret formula to kill the rat. Boyd vows to help the Kane sisters get rid of their “problem”, Jackson steals a gun from the P.D. evidence room, Maggie tracks down an amateur arms dealer at P.V.U., Reggie promises Bianca that he will never let Cambias get away with raping her and vows to finish him off and Kendall is still missing in action??? Meanwhile Michael receives news that his father is close to death. He celebrates the news with a bottle of champagne, toasting to the fact that he has control over Fusion, Enchantment, Chandler Enterprises and soon….Cambias Industries. In Nevada, Alexander continues to hold on to life by a thread and makes Ryan promise that he will destroy Michael after his death. 

After being cut off from her father, Mary surprises Greenlee when she tells her that Jackson knew all along that Greenlee was his daughter and lied about it to protect his reputation. Despite Mary’s convincing tactics, Greenlee is suspicious and believes that her mother is trying to get her to turn on Jackson. Mary insists that she wrote Jackson a letter when she first found out she was pregnant but he never responded. She continues to press the issue sending her daughter rushing off to confront her father. Meanwhile, Jackson is visited by Lena who is desperate to know what his next move is against Michael Cambias. Jackson first releases his frustrations of his situation by blaming Lena for being involved with Michael but later apologizes for taking his anger out on her. They come together on the common ground of focusing on healing Bianca and keeping her safe. Lena sets off to “handle” some business leaving Jackson alone to contemplate whether he will take the law into his own hands by offing Cambias. After much thought he heads out in a huge hurry, brushing off Greenlee who is there to confront him about Mary’s story. He assures her that he will make time for her later after finishing something he should have done a long time ago. 

ATWT by Hilary

Hal and Tom questioned Rick, and he admitted to the killings. Susan listened in as he denied ever intending to hurt her. He said that at first he was using her as a way in at Memorial, because she was a respected staff member, but he eventually fell in love. Susan insisted on seeing him, and Emily and Hal feared she was falling for his words, but she erased their fears when she slapped him across the face. Chris and Alison publicly praised each others' heroics. Bob told Chris he was proud of him. Mitzi convinced Walker and Chris to participate in Rose and Lily's breast cancer bachelor auction. Alison was a little jealous, which Chris enjoyed. Aaron also agreed to participate, but Lucy was disappointed when Craig reminded her that she would be unable to attend due to her first SAT tutoring session. Aaron wasn't thrilled when Lucy's charming, handsome tutor arrived. Rosanna found a new adoption agency that was willing to overlook Craig's sordid past. When Craig learned of Dusty's back-room bookmaking operation, he decided to anonymously tattle himself, knowing this would look bad for the adoption. Jen's model friend, Connie, arrived, and started flirting heavily with Dusty. Jen was visibly upset, but denied it. Lily tried to convince Rose that Dusty would cheat on her.

B&B by Matthew

Brooke wanders around her office and laments to Nick, who had just shown up, that life sucks when you’re an ex-CEO. Nick suggests that Ridge was just out to save Stephanie and made a bad decision. They head out to Las Olas, where Macy, Deacon (who had dropped Little Eric off at Rick’s), and Sally are dining. Sally celebrates the end of the reign of terror of Brooke, though Deacon doesn’t feel like celebrating. Sally leaves so Macy and Deacon talk about their evening. Seeing a chance for payback, Brooke tells her waitress to send 2 shots of tequila over to Macy and Deacon’s table. Infuriated after receiving the alcohol, Macy takes her shot over to Brooke’s table and splashes it right in her face! Shocked, Brooke says Macy is nuts. Macy counters that Brooke thinks she is at the center of the universe when it comes to everyone’s lives. Macy (in an odd fashion) adds that she is now that star and Brooke will just have to get used to it. Hmm, that was a little odd. Amber cannot believe Deacon would use Eric like that and figures that Macy is behind it all. She screams that they have to do something before it’s too late.

Days by Kristi

After Sami begs Tony to help her get a job Lexie shows up and tells him about Sami threatening her and about Celeste’s premonition. Later, when Sami finds out from Marlena that she got the job she goes and thanks Tony. After she leaves he tells Bart that he is going to use her to destroy his enemies. Later, John tells Marlena about Sami threatening Lexie and she promises to talk to her before she does something stupid.

Jennifer, Lexie and an eleven-year-old Abby talk about how they are both worried about Abe and Jack. Meanwhile, Jack is off investigating. He gets caught at the Dimera mansion, and Abe takes him back to Salem place where they find out that Abe’s informant has been murdered.

GH by Meghan

GL by Sylvia

At the cabin, Lillian and Beth are trying to talk to Lizzie about her involvement with Olivia's fall and Marina's kidnapping. Lizzie refuses to discuss anything with her mother and grandmother. Instead, she demands to see her Aunt Alex and Grandpa Alan - who understand her. Harley arrives at the cabin and peers inside as Lizzie grabs a piece of glass from a vase she broke and threatens to slit her wrists. Harley, who was on the phone with Gus and Phillip, rushes in and convinces Lizzie to put the glass down by telling her it would be messy and she probably wouldn't die anyway. Phillip feels helpless because he isn't there to help his troubled daughter. Gus tries to comfort Phillip who he is beginning to accept as his brother.

Michelle is mugged by Nico, a teenager raised in the Fifth Street district. The police catch Nico just as Danny and Father Ray arrive to comfort Michelle. Danny is livid about the attack on his wife and wants to prosecute the boy's parents. Father Ray tells Danny and Michelle he is the legal guardian because Nico's parents were killed by Carmen Santos for not paying protection money. Danny reluctantly agrees with Michelle who wants to help Nico because his problems were created by the Santos'.

OLTL by Kym

Search & Destroy competition at Ultra V: Al is revealed to be the "Voice of the Night" as he emcees the event. Carlotta catches Adrianna kissing River & this time tells her she's shipping her back to Puerto Rico. Roxy & Nigel do a hilarious rendition of Sonny & Cher, Marcie wows them with her Janis Joplin song & wins first prize. Roxy & Nigel win runner-up of a romantic weekend in Atlantic City. Afterwards, they start cozying up & ponder over whether to go together. Natalie decides to join the pool competition in AC. Rex continues to hit on Jenn, but she's not interested. Kevin & Kelly start planning for a child. Al gets a weekly gig at Ultra Violet. Jenn & Joey look thru his childhood stuff. Marcie gets attacked by Deke & Madison & winds up unconscious in a dumpster.

Passions by Ashley

Ethan feels guilty and is stuck by Gwen's side when he hears about her troubled pregnancy due to their discussion. Kay tells both Grace and Charity to stay away from her daughter Maria. Grace is hurt and reaches out to Kay who pushes her away. Fox endures Whitney's attempt to make him and Theresa a couple. She also pushes Theresa to see they would be good together. Sheridan continues to go into contractions without help while Luis fusses over Beth.

PC by Beth

Kevin breaks the news of his imminent move to Christina, who looks at him sadly with her big blue eyes. Kevin promises to let her visit him every day but says that he really does have to go home now. Putting her little head down on his arm, Christina begs her daddy to stay. Lucy tries to come to terms with Kevin's departure. Although she wishes that Kevin had never changed into the horrible person he was for so long, she knows that she and Ian would still be together now, no matter what. With Christina's wish coming apart, Kevin finds that he can move his left hand. Rafe is excited to stumble on Caleb's book. When Olivia confronts them outside the club, Caleb and Alison explain why they are together. Fighting her insecurities and jealousy, Olivia asks Caleb not to make her struggle any hard than it already is. Rafe fills Alison in on his discovery at Caleb's loft and tells her of his intention to go to hell, just as Caleb did. He silences Alison's protestations with kisses. Back at the loft, Caleb senses something amiss but sees nothing suspicious. Olivia finds a ring in the jewelry box and assumes it's the fake that Caleb used to fool Alison. Getting an idea, she keeps it for an opportune moment. Giving Caleb a relaxing massage, Olivia removes his ring and replaces it with the one she found. She tells Caleb that she wants to be the only one to ever touch him this way. Caleb opens his eyes in awareness. Believing the coast is clear, Rafe calls on Caleb's father as if he himself is the vampire's son. Alison is horrified to witness him vanish before her eyes.

Y&R By Judy

Jill and Brock are still going around about Katherine's needs. Damon gets on Dru's case about running her mouth and he gets quite a charge out of her attitude. Victoria and Nick talk over Michael Baldwin's part in the new line's success. Nick wants facts but Vicky thinks it is her hard work that made it work. She thinks Nick wants to downplay her part in it. Sharon shows up at Nick's office and he tells her about the fight he just had with Vicky and about his concern with Michael Baldwin. He thinks there is something shady going on and that is why they are doing so well with Safra. Sharon suggests Nick's attitude is because he has an axe to grind with Victor. He doesn't know if he can trust his father. Sharon thinks Nick has to take the first step and Nick agrees to think it over. Ashley and John speak on the phone and John tells her he wants her to focus on having his grandchild and not worry about the company. She senses that something is very wrong because their Tuvia sales aren't going as expected. Ashely then calls Victor and demands answers. He wants her to calm down but she suggests there is dirty business going on. Katherine is doing much better in front of Nikki but still hiding her progress from Jill. Kay says it is time to tell Jill the truth today. Larry approaches Jill and asks what's bugging her. The bug is Brock not letting her declare Katherine incompetent. She says she is going to put Katherine in a nursing home today.


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