Wednesday 8-27-03 Recaps

Wednesday 8/27/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

Carlos and Juan Pablo confess to Greenlee, Mia and Simone that Carlos killed a man in Argentina who was going to rape the woman he loved. The man was part of a gang so Carlos had to leave the country. Simone is sympathetic and Tad says it's still murder, but the others seem torn. Bianca is so deep in thought about her baby that she doesn't hear Maggie phoning or pounding on the door for a long time; she tells Maggie about the baby. Maggie supports her and says she's not alone. Maggie swears to Bianca that Michael will pay. Later, she finds a pro-gun student on campus and looks at his gun. Anna finds Jack with the gun in the evidence room and talks him out of being a vigilante. Aidan catches Kendall just as she's about to break into Michael's place and kill him. He won't let her out of his site now. He makes himself at home but gets a phone call. He has to leave but he takes Kendall to Fusion where the others can keep an eye on her. She tricks them and slips away anyway. Bianca wonders where Erica went. Jack tells Reggie that tomorrow the papers will be legal for his adoption. Reggie is happy about it but suspicious that Jack is planning on leaving. Jack assures him that he's not. Greenlee finds her mother and her grandfather waiting for her at home. Woodruff tells Mary that because of all her despicable deeds, she has been disinherited. Greenlee will get all of her money now. Mary first insults him and then begs, and she begs Greenlee, but they suggest she gets a job.

ATWT by Hilary

Jessica and Isaac tried to convince Bonnie not to tell Sarah that Marshall is a rapist, but she wouldn't listen. When Bonnie left for the shelter, Jessica tried to run after her, but Isaac and Ben convinced her to let Bonnie make her own mistakes. Marshall went to the shelter to pick up Sarah, but she didn't want anything to do with him, believing he had never cared about her. He calmed her down, and showed her pictures and told her stories about her mother. Bonnie walked in just as they hugged. Bonnie started to spill the beans, but couldn't ruin Sarah's happiness. Sarah told Troy that she suspected there was more to Bonnie's dislike of Marshall than she was admitting. Rick threatened to kill Susan, Emily, and Daniel, if Alison didn't help lure Susan to the house. When Susan called, Rick grabbed the phone and told Susan to come home alone. She gave Emily the slip, and arrived home. Rick held a gun on Alison and Susan, saying if they can't be a family in this life, they will in the next. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Chris snuck in and knocked Rick to the floor. The gun went off, just as Hal burst in. The shot missed everyone; Chris has injected Rick with a sedative he had brought to calm Alison. Rick shouted that he loved Susan as the police dragged him away. Susan wondered how she could have fallen for such a maniac.

B&B by Julie

Days by Kristi

Alice and Celeste both have nightmares about people they loves being in danger. Alice dreams about Bo and Hope, but Celeste doesn’t exactly see who it is.

Shawn pulls in Belle’s new chest, and they look through her bill. They tease each other about spending habits as Belle mentions liking her independence. Shawn tells her that he is renting the apartment next door, but if she doesn’t wasn’t her there she will leave. She says she would love to have him there as they kiss.

After Sami rear-ends Kate she runs up to the door and finds an unconscious Kate. Sami begs her to wake up because she fears that no one will believe that it was an accident. When Kate comes to Sami tries to pick a fight, but Kate says they should just swap information and go their separate ways. Later, Kate goes to see Roman where she tells him about how bad she feels about her affairs and how she thinks that Sami is going to ruin their relationship.

Lexie and Abe are on the phone with Brandon when Sami shows up. She overhears Lexie tell Brandon to say away from Sami. Sami barges in and causes a scene. Abe finally kicks her out but not before she threatens them. Celeste shows up telling them about her premonition and that someone she loves is going to die. As Sami gets in her car she promises to make them pay.

GH by Meghan

GL by Sylvia

Alan returned from New York to find Lizzie had been taken away by Lillian and Beth for an intervention. Jeffrey made crude comments about Beth to Alan who vowed that if Jeffrey so much as placed 'one lustful stare' on Beth, he would kill him. Phillip hired Harley to find Lizzie. Harley went to see Olivia who told her whatever she did don't bring 'that witch' (Lizzie) back to town. Jeffrey and Ross appeared in court to settle the murder investigation involving Ben Reade. The judge questioned Jeffrey about the speed at which the Justice Department intervened on behalf of Mitch Hendon. Interested by the judges inquiry, Ross asked Jeffrey if he had friends in high places. Jeffrey responded by saying he pleads the Fifth.

After telling Cassie her sex life was boring and predictable, Reva seduced Josh in the hayloft. At Company Bill and Eden were having lunch when Tony walked in. Tony told Eden he never deserved a good girl like Marah, she (Eden) is more his type. Eden was offended when Tony referred to their encounter as going at it like alley cats on a filthy roof. Eden told Tony what happened between them is over and she wants to stay with Bill.

OLTL by Kym

Ultra Violet prepares for the Search & Destroy competition. Jenn gets Madison's confession after wearing a wire. The sorority girls are subsequently expelled for their stunt. Dawes threatens to cause trouble for Kevin if he takes the Lt. Governor's position. Kevin refuses to be intimidated. Roxy gets Nigel to help with her act for the UV competition. Jenn & Joey move into her dad's house. Riley's dad causes a scene at the Palace. Riley tells Sarah about his childhood woes. Renee tells Nigel that he likes Roxy & needs to pursue her. Madison declares war on Marcie.

Passions by Ashley

Kay blames Charity for Maria's struggle for her life. Gwen becomes upset in the hospital when she finally realizes how much Ethan loves Theresa. He avoids every question she asks about his feelings for her. Chad tries to find out who it is Fox loves and Whitney urges Theresa to think of Fox as a romantic option. Edna tries to help Sheridan deliver her baby while Luis vows to stay near Beth in her pregnancy.

PC by Beth

Jamal moves Imani into his apartment, giving her the bed and taking the couch for himself. When he asks about the guy who's been chasing her, Imani says that he obsessed over her to the point where she had to run, and she's never stopped. Jamal promises to take care of her now, and Imani is touched to have someone to turn to for the first time. Alison is confident that Caleb won't hurt her, but Rafe isn't so sure. He comes up with a plan to get her charm back. Alison calls Caleb to ask him to the club so that she can tell him about a proposition she has for him. Believing she's up to something, Caleb agrees and takes Olivia with him. Alison enlists Jack's help distracting Olivia from her conversation with Caleb. When Reese tells Ricky about the busted light, he immediately suspects Casey but doesn't let on. Reese confides that she's changed quite a bit since becoming mortal again, and she would like to know whether he felt something when they kissed. Ricky warns her that they can't have a relationship, since every woman he becomes involved with goes away permanently. Thinking he's blowing her off, Reese tries to leave, but Ricky invites her inside for a drink. Over a beer, Reese apologizes for losing it, and Ricky invites her to a Garza family barbecue. When she goes home to change for the event, Ricky orders Casey to leave her alone. Casey laughs and doesn't bother to appear to him. Ricky wants her to leave him alone as well. Alison asks Caleb to play at her next fashion show, and he agrees. Olivia approaches Jack while they work out the details. Jack fantasizes about a happy ending with the old Livvie. Alison tells Caleb that she lost her charm at his loft, and Caleb tells her that he found it. They go outside, where Caleb places it in her hand and closes her fingers around it. Olivia looks outside and believes they are holding hands. Although Rafe's search of the loft doesn't produce Alison's charm, the slayer is quite pleased to find Caleb's hidden book.

Y&R By Rachel

Nikki admits that there is little she could do about Sharon’s invitations that would not make the embarrass the family, but warns Sharon that there will be revenge. Ash wants to be a part of the excitement especially because she feels that Victor wants her out of the way. In the beginning the numbers for Tuvia look good but soon turn sour as Safra outperform them. Via telephone, Ashley insists on knowing what is going on with the launch and is told the numbers are weak. Ashley is left to worry. All at Jabot office are confused as to what exactly went wrong. Phyllis asks Victor whether or not it is a fair fight (between NE and Jabot), but is interrupted by Nick who is not ready to celebrate. After reviewing the numbers, Nick does congratulate Vikki for her hard work, but both have suspicious of their dad and his new hire, Michael Baldwin. Michael visits Damon in his lab, but is interrupted by Dru before he gets to his point.

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