Tuesday 8-26-03 Recaps

Tuesday 8/26/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne

David gives Bianca the bad news that she is pregnant. She is in shock and doesn't know what she should do. He suggests that she gives it time so she can heal and think about her options. He also wants her to tell Erica, but she says she can't and swears him to silence, too. Anna comes home, tired and upset from the hearing. He gives her a backrub. She notices that he is working on a new experiment. He swears it's just a heart medication and she buys it, but later we see him pouring a liquid into a flask. The Fusion girls (except Kendall, who's not there) reject Michael. Greenlee gets right in his face and says nasty things so he grabs her. Carlos runs in just then and decks Michael. They end up in a terrible fight but Juan Pablo comes in and separates them. Michael threatens to sue, but Greenlee points out that they will all swear that Michael threw the first punch. Michael leaves and they wonder what will happen to their wonderful company. Jack is in the courtroom thinking about went on at the hearing; he gets very angry and uses the judge's gavel in his anger. Tad comes in and gives Jack someone to talk about his feelings. Jack worries that he has lost faith in justice. Aidan urges Kendall again to go see Erica and Bianca, so she finally does. Erica is asleep. Bianca is in a daze. Kendall tells her how sorry she is for bringing Michael to town. Bianca talks about how Erica couldn't see Kendall without seeing her rapist, and she wonders if the same will be true of her. She is talking about her baby but Kendall thinks she means her, so she gets more upset and runs out before Bianca can stop her. Kendall puts on a good face for Aidan, then she goes home. Michael arrives home so Kendall gets out a knife and its holster, which she straps to her leg purposefully. Jack goes to the evidence room and steals a gun. Tad tells the Fusion ladies that Carlos and Juan Pablo are brothers.

ATWT by Hilary

Jessica told Marshall that it would be in his best interest not to press charges against Bonnie, as it would only make Sarah resent him. He took her advice, but told Bonnie he was getting custody of Sarah, and that she wouldn't be allowed to see the child. After taking comfort from Jessica and Isaac, Bonnie vowed that Sarah would know the truth about her father. Bob was thrown a surprise "welcome back" party at the hospital. Susan saw a headline proclaiming that Alison had been murdered, and was horrified to realize that Rick was the killer. She tried to get away, but Rick eventually admitted to the killings, saying she was next. She managed to get away anyway, and arrived at the police station, where Emily informed her that Alison was actually alive; her death was a setup to draw Rick out of hiding. As Hal and Margo searched for him, Rick was stunned when he snuck into his home and found Alison, alive and well.

B&B by Julie

Days by Kristi

It’s a bash Sami day in Salem! Lexie and Abe get a letter from Brandon. He tell them he is leaving the country and Lexie thinks that’s the best thing he could do is stay away from Sami. Meanwhile, when Kate realizes she is going to be helping out Sami she freaks! Kate tries to find a way around it, but she and John realize that Roman and Marlena are too happy to ruin that. Later, Roman is called down to the station and they al leave.

When Belle and Shawn come over to pick up Belles new cedar chest from Sami, she takes the opportunity to whine about Brandon. Lucas shows up and in order to prevent them from making a scene Shawn suggest the girls go inside. He tries to get information from Lucas, but Lucas says Tony had nothing to do with it. However, he didn’t know about Rex. Sami and Lucas get into another fight as she leaves. On her way there she ends up rear-ending Kate. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope argue. He ends up leaving the bedroom. After neither of them can sleep they kiss and make up.

GH by Suzanne

Sonny yells at Carly for lying to him. He says that she's letting Alcazar play her. She agrees to be honest but doesn't tell him about how Alcazar helped her through her false labor, of course...The Quartermaine's check in about how Emily is doing. Ned feels guilty for neglecting Dillon so he makes plans with him and also offers him a job at ELQ. Dillon asks for time to consider the offer. He talks to Georgie about his feelings, how his own family doesn't know him but Alcazar seems to think highly of him. He just wants to be noticed, so she tells him that she notices him. They kiss. Elizabeth visits GH so Lucky fills her in about Emily. They hug and are very close as Lydia watches jealously. Scott tells Ric that he's not going to press charges against him for kidnapping Carly. He hopes Sonny will try to kill Ric so he can take Sonny down. Ric agrees with the plan. He tells Faith that he hopes to win Elizabeth back. Ric goes to GH and tells Elizabeth that he's free, but she's disgusted and tells him off yet again. Scott tells Carly and Sonny about Ric. Carly is seething. Sonny goes to see Ric; he tells him off and says he won't be killing him any time soon because he doesn't want to risk his wife and kids, but someday he will be killed when he's no longer expecting it. Ric tells Faith that he wants to join forces with her, to protect himself from Sonny. Courtney tells Jason the whole truth about being pregnant, losing the baby, and how she can't have kids now. He is shocked but holds her and says it wasn't her fault. They go to the park and talk about grief, etc. and hold each other. Nikolas tells Stefan that he doesn't care if their creditors will want to kill him. He still plans to marry Emily. Stefan says he hopes she doesn't wake up, so Nikolas angrily orders him out. Nikolas tearfully begs Emily to wake up, so she does. He asks her to marry him, but she says she can't. She loves Zander. Zander happily visits Emily to welcome her back.

GL by Hilary

Josh told Billy he was afraid he had been neglecting Reva. Billy reminded him that Reva would always crave adventure, but Josh just needs to remind her that family is most important. Chris plotted about Reva with a mystery person, saying she was "the one." He took her to Cedars to practice "sorting" her readings, saying this will keep her from getting so drained each time. He warned her not to hold back her impulses. Phillip was worried when Alex told him about Lillian and Beth's sudden trip with Lizzie. He asked for Gus's help in finding them, but Gus said he legally couldn't, since Beth is the custodial parent. Gus suggested that Phillip hire Harley, who said no, but eventually relented. Lillian told Lizzie that they were staying at their remote hideaway until Lizzie started being honest. Lizzie accused Lillian of making Beth crazy. Lillian admitted she had made mistakes, and insisted that she wouldn't make those same mistakes with Lizzie. She eventually deduced that Lizzie had pulled up the carpet at the Beacon, then had a change of heart, and tried to warn Olivia. Lizzie said that if Lillian didn't let her go home, something horrible would happen, then she locked herself in the bathroom.

OLTL by Kym

Natalie challenges a man to a pool game & bets big money on it. At first she loses, but the 2nd time she wins. Jessica & Antonio get it on again, this time Keri walks in on them. Dorian gets a gun to defend herself against Vickers. Walker & Blair are about to make love on the couch when Starr shows up & has a fit. Walker then pulls her aside & tells her he's Todd! At first she doesn't believe it, but he passes all her tests. He swears her to secrecy on this. (Note: From now on I will refer to Walker as Todd). Nora decides to take on Coulson for the DA spot. She gets a lot of encouragement from Bo, which disturbs Gabrielle. Gabrielle continues to use Max to try & make Bo jealous. Dorian sees Kelly's medical report which reveals that although Kelly can become pregnant, she would be in danger of fatal consequences from it. TODD gives Blair the Badhra necklace at Starr's insistence, which she then turns around & gives to Dorian later. Todd gets a mysterious phone call.

Passions by Ashley

Kay finally holds her daughter Maria, but she soon has to give her back because she has breathing problems. Charity begins to worry that the baby will die after all she has sacrificed to save her. Whitney becomes excited to see Fox and Theresa together but she doesn't know that Theresa has a plan to get back Ethan as a damsel in distress. Sheridan is reunited with her Mother when she goes into labor in the pit.

PC by Beth

Chris is curious about why Kevin will be moving back into the lighthouse. When Ian good-naturedly describes himself as a natural-born hero, Chris points out that he's kicking poor old Kevin out in the cold. Caleb wakes up as Olivia tries to remove his ring. Olivia worries that Caleb is bored with her now that he has everything he has ever wanted. Lucy gently wakes Christina and sends her off to clean her room. She tries to broach the subject of getting Kevin to move out, but he has already made the decision to do just that. He wishes that he could turn back the clock to their wedding day. If he weren't trapped in a wheelchair, he would fight for her. Lucy tells him that it would be a losing battle, because she loves Ian. When Ian tells Kevin that everything has been taken care of, Kevin realizes that they had intended to kick him out. He asks to speak with Christina alone. Christina asks Kevin to stay. Caleb finds Alison's charm and moves it out of sight with his foot so that Olivia won't see it. Chris is stunned to hear that Elizabeth has turned his penthouse into the clothing production center. Still angry about Jack's accusations, Rafe asks Alison for her honest opinion as to whether he has a God complex. After initially laughing at the question, Alison carefully tells him what might give people that idea. Insulted, Rafe accuses her of thinking he's a world-class ass. After apologizing for not taking her feelings into account, Rafe asks Alison to tell him when he's being a jackass. When Alison tells him about planting her charm at Caleb's loft, Rafe loudly tells her that it was a dumb thing to do. While Jack observes form the bar, Alison complies with Rafe's request and informs him that he is being a jackass. Rafe worries that Caleb will know what she's up to, and he doesn't like the prospect of dealing with an out-of-control Caleb. Caleb examines the charm and knows exactly what Alison was trying to do.

Y&R By Judy

It's the big cosmetic showdown morning on Y&R as Victor and Nikki get ready for the big day. They discuss Damon and Nikki says Sharon now knows she is in charge. Victor does not want the two of them fighting. Concerning business Victor tells her "may the best line win". Vicky and Damon have a phone conversation and they thank each other for the time they shared and wish each other luck. Vicky and her mom have small chit chat then Nicki warns her not to see Damon anymore and Vicky tells her to back off. Ashley calls Brad and she has her mind on business. Brad wants her to relax but is wondering why Victor visited her. Then Colleen tells Brad she is back with JT, but he already knows. They discuss Lily and creepy Kevin and Brad is proud of how she is standing up for Lily, even though Lily is mad at her. Jack startles Phyllis and they both admit to being jumpy over the day's business. They have far off worried looks on their faces. Sharon and Nick have breakfast with Cassie. They notice a change for the good in Cassie's attitude. Nick's all happy that Sharon is helping Nikki with the invitations for the gala. Nick says his mom is a pain and Sharon is amazing. Sharon is very confident in her help with the invitations. Nicki gets the gala invitation and blows her lid when she sees that it reads the gala is at Sharon's family estate. She barges into Sharon's and tells her it is an invitation to her funeral. Brad asks Damon where things stand with Phyllis but Damon says Phyllis is history then tells Brad that Vicki called him and they went horse back riding at the ranch. Brad warns him she is a Newman. Victor meets up with Michael in his office and wants him to find out everything he can about Damon Porter. He also mentions Vicki's interest in Damon and tells Michael that Vicki is not happy he is working for Newman. Ashley then calls Jack to let him know Victor showed up, she thinks something is up.

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