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Monday 8/25/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Suzanne 

The judge sets Michael free, saying there wasn't enough evidence against him for rape to bring it to trial. Everyone is upset and outraged. More people threaten him. Lena attacks Michael but he tells them all off. He says he took over Chandler Enterprises this morning; he's the new CEO. Alexander has another heart attack and goes into a coma. Jack reluctantly tells Erica and Bianca what happened but assures them that he will get more evidence against Michael. Bianca is concerned about Enchantment but all Erica cares about is Bianca. Michael taunts Erica and Bianca but they tell him that he hasn't won. Ryan phones Michael to warn him that he is his enemy and he will be sorry when he returns to Pine Valley. Aidan urges Kendall to go to Bianca and Erica to offer her support, but she's afraid and feeling guilty. Bianca looks at her calendar and gets frightened. David gets the test results from her exam. She visits him and asks if she's pregnant. Palmer and Adam continue to plot against Michael. Greenlee offers her support. Mary does, too, but it's clear that she's just using the opportunity to try to get back with Jack, so they ignore her. Adam leaves Stuart a note to tell him that he's going to town and will be back tomorrow. The Fusion women wonder what will become of their company. Michael arrives and tells them to cheer up. Ryan talks to an unconscious Alexander to tell him to stay alive and not let Michael win.

ATWT by Hilary

The social worker, Mrs. Easton, said that Craig's police record, coupled with his recent pattern of immoral behavior, will keep him from adopting, though she said that Rosanna would be allowed to adopt on her own. Rosanna insisted that she didn't want to adopt without Craig. Craig had a nightmare about his new son, dreaming that he lost him during a fishing trip. In Australia, Katie and Mike tried to trick Mordecai, but he got the upper hand, knocked out Mike, and ripped open Katie's shirt as if he intended to rape her. Instead, he stole her necklace, and Katie knew he would use it to bait Simon. When Mike awoke, he began splicing into the phone line, so they could listen in to Mordecai's conversations. Rick held a gun on Alison, insisting she come with him quietly, or he would hurt her mother. He took her to a remote location near the Snyder pond, and she managed to call Chris's cell phone, leaving the line open so Chris could hear them talking. Chris and Margo heard Rick admit to the killings, plus Alison give their location, before Rick discovered what she had done. He then ripped away her phone and knocked her unconscious. He lectured her for her interference, as he injected her with a syringe. Susan went ahead with her plans to meet Rick, though Emily begged her not to go. Hal tried to warn her, but arrived too late. Margo and Chris found Alison, unconscious.

B&B by Julie

no update today

Days by Kristi

John, Marlena, Roman and Kate are still at Tuscany and while Roman tries to convince Kate to save their relationship, Marlena asks again about Sami getting a job at Basic Black. Later Kate and John dance while Roman and Marlena talk. John tells Kate about Marlena asking him to hire someone (he forgets to mention that it’s Sami). Kate encourages it until she finds out its Sami she’ll be helping. Meanwhile, after whining to Tony he promises to help get Sami a job at Basic Black (she plans to get her revenge there). Later, Tony tells Bart that he is making so that either way it works out Sami will be a part of his life.

Brady covers for Nicole when Victor almost sees her plane ticket. He once again tries to mentor his grandfather about Nicole, but Victor doesn’t want to here it. Nicole is almost home free when Victor catches her. Meanwhile, Hope and Bo are really freaked out and decide to put bounty hunting off for a while. Bo plans on getting a security guard job to help them out with bills.

GH by Suzanne

Jason wonders why Courtney is so gung ho to have a baby. Lorenzo lets Carly go after stopping her fall. Sonny is very jealous; Alcazar admits to being in love with Carly. Sonny tells him to back off while he can. Michael asks about whether Alcazar is bad but Carly has a hard time explaining it to him. Faith takes care of Ric while he hides out; she keeps being suggestive. He thanks her but says he can't give her what she wants, so he should leave. Faith agrees to help Ric leave the country. Lydia tells Stefan that Darius contacted her. Some thugs take Stefan away before Lydia can get his confession on tape. Lydia plays the tape for Lucky but he says it's not enough; he can only think of Emily right now anyway. The doctors take care of Emily, who just had a seizure. Jason consoles Monica about Emily's worsening condition. Zander and Nikolas take turns talking to Emily, who is unconscious, to try to help her. Emily has dreams about having fun with Zander, but she dreams of marrying Nikolas, all dressed up like a fairy tale. Dr. Meadows tells Courtney that she may not be able to ever have children. She suggests that Courtney tell Jason about it. Scott visits Carly; he hints about Ric so she knows he's trying to get Sonny to get rid of Ric or incriminate himself. Stefan, all beaten up in the face, visits Emily. He says it would have been much easier if she'd died. Nikolas finds him there and Stefan tells him how he was beat up, for real this time. Nikolas doesn't care about anything but Emily. He tells Stefan he plans to marry her. Stefan says if he does, "they" will kill him. Courtney makes plans to leave town rather than face Jason. She runs into Zander and he tells her about Emily and how he wishes she'd trusted him to help her when she first learned she had cancer. This makes her change her mind, so she tells Jason that she's been lying to him. Carly gets flowers from Alcazar but lies to Sonny about them; he figures it out and wants to know why she lied. Faith brings Scott back to her place; he has a deal for Ric.

GL by Barbara

Rick delivers good news to Olivia about the health of her unborn daughter. Phillip asks to see Olivia. Olivia tells Phillip her fears regarding Lizzie and that she feels that Lizzie caused her fall. Phillip has a hard time believing that Lizzie would do something like that. Olivia asks him to leave. Beth takes Lizzie to the cabin unbeknownst to anyone but Lillian. Alex questions Lillian regarding Lizzie's whereabouts. Lillian is closed mouth. They argue about Lizzie's well being. Marah and her friends work on the project to get Sandy and the Mole back on the air. Cassie and Edmund have breakfast at Company. Jeffrey comes in to get breakfast and comes over to visit. He is looking for Beth. Cassie and Edmund are shocked. Edmund takes Cassie to the farm. Marina decides to take the money and place it in a foundation to help Harley's angels. She will attend SFU. While in the barn, Edmund tells Cassie that he loves her. They make love. Cassie sees a man with his back to her. She begins talking to him and telling him how much she learned from Richard and that Edmund has been good to her. She reaches for the man and calls out to Richard. When he turns around it is Jeffrey. He kisses her. Cassie awakes with a start. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Dorian gets busted by the security guard, but tells him she has Walker's permission to be there. She calls David & tells him about the necklace. Kelly talks about her problems with Kevin to Joey. Carlotta chews Keri out for the way she's using Jamie to get back at Antonio. Rex continues to befriend Lindsay to get to Jenn. Antonio gives Jessie a cat. Kevin becomes jealous of Walker & Blair. He continues digging into Walker's past & tries to get his fingerprints off a glass, but finds out Walker has none! As Blair & Walker start to get romantic back at the penthouse(!), Blair also finds this out. Walker tells her he burnt them in a fire when he was young & needed skin grafts to repair them. Keri continues to intimidate Jessica, however Jessica makes a decision to tell Antonio she loves him. Starr steals the necklace back from Dorian. Rex invites Jenn to a talent contest at Ultra Violet, but she refuses. Walker & Blair start to make love.

Passions by Ashley

Chad becomes upset when he finds Whitney in Fox's arms but Whitney explains that she believes his mystery girl is Theresa. Chad tells her he believes that it is actually Whitney. Fox comforts Theresa when she becomes upset over Ethan's words and that he still does love her. She then comes up with a new plan to get Ethan back. Gwen thinks she knows why it is Ethan doesn't want her staying at the apartments. Luis and Hank talk about what it could mean that Sheridan sent back their engagement ring from his Grandmother. Sheridan begs Charlie for a doctor when she begins to go into labor.

PC by Beth

After waiting all night for Imani to show up, Jamal calls the police, but Imani walks in the door as he's speaking to the desk officer. She tries to put off explaining what happened, but Jamal insists on the truth. Pointing out that the room is a wreck, he asks how she managed to put the scratch marks on the windowsill. Imani denies having done that, but Jamal draws her attention to her torn and bloody fingernails. Imani tells him that she panicked and fled after hearing a noise, which turned out to be a false alarm. Reminding her that he is there for her, Jamal insists that she move into his place for protection. Not seeing any way around it, Imani gets out her suitcase. Rafe tries to put a stop to Jack's involvement in his plan, but Jack refuses to take orders from him. Rafe believes that Jack wants the ring. When Jack calls him on his self-righteous attitude, Rafe punches him in the jaw. Rafe maintains that the ring is dangerous, but Jack believes that the slayer wants it for himself. He tells Rafe off for not seeing how blessed he is. Ricky and Casey return from Atlantic City, and Ricky worries about what Jamal will do to him for taking off with his bike. Reese finds Ricky talking to Casey and tells him off for disappearing on her. She kisses him and tells him that this is what kissing a real girl is like. She wants to spend the day together, but Ricky isn't interested. As Reese sulks about him wasting time on a dead girl, a nearby light breaks. Spooked, Reese decides to take off. Casey laughs. When Kevin apologizes to Lucy for his angry outburst, she quickly accepts his apology and rushes to find Ian. She fills her lover in on what she learned from Rafe, including Christina's innocent wish on Caleb's ring. Stunned, Ian decides to get Kevin out of the house immediately, thinking that it might somehow undo Christina's wish. Lucy reluctantly goes to tell Kevin, but she stops when she hears him singing to Christina, who is asleep in her daddy's lap.

Y&R By Rachel

Phyllis and Jack enjoy a night of romance with no talk about the launch that is supposed to take off tomorrow. Vikki and Damon enjoy a ride at the stables, but when Nikki sees that the two together she is quick to chastise Damon privately about fraternizing with the other team. Damon acts nonchalantly saying that he knows what team he is on. In Ashley’s room, Brad questions Victor about the fact that someone from NE is pursuing Damon Porter and about his new hire, Michael Baldwin. Vic does bite stating it is not the time to discuss these matters and wishes Ashley well. Ash knows something is not right, but she can’t put her finger on it – is it Tuvia? The baby? Lily tells Sierra that she wants nothing to do with Colleen, if it wasn’t for Colleen her and Kevin would still be together. JT is told by Sierra that Colleen left a message to meet her in the park. At the park, Kevin scares and threatens Colleen seeing she has no where to run he gets very close, but JT arrives to break things up. Wes is carrying around a ring waiting for the proper time to ask Olivia. So, when the ring falls out of his pocket and Dru finds it she makes arrangement for Olivia to see it and cohorts a propose. Olivia accepts.

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