Friday 8-22-03 Recaps

Friday 8/22/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

ATWT by Hilary

Paul demanded to know Dusty's intentions toward Jen, then taunted Dusty and Rose. Dusty got angry, and started to manhandle Paul. Rose called the police, fearing one of them would get hurt. Margo arrived, but Dusty convinced her to let them off with a warning. Dusty was angry that Rose didn't stand up for him to Margo, but agreed to keep Jen away from the grand opening. The "James" in Paul's head continued trying to convince him to get revenge on Dusty. Bob was only able to communicate by blinking, but still managed to tell Hal that Rick is the killer. As Hal searched for Rick, Rick made plans to meet Susan at a remote motel, saying he was having another panic attack. Alison talked her way into getting into Rick's safety deposit box. Inside, she found a gun, Nurse Krebs's diary, a vial and syringe, and small souvenirs from each of the victims. Just as Chris realized that Alison had left the hospital without him, Rick arrived at the bank, and was stunned to hear that his "daughter" was there looking through the box. He asked to be taken to her. Craig tried to tell Rosanna that he didn't want another child, but couldn't bring himself to break her heart. However, the visiting social worker informed them that, despite Rosanna's impeccable credentials, Craig would never be allowed to adopt.

B&B by Julie

Brooke tells Ridge Stephanie is making this meeting about them, not Forrester Creations. Ridge tries to speak with Brooke alone before the meeting, Stephanie walks in, Brooke brushes Ridge off and wants to get the meeting over with. Deacon is concerned that if he votes against Brooke she will keep Hope from him. Macy assures him he has legal rights. Deacon flashes back on him & Brooke. Brooke didn't steal the company, he did. He does not want to get involved, he only wants to concentrate on Macy & his kids. Macy reminds him voting for Eric is the right thing to do & to remember how easily Brooke kicked him out of the company when she was done with him. Stephanie talks to Deacon & Macy about the board meeting; if she doesn't take this chance now, she might not have another.

Eric & Stephanie talk about the meeting. Stephanie tells Eric his day is coming. She tells Eric she knows she has made mistakes and he tells her not to hope for something he can't give her. She lets him know this is about their company and he will have it all, their greatest triumph is yet to come.

Brooke officially begins the meeting. She insists she's made all the right financial decisions for Forrester Creations but gives the go ahead on the original designs. Stephanie says this isn't good enough. She wants Eric reinstated. Brooke believes Stephanie is just trying to impress Eric to get him back. Stephanie demands a vote, Brooke insists she won't win, it's a waste of time. The vote begins, Brooke believes she's won, but - Rick tries to vote Eric III's shares and Stephanie lets him know that is not going to happen. Deacon & Macy walk in, Brooke is stunned!

Days by Kristi

When Bo and Hope get home she is really worried about the candle burning out and it being a bad omen. Bo thinks its no big deal. They decide that Zack doesn't need to stay with them because it may be dangerous. Later, someone lurks outside their window.

Tony comes home to a surprise party thrown by Cassie and Rex. Later, Rex decides to help Tony with bringing down the Brady's and they both disappear.

Victor tells Nicole that if she promises to be faithful to him that he will destroy the evidence about Colin Murphy. She agrees to this but secretly plans to leave town. When the tickets are dropped off Brady gets them.

Sami and Lucas find John, Marlena, Roman and Kate at Tuscany. Sami and Lucas leave and Marlena asks John to give Sami a job. He refuses. Meanwhile, Kate tell Roman that they can't be together because of Sami.

GH by Meghan

Skye asked a friend to check up on Eddy Maine, and all the young groupies he may have been with. She told Ned that she was going to Llanview to visit Rae.

Carly told Jason and Sonny that Courtney wasn't raped, and they needed to back off. She told Jason that Courtney needed time and love and patience from him.

Emily got moved to the ICU at GH because she developed meningitis, which Alan told her family and friends meant that she could die. Emily asked to see Jason, and when he got there she told him she needed him to tell her how to die. Emily said she didn't know how to let go because her family was so scared. Jason told her that she needed to tell them everything she wanted them to know. While she was talking to Nikolas, she started having a seizure.

GL by Barbara

Reva and Josh share a moment in Shayne's room. Marina and Shayne talk about her future. Eden comes to see Marah trying to talk Marah into taking Tony back. Eden tells Marah that they got the truth out of Salerno. Marah is not impressed. Tony and Danny argue.

Frank calls Reva to inform her that Reva's leads led to the police finding the missing girl. Reva calls Christopher, much to Josh's dislike. Christopher makes a mysterious phone call regarding Reva. Shayne tells Marina that he loves her. They kiss. Bill goes to see Eden hoping to get a firm commitment from her. Tony goes to see Marah but leaves before she sees him. Marah sets her mind on her designs. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Jenn & Joe have to postpone their honeymoon for Joey's job. Vickers is back in town & is pissed off about the runaround. He tells Dorian she's got 24 hrs to get the diamond or he'll tell the count. Keri wins custody of Jamie. Starr catches Walker with the necklace. She asks him to put an ad in the Sun to let her dad know that he's forgiven. He agrees to do this. Kelly & Kevin get ready to meet the governor at the Palace. Al & Marcie tell Vicki about the hazing incident & she tells them there'll be a hearing. Jenn finds out about it & plots a little revenge on Madison & her friends. Kelly runs into Joey at St. James & he comforts her with Jenn looking on. Starr gives Walker her blessings with her mother, only if Todd doesn't come back. Dorian & Starr encourage Blair to ask Walker out for dinner. Dorian's busted while trying to break into Walker's safe.

Passions by Lisa

Ethan goes to visit Gwen at the hospital and she questions the aroma of perfume she smells on him. He lies and tells her that itís most likely Whitney Russellís and explains why Fox, Chad and Whitney (everyone except Theresa) are staying at the L.A. condo. He suggests that he and Gwen find somewhere else to stay besides the condo but Gwen talks him into rooming with his half brother and friends. Whitney thinks that Theresa is Foxís mystery woman and promises not to blow his big secret. She gets interrupted with a phone call from Theresa whoís calling for moral support. She comes up with the idea to send Fox over to the condo in her place to comfort Theresa. After Fox leaves she hurries into the sound booth to tell Chad the good news about Fox and Theresa but is surprised when Chad thinks that Whitney is the woman that Fox is in love with. Back in Harmony, Charlie rescues Beth from Dr. Culverís office before she could be examined. On the ride back home Charlie tells Beth about the plan she had to blow up Sheridan, Luis and the baby and Beth becomes frantic. Charlie questions why Beth is so connected to Luis and Beth plays it off as being concerned about stealing Sheridanís baby. Despite Bethís explanation, Charlie suspects that Beth has plans to double-cross her to be with Luis. 
At the Harmony P.D. in addition to Luisí grandmotherís ring, Hank gives Luis an audiotape that Sheridan supposedly sent. On the tape Sheridan explains that she was wrong about her love for Luis and is sending back his grandmotherís ring because she does not want to be with him anymore. Luis refuses to believe that the tape is of Sheridanís own free will and suspects kidnapping again until Hank puts doubts in his mind by reminding him that Sheridan would have been the only one to send the ring back to him. 

PC by Beth

Claiming to have lost his balance, Jack apologizes to Olivia, who decides to get out of his house immediately. Afraid of having blown his chance to get his hands on Caleb's ring again, he goes after her with the box of her things. Admitting that he didn't really lose his balance, Jack says that he almost kissed her--and she almost let him. Alison and Caleb talk about friendship, which is new territory for the vampire. When they step outside, a photographer snaps some photos, and Caleb destroys the film. Alison persuades him not to harm the man, saying that it's for Caleb's own good. Before leaving, she plants a charm from her bracelet at the loft. Feeling challenged, Jack kisses Olivia. Jamal attacks an intruder in Imani's room, who turns out to be Rafe. Jamal wants Rafe's help finding her, but the slayer insists that Jamal forget ever having met her. He alleges that every wish made on the ring is turning dangerous. Jack uses Olivia's jealousy of Alison to plant more seeds of doubt about her future with Caleb. Searching for Imani, Jamal finds a paw print and a scrap of cloth. The "photographer" quits his assignment, informing Rafe that he's not being paid enough for such a dangerous job. Jack tapes the box of Olivia's things closed. Caleb denies Olivia's request to touch the ring.

Y&R By Rachel

Phyllis tells Vikki that any deals struck with Damon should come from the man in power, Victor. Dru tells Brad that Phyllis admitted to trying to get information on Jabot from Damon – but doesn’t want to keep at it for the sake of her marriage. Brad goes to see Ashley, but is beat by Victor who wishes Ashley well and warns that their companies are about embrace an ugly war. Brad opens to door and is none to happy to be staring in the face of Victor. Detective Webber investigates the Fire at the apartment and JT is quick to name Bobby as the number one suspect since he came to the apartment pissed… At the club, Webber questions Bobby who tells the detective that he is too grown-up to play such games – he would have handled it different. During Webber’s interrogation with Bobby, Kevin sits with him head down and stupidly until asked when Bobby arrived at the club to which is reply 10-15 minutes. Bobby corrects him sayings he has been there an hour, to which Kevin agrees is correct. Pissed, Bobby tells Kevin to get out of his face. Kevin goes to the park to find himself face-to-face his most hated enemy, Colleen.

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