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Thursday 8/21/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

ATWT by Hilary

Rosanna thanked Paul for giving her the courage to face her desire to have a child. She then warned him to watch out for Craig and Dusty, and also told him about seeing Jen at the bar. Jen told Rose she knew Rose came by because she still has feelings for Paul. Dusty thought this might be true when Rose had such strong objections to Jen's involvement in the bar's grand opening. Rose insisted she had no more feelings for Paul, but was somewhat disturbed that Dusty seemed to have no remorse about hurting so many people. Paul confronted Jen, insisting she stay away from Dusty. Jen told him he couldn't give her orders, and he needed to accept help from others. Paul went to Java Underground to confront Dusty himself. Craig told Margo that he didn't want another child, and she said he owed Rosanna the truth. He said he couldn't break her heart, but Margo finally convinced him that he had to be honest. When he went home to tell her, she surprised him with the news that a social worker was on their way for a visit. Tom told Chris and Ali he was extremely disappointed after they showed him the documents they had attempted to falsify. When Kim called, informing the two men that their father's condition was deteriorating, Ali managed to grab the documents as they left Tom's office. After convincing Chris that his father was proud of him no matter what, she snuck away to go to the bank alone. Kim, Nancy, Tom, Chris, Susan, Rick, Walker, John, and Ben gathered around Bob's bedside, expecting him to die at any time. He surprised them all by awakening instead, much to Rick's dismay.

B&B by Julie

Days by Kristi

Roman and Kate are at Tuscany and he complains about her not answering his calls or messages. He says that he is not a patient guy and he needs to know where the relationship is going. Meanwhile, Sami learns that Marlena voted against her. She gets mad and storms off. Marlena calls Roman and they try to talk Sami out of hanging around Tony, but she says that he is the only person who understands her. Later, Sami gets a letter from Brandon. She is really excited, but when she opens it, she finds annulment papers. She falls to the floor in tears, and Lucas is there to comfort her.

Bo and Hope are released from the hospital. They go to visit Alice, and some weird things start to happen. A candle that Alice lit for them keeps on flickering. Celeste stops by and tells them that she has a bad feeling. When the candle blows out they feel like it is an omen and a really bad sign. John tells Bo that Tony is going to be let out of the hospital and that they should keep an eye out for him. Bo and Hope go together to tell him they knows that Tony is the one who attacked them, and Tony says that he thinks a new Brady and Dimera feud has started.

GH by Meghan

Carly and Courtney talked about Courtney being pregnant, and Courtney told Carly that she had a miscarriage. Carly mentioned telling Jason, and Courtney begged her not to tell, and Carly agreed. Meanwhile, Jason and Sonny talked about Courtney and decided that she was raped by Lorenzo.

Stefan hired Coleman to find a girl to use to bring down Ned. Later, she shows up at the Quartermaine's after Ned Skye and Edward found a diary about "Eddy Maine".

Lucky called Stefan and pretended to be Darius. Lydia told Lucky that Darius was alive, and they had a problem. She was mad when Lucky said it was really him. She told him that Stefan threatened to frame her for Summer's murder.

GL by Sylvia

Marah offered to help Sandy and The Mole get their controversial radio show back on the air after being cancelled by Dean Boudreaux. Sandy behaved strangely and abruptly left the museum after Marah asked where he and The Mole get their information about Springfield residents. Marina snuck into Shayne’s window to talk to him about the money Ben left her before he died. Josh told Shayne Marina shouldn’t be sneaking into his window because Shayne has a game tomorrow. Shayne told Josh to stop trying to make decisions for him, or he will move into his own apartment.

Tony and Eden make love on a rooftop in New York. Afterwards, Tony yelled at Eden and accused her of setting up the encounter to get him to forget about Marah. Eden denied it and said she wants to make things work with Bill. Tony told Danny that he (Danny) is the only one responsible for breaking up him and Marah.

OLTL by Kym

It's Joe & Jenn's wedding day, which goes off without a hitch. Rex drowns his sorrows at the Palace Bar. Antonio gets served with his restraining order. RJ also harasses him about losing his job. Marcie almost cracks up during the ceremony, but holds it together. Rae talks with Antonio about his problems. Dorian doesn't give many details about the kidnapping to Blair. Keri makes it look like Antonio pushed her. Blair & Walker (Todd) reminisce about the Gold Balloon wedding. Marcie finally tells Al what happened with the initiation & he swears payback. Kelly's insecure about her marriage. Gabrielle's plan to make Bo jealous backfires.

Passions by Lisa

In a last minute attempt, Precious disables the last bomb sensor to keep the house from blowing up. Once Charlie realizes that the sensors were successfully disabled, she tells Sheridan that she has to kill her since she’s seen her face. Sheridan convinces Charlie to let her send a last dying message to Luis before she is killed. Charlie agrees to the request thinking that a final good-bye message is just what she needs to get the police off their trail. Upstairs, Hank smells gas in the house and finds the stove on. He decides to check out the rest of the house, starting with the basement. At Dr. Culver’s office Luis gets a call from the station about some new information on Sheridan. He first decides to stay with Beth until she can be examined but is convinced otherwise when Beth promises to stay at the office to get checked alone. When he arrives at the H.P.D. Hank gives him the package that was dropped off….Luis’ grandmother’s ring. When Luis sees the ring he concludes that it can only mean on thing……Sheridan is dead. After Luis leaves and before Beth can sneak out she is stopped by Dr. Culver who demands that she tell him the truth about her being pregnant or not. She blames her physical appearance on unusual weight gain and tries to escape. The Dr. is then called away for an emergency delivery but leaves a nurse with Beth so that she doesn’t leave. In a struggle to get out of the office the nurse rips Beth’s sugar sack spilling the contents out on the floor in front on everyone in the lobby. 

Despite his love for her, Ethan tells Theresa that they can’t be together because he refuses to ever leave his wife. He desperately tries to get her to understand that she needs to find someone else and leaves to see Gwen at the hospital. Syd tries her luck again with putting the moves on Chad and kisses him. He stops and reminds her that he is in love with Whitney. She apologizes and blames the kiss (again) on being caught up in the success of her song. He understands but warns her that his love for Whitney is too strong to ever be destroyed. Outside the sound booth, Whitney begs Fox to tell her who his mystery woman is and figures out that the woman is in a relationship with someone else. She questions him and later comes to the conclusion that she has figured out the identity of the woman. Caught up in the excitement, she jumps into his arms congratulating him as Syd and Chad spy from inside the sound booth. 

PC by Beth

Caleb considers replacing Ricky and Reese, neither of whom can be found. Lucy becomes optimistic when Kevin claims to have felt pain in his left arm, but Kevin doesn't feel anything during Ian's examination. When he lashes out at Lucy, Ian sends her out for some air and refuses to let Kevin take out his anger on her. At this, Kevin reminds Ian of the many reasons he has to be angry, including the fact that his wife is making love to another man. Ian informs him that Lucy is no longer his wife. Jack's state of undress embarrasses Olivia, who offers to come back later. Jack insists that she stay and go through the things she left behind. Despite Rafe's best attempts to talk her out of it, Alison insists on being the bait they need to get the ring. While talking to Lucy, Rafe realizes that the ring is responsible for both Kevin's abrupt change of heart and his paralysis. When Jamal goes to pick Imani up for their date, he becomes alarmed. Kicking the door in, he finds that the room is a wreck. Imani is nowhere in sight, and there are some strange scratch marks on the sill by the open window. Alison visits Caleb to apologize for judging him, but he accuses her of making another attempt to get his ring. Denying any such thing, she turns to leave, and Caleb makes an apology of his own. Lucy is stunned to think that Christina's wish is responsible for paralyzing Kevin. She wonders whether the ring could be used for good, but Rafe reminds her that it belongs to the evil Caleb. While going through her things nostalgically with Jack, Olivia lets her guard down with her old lover. Caleb and Alison shake hands in friendship.

Y&R By Judy

Raul is really peeved at Brittany. She pleads she was protecting him but he says he can't believe her. He tells Brit to quit but she gets huffy about him making demands. She defends her work and says he should not judge her. She likes the money and isn't used to being poor. She explains how she got hired at the club. She says money makes it easy to strip. Then she says she's making about $1,000 a night and she wants to get him a car. She refuses to quit and tells him it's her body and she is going to work there if she wants and Raul blows his stack. He tells her he knows about the necklace, another lie. She compares him to her parents and storms out. Marcino is at the apartment and interrupts JT's guitar practice. He yells for Brit but she is not there. JT says Marcino is using Brit. Bobby doesn't want to hear JT's opinion and threatens to smash a bottle over his head. Bobby leaves JT and the fire alarm goes off so JT leaves too. Creepy Kevin lurks in the hall and breaks into their apartment and busts up the place and when Colleen leaves a phone message for JT, whacky Kevin smashes it. Sierra meets up with Colleen and they have girl chat and Colleen tells her that Lily and Kevin broke up and she's glad. Wes is at the coffeehouse and wants a resistant Lily to join him. Lily says Kevin dumped her and won't answer her emails. Wes says there will be lots of guys but she is ga-ga over Kevin. The two rival queens of perfume, Phyllis and Dru go at it about what Dru told Jack. Phyllis makes a lovey dovey phone call to Jack to prove her point. Phyllis and Dru go back and forth over who wants Damon worse. Dru doesn't buy Phyllis's all business explanation. Neil tells Vicky she should stay out of the Damon Porter issue but she is really miffed that Victor is keeping her out of business matters. Vicky thinks she is better equipped to handle Damon than Phyllis. Vicky has it all set to meet Damon and Neil disapproves. Strapless and real blonde Vicky sits with Damon. Their conversation is of a personal nature but with business overtones. Vicky makes lite of Victor's influence over her.

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