Wednesday 8-20-03 Recaps

Wednesday 8/20/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

ATWT by Hilary

Rosanna saw Dusty bribing the building inspector, and warned him that any shady dealings of his could jeopardize her chances of adopting a child with Craig. Dusty wondered if Paul put her up to the warning, but she insisted that wasn't the case. He promised to keep his business dealings clean. Meanwhile, Rose visited Paul and Jen, asking them to participate in her charity bachelor auction. Jen agreed, but Paul said no way. Paul wondered if Rose was using him to make Dusty jealous, and said that Dusty would eventually screw up. When he did, Rose would come running back to Paul, but he would turn her away. She left in disgust at this changed Paul, and he broke down. Suddenly, the "James" in his head appeared, and told him that it would be easy to get revenge on Dusty. Rosanna interrupted this "conversation" with a warning to watch out for Craig and Dusty. Jen told Dusty about Rose's visit, and flirted with him as she dropped hints that Rose may not be over Paul. Rose walked in just as Jen threw her arms around him. As Rick told Susan that Alison and Chris had stolen the key to his safety deposit box, the young duo made plans to get into the box. Chris pointed out that they could only do it if they could show that Rick was dead; Alison said they could arrange that. Rick confronted Alison, and offered her $1000 for the key. When Alison told Susan, Susan asked why Alison was trying to make trouble. Chris got a fake death certificate from the morgue, and they went to Tom's office to use his notary stamp, but Tom caught them. Bob continued to have problems, and went into arrest.

B&B by Julie

Brooke tells Samantha Stephanie is using her. Samantha explains she is in town renovating Massimo & Jackie's house and that Brooke is the most paranoid person she ever met. Ridge walks in. Thorne walks in while Eric is changing his designs, Eric vents to him about Brooke. Thorne wants Eric to talk to Stephanie. Eric tells Thorne they have nothing left to say.

Deacon tells Macy that Stephanie is working them. He's not interested in getting even with Brooke. Stephanie explains why she's there, the shares. Deacon is upset with Stephanie for busting in on their honeymoon. Macy wants Deacon to listen to Stephanie. He is afraid this will affect his custody proceedings. Stephanie tells him she knows he has no reason to trust her but she is taking a big risk just being there. She is doing this for her husband. If he votes in her favor she'll give him whatever he wants. Deacon believes Macy wants revenge, she tells him it's not about revenge. Eric should have his company back. Macy finally convinces Deacon to return to L.A. and attend the board meeting.

Brooke tells Ridge Massimo & Stephanie are trying to bust them up. Samantha asks Brooke which brother she is going to the wedding with.

Brooke calls Stephanie and tells her she's on to her. She knows about her plan with Samantha. She tells Stephanie, "you can't touch me"!

Days by Kristi

Jack and Jennifer show up at the hospital with gifts for Bo and Hope (PJs and chocolate). Jack and Bo leave the room. Jen and Hope talk about Jack and his new story. Jen tells Hope that their marriage is great and the sex is better then ever! Hope jokes around saying that when she and Bo get better they will have to make up for lost time. Jack and Bo come back in and Jen and Jack leave. At home Jack is busy at work while Jen tries to convince him that he is worthy of her. He asks her to go get him a cheeseburger and he calls Mickey about changing his will. Meanwhile, at the hospital the doctor tells Bo and Hope that they can go home.

Rex and Shawn are about to tear each other apart when Cassie and Mimi break them up. Down in the car a soaking wet Belle and Phillip (Cassie sprayed them earlier) talk about Rex and how Mimi shouldn’t be so insecure. When Phil goes to hand Belle his sweatshirt he kisses her. She pushes him away just as Shawn walks up. He tells them that he is more sure than ever the Rex attacked his parents. Meanwhile, upstairs Mimi listens in as Rex tells Cassie that he cant remember what happened.

Tony wakes up and Sami is right there to greet him. Marlena says its time for Sami to meet with the board so they leave. Lucas tells Tony about the caves exploding and how John thinks that Tony attacked Bo and Hope. Later, when John walks in, Tony confronts him about it. Sami pleads with the board to let her keep her job claiming that she needs it to take care of Will. When the board takes a recess she overhears John tell Marlena that Sami needs to get fired or she wont learn her lesson. Sami goes back to Tony’s room and Marlena comes in to tell her that she has been fired. When Sami asks what Marlena voted, Marlena says she voted against her

GH by Meghan

Mac went to arrest Ric at GH to find him missing. Ric showed up at Elizabeth's and when Mac arrived she didnt tell him about Ric. Liz told Ric that she wanted nothing to do with him, and wouldn't help him again.

Courtney and Jason arrived home safely and when she didn't want to sleep with him, he worried something was wrong. Carly in the meantime was trying to convince Sonny to pay attention to her and their family instead of Ric.

Dillon wanted to sneak into the Cellar with Georgie. While they were alone, Maxie, Kyle, and one of Kyle's friends came in, making Georgie made. Lorenzo showed up ready to burn the club, and holding a gun on the teens. Dillon talked their way out of the problem.

GL by Sylvia

Ross told Marina Ben left her his inheritance from his grandmother’s estate in excess of one million dollars. Marina thanked Ross but turned the money down because she can’t forget about the people Ben murdered. Shayne told Marina he understands her feelings but she could use the money for good if she accepted it. Springfield’s resident off-color disc jockeys were cancelled. Marah called the disc jockeys to say she wouldn’t miss them because they trashed and hurt her family. Sandy, the disc jockey, figured out it was Marah and went to see her at the museum.

Eden set Salerno up to meet with her in New York so Tony could show up and rough him up about the photos. Salerno admitted the photos had been doctored. He also told Tony it’s really Danny he wants. Danny was surprised when Michelle found out he went to see Salerno but wasn’t angry about it. Eden and Tony shared a steamy kiss after Salerno tucked tail and ran away.

OLTL by Kym

Joe & Jenn's wedding day. Each is getting ready. Marcie's MIA at the bogus sorority initiation. She's forced to do humiliating things to get in. She's forced to sing & knocks them all dead by doing an amazing rendition of a patriotic song. Rex shows up & at first wishes Jenn happiness, but then starts teasing her about what happened in the Dominican Republic between them. He consoles himself by going after another material conquest. River & Adrianna sneak off again. Adrianna begs him to read poetry to her. After finding out that Hank is not intending to run for DA again, Renee suggests to Nora that she run instead. Nora mulled this over. Riley & his dad have a fight when Riley finds out his dad only approves of Flash because she's Asa's great granddaughter.

Passions by Lisa

Sheridan realizes that the pit is being filled with gas and becomes desperate to find a way out to save her baby. From the bottom of the pit she can now see through a window in the basement and throws a rock at it when she senses someone outside. The sound gets a passing Hank’s attention and he questions Edna who trying to escape with Precious. Weary of Edna’s current mental state he offers to stay with her for a while and takes her on a walk giving Charlie the chance to attempt to stop the bomb sensors in the house. Charlie and Precious rush into the house but do not have enough time to disable all the sensors before Hank and Edna arrive at the front door. Giving up on her plan, Charlie goes to the basement (without her clown suit) and tells Sheridan that it doesn’t matter now that she’s seen her face because the house will blow up any second now. At Dr. Culver’s office Luis forces Beth to stay even after a woman in the lobby goes into labor. When Dr. Culver comes out to handle the commotion Luis is confused because the last time he was there with Beth to conform her pregnancy………Dr. culver was a woman. Out in L.A. Syd pulls Chad away from Whitney to continue working on their song. Now alone with Whitney, Fox asks her is she’s okay with Chad and Syd working together after she saw them kiss. Whitney assures Fox that she trusts Chad completely but he continues to push the jealousy issue. Whitney then become suspicious of Fox and knows that he is frustrated with the mystery woman he is in love with. She questions the woman’s identity and Fox promises that everyone will know who she is soon. At the condo Theresa and Ethan take their passion to the next level by making out on the couch. Ethan eventually resists and pulls away from her but is again convinced by Theresa of their undying love for one another leading him to give into the passion again. He reveals that he is still in love with her and whishes that things were different so they could be together. 

PC by Beth

Lucy's prolonged efforts to work the feeling back into Kevin's hand only serve to frustrate Kevin and annoy Ian. Unwilling to take a break, Lucy turns down Ian's invitation to lie down with him for a little while. Feeling guilty, she goes to Ian and lies down with him. Before they can make love, Kevin cries out in frustration from the living room, causing Lucy to push Ian away. Pleased to have caught Jack and Rafe conspiring against her, Olivia rejects Jack's explanation and calls him a liar. Jack makes up a story about Rafe's attempts to keep him from getting involved with her again. Rafe goes along with this and accuses Jack of having no pride. Olivia regrets giving Jack a hard time. Jack says that he simply refuses to let Rafe control him the way Caleb tries to control the vampires, but Olivia is convinced that he still cares about her. Jack tells her to pick up the things she left at his house before he tosses them out, encouraging her to use her key if he's not there. When he has to leave, she assumes that he's meeting a woman. She calls home, but Caleb is gone again. Meanwhile, Caleb laughs at the idea of caring about what Alison thinks of him. Alison believes it irritates him to know that she isn't swayed by his charms. She boasts that Rafe is superior to him. Rafe appears and reminds the vampire that he's supposed to stay away from Alison. Although she tries to stop him, Caleb starts dropping hints about their meeting. This forces Alison to come clean about what happened the night before. When Rafe and Caleb argue about the women in their lives, Caleb advises Rafe to love Alison now, because as mortals, they don't have eternity. Rafe fills Alison in on his plan to get the ring back, and Alison insists on allowing Jack to use her as bait. When Caleb returns home, Olivia isn't there. She lets herself into Jack's house and starts looking for her things. Fresh from the shower and wearing only a towel, Jack greets her.

Y&R By Rachel

Brit slaps JT for letting Raul know where she works. JT denies telling Raul but thinks it is a good thing the truth came out. Raul vents to Lauren about the whole episode with Brittany, Lauren tells him that people make mistakes and he needs to talk about it with her, but Raul doesn’t want to hear it. Brittany enters the boutique, she asks if their relationship is over. Victor comes to the conclusion that neither Phyllis or Vikki should be dealing with Damon -- It is his company and he will do it himself. Pissed, Vikki calls Damon and invites herself to his apartment. Dru tells Brad that she is thinking about going to Jack and tell him everything she knows about Damon and Phyllis; Brad admits that he encouraged the relationship – Dru is afraid neither one of them can handle the pressure of the company politics. Phyllis tries to rationalize the time she spent in Damon’s apt as innocent, but Damon admits that he felt more and thinks they should say good. Phyllis says good-bye but not before plants one last kiss on him. Brad checks in on the isolated Ashley and is happy to learn that she is on her way home to deliver what he hopes is a boy. Larry tells the pouting Cassie that he agrees with her dad she is his little girl who still needs “daddy’s protection”. Sharon then enters and turns the little brats whining into a smile when she tells her that she got Nick to agree that she can bring her friend to the Gala. (Personal note: Thanks Judy for last weeks updates – you rock!)

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