Tuesday 8-19-03 Recaps

Tuesday 8/19/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

ATWT by Hilary

Mike awakened to find that he was trapped in the sheep station's basement with Katie. She told him that their kidnapper is Barnaby Shears's brother, Mordecai. Mike told her that Simon is alive, and she became hysterical when she realized that she has become bait. Mike convinced her that Simon is too smart to fall for the trap. Sarah was floored to hear that she is Marshall's daughter. She was upset that Bonnie kept the information from her, but Bonnie insisted she was trying to protect her. Sarah was shocked to hear that she had been presumed dead, but was furious that Marshall had waited so long to try to find her. Bonnie promised that Marshall wouldn't keep them apart, and warned him not to hurt Sarah. Alison staged the scene so Rick and Susan would think that they snuck into the house to fool around; Susan fell for it, but Rick suspected they were searching for evidence, and decided to postpone his trip with Susan. Alison and Chris made plans to get into Rick's safe deposit box. Jen convinced Dusty that his plans to turn Java Underground into a pub were a bad idea. She flirted and danced with him, as she described a hip dance club. Paul crashed Barbara's movie night with Will, and Will wanted him to stay, until he overheard Paul yelling at Barbara. He said if Paul refused to apologize, he would have to leave.

B&B by Julie

Ridge asks Samantha if she wants to go to Massimo's wedding. Samantha asks Nick what he was trying to do? She is convinced Nick was setting up Ridge. Brooke refuses Eric's new designs. She tells Eric the designs are beautiful but not practical. She tells Eric to change the designs. Eric begins the changes. Stephanie calls Eric & tells him its almost over.

Amber can't believe Rick gave her the divorce papers. She tells Rick he doesn't want to try, he says he doesn't want to lose. Amber tells Rick that Deacon can give Eric a better family with a wife, and you can give him a better family without one? Stephanie meets with her attorney, Deacon now controls Eric's voting rites. She is going to Mexico to talk to Deacon & Macy about retaining Deacons proxy. She is convinced Macy will want to get revenge on Brooke. If she can convince them, they will get back Forrester Creations!

Ridge & Nick verbally spar about Brooke. Samantha lets them know she is nobody's constellation prize. Brooke walks in on Samantha at Massimo's office. Samantha explains who she is, but, cannot tell her why she's there. Brooke tells her she knows why she's there and the "old bat" has gone too far this time. Stephanie would do anything to get her out of Ridge's life. Stephanie arrives at Deacon & Macys room. She tells them Brooke has taken so much from them, are they interested in getting her back?

Days by Kristi

Brady finally gets Nicole home to a not so happy Victor. Nicole ends up storming off while Brady asks Victor about having more children. Victor claims that he loves children and would like to have more. Later, Brady tells Nicole this information, but she tells him to drop it.

Sami and Lucas talk to Will on the phone. Afterwards, they leave to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Marlena almost pulls the plug on Tony but she changes her mind at the last minute. Later, when Tony wakes up Sami is there to greet him while Marlena and Lucas watch.

Rex catches Shawn at his computer, but Shawn tries to cover. Rex call his bluff and by the end of the conversation Shawn tell Rex he thinks Rex could be responsible for the attacks on Bo and Hope. Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn hide while Cassie has a few dreams (one of being a servant to the Brady’s). She decides that she can never be a Brady.

GH by Meghan

A very drunk Nikolas and Zander sat at Jake's, toasting to Emily. Lydia and Lucky showed up to bring them home, but they insisted on stopping at GH to see Emily. Zander and Nik stumbled into her room while she laughed at them. Later Lucky told her that they were fighting over her, and she needed to admit that she was in love with Nikolas.

Lorenzo walked into the clinic where Courtney was, and said he was taking her home. She tried to convince the nurse that he had kidnapped her, but Lorenzo said she was bipolar. Jason showed up and him and Lorenzo had a stand off with their guns, and Jason rescued Courtney.

Carly woke up to find Sonny gone. She went to GH where she found him strangling Ric with a cord. She begged him to stop because she didn't want to lose him, he let Ric go, and left with Carly.

GL by Sylvia

Jeffrey and Beth kiss passionately. Jeffrey leaves her breathless and tells her the next move is up to her. Olivia’s contractions subside as the baby begins to stabilize. Olivia tells Cassie she is terrified of Lizzie. Reva has a vision that may help solve a ten-year-old missing persons case. Josh is concerned Reva’s empathic work may be too much for her.

Lillian vows to get help for her granddaughter. Gus and Phillip bond over the tragic circumstances with Olivia’s accident and her unborn daughter. Lizzie shows remorse for setting Olivia up to fall down the stairs.

OLTL by Kym

Bo questions Deke about incidents with Marcie. Kevin keeps digging up info on Walker. Blair looks after Walker at the penthouse. She finds out what Kevin's doing & tells him to back off. David Vickers turns out to be Dorian's kidnapper & he threatens her to give him the Badhra. Coulson nags Riley about his choices in life & puts down Sarah until he finds out she's a Buchanan. Walker goes ballistic when he finds out Kevin got the medical info on him. Asa proposes to Renee & they make wedding plans. Jenn gives Marcie a necklace to wear to her wedding. Al & Ron dig up evidence against Deke, but after finding out they've gotten it illegally, Bo tells them it's useless. RJ presents the necklace he had made out of the Badhra to Walker. Marcie confides in Jenn about her poor self image. Dorian lies & tells David the diamond's in a locker in San Francisco. Madison & her buddies kidnap Marcie for her initiation.

Passions by Lisa

Fox leads Syd to believe that he has information that will secure her future with Chad only to drop the bomb that he plans on financing a new record label for Chad promising that they will thrive in the music business for the next 50 years. Fox asks Syd not to reveal his plans and tells her that Whitney is also a singer who Chad wants to produce and will most likely be her competitor. Fox pushes the issue by telling her that Whitney is Chadís # 1 priority both professionally and personally but Syd has plans of her own when she tells Fox that she knows how to get rid of the competition. Outside the sound booth Chad asks Whitney if she truly trusts him. She admits to completely having faith in him but knows that the kiss meant something more for Syd. Chad insists that his relationship with Syd is strictly professional and can handle her and swears on his love for Whitney that he will always be faithful to her. At the condo Theresa continues to push the idea of her and Ethan eventually being together. After being asked how he could turn his back on their love, Ethan continues to try and explain to Theresa that he has Gwen, the baby, and vows he made in front of God to commit to. He urges her to move on in her life with someone else when she runs into his arms to kiss him and he gives in to it. Back in Harmony, Sheridan knows that death is near as Charlie reveals her plan to blow up the Wallace residence to Edna and Precious. Charlie believes that the only way to get the cops off their backs is to blow up the house with Sheridan, Luis and the baby in it! At Dr. Culverís office, Luis insists on keeping Beth there until the doctor can examine her. When the receptionist tells the real Dr. Culver about the scene that officer Lopez-Fitzgerald is making in the lobby he makes it a priority to go out and see what all the commotion is about. 

PC by Beth

After going running with Rafe, Alison sits down to enjoy the sun and is annoyed to see that Caleb has found her. When she admits to being disappointed in him, he teases her and advises her to just move on. Alison accuses him of having been cruel to her. She believes that he never cared about her and that their friendship meant nothing to him. After sharing a long, slow kiss with Jamal, Imani admits that it was wonderful--and a big mistake. When she tells him that she isn't free to become involved with him, Jamal assumes that she's in love with someone else. Imani explains her fear that he will regret ever having met her. He promises to call her later and then heads to the police station to check on the situation with his stolen bike. A phone call unnerves Imani, but the caller assures her that everything is all right. After initially taking Jack's compliments at face value, Olivia realizes that he was lying to her. Jack retracts his compliments and changes the subject. When he says that he wants to change, Olivia concludes that he wants her back. Jack thinks this is hilarious. Olivia regrets confiding in him about her problems. Rafe comes in and eavesdrops from the bar. Jack is stunned to hear that she blames Alison for her problems with Caleb. He uses this belief to rub in the idea that it would be hard for any man to resist sweet, beautiful Alison. Rafe becomes angry, leaves, and calls Jack from outside. Jack goes to meet Rafe, who attacks him for using Alison as bait. Jack tells him to do this himself, but it's too late. Olivia confronts them, saying that she knew that something was up.

Y&R By Judy

Jack wants answers from Dru and she gives up some of the information and that she is not sure she trusts Damon. Jack doesn't believe that' all there is to it. She promises to stop spying on Damon but Jack thinks there is more to it. Damon has second thoughts about getting info from Phyllis and Brad wants to know what's up with that. Neil confronts Phyllis about Damon, she seems stunned. She gives an explanation but Neil wants to know why she went to Damon's apartment. Phyllis tries to make light of her dinner with Damon, it seems Neil buys it. Phyllis calls Damon on the cell phone and wants to meet. He tells Brad and is encouraged to follow through. Cassie asks Nick about bringing her friend to the gala. Nick isn't thrilled and asks a lot of questions which upsets Cassie. She leaves in a huff. Victor tells Michael he should take a break after the work he has done, but Michael doesn't trust him. Victor tells Michael he will get a bonus check. Victor acts as if his dirty employment of Michael never happened and wants him gone but Michael convinces Victor to keep him on. Vicki wants to take Cassie to lunch but Sharon is short with her. When Cassie comes in upset Sharon wants to talk to her but Cassie heads to her room blaming Sharon for not discussing the dating situation with Nick. Sharon goes to Nick's office with seduction in mind using this to get him to change his mind about Cassie having a date. It works.

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