Friday 8-15-03 Recaps

Friday 8/15/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

ATWT by Hilary

Dusty tried to convince Craig that Paul is no threat. Carly convinced Rosanna to tell Craig that she wants a child. Hal was worried that Susan may be covering for Rick, because that could make her an accessory to his crimes. With Alison's statement as ammunition, Tom tried to get a search warrant for Rick and Susan's home, but he was unable to do so. Alison and Chris decided to search the house on their own, since they wouldn't need a search warrant. Susan told Rick she would stick by him, but after Emily made her confront her doubts, she told him she couldn't keep standing up for him. When John told Marshall Sarah's age and her medical disorder, Marshall started putting the pieces together, and had Zara's casket exhumed. Jessica told Bonnie that if Bonnie didn't tell Marshall about Sarah, she would. Bonnie told Isaac they needed to get Sarah out of the country immediately.

B&B by Julie

Nick takes Brooke to a hole in the wall bar after dinner. They discuss the custody situation and order drinks. Ridge and Samantha are at the pool. Ridge challenges her to a swim race. Stephanie returns, they discuss Samantha staying at the guest house. Ridge asks about her visit to Sally. Stephanie tells him Sally is doing the "Victory Jig". Rick tells Amber Edward thinks they should divorce. Ambers disagrees and says "Edward couldn't feel his ass with his hands". Rick tells her she has too many "black marks" on her record. Rick cannot risk losing Eric to Deacon. He tells Amber she is a liability.

Rick fetches Samantha's things from her car while she takes a swim before bed. Nick & Brooke have another drink. Nick tells Brooke she should be like a "full sail on a calm sea" when she is with him. He also informs her she needs to make a choice between him and Ridge. Ridge is thinking of Brooke & Stephanie guarantees Ridge that Brooke is not thinking of him. She tells Ridge it is great to see him smile again since Samantha has arrived. "Brooke will never make you happy" and I will not let you settle for less than the best.

Rick and Amber discuss Eric's future - he wants a divorce in order to get Eric back. Rick apologizes for the awful day and tells her he shouldn't have said anything. Amber is glad he did, Rick has given her everything and all she has given him is a legal nightmare.

She is sorry she has put him in this position. Amber is through causing Rick problems. She gives him his divorce!

Days by Kristi

GH by Sylvia

Ned is waiting for Skye when Alexis sits down to discuss custody of Kristina. Desparate, Alexis tries to convince Ned to give her custody and settle for visitation. Ned refuses. Emily sends Zander to the bookstore. Sonny questions Carly about her time with Alcazar on the yacht when Faith comes in to report that both the money and Jason are gone. Nikolas conspires with Lydia and Lucky to nail Stefan, who is helping Alexis to regain custody of Kristina. Alcazar's men regain control of Courtney but not for long. After discovering she is just a mile from shore, Courtney jumps overboard and is shot at!! Carly goes to General Hospital to tell Emily that Jason is out of the country and ends up inspiring her to live. Outside Emily's room, she is confronted by Alcazar.

GL by Barbara

Reva makes preparations for her show. She and Marah talk. Phillip and Olivia attend Lamaze class together. Phillip shares the joys of birth. Lizzie and Alex spend time together. She tells Alex about her baby sister and that Olivia is blackmailing her. Alex calls Lizzie on her actions and feelings. Alex doesn't buy Lizzie's act of innocence. Marina and Shayne spend some quality time together. They talk about Tony and Marah's breakup. Jeffrey talks to someone regarding the package he received and cautions them not to send it in a toy again due to the kids running around. Beth bumps into Jeffrey and knocks his phone out of his hand. They flirt after Jeffrey tells Beth she is beautiful. She thinks that he is coming onto her to find out about the Spauldings. She leaves. Lizzie plays with the carpet on the steps. She talks to her mom and Beth wants to know if Lizzie is keeping secrets. They talk about the baby, which Lizzie calls an it. She is very resentful. Phillip agrees to give Alex the pharmaceutical division of Spaulding. As Olivia descends the stairs, Lizzie second guesses her plan to hurt Olivia, but too late, Olivia tumbles to the bottom of the stairs. Jeffrey rushes to save her. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

I apologize for this being late. It was a CRAZY day yesterday, I totally forgot!

Walker confronts Elyssa about betraying him. Joey asks Andrew to marry him & Jenn. Keri tells RJ that she hurt herself. He still plans to help her get even with Antonio. Walker gives Kevin info about his life. Walker rescues Starr after she falls in the river, but winds up collapsing himself. Andrew agrees to let River stay at Dorian's, if he signs a contract & promises to abide by it. Vicki reminisces about Ben. Cris gives Natalie a pool cue for a gift. Dorian's kidnapped by the French stranger.

Passions by Ashley

Ethan talks to Gwen but is distracted by Theresa and begins to think of her and their night of kissing. Luis takes Beth to the OB/GYN and they have no record of her. Tabitha gets Kay to name her baby after someone Miguel is close to. She decides to name her Maria after his Grandmother and her middle name Ivy after her Father's ex. Whitney walks in on a moment between Chad and Syd.

PC by Beth

When Chris attempts to avoid Elizabeth's calls, she tracks him down at the hospital, determined to bring "Georges" back to help her. She has more clothing orders than she can handle, and she needs him to persuade the buyers to delay the orders a little while. Assured that no one will know he's an imposter--even though they've all met the real Georges--Chris agrees to do it. Thrilled, Elizabeth throws her arms around his neck, but he warns her to back off because he doesn't want to be slapped again. Elizabeth informs him that they now have to become lovers in the eyes of the public. They go to the Elixir for martinis, and Elizabeth advises Chris to work on his accent. Rafe tells Jack his plan to use Olivia to get the ring. Hearing it again, Jamal now thinks that it could work. Jack refuses to go along with it until Rafe points out the possibility that Olivia could eventually use the ring against him. Olivia panics to find that Imani isn't breathing. To her astonishment, Imani suddenly opens her eyes and stands up. Realizing that she was bitten by a vampire, Imani informs her that she made a big mistake. She backs her bewildered attacker against the wall. Tired of talking, she shoves Olivia to the ground, somehow stunning the vampire's arm. After fleeing the scene, Olivia stops to catch her breath. Feeling sick, she vomits into a garbage can. As Alison prepares to leave the loft with Caleb's ring safely in hand, Caleb demonstrates that he still has his treasured ring, while she has a copy. Alison is angry with him for tricking her, but Caleb is furious with her for her audacity. He informs her that he is in control of everything from now on. When Jamal questions the mark on Imani's neck, she claims to have been bitten by a mosquito. Jack realizes that he's going along with Rafe's plan because of Tess. Rafe goes home to a solemn, shaken Alison. Olivia asks Caleb to consider leaving town, but he refuses to leave what is now their home. He is determined to let no one stop them now that they have the ring.

Y&R By Judy

Victoria questions Phyllis about Damon, wondering where he is, Phyllis says maybe out of town. Vicky thinks Phyllis has designs on Damon but she denies it all and says Vicky wants Damon herself. Vicky thinks Michael might find a loophole in Damon's contract and she will be the one to get him to work for them. At home, Phyllis gets worried when Dru calls Jack and wants a morning meeting. Nikki hears about Damon's vanishing act from Dru and has a hissy. She thinks Jack should know and wonders if Damon is giving out company secrets. Jack is seeing red as Damon shows up. They go back and forth about where he's been but Damon doesn't give out any reasons. Jack doesn't fire him but chews him out good. Paul pours himself a drink and thinks Christine is relaxing in the tub. Then Isabella comes from the bathroom and Paul is shocked to see her. She says Chris O.D.'d and a struggle starts. Paul gets the best of her and heads for the tub and pulls up Chris. Isabella is down but not out, she goes after Paul as he is trying to revive Chris. Just as she is about to give him the knife, Michael shows up and he tries to get the knife. Paramedics and Det. Weber show up. Isabella tells Weber she survived, but he's suspicious. Meanwhile we are lead to believe it is lights out for Chris but alas, she returns from the white light. Chris doesn't want to go to the hospital and Paul thanks Michael for coming to the rescue. Then Paul sees Chris reaching for him so he gets on the bed with her. Weber arrests and drags Isabella away as she claims Chris framed her. Michael won't be her lawyer.

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