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Thursday 8/14/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

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ATWT by Hilary

Alison and Chris interrupted Emily's anniversary dinner preparations with the news that Rick was not home the night of Jeffrey Starr's disappearance. Things became awkward when Susan arrived to deliver Emily's anniversary gift. When Hal returned home, Emily told him that they've just blown Rick's alibi. At Java Underground, Dusty finally agreed to let Jen bring models to their grand opening. Bonnie, Isaac, and Marshall continued their argument about Sarah, and Marshall vowed to find out what Bonnie is hiding. Bonnie proposed to Isaac, saying they could get married and adopt Sarah; Isaac accepted. Bonnie told Jessica the news, then admitted that Sarah is Marshall's daughter. Jessica insisted that Marshall must be told. Meanwhile, John told Marshall that a stolen toothbrush could mean that a DNA test was done. Craig made no mention of Paul and Rosanna's embrace, but made snide remarks about Paul and Barbara until Paul walked away in disgust. Rosanna went to Carly's, and Carly got Rosanna to admit that she wanted a child. Hal told Paul that Barbara has nixed Paul's fishing trip with Will. Paul told Jen that Barbara may have won the battle, but not the war; he said he will have Will, and anything else he wants.

B&B by Julie

Amber and Rick leave the church. Amber vows no to leave without her son. Ridge and Samantha talk, Ridge tells her things have not been smooth sailing in his life. Stephanie and Eric arrive at Amber & Ricks, Stephanie & Eric tell them they will do everything they can to help the keep Little Eric. Ridge asks Samantha if Stephanie told her why her and Eric broke up. Ridge explains the situation, but tells Samantha that Eric will always be his father. Eric raised him, he taught him everything he knows.

Sally & Clarke say goodbye to Deacon, Macy and Eric. Sally tells Clarke "they" are in charge now. It's a whole new era for them and for Spectra. Rick & Ambers attorney. Edward arrives. He heard what happened at the wedding, he doesn't think custody is an option now. Not with Amber in the picture. He tells Rick the best thing he can do is get a divorce. Samantha & Ridge talk about the Forrester family. Ridge asks Samantha to stay with them. She agrees.

Stephanie asks Sally to speak to Macy. They discuss little Eric and custody. Sally infoms them that he is legally her grandson. Edward tells Rick Amber is a liability, there is a tape of Amber that proves violent behavior. Amber walks in but Rick cannot bring himself to tell her. Deacon & Macy settle in at their hotel im Mexico. Sally continues to blast Stephanie & Eric and the Forrester name. Sally warns them, they get what they give, and their karma is not good. Sally is convinced that in the end the Spectra family will win!!!

Days by Kristi

GH by Staci

In the Cassadine mansion, Lydia gets Stefan to talk about the threat Emily still posses to Nikolas as Lucky listens from behind a curtain. They agree to tell Nikolas about what they believe is Stefan's desire to kill her. At the hospital, Emily is isolated in a room to help her pump up her immune system. Emily denies still loving Ric, who tells her of his near-death experience and how she helped bring him back. Sonny uses Faith to get to Alcazar in order to find Courtney but Alcazar is busy keeping tabs on Carly. At the docks, he is given a briefcase of money which contains a tracking device Jason hopes to use to find Courtney. Unfortunately, the father-to-be is knocked unconscious. Carly finds out Courtney is pregnant but promises not to tell Jason. Courtney is rescued by the Coast Guard. Stefan makes a deal with a hit-man but is seen sporting bruises later on when he is confronted by Nikolas.

GL by Sylvia

Olivia told Cassie she doesn’t want her baby to grow up to be like Lizzie. Danny went to see Salerno who said he (Salerno) intends protect what’s his – and that means Eden. Marah told Tony she loves him but she’s afraid he might snap one day. Danny and Salerno exchanged mutual threats (mob style) to each-others family members. Phillip attended Lizzie’s therapy session and learned her problems are more serious than he thought.

Tony begged Marah to take him back, but she can’t forget the image of the battered woman in the photo. Eden told Bill he was all she wanted after he said he wouldn’t share her with Tony or anyone else. Phillip found out he and Olivia will have a girl - as Lizzie watched on in horror. Edmund and Cassie daydreamed about their new life at the farm. Cassie and Olivia are developing a friendship. Tony asked Eden to go to Salerno to find out who the woman in the photo is.

OLTL by Kym

Part was pre-empted due to news of East Coast outage.

All teens in town show up at Ultra Violet to see Midnight Logic play. Deke spikes Marcie's drink with acid. Rex invites Lindsay to club, until a disturbed Jenn tells Joe to take her home. Keri tells RJ that Antonio hit her. River & Adrianna sneak into the club. RJ & Antonio duke it out in the alley. Jessica sees this & it scares her off from Antonio.

Passions by Ashley

Ethan tells Theresa that he has to tell Gwen everything about their kiss. She urges him not to because of the baby and the stress. Luis surprises Beth when Pilar tells him to. He asks Beth about the ultrasound but she says she already went. Beth refuses to help Sheridan or her baby when she finds out Luis gave her his Grandmother's ring. Death returns and Charity fears that he will take the baby away. Miguel finds out Kay is dropping out of school to support her and the baby so he decides to quit too.

PC by Beth

Lucy, Kevin, and Ian daydream about the future. In every instance, Kevin can walk again. In Lucy's fantasy, Kevin backs off, and everyone agrees to remain friends. Kevin's daydream has Lucy choosing him over Ian. Meanwhile, Ian fantasizes that Lucy chooses him over her estranged husband. Back to reality, Kevin becomes frustrated by his inability to use his right hand any better than his left. Ian and Lucy prepare to have Kevin as a guest in their home. Rafe finds a note from Alison implying that she is with her mother. Olivia pays Rafe a visit to demand that he and Alison leave town. Rafe persuades her to get hold of the ring and use it to wish that she and Caleb could start fresh somewhere else. Imani brings Jamal a small remote-control motorcycle to play with. As they get closer, Rafe calls to arrange a meeting with Jamal. Caleb is surprised by Alison's promise to do anything he wants as long as he agrees to take Olivia and leave town. Alison reminds Caleb that he has done many important things without the ring. She asks him to give it her, and she promises not to let it cause any more harm. From the hall, Olivia overhears the exchange. Stating that he trusts Alison like no one else, Caleb places his ring in her hand. Jealous and furious, Olivia leaves without making her presence known. Alison thanks Caleb, gives him a hug, and says that she owes him one. Caleb promises to keep that in mind. Rafe arrives at the club just as Jamal is about to kiss Imani. Jamal gives her a quick kiss and offers to walk her home, but she assures him that it's not necessary. When Jamal demands to know what was so important, Rafe informs him of his plan to get the ring from Olivia. Outside the club, the self-absorbed Olivia slams into Imani and then blames the collision on the other woman. Shoving her down, Olivia bares her fangs and lowers her mouth to Imani's neck.

Y&R By Judy

While Isabella lurks in Christine's bathroom, Paul and Michael continue to hash over the events of Isabella's suspected death. Michael thinks they need to concentrate on Chris's defense while Paul's intuition as a P.I. kicks in. He recalls Isabella's family's lack of grief after her disappearance. But Isabella seems alive enough. A startled Chris sees Isabella holding a knife in her face and tries to get away but Isabella stops her. Then she tells Chris the whole story of how she set Chris up. She plans to kill Chris and make it look like a suicide. Paul then thinks another session with Wes will help Chris, then stops short with a sudden flash of discovery. By now, Chris is looking really sedated as Isabella has slipped meds in the wine. Chris thinks Isabella wants her to use the knife to commit suicide but Isabella pushes Chris's head under water. The sultry Brittany appears before Bobby and says she has to give back the necklace, the reason is Raul. Looking for Brittany, Raul shows up at the club and is in a rotten mood. Raul asks Bobby about the necklace and wants to know if Brittany is aka Marilyn. Bobby answers by telling Raul to watch the show, and Angelo will make sure everyone behaves. Out comes Brit to belt out her song ( and take off her clothes ) while Bobby watches Raul's reaction. When Raul sees what really is coming down (Brit's outfit), he runs up and covers her as he rushes her off stage ignoring Bobby's threats.


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