Wednesday 8-13-03 Recaps

Wednesday 8/13/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Aidan finds Kendall standing in the rain outside of Michael’s apartment, shouting at the top of her lungs. When he brings her home, Kendall tells him that she thinks Michael raped Bianca. She says it’s all her fault because she led Michael to Pine Valley. Aidan comforts her and tells her that she and her family will survive this obstacle. Michael shows up and Aidan attacks him furiously. Kendall stops Aidan and tells him to not get himself in trouble. She then asks Michael why he raped her sister. Michael laughs and tells Kendall to stop accusing him of the same thing over and over again. Later, Michael calls his father in the hospital and tells him to leave the world peacefully. Alexander gets furious and tells Michael that he’ll bring him down if it’s the last thing he does. Alexander later tells Ryan that Michael was responsible for his brother’s death. Ryan promises Alexander that he’ll make Michael pay for all that he has done. Bianca asks Erica if she’s mad at her. Erica looks shocked and tells Bianca that she could never be angry at her daughter, especially for the rape. She promises Bianca that they will get through it all together. In Atlantic City, Greenlee asks Carlos why he’s following her. Carlos tells her he was worried about her and that he wanted to make sure she was okay. Greenlee brushes Carlos off and then leaves with Jackson. Carlos furiously asks Juan if he slept with Greenlee. Juan says he didn’t and reminds Carlos that he came to town for his brother, not to seduce women. He urges Carlos to come home with him, but Carlos tells him that his life is in Pine Valley. Juan finally agrees, but says he’s not going to leave his brother’s side either.

ATWT by Hilary

Sarah attempted to apologize to Marshall, but he wouldn't accept when he realized she was only apologizing to keep from losing privileges. Jen and Bonnie caught up on old times. Jen told Bonnie about the Andre fiasco, and Bonnie opened up about Sarah's DNA results. Jen told Bonnie she needed to tell Isaac. Bonnie knew she was right, so she went to Java Underground to fill him in. When he heard the news, Isaac said that if Bonnie didn't tell Marshall, he would. Marshall overheard this, and demanded to know their secret. Hal agreed to let Paul take Will on a fishing trip, but had to rescind the offer when Barbara threatened to go to her lawyers if Hal allowed Will to be alone with Paul. Rosanna wanted Craig to join her, Carly, and Sage for lunch, but he said he had a business meeting; he finally agreed to go after his meeting. Rosanna sent curtains to Paul for the penthouse. He went to the Lakeview to thank her, and joined Rosanna and Carly for lunch. Rosanna became upset when Paul started talking about children. After realizing he had put his foot in his mouth, he apologized, and they ended up hugging. Craig walked in just in time to witness the embrace, but didn't let on what he had seen. Jen told Dusty she could bring in models for his new bar's grand opening.

B&B by Julie

Amber wrestles with Macy screaming about Eric. Rick pulled Amber off of Macy and Amber was taken from the church by Deacon and Rick. Ridge & Brooke discuss Deacon & Macys marriage and the adoption papers. Ridge asks Brooke to dinner when Nick walks in and tells Ridge she already has plans. Brooke leaves with Nick.

Deacon and Macy are pronounced husband and wife! The mystery guest is Samantha Kelly, an old neighbor. Stephanie and Samantha discuss Samantha's career in Interior Design and reminisce about the past. Stephanie tells Samantha that her & Eric are separated.

Amber & Rick try to take Eric from the church and are stopped by Deacon & Co. Julie tells Amber she's not taking the boy anywhere. Ridge arrives at Stephanie's and is upset about Nick & Brookes date. Ridge is surprised to see Samantha Kelly. They begin to play joke, and reminisce. Looks like Samantha has a crush on Ridge. Amber wants to say goodbye to Eric alone. Deacon objects, hesitant to leave her alone with Eric due to her rendition of the world wrestling federation she inflicted on Macy. Rick assures Amber they will do whatever it takes to get Eric back.

Days by Kristi

Bo is in Hope’s room when she flat-lines and he starts screaming for the doctors. They come in and try to revive her, but they can’t. The doctor tells the nurse to record the time as Bo falls to her bedside crying and begging her to come back. He gives her mouth-to-mouth as Belle, Shawn and Alice say the lords prayer. The cameras pan back and forth between them and Bo. He kisses her and her monitor shows signs of life. She opens her eyes and says his name, but then she goes unconscious. Later, Shawn comes in and Bo tells him about feeling guilty. Shawn tells him that he knows once they get better, he and Hope will be right back out there in danger. Bo says he knows them too well. He finally agrees to go back to his room. Later though he sneaks back in and says he always sleeps better next to her and apologizes for not protecting her (these were so sweet).

Belle goes to tell John and Marlena the news and she learns of John’s theory about Tony. Meanwhile at the DiMera mansion, Mimi and Rex make-up. Phillip shows up trying to get information about Rex. He pretends to be concerned about Cassie and later sneaks upstairs to spy on rex. Rex hears a creak and thinks it was Phillip, but when he goes back downstairs he sees Phil asleep. He tells Cassie to keep him out of the house because he is up so something. Phil overhears everything.

GH by Staci

On the yacht, Alcazar asks Courtney for tidbits about Carly. Instead, she tries to escape but he shoots at her before telling her that next time he'll shoot to kill. At home, Jason and Sonny begin to figure out a rescue plan for Courtney. As part of the plan Sonny decides to seek out Faith for her help. Meanwhile, Faith offers Ric a chance to escape so she can care for him. He rejects her offer, explaining that he's there to see Elizabeth. After she leaves Ric gets another visitor --- Carly. She promises her former captor that she will get even for what he did to her and her family. In the hospital's chapel, Elizabeth talks to God but is soon interrupted by Ric. They hug and then Elizabeth slaps him! Nikolas and Zander vow to help Emily through her cancer, which has gotten worse. Nikolas arranges for a specialist to be flown in to care for Emily. Upset, Emily runs from her hospital room but collapses. Elsewhere, Georgie has Maxie talk to a young girl waiting for a heart transplant. The conversation makes Maxie realize how she's taking her second chance at life for granted. 

GL by Sylvia

Danny gave Harley and Blake a place on Fifth Street for Harley’s Angels. Mel, still worried about passing the bar exam, told Jeffrey she was considering working for Harley’s Angels instead of the DA’s office. Jeffrey told Mel he couldn’t understand why women do ridiculous things. Mel called him an elitist pig and told him it doesn’t matter because she quits! Cassie took a break from work to have a romantic interlude with Edmund in the linen closet. RJ continues to call Jeffrey Daddy.

Josh was upset that Reva wants to do her own readings on the air. Danny went to Eden’s apartment and told her he doesn’t believe it was an accident that Marah saw the photos. He also told her to back off – he will handle Tony and Salerno. Cassie told Jeffrey to drop the obnoxious act because she’s on to him. Jeffrey told Cassie her hair looks like hell and made a pass at Reva when she walked into the lobby at The Beacon.

OLTL by Kym

Dorian gets presents for River & Starr's jealous. Arthur "Rack Em" Ross shows up at Crossroads to give Natalie some tips on pool. Andrew's fed up with the way Dorian spoils River & tells him he's putting him in a boarding school. Bo & Nora try to tell Matthew that Bo wants to be his dad, but Matthew gets upset. The French stranger holds Dorian at gunpoint & demands the Badhra from Walker. Walker gives him the fake one. Later, we see a mysterious pair of hands smash the diamond & figure out he's been tricked. River sneaks into Adrianna's room & tells her he's running away. Max & Gabrielle start putting their plan of making Bo jealous into action. Elyssa tells Kevin that Walker has health problems. Walker makes plans to cut the real Badhra into smaller pieces.

Passions by Ashley

Theresa and Whitney continue to talk about fate and how it will bring her and Ethan together. Whitney is taken away by Chad who is off to work at the studio with Syd. Meanwhile, Fox is scamming things and Theresa undresses for a shower. She hears a knock on the door and tells who she thinks is Whitney she doesn't have to knock and Ethan comes face to face with a naked Theresa. Sheridan tries to think of a away to escape the pit. Meanwhile, Luis calls Sheridan's cell to leave a heartfelt message while Beth cringes and listens to his words. Kay becomes disgusted with her mother and her helping Miguel and Charity plan a future. Kay drops the bombshell that she has quit school and Grace is livid.

PC by Beth

Feeling sorry for herself, Olivia has a drink at the Elixir while trying to understand why everyone hates her. When Reese is unable to reason with Ricky about his obsession with Casey, she enlists Jack's help. Ricky pretends to go along with Jack's suggestion to get a beer together, saying that he'll be there in a minute. Jamal doesn't understand Imani's refusal to get on his bike. He talks her into taking a look at it, but Ricky is driving off on it as they step outside. Jack and Reese have a pleasant drink together. Caleb whisks Olivia back to the loft, where he gives her an ultimatum. He is furious with her for following her own agenda when getting the ring back was so important to him. He demands that she either control her jealousy or prepare to spend eternity alone. Olivia cries that Alison just makes her crazy, but she promises not to let her get to her anymore. Caleb informs her that this is her last chance. Getting an idea, she takes off to do something for their relationship. Because of what happened to Kevin, Alison feels guilty about the gym's success. Although Rafe is determined to get the ring away from Caleb, he allows himself to be charmed and seduced by the woman he loves. While he sleeps, she leaves him a note and goes to visit Caleb.

Y&R By Judy

Christine asks Michael and Paul about the scarf, Paul's response convinces her it was Isabella's. She argues with Paul and Michael tries to get them to focus on strategy. Chris seems to have forgotten she is a lawyer. Chris tells she might be away for a long time. She wants to be alone and think, Paul and Michael leave. Later Michael goes to Paul's office and asks him to put Christine first. Paul asks Michael what her chances are. Michael's response is dismal. Paul thinks Wes is a lousy shrink and questions the whole ordeal. Meanwhile, Chris alone in the tub and getting tipsy is about to get a surprise. Isabella with knife in hand crouches nearby. Raul wants Brit to take her birthday off and they will do something special, he doesn't seem to notice her new necklace. Brit is surprised to hear from Raul that JT agrees the two should celebrate together. Raul wants to get cozy with Brit, but she says she has to go to work, after trying to convince her he sees her necklace. She lies and tells him she got it in a store. He starts to think and gets Bobby's business card from his wallet. JT asks Bobby about Brittany. He tries to get Bobby to let Brit out of her job. They end up arguing and Bobby warns the "big mouth" that no one better interfere. Brock discovers that Katherine is on her way to recovery. Kay explains that she is testing Jill. Brock thinks that she and Jill are playing games. Larry wants to know what Jill is up to and she admits she has other motives. She feels that Katherine ruined her life. Larry gets ticked and leaves.


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