Tuesday 8-12-03 Recaps

Tuesday 8/12/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Although Greenlee doesn’t make it easy, Jackson manages to bring her in from the rain. The two end up at a diner, where they talk at length. Jackson tells Greenlee that whether she likes it or not, he is her father. As the night goes on, Greenlee sees Jackson in a new light and accepts the fact that they share a bond. Meanwhile, Juan begs Carlos to go home with him. When Carlos refuses, Juan furiously tells him that he’s not going anywhere without his brother. Simone and Mia get surprised when they see $500,000 has been wired into their Fusion account. Simone tells Mia that she thinks Liza must have wired the money. Mia seems unsure and she tells Simone to not touch the money till they know where it came from. Simone tells Mia that it’s too late, and that she already sent the money to the IRS. In reality, it was Michael who had wired the money because he has big plans for revenge against Kendall. Meanwhile, Erica asks Kendall to leave so she can talk to Bianca alone. Kendall goes straight to Michael’s place and asks him what he did to hurt Bianca. Michael smugly tells her that Erica’s daughters just can’t get enough of him. When Kendall spits in his face, Michael furiously throws her out. Kendall continues shouting outside, daring Michael to admit that he raped Bianca. Back at Erica’s place, Bianca finally tells Erica that Michael raped her. Erica hugs her daughter tightly and promises that they’ll get through it together. Across the country, Alexander asks Ryan to help him teach Michael a lesson.

ATWT by Hilary

Marshall told Bonnie that he will make trouble if she and Sarah don't leave him alone, then had someone check into Sarah's background. Jessica told Bonnie that things look good for Bonnie becoming Sarah's foster mother, but warned that they both need to stay out of trouble. Emily knew that Susan was holding something back about Rick, and worried that Susan would continue to cover for him, even if she had doubts. At the hospital, Rick became angry and grabbed Alison when she accused him of being paranoid. Chris arrived and told him to take his hands off. She thanked him, but insisted that she still didn't want to be with someone who can't decide what he wants. Chris told her he wasn't giving up on her, then kissed her. Rick admitted to Susan that he argued with Alison at the hospital, but bristled when she suggested he see a psychiatrist for his stress. She promised she would never leave him. Rosanna agreed to help finance Craig's partnership with Dusty. Dusty toasted Rose at Java Underground, referring to her as the woman he loves. Paul overheard, and when Dusty tried to bury the hatchet, Paul refused. Jen flirted with Dusty, hoping to distract him away from Rose.

B&B by Julie

Macy & Deacon begin the wedding ceremony. Brooke walks out. Little Eric is confused and asks why Brooke left, Macy and Deacon reassure him everything is fine and Brooke was not feeling well. Brooke finds
Stephanie at her house. They discuss the wedding and Stephanie blames Brooke. If she would have left Thorne and Macy alone this wedding would not be taking place.

Thorne and Darla discuss the wedding. Darla tells Thorne it is to late for him and Macy. She wants him
to focus on his future and the future of their baby. The baby kicks!

The wedding continues and the preacher asks if anyone objects, Amber stands and voices her objection.
Stephanie & Brooke continue to go at it. Brooke tells Stephanie she has no life, Stephanie tells Brooke that Ridge will never marry her. Brooke disagrees and says Ridge will do whatever she wants him to. She kicks Stephanie out of her house. Amber tells Deacon he can't give her Eric and then take him away, he is hers! Deacon disagrees.

Back at her home, Stephanie wonders if Eric will ever return. A mystery dog and a mystery woman appear at Stephanie's front door.

Amber attacks Macy at the church, she's hysterical and tells Macy she will NEVER get her son!!!!

Days by Kristi

Shawn is worried to learn that Hope and Bo are going to need major surgery (holes cut into their head to relieve pressure). Afterwards, Bo wakes up and is ok. Hope however isn't. Bo leaves to go and find Hope while Shawn, Belle and Alice pray. Bo is later in her room as the monitor shows a flat line.

John suggests that maybe Tony did I, but Marlena doesn't exactly believe it. Later when John goes to check on Tony he learns Tony is gone.

Sami and Lucas are still fighting about Will (of course). Meanwhile, Rex is questioned and Phil tries to get Cassie to tell the truth about the weapon. She runs off (which I don't think was very smart of her). Meanwhile, Abe comes by the mansion to let everyone know that the Colin Murphy case has been re-opened. He takes the folder (with Nicole's information) and as Brady and Nicole both grab at it, the papers spill all over.

GH by Staci

Jason saves Ric's life so he can use him to rescue Courtney but Ric can't help unless he receives medical attention back in the states. Jason reluctantly agrees to fly out of Columbia. Meanwhile, Alcazar pressures Courtney to take a drink because he suspects she's pregnant. She puts the glass to her lips but backs down, cementing Alcazar's suspicions. Elizabeth bursts into Sonny's and blasts him for Ric's death, unaware that he is actually alive. Carly unleashes her own venom and tells Elizabeth to leave. Elsewhere, Zander and Emily are planning for a future that she may not have as Nikolas learns her recent chemo isn't working and that her condition is getting worse. Monica tells Nikolas to be there for Emily. Lydia has a change of heart when she learns Emily has cancer. She uses the information to divert Stefan's attention but he remains committed to start a job that he didn't finish..... 

GL by Sylvia

Marah has moved back to her parents house, but isn’t ready to talk to her mom about her and Tony. Eden arrives at the Lewis house to tell Marah that she is making a big mistake by breaking up with Tony. Marah wants to know why Eden should even care about her relationship with Tony. Eden tells Marah if it weren’t for Bill, she would go after Tony herself. Reva meets Dr Langham at the country club-who tries to convince her to do the readings for the show herself. Reva does a successful reading for a maid at the country club.

Eden tries to convince Tony she never meant for Marah to see the pictures. Tony grabs Eden, and holds her close while asking her if this is what she wanted. Danny walks in and finds Tony and Eden in what he thinks is a passionate embrace. Cassie decides to take Edmond up on his offer of moving out to the farm. Jeffrey O’Neil receives a suspicious package at The Beacon.

OLTL by Kym

Kevin threatens to find out who Walker is. Rex goes out to dinner with Lindsay & romances her. Keri asks Evangeline for help with getting custody of Jamie. Starr goes to Walker's penthouse to ask him about Todd. Nora & Bo decide to tell Matthew that Bo's the dad. Gabrielle asks Max for help with making Bo jealous. Antonio receives a restraining order against him. Kevin decides to run for Lt. Governor with Asa backing him. Asa tells Kev to keep it in his pants. Blair reminisces about Todd with Walker at Rodi's. Asa tells Kevin & Kelly to have a baby. The PI tells Kevin that Walker hired her to double-cross him. Keri whacks her face on the door to make it look like Antonio hit her.

Passions by Ashley

Whitney continues to scold Theresa for being in bed with and kissing Ethan when he's married. She swears she had no idea she was really kissing him and thought it was a dream. She also swears fate has brought them back together. Ethan tells Fox that he has no feelings for Theresa and he was dreaming too but Fox and Chad both do not believe him. David tells Grace Ivy was at the church praying for Kay and her child due to her blackmail. Sam feels bad for Ivy when she uses Gwen's trouble in her pregnancy to get sympathy. Antonio and Liz spend time catching up on each others lives. T.C. and Eve's conversation becomes heated when they talk about how she gave Whitney her blessing to go to L.A. Luis suggests he move in with Beth to help her with her pregnancy but she tries to get rid of him because of Sheridan. Meanwhile, Charlie contemplates killing Sheridan while she is having horrible contractions.

PC by Beth

Jack apologizes to Reese and tries to explain the ring's role in their relationship problems, but it just makes things worse. After Ricky denies that he still sees Casey, Reese finds him with his invisible girlfriend and orders her to leave Ricky alone. Lucy finds herself incapable of denying Christina's request to have Kevin live with them, but Ian doesn't like the idea at all. After hearing Lucy's reasons for wanting to grant Christina's wish, Ian agrees to go along with it. Olivia informs Kevin that he will be staying with her and Caleb, making it clear that she wants his help with Caleb in return. Sick of her egocentrism, Kevin calls her on her behavior and declines her offer to stay at the loft. Horribly offended by his accusation that she's only thinking of herself, Olivia runs out, crying. Lucy and Ian officially invite Kevin to stay with them. After spontaneously kissing Chris, Elizabeth slaps the bewildered man and warns him never to take advantage of her that way again.

Y&R By Judy

Paul tries to convince Christine not to give anymore info to the police. Tears streaming down her face she seems to be convinced she is guilty. The Det. wants her to arrest her and Paul wants to call Michael. But the Det. wants her to call when the get to the office. Chris is really out of it because she is thinking of confessing which really upsets Paul. He questions her about her memory and she tells him her memory returned but that the hypnosis was interrupted. Raul doesn't like Brit's working so much but tells JT he is happy and that she must be good at what she does. He wants to fix her a nice birthday dinner plus a massage. He says he is worried about how Brit throws money around. Then comes up with the big idea to surprise her at work. JT tries to halt this idea. Meanwhile Brit is at the club with a surprise for Bobby ( a new song ). She leans on the dance pole and belts out her tune, mostly dressed but popping bosoms in view for a smiling Bobby. He wants her to put the song in her act and she likes hearing that guys like her act. Then he gives her the necklace, she tries to turn it down but accepts it. Larry tells Jill things went well at Gina's but Jill is all down because of Brock's attitude. She also feels once she recovers Kay will dump her again. Katherine, Esther and Nikki converse about Jill, Katherine trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Nikki possibly thinks Jill might have changed but not Esther ! She thinks she is ready to rob Katherine. Katherine has a plan to bring in a friend she trusts.

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