Monday 8-11-03 Recaps

Monday 8/11/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla 

Edmund and Maria spend a nice evening at home with their kids, celebrating their family’s reunion. Jackson gets disappointed when he doesn’t find Greenlee in Juan’s hotel room. He goes out looking for her and finally finds her at the beach. In her fury, Greenlee had managed to get her foot trapped between some rocks. Greenlee tells Jackson that she doesn’t need his help, but Jackson finally manages to free her. Greenlee tries to limp away, and when she takes a bad fall, Jackson picks her up into his arms. At first, Greenlee resists, but she hugs him tightly when the thunder roars above. Kendall calls Ryan’s number to see if it’s really him. When he doesn’t pick up, she gets transferred to the hotel front-desk. Kendall asks them if they have a Ryan Lavery staying there, but the manager tells her that they don’t. Erica desperately tries to locate Bianca. She calls Boyd over and asks him to keep an eye out for Bianca. Mary comes over later, and after a heated argument, Erica throws her out. When Kendall comes over, Erica tells her that she fears Michael may have hurt Bianca. Kendall looks really shocked and tells her mother that she hopes she’s wrong. Just then, Bianca walks in. Ryan goes to see Alexander and tells him that Michael isn’t coming to see him. Alexander gets really upset and asks Ryan to stay with him a while longer. Juan is still in his hotel room when there’s a knock on his door. It’s Carlos!

ATWT by Hilary

Walker told Bonnie that the DNA test results prove that Sarah is Marshall's daughter. Bonnie begged him not to tell anyone, but he tried to convince her that Sarah deserves to know, despite Marshall's past. At Mabel's Red Hots, Sarah stole Marshall's date's wallet. Marshall confronted Sarah, thinking Bonnie had put her up to it. Sarah admitted to the theft, but insisted that Bonnie had nothing to do with it. Emily and Hal agreed that they must be patient if they hope to catch Rick, and Hal repeated this to Alison. Meanwhile, Rick told Susan that when Alison was at the house, he was upstairs getting an aspirin, and said his car was parked on a side street because their neighborhood was being paved. Susan was unsure that others will believe him, but he said he doesn't care, and that her daughters are their biggest enemy. Susan resented this, saying she loves her daughters for caring about her. Rick later confronted Alison, and got angry when she tried to gracefully walk away. At Paul's penthouse, Barbara tried to pay Paul for winning their bet, but he tore up the check. Jen told Barbara that she is finished with BRO, and with her. Barbara told Paul he was just like his father. Paul talked to "James" inside his head, who agreed that he was becoming a chip off the old block.

B&B by Julie

Brooke and Macy have words about their past. Ridge and Captain Payne discuss the fact that their only resemblance is in their behavior. Rick and Amber discuss the possibility of losing their son. Amber wants the wedding stopped. Deacon is worried but says this is "the real deal". Sally tells him that "love when you're doing it right is easy". Macy and Brooke continue to argue. Brooke tells Macy she is her judge, jury and executioner and that Deacon is hurt and angry and still in love with her. Sally enters and kicks Brooke out. Amber accuses Deacon of wanting to take little Eric from her and begs him not to do it. Captain Payne blames this whole chain of events on Ridge.

Brooke tells Amber she is sure Macy will call off the wedding. Macy asks Sally how Deacon is, Sally reassures Macy he is very much in love and not to let Brooke ruin her day. Captain Payne and Ridge discuss Ridge's intentions. Ridge says the Captain would love it if he turned his back on Brooke when she needed him. Amber tells Brooke it doesn't seem that Deacon "knows" and thought Brooke would have told him by now. The wedding begins and Brooke, Amber and Rick look shocked to see Macy come down the aisle.

Days by Kristi

The show opens with all of the characters screaming while John is holding Shawn back. Lexie and Marlena go over and try to help out. Hope and Bo are rushed to the hospital. Phillip takes over and tells everyone to try and put together what happened. No one can remember anything but seeing Belle and Kate get flowers. Abe and Roman are at the station questioning why the Colin Murphy case is being brought up again. The one of the cops come in and tells them that some people got hurt at the fashion show. They rush over and immediately begin questioning everyone. Cassie notices the blood on Rex's shirt, but he says that it is just make-up. Later, she sees him washing it off and when she sees the bloody stick (it looks like a small pole or something...I couldn't tell) she pretends to spill her drink and uses her towel to push it under the curtain.

Bo and Hope are brought to the hospital. Shawn is forced to wait outside, and when Lexie, Marlena and Belle show up, Marlena tells them that Bo and Hope may have brain damage and may even die. Shawn vows to kill whoever did this to his parents.

Victor is lying on the floor and he has a series of flashbacks where he is telling Nicole that he knows about Colin. He tries to push the papers that have the evidence underneath the couch, but he passes out again. Nico comes in and finds him. He and Henderson try to get Victor to go see a doctor, but he refuses. Later, he agrees to take a nap. When Brady and Nicole get home they go into the living room and Brady picks up the papers about Nicole.

Lucas takes Sami home where they get into an argument (basically about everything they have ever been through together). Sami insists that Lucas seduced her the night they made love, but Lucas begs to differ (really good scenes)! He says that Sami was begging for it. They insult each other until Sami says that she hates him, and Lucas looks really hurt.

GH by Staci

After her encounter with Stefan, Lydia goes to Lucky and tells him of her plan to get her marriage to Nikolas annulled and the threat Stefan made against her life. The two agree to plot against him and tie him to Summer's murder but soon they are interrupted by Stefan himself!!!! Ric flat lines and is seen walking to the light when an image of Elizabeth stops him and tells him to stay. Later, he hears one of Alcazar's men talking to the hospital doctor about really finishing him off. Believing he will soon be dead, Ric calls Elizabeth's cell phone and tells her he loves her. Elsewhere, Sonny and Carly make it home without Jason and Courtney. Still at the hotel, Alcazar tells Courtney to chose between her life and that of Jason's. Before she can make a choice Jason leaps out of window. He rushes to the hospital where Ric is and kills Alcazar's hit-man just before he was to take out Ric!!! Dillon gets a lecture from Alan about drug use and Maxie tells Kyle she wants to make love. 

GL by Barbara

Harley and Gus discuss Harley's angels. They talk about Alan's offer for financial backing and his free advice. Gus encourages Harley to follow her idea. Reva pitches her psychic segment for the show to Holly. Josh agrees with Reva. Reva talks to Chris about doing the show. Marah confronts Tony about the pictures. Tony makes excuses and then tells her a story. He says that Vinnie is setting him up. Marah breaks up with Tony and moves back home. Gus and Alan bond at Company. Billy tries to get in shape. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Walker confronts Elyssa, the PI about tailing him & makes a counter-offer to only report back to Kevin what he tells her to. Jessica & Antonio get down & dirty in the quarry & back at his place where Keri runs into them. She tells RJ she wants Antonio to suffer. Lindsay's back at the gallery. Cris & Natalie both take on PT jobs at Crossroads. Jenn strips for Rex (yahoo) & they get divorced. RJ & Max hang out & talk about their kids. Blair confronts Walker about sending the letters to Kelly & accuses him of acting like Todd. Rex & Lindsay go out to lunch together.

Passions by Ashley

The Bennett's return home exhausted from the hospital. Once they are there Ivy and Grace fight when Ivy claims she went to the church to pray for Kay and her baby. T.C. feels guilty about kissing Liz and is nervous when he finds her with his wife. Liz gloats to Eve and she's not sure why. Whitney, Chad, and Fox catch Ethan and Theresa in bed together kissing. Ethan and Theresa tell each other why they are in L.A. and try to figure out why they ended up kissing. Mrs. Wallace faints when a blindfolded Sheridan comes into the living room where Luis, her and Beth are. Beth the n realizes Luis could turn around and see Sheridan.

PC by Beth

Rafe is angry with Jamal for having withheld information about Caleb's ring, but Jamal wants to move past this and do something about it now. Before they can leave for the gym, Caleb appears, taunting them with the fact that he is wearing his ring. Although Jamal wants to take it away from him, Rafe reminds him that the ring protects Caleb from all other vampires. Rafe grabs a scalpel to use against his enemy, but Alison shows up and inadvertently stops Rafe from making his move before Caleb vanishes. Alison is disgusted to hear that Rafe intended to cut the ring off Caleb's finger. She's also glad to hear that Caleb has his ring back. Her words stun Rafe, who can't believe that she trusts Caleb not to use the ring against them. He vows to do whatever it takes to get the ring back. When Chris and Ian fill Kevin in on his condition, Kevin realizes that he may be facing permanent paralysis. He asks Ian to remove himself from his case, and although Lucy objects, Ian agrees that it would be for the best. When Kevin asks for Christina, Ian goes to get her. Lucy assures Kevin that he will be all right. Christina requests that Kevin go home with her and Lucy. Although Imani turns down Jamal's offer to stay at his place for safety, she asks him to walk her to work, and they leave the hospital hand in hand. After leaving Rafe, Caleb goes to Olivia, who is crying her eyes out in the stairwell. He holds her responsible for what happened to her father, because he knows that she was trying to hurt Alison. He is furious with her for sabotaging his plans, as well as for lying about how she felt about the photo of him with Alison. Olivia notices his ring and begs him to use it to help her father, but he refuses. He leaves Olivia in the stairwell alone after she refuses to go home with him.

Y&R By Rachel

Kay’s reveals her surprise to the dinner party that she is starting to use her hands (Ester and Nikki are still the only ones that know she has made much more progress). Mitchell and Brock join the party and Mitchell exposes Jill’s plan of declaring Kay incompetent. Jill is confronted and explains herself saying that someone needs to make important decisions for Kay (until she is able to do for herself) and she just wants to watch over her. Chris is accepting the fact that she killed Isabella for her conscience. Mike is worried about the tough road he has ahead of him, defending an innocent client who believes she is guilty. Webber visits Chris and Paul and confirms that the nail scrapping he took from Christine match Isabella’s DNA. Chris is the main suspect with the available means, motive, and opportunity. Kevin gives Lily champagne and tries to get freaky, Lily asks him to slowdown but encourages him to continue with a kiss. Colleen and JT interrupt by showing up – JT sees the alcohol and puts together that he plans to get Lily drunk then take advantage of her. JT punches Kevin square in the face.

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