Friday 8-8-03 Recaps

Friday 8/8/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Tracy

Tad and Jackson go looking for Greenlee. Greenlee asks Paulo to kidnap her to Argentina. Mia tells the police that Simone ran into Michael with the luggage carrier on purpose. Kendall answers Michael's phone and hears a very familiar voice. It's Ryan on the other end. They're both not sure if it's each other they heard or not. Carlos talks to Stuart about Greenlee, he still has feelings for her but cannot open himself to getting hurt by her again. Mary asks Carlos to help look for Greenlee in exchange for herself. Kendall and Aidan almost get busted at while snooping at Michael's apartment, Kendall goes back to get Ryan's phone number.

Kendall can't get Ryan off of her mind. Ryan calls Michael to tell him about his father being ill. Ryan asks Michael if there is anything he wants him to tell him, Michael tells Ryan to tell his father he hopes his version of Hell is better than Pine Valley. Back in Atlantic City, Greenlee heads to the beach but there is a storm brewing on the horizon.

ATWT by Hilary

Susan convinced Rick to have a checkup. He tried to get in to see Bob, but was stopped by the private nurse that Kim hired. Susan and Alison made amends, and Alison revealed that Susan had been alone on the sofa when she came by to get her things. Emily tried to apologize to her mother. Susan started to reveal this new information, but clammed up when Rick arrived. She later confronted him about the revelation. Alison told Chris that the love between Katie and Simon has shown her what real love is. She said she needs some space from him. Rosanna and Paul discussed being betrayed by loved ones. Jen was furious with Barbara for trying to control her life, and told her that she will no longer be a part of BRO. She also announced she would move in with Paul. Craig and Dusty decided to buy Java Underground together, but Rosanna said no way.

B&B by Kathy

Amber lays beside Little Eric and tells him she loves him, will always be there for him, and will protect him. Brooke walks in. They go downstairs where talk about Macy & Deacon's wedding. They're afraid they'll take the kids. Brooke leaves. Rick comes home and tells her they can't stop the wedding or Deacon taking the boy to Mexico. Amber informs him of her talk with Brooke. Rick calls around and they can't locate her. Amber figures she went to take care of the situation they were talking about. Macy tells Sally & Clarke C.J is not coming to the wedding. Sally's upset but Clarke & Macy agree that it's O.K. since she's supposed to be happy today, and if he's not supportive then he shouldn't be there. Macy and her parents are so admired by the wedding flowers, etc. Clarke asks Deacon about being his best man. Deacon accepts. He loves the tux. Later they leave towards the altar. Macy's not dressed yet 'cause she's interrupted by Brooke. They fight a while. Brooke tries to stop Macy from making the biggest mistake of her life. She thinks she's marrying Deacon to seek revenge on her plus to have a family (esp. a child). She doesn't believe they love each other, and she can get Deacon back easily if she wants since Deacon still loves her. Macy says everything is all about Brooke (she thinks) but it's not. Macy claims to love Little Eric & Deacon. Brooke still thinks she'll stop the wedding. Lastly, Brooke says if she marries him, etc. that she'll regret it!!!

Days by Kristi

The fashion show begins and everyone in Salem seems to be in it. Bo and Hope arrive home and are put in at the last moment. Lucas questions the about the explosion in the cave. They remind him of his Horton heritage and that he should do the right thing. Later Rex really lays into him about not coming through for the Dimeras. Sami seems to be turned on by his confidence in his "new power".

After Brady convinces Victor to let Nicole be in the fashion show, Victor sort of admits that he will try to work on his relationship with her. Later, Nicole seems really uncomfortable with her "out fit" so Brady gives her his shirt to wear. Meanwhile, Victor collapses on the floor (I think he had a heart attack), and the information he has on Nicole is out for anyone to see.

Everyone is modeling and Jen and Jack are hosting. Meanwhile, Shawn tells Belle how proud he is and just as the fashion show is drawing to a close, the lights go out and we hear Belle scream as the camera pans to Bo and Hope on the floor with blood between them.

GH by Sylvia

Emily tells Nikolas about Lydia's offer to double their contribution if only Emily convinces him to sleep with his wife. Back at home, the not-so-happy newlyweds get into an argument which prompts Lydia to pick up the phone and call a lawyer so she can have the marriage annulled. However, Stefan catches
her and hangs up the phone, telling her that the only way she'll get out of the marriage is by leaving Nikolas a widower. Georgie almost makes love to Dillon, who manages to get the drugs away from Kyle but is caught trying to give them back to General Hospital. Sonny, Jason and Carly make it out of the clinic but Ric is shot!!!! He's taken by Alcazar's gunmen and is fading fast on a hospital bed. He thinks he's seeing Elizabeth but its actually a doctor. He asks for forgiveness before he flat lines!!!! Meanwhile, Elizabeth thinks of the happy times the two shared. Alcazar, clearly smitten with Carly, wants her back and offers Jason a Courtney or save Carly!!! At the park, Skye queries Ned about the angry woman. Turns out its a woman who wanted sex nine years ago but was rejected by Ned. She in turned accused him of rape. 

GL by Barbara

Cassieís son, RJ, called Jeffrey OíNeill daddy and clung to his leg after mistaking him for Richard. Micelle and Bill reminisced about Ben and their childhood with him. Danny offered Edmond a piece of real estate on Fifth Street. Incriminating photos of Tony fell out of Edenís purse in front of Marah who picked them up. Tony wondered if Danny cares more about the Santos image than actually going legitimate. 

Marah ran away from the country club after seeing the photos of Tony. Edmond proposed that Cassie move out to the farm as she and Richard had planned before he died. Cassie mistakenly believed that Edmond wanted to make the move as well and refused his offer. Marah apologized to Tony for running away and told him she should have known they were fakes. Tony told Marah the pictures were real. 

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

Whitney worries about everyone while Chad continues to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Fox is dreaming about Whitney and what could be. Ethan and Theresa continue to dream about each other while they cuddle in a bed they have no idea their sharing. Liz continues to try and seduce T.C. and he tries to not give in. Eve gets advice from Grace who tells her to fight for her marriage. Sheridan's labor pains continue while Beth, Precious, Edna, and Charlie try to help to save the baby but they think she will not make it. Beth plans to kill her but Luis and Hank show up at that very moment. 

PC by Beth

Rushing to Kevin's side, Ian enlists the aid of two nurses who were in the fashion show. No longer in disguise, Chris springs into action to assist Ian. Jamal and Imani take Christina away from the commotion. Caleb can feel that someone present has his ring. Believing that she should have cancelled the show, Alison blames herself for the "accident." Olivia cries her eyes out over what happened to her father instead of Alison. Suspicious, Caleb asks point blank whether she knows how this happened, but she denies knowing anything about it. Offering her support, Alison drives Olivia to the hospital. Rafe taunts Caleb about his failed attempt to get his ring back by using the band's new song. Jack is convinced that what happened to Kevin was no accident, and although Reese thinks he's just being paranoid, Ricky can see his point. Chris calls in the hospital's top neurologist. Although Kevin questions why Ian is his doctor, Ian sees himself as Kevin's best chance. Jamal learns that Christina had Caleb's ring and that she lost it at the gym. Christina admits to wishing that her daddy could live with her and Lucy again. Jamal rushes to fill Rafe in on the situation, explaining the ring's unique power to grant wishes. Caleb's greatest desire finally comes true when he finds his ring on the floor of the gym. Ian informs Lucy that although Kevin will live, it's possible that he will never walk again.

Y&R By Rachel

Michael and Wes were unable to stop detective Webber from taking the bloody scarf Chris tried to hid behind her back as evidenced. Chris is told what she said under hypnosis and now truly believes that she could have killed Isabella. Jill shares with Larry her plans to declare Kay legally incompetent. Jill gets the bright idea of having Gina back her having Kay declared incompetent – after all she is Kay’s stepdaughter – she will plan a dinner tonight. Meanwhile Kay comes up with a plan to test Jill but won’t share it. Colleen expresses her concern over lily – she thinks she is just running away from her own problems. Kevin is pissed that Colleen gave him the third degree and lily and him go to his apartment so he can cool down. Kevin asks for reassurance from lily that she wants to be in the apartment with him. 

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