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Thursday 8/7/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica goes to Jackson’s to talk to him about Bianca, but the two end up in an argument. Erica later confides in Myrtle, who tells her to gather the facts and then confront Bianca. Lena goes to Maggie’s to ask her why Bianca has been acting so strange. Bianca shows up and asks Lena why she’s going behind her back asking questions about her. In an effort to push Lena away, Bianca pretends that Maggie is her new girlfriend. Lena gets really disappointed, but she tells Bianca that she’ll have to try a lot harder to get rid of her. Maggie later tells Bianca that she shouldn’t be playing games with Lena. Bianca gets furious and asks Maggie why she told Anna and David about the rape. Maggie gets confused and promises Bianca that she didn’t say anything to anyone. Bianca calms down and tells Maggie that Anna had come over, trying to fish for clues. She says her mother tried to confront her about Michael Cambias too. Kendall, Mia and Simone discover that Michael had been the one who reported Fusion to the IRS. Kendall plots to break into Michael’s apartment and steal money from his safe. She asks Simone and Mia to keep Michael busy while she’s at his place. Aidan agrees to help out and the two try to get the safe open. To their disappointment, the combination doesn’t work and the safe won’t open. Kendall suggests that they haul the safe out and replace it with a dummy. Alexander is in a hotel room with the man who gave him a ride from the desert. He suddenly gets a heart attack and falls to the floor. Before passing out, Alexander manages to tell the man to call his son for help. After the paramedics take Alexander to the hospital, the man calls Michael’s place. Kendall picks up the phone and wonders where she’s heard that voice before. On the other end, it’s Ryan!

ATWT by Hilary

After Sage's christening, Mike discovered that Katie has left without him. He asked Margo to stop all flights, but she said she can't. They found Alison at the airport, and she eventually confessed that Katie has just left. Mike planned to take the next flight and follow Katie to Australia. Lily held a party for Sage at her home, and told Dusty he should convince Rose to attend alone. He did so, then went to have a drink with Craig, who had already irritated Rosanna by refusing to attend Lily's party. At the Lakeview, Paul gave Andre a check, and instructed him to go to Barbara's suite to hear her counter-offer. Barbara offered Andre money to leave Jen. At first he refused, then stalled by kissing her. She enjoyed the encounter, but insisted it would go no further. Paul prompted Jen to go to Barbara's suite, and, just as she arrived, Andre accepted Barbara's check. Rick hired Marshall as his lawyer, much to Susan's dismay. Hal and Walker asked Rick about his flatlining hobby in college. He insisted he never did that at Memorial. He insisted that Jeffrey Starr couldn't have left behind any information about him, but covered the flub by saying Starr would have taken his laptop with him. He was visibly shaken when Emily revealed that Starr had left a memory card behind. Susan told Emily she didn't think she could ever forgive her for speaking against Rick, then told Rick she would always stand by him.

B&B by Kathy

Stephanie visits Deacon and tells him to back off with the wedding and taking his kids or he'll regret it. Deacon doesn't back down and tells her that no matter what the wedding will take place. He kicks her out then tells her sarcastically to come again. Thorne has the song about "When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever" playing in the background as he tries to woo Macy's heart. He regrets the past and promises to make things different between them, but Macy can't trust him. He says Deacon will heart her more than he ever has. She thinks she shouldn't be with him at the moment but he thinks the opposite. As she tries to leave he kisses her and she responds until she finally pushes him away. She leaves to go home to see her fiancé. At the house Deacon admires her clothes and she has to explain where she was. She explains the dress and flowers and wants him not to get mad 'cause she saw Thorne. He's not but is so happy their wedding is tomorrow so they can start their life with Little Eric. The lawyer visits Rick & Amber and tells them there's nothing he can do to stop Deacon from taking his son to Mexico, and they may lose the custody fight. He will try to put up a hard fight but he expects the worse. After he leaves Amber cries 'cause she doesn't want her "sweet" son be unkind (and change 'cause of a custody fight), and she's afraid she'll lose him.

Days by Kristi

Nicole walks in as Brady throws down the cd he made for Chloe when she was in the hospital. Brady shows her the review from Chloe's debut (which are excellent). He says that when she left he at least thought she would call him but she hasn't. Nicole talks about never being in love before and Brady asks about Victor. She says she thought she loves him at one time then she says she wants to go to bed. She tells Brady that she admires him for being so selfless with Chloe.

Sami and Lucas's "almost kiss" is interrupted by the maid. Later Lucas gets the call from Cree about the explosion. Lucas asks Cree to send him a picture of the woman responsible. Sami listens in on the other line, but she is busted when she sneezes. She tells Lucas she wants to help him, but he says he can handle it. Later Lucas realizes that the woman was Hope.


Rex whines to Marlena about Mimi and his other problems. He says he has to hold onto her because she knows his secrets. Meanwhile, Phillip tells John that he wants to investigate Rex, but John says that he shouldn't do it since the ISA isn't helping him. John shows up and later he and Marlena end up in the bedroom. Meanwhile things are getting hot and heavy between Abe and Lexie when they are interrupted by Celeste who tells them she had and unsettling vision. She leaves and they "go back" to what they were doing before.

GH by Staci

Everyone it seems in Port Charles has shown up for General Hospital's Breast Cancer Walk, including late arrival Nikolas. He arrives after putting the kaboosh on Lydia's offer to head to the beach and have some *fun*. The newly married Nikolas is still thinking of his beloved Emily and hands her a large donation to the cause. Not to be outdone Lydia offers Emily the chance to double it if only she gets Nikolas to agree to consummate their marriage. A very smitten Maxis agrees to Kyle's request to steal drugs from the hospital but she nearly gets caught by Alan!! Later, the two take some of the pills at the walk. Alexis begins to have a change of heart about her deal with Stefan when Ned lets her have some quality time with the baby, but Stefan tells her its too late. Soon a woman named Tina slaps Ned and calls him by another name???

In Columbia, Carly tries to convince Alcazar to release her but he just can't do it. He tells her that he will always protect her and the baby, placing them above his own life but he wonders if she can be trusted to protect his life???? Meanwhile, Courtney manages to disarm Alcazar's gunman and escape from Kelly's. She then hops a plane to see Sonny, Jason and Ric so she can tell them Carly's location. Once there, the group tell her to stay put while they rescue Carly. In her bed, Carly is surprised to see ----SONNY----!!!!! He manages to find his damsel in distress but it looks like one of Alcazar's men has his gun aimed at unsuspecting Jason. At the hotel, a still-not-telling-I'm-pregnant-Courtney is found by Alcazar......

After Dillon apologizes to Georgie for hurting her feelings after being caught with Faith the two lovebirds end up making out on her bed.....

GL by Sylvia

Olivia told Lizzie she is a troubled girl and if Lizzie doesn’t get help for herself, then she will make arrangements for a full-blown intervention. The photos Salerno sent to Eden are of Tony grabbing a woman who appears to have been beaten up. Eden and Marah discuss Tony’s violent past. Rick told Phillip he only wants Olivia because she doesn’t want him anymore. Darcy and Eden agree that neither of them will ever be able to escape Salerno. 

Phillip apologized to Olivia for acting like a jerk and admitted he hasn’t felt the same about her since he found her in bed with Alan. Eden told Darcy she has fallen for Bill and is ready to forget about Tony. Mel told Rick she is going to join Harley’s Angels if she passes the bar exam. Olivia asked Phillip to come to her next birthing class while Lizzie watched and pulled up a piece of carpet on the stairs at The Beacon. 

OLTL by Kym

Al threatens Marcie's enemies & gets in a fight. Rex tells RJ that Evangeline sold him her shares in Ultra Violet. Walker tells Kelly that Kevin's messing around with Blair, but she doesn't believe him. The cops bust Marcie's assailants. The French guy shows up at Dorian's again & this time she has a gun. She tells him to go bother Walker for the Badhra. Evangeline tells RJ it was just business when she sold her shares, that she needed the extra money to put her mother in a retirement home. River & Adrianna make plans to meet again. Kelly confronts Blair about messing around with Kevin, but Blair denies it. Kelly tells her that Walker was the one that told her about it. The French guy harasses Walker, but he overpowers him & tells him to get lost. Rex insists that Jenn go with him to get their divorce. Al gets his dj job back. Marcie gets a bogus invite to join a popular sorority. Blair confronts Walker about telling Kelly about Kevin & her. She finishes it by pushing him into the pool.

Passions by Ashley

Ethan and Theresa continue to kiss passionately while they dream of each other. Gwen is frantic in the hospital because she senses what's happening between Ethan and Theresa. Whitney worries about everyone but Chad takes her mind off it. Beth continues to badger Sheridan who goes into labor. Hank tells Luis he needs to quit neglecting Beth. T.C. and Liz continue to kiss passionately due to the vodka she spiked his lemonade with. Eve confides all her problems with an eager to listen Grace.

PC by Beth

With the show scheduled to begin in an hour, Caleb wonders where Olivia is, unaware that she's outside, paying a man to do something at exactly 10:30. Caleb prepares to exact his own revenge on the person who has his ring. As "Georges," Chris seems to come into contact with almost everyone present. Fretting about one missing model, he tries unsuccessfully to recruit various people to fill in. Reese apologizes to Ricky for her behavior and reiterates her desire to meet his mother. Olivia bosses the other models around to keep everything on schedule. Jack apologizes to Reese, who can't forget his hurtful accusation about her willingness to sleep around. To Jamal's amusement, Imani destroys the film belonging to a photographer who took her picture. Ian figures out that "Georges" is really Chris in disguise. After the band plays their new song, Christina tries to get to Caleb, but Kevin holds onto her. Watching the clock, Olivia worries that Alison won't be in place in time. Christina makes a wish that her daddy could live with her and Lucy again. Kevin's friendly offer to introduce Alison at the end of the show goes horribly wrong when a light crashes down on his head at exactly 10:30, as he stands where Olivia expected Alison to be. Olivia's actions further backfire on her when the "accident" causes Christina to drop the ring.

Y&R By Judy

Michael brushes off Jill's attempt to get him to listen to her ranting about Katherine. He heads out the door when Chris calls. Then Jill meets up with Brock and he questions her motives about trying to put his mother away. Nikki and Katherine work on a plan to test Jill's sincerity as Katherine's strength slowly returns. Brittany as Marilyn is helping to increase business at Marcino's. When Kevin makes some comments about Brit Bobby collars him and tells him to treat women with respect. Brenda shows up and flaunts a new corset in front of an embarrassed Kevin. She teases him about his shyness, she leaves and he proceeds to slice up the corset with a knife. Colleen made it her business to tell Lily what she thought about Kevin. They argue and JT intervenes. When Kevin shows up Colleen proceeds to bombard him with questions. Lily and Kevin leave. Det. Weber searches Christine's place and detectives find the dress with the note from the cleaners. Michael shows up and declares Weber should not have interrupted Chris's session with Wes. Chris stands by with the bloody scarf behind her back.


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