Wednesday 8-6-03 Recaps

Wednesday 8/6/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica wakes up screaming after having a nightmare about Michael. When Bianca comes over to comfort her, Erica asks Bianca if there’s anything that’s bothering her. She tells Bianca that David thinks Michael could have harmed her. Bianca gets furious and firmly tells her mother to stop fussing over her. When she leaves the room to go change, Erica rushes out. Bianca comes back to the living room and picks up a muffin from the breakfast table. She quickly puts it down and rushes to the bathroom, holding her stomach. Jackson comes home after spending all night looking for Greenlee. Reggie tells him that he shouldn’t worry and that he’ll soon have the chance to catch up with his daughter. He offers to move out so that Greenlee can move in. Jackson lovingly tells Reggie that he won’t give up his son to spend time with his daughter. Later, Mary shows up and Jackson has a fuming argument with her. When he opens the door to throw Mary out, he sees Erica standing outside. Greenlee wakes up in the hotel room and Juan tells her he’s ordered a lovely breakfast for them. Greenlee wonders why Juan is being so nice to her and asks him what he wants. Juan confesses that he’s a wandering playboy who’s just looking for a good time. When Greenlee proposes to be the new object of his desire, Juan gently tells her that he would rather be a friend. Greenlee angrily tells him that she’s not in the market for another friend and gets up to leave. Juan urges her to not go running back to the people who keep hurting her. Mia and Simone discover that Kendall knew about Greenlee being Jackson’s daughter even before Greenlee knew. Kendall defends herself and tells the girls that she was just trying to be loyal to her mother. Later, the girls receive a letter from the IRS claiming that Fusion owes $500,000 in taxes and penalty. The girls panic and wonder how Greenlee could have forgotten to pay their taxes. Michael shows up just then and offers to help.

ATWT by Hilary

Katie promised Mike she would be at the christening, though she told Alison she intended to duck out early to go to Australia alone. At the country club, Bonnie insisted that Sarah apologize to her manager for pouring water on Marshall. Her manager said she could have her job back if she apologized to Marshall. Marshall accepted the apology after having a talk with Sarah. Hal hired Walker to help him with the murder investigation. Craig told Paul to vacate the penthouse, but Paul said that after all that Craig has done to his family, he won't do anything for him. Craig said Paul had met his match. Barbara horned in on Jen's date with Andre, just as Paul had planned. She told Andre she would pay him to leave town and stay away from Jen. Tension was in the air at the christening, as Lucy and Aaron argued about their future, and tempers flared over Dusty's presence. Aaron said he wanted his own future, which angered Lucy until he clarified that he wanted a future she could be proud of. Lily, Holden, Rosanna, and Jack wanted Dusty to go, but he said he would only go if Rose wanted him to. Carly said he could stay, and Jack finally agreed. Katie slipped out just after the ceremony, leaving behind a picture of Mike, Sage, and herself.

B&B by Kathy

Macy & Stephanie talk about the engagement. Stephanie doesn't want the wedding to happen. Macy keeps bringing up the man Thorne was (in a bad way), while Stephanie compares him to Deacon. Macy gets flowers from Deacon she says. She tells Stephanie to go so she can get ready for her date. At Insomnia C.J. & Deacon talk. Deacon can't convince C.J. that he's changed or to be his best man. C.J. thinks he'll never change and Macy can do whatever she wants, but he'll never stand up for them. Thorne's setting up a romantic atmosphere for Macy with candles and pics. of them, while Ridge looks on. Ridge thinks that will do the trick 'cause this will be his last chance to show her Thorne loves her. Stephanie & Ridge talk at the house. She's been trying to reach Thorne by cell phone. Ridge says he probably had it turned off. She mentions the flowers and seeing Macy. Ridge says they're from Thorne not Deacon and tells her of Thorne's plans that night. Stephanie feels no matter what Thorne does it won't matter 'cause of their conversation earlier. Macy walks into the romantic room and sees Thorne walking in in front of her. She's stunned and wants to know what's going on. She's not happy he lied about the flowers. Thorne says a few tearing words of love and wants her back.

Days by Kristi

Roman and Shawn show up at Basic Black to see Kate and Belle. They tell them that they are really busy with the fashion show being tomorrow. Later we see Roman in PJs and Shawn in shorts and a T-shirt (they're trying on clothes). Once Belle and Kate are done Belle and Shawn head to look out where they lay out a blanket and cuddle up under the stars. They start to make out, but Belle stops it and reminds Shawn of the promise. Meanwhile, Kate and Roman argue over Victor. Kate tells Roman she doesn't like his attitude as she leaves. Roman believes otherwise and grabs her and kisses her.

Bo and Hope break free and Hope calls Mrs. H, who agrees to give the money to Cree. They then try to make the substance blow up as Cree walks in and finds them on the ground.

Lucas gets a call from Cree and takes care of everything while Sami stand by looking very impressed. Later he tells her to leave because he wants to go swimming, but she shows back up in a really cute bikini. they talk about Will and as they leave to go to the pool they almost kiss as the camera pans out.

GH by Staci

In an effort to get her baby back, Alexis makes a deal with the devil...the devil being her brother Stefan. As they talk Ned and Skye enter. Stefan stages a fight but Skye is onto him. She lets him know it after Ned leaves but ends up unnerved with the Cassadine terror.

Elsewhere, Mac catches Dillon in Georgie's room and orders him to leave his daughter alone. After the encounter he asks Georgie if she's having sex with him but she no. He doesn't want his dear daughter to be another Robin, left HIV after having sex with her boyfriend, the deceased boyfriend. After their father-daughter chat, Georgie heads to Sonny's where she tells Courtney about the briefcase full of cash. Courtney promises to take care of it but ends up being apprehended by two of Alcazar's men! She tosses the briefcase back to Georgie, who runs to give it to Dillon but is shocked to find him and Faith in a compromising position....

On the way to rescue Carly, Sonny receives a call from Alcazar. He's angry about the failed drug deal and demands his money. Sonny tells him that he kept his end of the bargain, he got the drugs there. Now, he wants his wife back. Meanwhile, Carly has managed to learn her location and gain access to a cell phone. She calls Courtney and gives her name of the hospital but is soon interrupted by an angry and betrayed Alcazar. 

GL by Sylvia

Eden received a package containing gruesome photos accompanied by a quaint note from Vinnie Salerno. Reva berated Shayne for continuing express hate for Ben on the day of his memorial service. Ed told Reva that no one has been able to locate Fletcher. Harley asked Mel to oversee the legal department of her new agency Harleys Angels. 

Shayne convinced Marina to deal with her feelings about Ben by smashing plates at Company. 
Tony told Eden that now that Ben is dead and she is no longer a suspect, there is no reason she canít move on to a new life. Marah told Eden that since Ben killed himself, she canít help but think about Tonyís violent past. 

OLTL by Kym

Muy hot stuff! Starr & Walker team up to keep Blair & Kevin apart. Walker chews out Blair in the cabana for going after Kevin & says she belongs with him instead. He then kisses her to prove his point. His kiss unnerves her. Marcie's harassed in Angel Square by students from school. They push her around & tell her to back off her peace crusade or else. River starts his new job at Roxy's. Blair & Walker go out for dinner at the Palace & wind up sitting at the same table with Kelly & Kevin. Blair finds out that Walker bought the Sun. He gives it to her & Starr. Marcie refuses to back down from her war protesting. Kevin tells Walker he's onto him & warns him to back off Blair. Walker in turn tells him to stay away from Blair or he'll hurt Kelly. Blair fantasizes being with Walker, but it turns into a nightmare. Walker starts to tell Kelly that her husband's screwing around & he knows who with.

Passions by Ashley

Liz spikes T.C.'s lemonade to get him in the mood. Charity is sad because she lost Miguel but is happy she saved Kay's baby's life. Tabitha is scared for both her and her daughter's future. Luis and Hank talk and he wonders why Sheridan would leave when she promised she wouldn't. Beth shows Sheridan the DVD and she is horrified. Ethan slips into bed naked with Theresa who is at that time dreaming of Ethan and he is dreaming of her.

PC by Beth

With her new ring tucked out of sight, Christina makes a wish on a flower. When she wishes to go to the party, Ian tells her to come up with something else. She wishes for a ladybug, and one appears in her little hand. Lucy tries to make Kevin understand that their kiss didn't mean anything, but he wonders which one of them she's really trying to convince. He expresses concern about Ian's role in her life, and he worries that Christina will see his fangs someday. Lucy is prepared to deal with what it means to love a vampire. Ian eavesdrops for a moment and then joins them. Kevin and Ian talk Lucy into letting Christina go to the party for a little while. Caleb tells Olivia how proud he is of her, especially after the way she reacted to seeing the photo on the front page. He doesn't suspect that she's planning to take revenge on Alison. Elizabeth panics at the news that her check to the clothing manufacturer bounced. Because of this, there won't be any clothes for the fashion show. Fed up with her, Chris storms off, forcing her to deal with this on her own. Hearing that the clothes aren't ready, Alison sets out to call off the show, but Rafe is determined to let it happen. Elizabeth wants to rework some of Alison's workout clothes, but that idea doesn't pan out. Reese is confused by Jack's sudden desire to talk to her after wishing that she would back off. Casey's return startles Ricky, who thought that she was gone for good. Thinking that it was a mistake to come back, she decides to leave again. Reese wants to talk to Ricky about their own relationship, but he can't deal with that at the moment. Everyone is relieved when "Georges" arrives with the clothes after all. Caleb and Olivia are both prepared to move forward with their respective plans.

Y&R By Rachel

Mike continues to bribe people with money and cars for Victor’s Safra line. Jill tells Michael she wants to put Kay in a home, he tells her that she will need to have support from Brock. Brock meets with Jill and is not onboard for now; Jill drops the subject but vows that the house will be hers. Wes is in the middle of a hypnosis session with Chris at the apartment when Webber interrupts with a warrant – he is there to find evidence now and refuses to come back in fear that anything that he may find will disappear. A dry cleaning note which stated that they were unable to get the blood out found by police. Bobby is happy with Brittany’s performance as it has increased profits, but will not stand for Kevin bad mouthing her. Freaky Kevin doesn’t think another dancer’s teasing is playful and tears up her costume with a letter opener. Colleen and JT meet Kevin but he and Lily do not stick around long enough for conversation. Kay and Nikki question Jill’s sincerity and try to put there heads together to test Jill.

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