Tuesday 8-5-03 Recaps

Tuesday 8/5/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Erica finally admits to Jackson that she lied to him. She tells him that when Mary sprung the news on her about Greenlee, she didn’t know what else to do. Jackson can’t believe it and gets up to leave. Erica begs him not to go, but Jackson tells her that his daughter needs him. When he gets to Greenlee’s, he’s surprised to see the apartment in an absolute mess. Tad, Liza, Simone and Mia tell him that Greenlee wasn’t in the apartment when the fire spread. Tad assures Jackson that Anna is on the case and that Greenlee will be found soon. He says that they’re also looking for Juan Pablo because they think Greenlee is with him. Jackson looks really worried and says he’ll blame himself if anything happens to his daughter. Meanwhile, Greenlee checks into a hotel with Juan. She desperately tries to put the moves on him, but Juan tells her that he can tell she’s got other things on her mind. Greenlee breaks down in tears and begs Juan to not leave her alone. Anna and David watch Maggie comforting Bianca in the wedding hall. Anna wonders what Bianca is hiding and David tells her he’s thinking the worst. He later goes to Erica’s and tells her that he thinks Michael could have done something to Bianca. Erica becomes overwhelmed and starts to cry. Michael calls his father and begs for his help. Alexander is stuck in some diner in the middle of the desert and looks quite unwell. He angrily tells Michael that he’s got other things to worry about and slams the phone down. Michael then tries to call some of his contacts to arrange for a ticket to Mexico. To his disappointment, his contacts don’t want anything to do with him.

ATWT by Hilary

The Snyders prepared for Sage's christening. Holden wasn't sure that Lily should be butting into Rose's romantic life, but she insisted that Dusty is dangerous. She arrived at the salon, and discovered a half-dressed Rose and Dusty. She told Rose that if she continues to see Dusty, she can no longer see Lily's children. Rose said that Lily is the one destroying their family. Rose brought Dusty with her to Sage's christening, which shocked Lily. Aaron asked Holden's advice about how to make Lucy proud. Holden told him not to compromise his dreams for her. Meanwhile, Craig and Rosanna tried to convince Lucy not to compromise her future by going to Oakdale University, just to stay near Aaron. Paul offered Andre $50,000 to help him win his bet with Barbara by wooing Jen, and making Barbara believe he intends to take her back to Europe. Jen was at first skeptical of Andre's intentions, but soon melted in his arms. She thanked Paul for bringing him to town.

B&B by Kathy

Macy & Stephanie talk about the engagement. Stephanie doesn't want the wedding to happen. Macy keeps bringing up the man Thorne was (in a bad way), while Stephanie compares him to Deacon. Macy gets flowers from Deacon she says. She tells Stephanie to go so she can get ready for her date. At Insomnia C.J. & Deacon talk. Deacon can't convince C.J. that he's changed or to be his best man. C.J. thinks he'll never change and Macy can do whatever she wants, but he'll never stand up for them. Thorne's setting up a romantic atmosphere for Macy with candles and pics. of them, while Ridge looks on. Ridge thinks that will do the trick 'cause this will be his last chance to show her Thorne loves her. Stephanie & Ridge talk at the house. She's been trying to reach Thorne by cell phone. Ridge says he probably had it turned off. She mentions the flowers and seeing Macy. Ridge says they're from Thorne not Deacon and tells her of Thorne's plans that night. Stephanie feels no matter what Thorne does it won't matter 'cause of their conversation earlier. Macy walks into the romantic room and sees Thorne walking in in front of her. She's stunned and wants to know what's going on. She's not happy he lied about the flowers. Thorne says a few tearing words of love and wants her back. Brooke barges into Stephanie's about how she's upset that Stephanie had to resort to such measures (paying Corkey to steal the boat) to keep her & Ridge apart. Brooke confesses they may still get married, but for now she's taking things slow and dating 2 guys to see what she wants. Stephanie doesn't understand. Brooke tells her Ridge & her will be together if they want to and she can't stop them and they'll never listen to her. She storms off. Sally & Clarke celebrate Macy & Deacon's engagement. They're happy to start their new family. Sally's thrilled Deacon stands up to the Forrester's. She informs them of the plans she could of made if she had more time to plan the wedding. Macy wants her to be her maid-of-honor. She accepts. Then Clarke gives Macy a dress he made. She loves it. Amber & Rick talk to a lawyer about the restraining order (which was dropped against Macy), and they find out they can't stop Macy & Deacon's wedding. Little Eric leaves for camp. Macy & Deacon come over (with no lawyers present) to invite Rick & Amber to their wedding and take Little Eric with them on their honeymoon. The Forrester's explode with the news and Brooke arrives. She argues with them, but Macy & Deacon turn it around to where they will take Little Eric and they can't be stopped!

Days by Kristi

Bo and Hope are reunited and find out that the goop is liquid dynamite and that Cree is going to use it to cure a disease. Bo and Hope try to stop him but he ties them up. He later calls Lucas while he and Sami are at the hospital. Meanwhile, Sami and Lexie get into an argument (which Lucas breaks up).

Victor and Nicole basically tell Victor his marriage is a joke as Brady and Nicole flirt at the pool. Brady agrees to be in the fashion show and later models for Nicole. They end up in the pool together( I love these two!)

Phillip sends Belle a hand held video camera. She later tells him that she doesn't ever want Shawn to know about the kiss. She asks Jack and Jennifer about broadcasting the fashion show and Jen is happy to do it.

GH by Staci

After leaving Nikolas a message that she is going out to bed some stranger, Lydia encounters Lucky. He promises to improve her wedding night but ends up taking her to the police station so she can implicate Stefan in Summer's murder. However, she refuses to cooperate. Liz admits to Ric that she still worries about him but she can't be with him. He understands and promises to try to make whatever amends he can with Sonny. Later, Sonny and Jason will take him along to Alcazar's compound where Ric discovers from a guard that Carly has gone into labor!

Carly again begs Alcazar not to let the doctor perform a c-section. At first, he disagrees with her, telling her that he won't let her die, but then he relents. She holds on to his hand for support while the contractions get worse. Fortunately, for mom Carly and unborn baby the birth does not come and Carly gets better. Dillon and Georgie go to the cops. Mac tells Dillon to leave the state and his daughter. He heads to the dock where he sees Faith and a drug dealer making a deal. Suddenly, Mac and a cop show up. They have a shoot-out with the bad guy and kill him. The money Faith paid to him, locked in a suitcase, is taken by Dillon.

GL by Sylvia

Gus returns home from Europe with plans to make things right with his family beginning with Eden. Gus’ new outlook on life gives Harley an idea to start her own detective/private investigation agency with Blake. Blake likes the idea and agrees to be Harley’s partner. Gus tries to apologize to Eden for pinning the murders on her, but Eden refuses and says she is letting him go as her brother. Marah and Tony are having a hard time because of what happened with Ben being the murderer. 

Bill introduced his dad (Billy) to Eden with disastrous results. Billy chided Eden for being a madam and accused her of being interested in Bill because the Lewis family is loaded. Billy Sr. called Eden a tramp and got a hearty punch in the face from his son for doing so. Bill and Eden agree to a committed relationship.

OLTL by Kym

Gabrielle relives her nightmare in the morgue. Marcie & Al show Bo the death threat she received. Gabrielle talks to Max about telling Bo what happened with Troy. Walker buys the Sun. Dorian starts putting down Todd as a father & gets a strong reaction from Walker. Kevin buys Evangeline's shares in Ultra Violet. Kevin offers the club to Rex if he'll divorce Jenn. Gabrielle comes clean to Bo about Troy. Vicki tries to warn Joe about getting involved with Jenn. Roxy gives River a job at her salon so he can be near Adrianna. Rex finally gives in & gives Jenn a divorce. Starr tells Walker about her mom & Kevin. She helps Walker lock Blair in the cabana with him. Asa disagrees with Vicki about backing Marcie. Marcie's harassed on the street by some teens.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen gives into the doctor's order to stay overnight in the hospital while Ethan comforts her. Back at the Crane Apartment's Theresa tells everyone Ethan and her will reunite because of fate. Eve cries on the shoulder of Julian because of her many problems. Liz and T.C. spend a steamy summer night together and become even closer. Kay's baby dies and she is devastated and begins confessing all her sins. Meanwhile Death tells Charity she can still save the baby but the cost will be Miguel.

PC by Beth

While painting at the gym with Kevin, Christina wishes that she could paint as well as her daddy. Kevin is amazed to see her wonderful new artwork. When Lucy admits that she kissed Kevin, Ian goes into denial, thinking that it couldn't possibly have happened. He fills her in on the research to restore his mortality. When Kevin arrives with Christina, Ian takes the little girl outside so that Kevin and Lucy can speak privately. Although Lucy denies that the kiss meant anything, Kevin knows that something is happening between them. Alison is appalled to see that she and Caleb made the front page of the morning paper. Olivia seems to take the photo better than expected, but Caleb doesn't know that she's plotting her revenge against Alison. Against her better judgment, Alison agrees to let Olivia be a model in the fashion show. She asks Caleb not to hurt anyone, but he is prepared to do what it takes to get his ring back.

Y&R By Judy

Brittany wants to take Raul to the Colonade Room for dinner using her tips to splurge. He says it costs too much ( at least $150 for appetizers ! ) and suggests they go over to the pool with JT and Colleen. Colleen attempts to make JT a meal. She has to call Gina for help. At the coffeehouse Dru tells Neil that Damon is missing which gives him a chuckle. Then seeing Phyllis she confronts her about Damon letting on she knows about their dinner. Diane lets Michael know he should not have taken the job from Victor. Michael tries his first attempt at swaying a cosmetic rep and offers him an all expense membership in the Genoa City golf club, then eyes the guy's brief case, which by the way looks just like his. Nikki hears from Jack that Damon is no where to be found and that Victor hired Michael. This surprises Nikki but she thinks that Victor must have had a reason to do so, like maybe they have a problem. Chris finds returned dry cleaning that has a blood stain. She does not recall sending it to be cleaned. Olivia arrives and after hearing more from Chris thinks they might try something else and summons Wes.

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