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Monday 8/4/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla 

Greenlee burns all the memories from her childhood, completely oblivious to the fact that her little bonfire can easily spread to her entire apartment. At the Valley Inn, Anna tells David that she would love to start all over with him, but that they should take it slow for a while. Maggie comforts Bianca at the wedding hall. She reminds Bianca that a wonderful wedding will not hide the fact that she was raped. When Maggie leaves to get them some drinks, Michael shows up and locks the hall doors behind him. He furiously asks Bianca why she got Jackson to dump him in a garbage can. Bianca tries to get away, but Michael grabs her and tries to force himself on her again. Maggie shows up just in time and tries to ward Michael off with a pair of scissors. Michael manages to grab Maggie and hold her by the neck. Thankfully, David and Anna rush in and David punches Michael. Michael argues with Anna for a while, but Anna warns him that he is violating parole. After Michael leaves, David puts two and two together and asks Bianca what Michael did to her. Bianca doesn’t say anything and runs out crying. David asks Maggie what’s going on, but Maggie tells him that she promised not to say anything. At the hospital, Joe tells Jackson that he will run a DNA test so they can be sure that Greenlee is his daughter. Jackson asks Tad to go find Greenlee and make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid. He later goes back home and asks Erica why she tried to keep him from his daughter. Erica defends herself and says she never knew that Greenlee was his daughter for sure. Jackson asks her if she hired Tad to dig dirt on Mary. Erica takes a deep sigh and admits that she tried to keep Mary’s mouth shut. She says she’s not ashamed of trying to hold on to her love. Tad reaches Greenlee’s apartment and sees smoke pouring out from under her door. He manages to break in and put out the fire. Liza walks in just then and Tad tells her that he can’t find Greenlee anywhere. Tad wonders if she could be with Juan Pablo. Meanwhile, Greenlee gets in her car and starts to cry. She then looks out the window and sees Juan Pablo standing beside her car. Juan gets in and asks Greenlee what’s going on. Greenlee gets furious and accuses Juan Pablo of always trying to save
damsels in distress. She asks Juan to give back her keys and get out of her car. Juan shakes his head and tells her he can’t let her drive in such a condition. The two struggle for a while and then end up in a lip lock.

ATWT by Hilary

Emily was convinced that Rick injected himself with potassium chloride to deflect suspicion. She and Hal went to Jeffrey Starr's room, and were told he had disappeared, leaving behind more money than he owed. Meanwhile, Alison picked up her things as she prepared to move to Katie's cottage. She saw Susan on the couch, not realizing she was unconscious. She apologized to her "sleeping" mother, then left. Rick returned, stashing a suitcase in the closet. Alison returned for her missing keys, but later discovered they were in her pocket. Hal and Emily arrived to question Rick, but both he and Susan claimed they had been asleep on the sofa. Susan then kicked them out. Katie told Henry she was planning to leave for Australia without Mike. Henry offered to go, but she declined the offer. Henry told Mike of Katie's plan. When Jack asked Mike to be Sage's godfather, he refused, saying he was leaving for Australia in the morning, and would miss the christening. Katie convinced him to accept the offer. She said she would go down under alone, but Mike said he needed her at the christening for moral support. She agreed to go, but secretly planned to duck out early and head to Australia alone. Jen wanted to help Paul by "distracting" Dusty, but Paul warned her to stay away from him. She told him he couldn't order her around, and he apologized. He then told her he had invited her fiancé, Andre, to Oakdale, which irritated her. Dusty and Rose made love at the salon, and Rose promised he would be the only one from that point on.

B&B by Kathy

Days by Kristi

GH by Staci

Sonny and Jason reach Carly's room only to discover she's gone but a bomb is in her place. They watch as the second tick down...3...2...1...NO BOOM! The pair discover the bomb is a fake! Sonny reasons that it's Alcazar's way of letting him know who really is in charge. Meanwhile, Sonny's hostage wife, Carly, has gone into premature labor. She tells Alcazar that the baby will die it's born early and that can't happen. He agrees to make an emergency landing to contact a doctor but warns her that he will kill said doctor if she alerts him that she is being held against her will. Once there, the doctor is urgent that Carly be admitted to the hospital so he can perform a c-section otherwise she will die! Alcazar agrees to the doctor's plan but Carly begs him not to risk losing the baby, which is a great possibility.

Elsewhere, Faith is on to Elizabeth and tells her that she knows that Elizabeth is aware that Ric is still alive. Later, Elizabeth heads over to Sonny's and explains to Courtney that she still has feelings for Ric. She's aware that he is evil but he can also be loving and that Sonny has to understand that. Then she goes to see Ric at a safe house! Jason comes home to Courtney and tells her that he and Sonny still have to rescue Carly. She wants to keep Jason home and safe, telling him that he can't go again. She's fearful he won't come home again. After Nikolas leaves a crying Lydia in their bedroom on their wedding night, brother Lucky comes in. All is not innocent between Nikolas' brother and wife. The two kiss but not before Stefan comes in and catches them. Lucky leaves and Lydia is warned to stay away from him.

While his wife is being less than faithful, Nikolas isn't exactly being an altar boy. He finds Emily and they say their painful goodbyes, agreeing that they have to go their separate ways. Then Emily goes to Zander, explaining that she never stopped loving him and they agree to reconcile.

GL by Barbara

Marah and Shayne plan a wake in honor of Ben at the Lewis home. Marina arrives and is edgy. Alan offers Phillip control of Spaulding Enterprises. All he asks is that Phillip give the cosmetics division to Alex. Phillip is skeptical. Olivia confronts Lizzie about her role in the Ben fiasco. Lizzie gets defensive. Olivia suggests that Lizzie talk to Felicia. Olivia goes to see Felicia and shares her concerns about Lizzie. She thinks that Lizzie no longer knows the difference between right and wrong. Darci and Frank come to tell Marina that Frank has worked out 4years of financing for Northwestern. Marina freaks saying that she doesn't want to go there. Maybe next year. Frank is stunned. Alan show up on Harley's doorstep wanting her macaroni and cheese. She happens to have some leftovers. They discuss Harley quitting the force and he offers to help her set up her own business. Lizzie arrives at the Lewis home and tries to apologize to Marina. Marina calls her on her behavior. Lizzie tries to get Tammy to agree with her. Tammy confronts Lizzie and Lizzie threatens her and accusing her of being the reason that Ben went to the cabin. Marah decides to spend the night at home with her family. Shayne kisses Marina and she has a flashback of Ben. Stay tuned. 

OLTL by Kym

Vicki's kids plan a party for her for landing the president's job at Llanview U. Asa tries a hostile takeover of the Sun. Marcie's brother Ron comes to town, to complain about how her peace protesting is causing trouble for the family back home. Kevin offers Rex money to leave Jenn, but he refuses it. A mysterious stranger from Dorian's past arrives from Paris to harass her about the diamond. She claims she doesn't have it. Vicki fires Dean Baker after he refuses to give Al his job back as DJ. Joey runs into Kelly. Al & Marcie start to get romantic, but too many things go wrong & they agree it's still not time. She also gets a threatening email. Walker talks the stockholders of the Sun into selling their shares to him for a better price. After receiving the incriminating photos of Joe & Jenn, Andrew finally suspends Joey from the parish. 

Passions by Ashley

Theresa becomes uncomfortable with a friend of Fox's when he continues to hit on her. At the hospital Gwen hopes she can be released so her and Ethan can spend time together in L.A. Fox cuts in on Whitney and Chad's dance. Rebecca accuses Tabitha's child of attacking her but Julian sticks up for her which shocks Rebecca. Tabitha becomes content when she sees Julian hold their baby with such affection. Kay becomes upset with Grace due to her stress. Charity speaks to death who tells her she is the only one who can save Kay's child. Luis works in Beth's basement while in the pit Sheridan weakly calls out for him.

PC by Beth

Jack looks for Chris at the hospital, but he's not there. Olivia gets in the elevator with him, and they snipe at each other. Regretting her hurtful words about Jack's failure at love, she tries to make it up to him by inviting him to the loft to see Reese later on. He turns her down, but a photographer overhears their conversation and takes notes. At Caleb's loft, Alison hands out schedules for the fashion show. Reese antagonizes her, stating that Caleb makes the rules. Alison insists that in this particular case, she is the boss. Caleb takes issue but backs off when she suggests that it isn't too late for him to back out of doing the concert. Alison is suspicious, but Caleb says that Rafe will owe him one. When Reese expresses an interest in meeting Ricky's entire family, the drummer quickly changes the subject. He, Caz, and Reese leave Caleb and Alison alone after rehearsal. Caleb assures Alison that he would never hurt her, and he promises not to ruin her fashion show. When Alison spills a glass of cola down the front of her clothes, Caleb suggests that she change into something of his in the bedroom. Alison returns in one of his shirts while her clothes are in the dryer. She playfully tries to grab the song he's working on, and he keeps it away from her. The photographer takes their picture from the hall, believing he has a real winner in this one. He brags about it to Olivia, who enters the loft and sees Caleb alone. Alison returns in her own clothes and then leaves. Olivia isn't happy.

Pizza Shack is a popular venue today. Elizabeth meets Chris there after getting a call from him. She is excited about her designs, but Chris is angry about the call "Georges" received on his cell phone at work. From now on, he wants to be consulted about everything. When Elizabeth accuses him of not being much help since that first day, Chris is flabbergasted. He insults Elizabeth and her designs. She takes offense since this is the first thing she's ever been good at. Chris apologizes and asks her to go back to the hospital with him for martinis after he checks on a patient. Jamal and Imani have their pizza date, and Jamal tries to talk her into moving out of her motel room and into his place. He assures her that he would stay at the bike shop and that he just wants to protect her from the guy who's following her around. Imani reminds him that she's been doing fine on her own. When he goes to get his bike to drive them to the movies, a guy tries to snatch Imani's purse, but he sees something in her face that frightens him, and he flees. Reese teases Ricky about seeing Casey's face in the pepperoni arrangement. Jack sees them and bitterly thinks about what Olivia said.

Y&R By Rachel

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