Friday 8-1-03 Recaps

Friday 8/1/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Kendall and Bianca try to stop Greenlee from ruining their mother’s wedding day, but Greenlee is determined to let the truth out. She uses Mary’s diary to prove that Jackson is her father. When Jackson doesn’t believe her, she tells him that she was his blood donor as well. Mary steps up and tells Jackson that she wanted to tell him sooner, but Erica was blackmailing her. Erica denies the accusation and tries to convince Jackson that Mary is just pulling another stunt. Greenlee gets furious and tells both Jackson and Mary that she doesn’t need them. She walks out saying that as far as she’s concerned, she’s an orphan. After Greenlee leaves, Erica asks Jackson if they can just resume the ceremony. Jackson looks really confused and tells her that he needs a moment. He approaches Joe and asks him to accompany him to the hospital to find out who his donor really was. Bianca gets really upset about the way things turned out and Maggie tries to comfort her. Mary goes straight to the bar for a comfort drink. Reggie shows up and threatens Mary to stay away from his family. Mary turns to Anna for help, but to her disappointment, Anna sides with Reggie. At the hospital, Jackson asks Tad if he knew anything about his Greenlee being his donor, but Tad stays quiet.

Joe comes back with the donor reports and tells Jackson that Greenlee was telling the truth. Meanwhile, Greenlee goes to the cemetery and sits besides Roger Smythe’s grave. She furiously picks up a branch and starts beating on his tomb stone. David goes back to Anna and tells her he can’t find Greenlee anywhere. He wonders why so many people in his life have been experiencing so much pain lately. Anna tells him that everyone has to deal with their pain in their own way. David smiles and tells her she’s his only
support and his only hope for happiness. He then asks Anna if she’ll marry him.

ATWT by Tara

Rick arrives at the station just in time for the harsh words between Susan and Emily. He claims to be there to let Emily know that he had not met up with Starr yet and plans on doing so. Susan thinks that this reporter will shed some positive light on Rick. Emily rains on that parade by revealing that Starr is a tabloid reporter who writes about gruesome tales. Susan tells Emily that she has already kicked Ally out and she will ban her from the home as well unless she respects Rick's role in the family. Emily backs down only to make her mother feel better and Rick hugs her and says he forgives her. When the happy couple leave Emily and Hal dive right into Starr's writings on the laptop to discover the gruesome truth of Rick's hobby of "flatlining" in college. Emily figures it out that Rick had injected himself and cries out "My mother is married to a serial killer!"

Lilly barges right into Paul's new pad to convince him that he and Rose belong together and for him to go find her. While Lilly is doing her number Dusty at the shop is doing one his own on Rose. He arrives to brag about being the new proud owner of Java Underground. He begs her to come to his place and they end up in a passionate lip lock that Paul walks in on. Rose looks up and freezes. Paul makes the witty remark "It was worth the price of admission to see the parasite eating the host alive." He leaves looking rather disgusted. Rose tells Dusty that she must go to Paul and put and end to all of it. She does just that and Paul informs her that Lilly got all of the good qualities between the two of them.
Carley, Molly and Rosanna croon over the baby and wonder who the Godfather of Sage should be. Ro suggests Mike and Molly agrees. Carley interjects that Jack has to agree and she doesn't think that he would be to comfortable with the idea. Ro tells her that men do best when boundaries are set and it would be good if Mike had some. Carley goes home to bring the subject up with Jack.

Katie is busy packing when Ally arrives looking for a place to stay. Ally says that she would be the perfect house-sitter and Katie informs her that she does have a "paying" roommate that will have to make the decision. Henry isn't to keen on the idea when he finds out who Ally is. But with the prospect of Ally getting Hal to take it easy on him he isn't to hard to convince. 

Susan is in for a real letdown if she thinks that there is a romantic night to be shared with Rick. Her precious and innocent hubby drugs her champagne and tucks her onto the couch. He is then off to confront Emily. 

B&B by Kathy

Ridge shines his flashlight on Nick & Brooke sleeping. Nick wakes Brooke up and they are shocked he is there. Ridge wants to take Brooke home. She wants to go but needs to talk to him first. Nick talks to Corkey and finds out Stephanie paid him to play the trick (of stealing his boat) but didn't take her $. Brooke explains how they got stuck and how innocent they she was with Nick (and vice-versa) since Ridge is asking questions. Nick tells Brooke about Corkey & Stephanie's involvement since Ridge wouldn't. Brooke is furious. Nick says all Forresters are crazy and she shouldn't be in that family (of she'd be like them). Nick plays in the sand while Ridge talks about old times with Brooke, he wants her back, and wants to know if she'd give him another chance (since she loves him and doesn't love Nick). She's speechless. Thorne barges into Deacon's place and demands to talk to Macy. They can't get rid of him so he talks to Macy while Deacon goes into another room. Thorne tells her she's making a big mistake. They talk about the past. He still loves her and asks if she loves him. Deacon enters the room and threatens to throw him out. Thorne didn't get his answer and says he hurt her but still loves her, and Deacon just rebounds (as in he hurt Brooke and Bridget and will her one day). Deacon pushes Thorne out the door. At Stephanie's, Bridget asks about Brooke. She discovers Stephanie got Corkey to steal Nick's boat so they could spend time together in every way imaginable. Bridget is shocked she would do that. Stephanie thinks Ridge & Brooke shouldn't be together while Bridget thinks they're destined. Stephanie thinks she didn't love Ridge since she isn't capable of putting her lovers need above hers. Bridget keeps defending her mom out of love. Stephanie's protecting Taylor's kids she said and feels Brooke isn't the mom for them.

Days by Kristi

Brady and Nicole have breakfast together and when one of the bartenders says he knows her from porn Brady is sweet enough too fire him. Later when Sami and Lucas see them together she of course decides to use it against Victor. Victor tells Kate that he will help her get Lucas away from Tony. Roman sees them together and he and Kate get into a fight about Victor.

Mimi whines to Belle about guy problems and Rex shows up and tries to make up. Mimi insists that if he wants to be with her he has to give up being a Dimera, but of course Rex ends up being turned away. Later Belle and Mimi talk about "the kiss" and when Shawn over hears Mimi quickly covers up. Belle of course feels guilty after Shawn tells Mimi they stay together because of their honesty (sorry, but I'm remembering the Jan thing here!) Phillip agrees to be in the fashion show much to Shawn's surprise and later when he sees Belle and Shawn kissing he wishes it was him. Cassie finds out that Roman helped drop the charges but ultimatly doesn't care. When they go to Basic Blate Kate offers them a chance to be in the fashion show. Marlena learns about Sami's date with Tony (not a happy mommy) and John tells TEK he is taking himself off the Dimera case.

GH by Meghan

Nikolas and Lydia finished their wedding ceremony. They signed the inheritance papers. Nikolas told Stefan that he was finished with him, and all his plans. Lydia asked Nik if they could go to bed, and he told her that he had no intentions of sleeping with her. She cried in bed, and Lucky walked in and made a comment about knowing she'd be alone.

Zander talked to Cameron, and told him that he was leaving town. Cameron told him that he thought Zander should stay because Emily and he loved each other. Later, Zander went to Wyndemere, and told Nikolas to stay away from Emily. Alexis went to GH to see Cameron. She asked him to help her become a good mother to Kristina by being her therapist for real this time.

Courtney got ready to tell Jason that they were having a baby. Michael came down to talk to them, and she never told him. Jason got into talking about how he was glad that he didn't have kids of his own. Sonny came home, and told Jason that it was time for them to save Carly from Lorenzo.

They got to the yacht, and found that Lorenzo had already moved Carly. Jason and Sonny found a bomb while looking for clues from Carly about where they mav have moved to. On the plane with Lorenzo, Carly started having labor pains.

GL by Barbara

Olivia gets the handyman to put the baby's crib together. Tammy brings some baby things to Olivia. They mention that Cassie is at a hotel convention. They talk about Ben. Tammy mentions that Lizzie is responsible for Ben going to the Bauer cabin. Lizzie talks about Ben with Alan and Alex. Marina tries to keep busy at Company. Marah turns on Eden and confronts her about spending time with Tony. Jeffrey visits the Spaulding mansion where he spars with Alan. Eden and Bill have some together time. They decide to give their relationship a chance. Bill plans to take Eden home to meet his dad. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Walker finds out Jessica left her confession on Bo's desk. Lindsay's released from St. Anne's as an outpatient. Gabrielle recovers in the hospital. Troy's arrested & found incompetent to stand trial. Nora's also in the hospital recovering from her wound. The PI shows Rex the pics of Joe & Jenn making out in the church. Walker's behavior starts confounding Jessica, as he becomes more Todd-like. Nora lectures Jenn about her behavior with Joe. Troy's committed to St. Anne's. Lindsay encourages him to hang in there, that she understands what he's going through. Keri overhears Jessica talking about Antonio. Walker goes to Bo & also confesses to killing Mitch. Since the evidence has been destroyed & Mitch's body cremated, Bo is forced to close the case. Antonio is reinstated once again. Keri goes to Jessica & tells her to back off Antonio. Keri & Antonio have lunch together, since Jessie cancelled. Rex sends the PI's pictures to Andrew. Walker sits back & gloats to himself about how he got his revenge on Mitch & got away with it, like he told Mitch he would.

Passions by Ashley

While in the pit Sheridan dreams of life in Wonderland as Alice. A mystery man follows Charity and tells her that only she can save Kay's baby. Whitney and Chad spend time together and have a romantic dance. But things go sour when Fox cuts in on their dance.

PC by Beth

Finding a vase of pink roses, Alison wrongly assumes that Rafe sent them, and she doesn't believe his exasperated denials. They both want things to be the way they used to be, but when Rafe again denies having sent the roses, Alison storms out into the hall. Looking down at the floor, she finds a note from her mother, who really sent the flowers. Before she can apologize, Rafe surprises her by taking credit for the roses after all. Thanking him for his willingness to end the fight, Alison shows him the note from her mother. Agreeing that their own magic is the only magic they need, they kiss and make up. Olivia doesn't like being the last to know about the concert scheduled for the fashion show. Realizing that she is jealous of his ring, Caleb asks what she would wish for if she had it. After teasing him with false wishes, Olivia tells him her real wish. She would want things to go back to the way they were. They kiss, and when she opens her eyes, she is thrilled to see that Caleb has transported them to the villa. They play their game of hide and seek among the silks until Caleb sinks his fangs into her neck. After Chris calls with news about his research, Ian reluctantly leaves Lucy and Christina alone with Kevin. At the hospital, Chris informs Ian that he believes he has the answer, but he refuses to be rushed into testing it out on Ian. A confused Chris goes into "Georges" mode when the so-called designer gets an unexpected phone call on his cell phone. Happy to have found such a pretty ring at the edge of the river, Christina hides it in her pocket. Lucy and Kevin make more strides toward a cordial relationship. After Christina wishes for her mommy and daddy to kiss, she's delighted to see her wish come true.

Y&R By Rachel

Bobby does not let on to Raul of how he knows Brittany, but does give Raul the business card to his “gentleman’s club”. JT tells Brittany she knows that he aware of her little stripper gig and Brittany begs JT not to let Raul or her parents. While Paul goes on a trip he makes a deal with Michael to look after Chris and keep her away from Detective Webber. Chris finds a scarf with blood on it in her car. Victor won’t help Sharon with fighting Nikki on having the Gala at the ranch, but does throw some possible ideas at her like the Colonnade Room. Nikki vents to Nick about Sharon, but Nick tells her that the Gala will help him and Sharon as they are going to become the “new guards” – Nikki is horrified in thinking that she is “old” and needs to be replaced.

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