Thursday 7-31-03 Recaps

Thursday 7/31/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

ATWT by Tara

Susan hears Ally refer to Rick as "the demented Dr. Decker" and confronts her in the hallway at the hosp. Ally tells her mother exactly how she feels living with Rick and that she isn't the only one who thinks this way. Susan tells her that she can move out and Ally tells her that she will. Susan storms off to find Hal and Emily.

Using the key to enter Kenneth Starr's motel room Hal and Emily find no one in the room. Rick escaped through he window with the laptop. Emily finds it strange that there isn't a computer in the room and looks through other things. Rick, outside the room calls Starr's phone and they listen to the message that Rick leaves implying that he has not met up with Starr yet. Emily finds a memory bit and has to argue with Hal to keep it. 

Bonnie's conversation with Dr. Walker is overheard by Marshall when he hears his name. Marshall informs her that he kept her out of jail once but will not do it again. Bonnie then has to tell Walker about how she tried to shoot Marshall. Walker states that the DNA results will be in within a couple of days and questions if she is making the right decision by not giving the results to Sara or Marshall.
At the club Lilli and Rose are discussing the fundraiser that is to be held at Rose's shop when Jen and Paul walk in. Rose totally blows him off and it doesn't set right with Lilli. She urges Rose to go talk to him. Jen is doing the same thing at her and Paul's table. Paul asks her if she has called Andre and Jen is touched that he remembered his name.

Kim makes the decision to make Ben Bob's primary doctor and to take Rick off his case. She voices her concerns for Susan to Chris. He tells her Ally wants to move in with them for a while. Kim rolls her eyes and says she does not want in the middle of it.
Molly tries to persuade Dusty into buying Java Underground to impress Rose. 
Ally runs into Rick and he accuses her of being jumpy and hiding something from him. She then goes to Chris to find out what Kim's answer was. When he tells her she pouts and wants him to beg her. But he states that she has enough to contend with already. Ally refuses to go eat with Chris using the excuse that she must go find someplace to live.

Katie tells Mike that she has decided to go to Australia alone. She is afraid of hurting him when she finds Simon. After a conversation of what a great friendship they have he persuades her to let him go.
Susan finds Hal and Emily at the station and demands to know what they really think of Rick. Just when it starts to really heat up Rick shows up to get his wife with a demented smile on his face.
Lilli shows up at Paul's penthouse and barges right past him to discuss Rose. 

B&B by Kathy

Brooke tells Nick that she supposedly loves him. She wants to hear the same back, but all he can say is how he loves her appearance. Then he goes on and on about caring for something. Brooke says he should go be with her. Nick says it's the "sea". She tackles him down (kidding around) since she thought he meant another woman. He finally tells her that she's his "sea" (as in he loves her back). It gets dark as he's gathering firewood. He stops to put a coat (it looks like) over sleeping Brooke. Stephanie is visited by the man who stole Nick's boat. They talk while Ridge listens. He finds out the whole situation. The guy is not a plumber and will not take the $ since he's Nick's friend (and somewhat a practical jokester). Ridge is angry and tells Stephanie off. Then he grabs the guy 'cause he's going to take him to the Channel Islands (where Brooke is). Amber tells Thorne he has to stop Macy from marrying Deacon. He realizes this will make the restraining order void and she's doing this to get back at Brooke. She may even take Little Eric & Hope from their families. Also they figured out dropping the order probably won't do any good. Deacon is at his place and surprises Macy with a gigantic ring. She loves it. He says they may be an odd couple but he wants to do things right. He proposes to her and she accepts! They're happy and wants to spend the first day of their new life together cleaning or loving each other. The doorbell rings and it's Thorne! Deacon doesn't look surprised. Back on the island, Ridge flashes his flashlight on Nick and Brooke sleeping together. Ridge is not happy.

Days by Kristi

GH by Meghan

Courtney went to the hospital and found out that she was pregnant. She went to Kelly’s and Mike found out that she was pregnant. He suggested she tell Jason, but Courtney told her father she needed to keep it a secret until Carly was home.

Lucky asked Emily to go to Nikolas. She got there in the middle of his wedding to Lydia, and announced that Nikolas loved her. Nik and Emily talked alone, and Nikolas told Emily that if she gave him to word, he would forget his marriage to Lydia. Emily told him she couldn’t, and told him good bye. Nikolas called Zander, who was in bed with Gia, and told him that he needed to go to Emily.

Sonny and Faith’s deal pulled through and she went to see Ric after buying Lorenzo’s drugs. Lorenzo was satisfied, and took Sonny to see Carly. Sonny brought a tiny electric chip to Carly’s room, and planted it there.

GL by Sylvia

Reva returned to Springfield from Milan. Reva and Josh agree that itís easy to put their own problems in perspective after the tragedy with Ben. Ben was transported to Cedars after injecting himself with a toxic drug. Phillip bribed a housekeeper to let him into Oliviaís room at The Beacon so he could put their babyís crib together. Jeffrey gets Ben to confess to four of the murders while he is in the hospital. Marina tells Buzz and Darcy that Ben turned the needle on himself for her sake. Ben told Ross to give all of his inheritance money to Marina. Ben died at Cedars with Holly at his bedside. Marina didnít say good-bye. 

OLTL by Kym

There's a blackout all over Llanview. Keri tells RJ she still wants Antonio & that if he doesn't like it, he can't see her or Jamie anymore. Bo holds Troy at gunpoint as Troy threatens Nora with the broken glass. Finally he throws her out of the way & runs out the door. Nora lands on the glass & cuts her arm deeply. Evangeline comes down to Ultra Violet to lend moral support to RJ. She tells him to back off Antonio or he might end up losing Keri. Antonio tells Jessica he wants to be with her, but she says no, he still cares about Keri. He takes her home & she tells her family about the confession she made to the cops. Rex hires a shady PI to track Jenn. Al loses his Voice of the Night gig for standing behind Marcie during her ordeal. Thru Troy's clues, Bo figures out where Gabrielle is. Riley takes over vocal duties while Midnight Logic jams without Sarah, during the blackout. Troy comes back in & takes Nora to the hospital. RJ tells Keri he will leave Antonio alone, but Antonio tells Keri he wants to be with Jessica. Joe's in church asking God for help with the Jenn situation, when she shows up behind him. Marcie gets a threatening letter at the club. Antonio tells Jessica how he feels about her & that he doesn't want to be with Keri. Bo finds Gabrielle unconscious.

Passions by Ashley

Tabitha and her baby go to the hospital to be checked out. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Julian tell themselves their trip to hell was a dream. In L.A. Theresa is interested in what is happening outside with an ambulance. when she goes to check things out she is ecstatic to find that their is luggage that looks like Ethan's luggage. Gwen and Ethan rush off to the hospital because she has collapsed. Luis starts to help Beth around the house and works on the fuses in the basement unaware Beth is keeping Sheridan in the basement and has threatened her to keep quiet. Kay has Miguel's promise to keep her close to him and the baby. Meanwhile, Charity feels that she is losing Miguel to Kay. Kay runs off to beg Tabitha to use magic to keep Kay's child alive.

PC by Beth

For Christina's benefit, Ian officially invites Kevin to join them on the picnic, and Kevin accepts the invitation. Jamal asks Imani out for pizza, and she agrees on the condition that he let her treat him. Alison is annoyed with Rafe for giving Caleb the go-ahead to play at their fashion show. Olivia doesn't like the idea either, but Caleb assures her that everything will be all right. Alison becomes angrier to hear Rafe talk about the necessity of finding the ring, but Rafe maintains that no one can have a normal life unless he can keep the ring out of Caleb's hands. Alison doesn't want Caleb's band at their show, and she would rather not have the show at all. She reluctantly agrees not to cancel it, since so many people are looking forward to it. Caleb takes Olivia to the Pizza Shack, where he explains that his father's voice validated much of what he already knew. The music is the key to getting his ring back, which is why he wants to play the gig at the fashion show. He will use his new song to ensure that whoever has the ring will bring it to him, and he intends to make that person pay a heavy price. Christina thoroughly enjoys the outing with her mommy, daddy, and Ian. She takes pictures of them and runs off to see a bunny that passed by earlier. As Christina sits alone by the edge of the river, she reaches into the water and pulls out Caleb's ring.

Y&R By Judy

Raul gets Brittany breakfast but she is obviously up to early. Raul says he supports her and JT eavesdrops on the conversation. Raul leaves for work and JT teases Brit about her job and asks where the club is. She tells him he wouldn't know it but then he calls her Marilyn. Bobby shows up at the boutique asking Raul about buying a gift for a friend. Poor Raul tells Bobby about Brit, then making the connection Bobby seems smug. Cassie asks a surprised Sharon and Nick if she can bring a boy to the gala. Nick says she is too young but Sharon thinks they should talk further about it. Nick also wants to know how Sharon is coming along with the gala plans but she avoids answering. Victor tells Michael to meet him at the office but gives no reason why. Nikki lets Victor know how she feels about finding Sharon at the ranch when she came home. Victor tells her he gave Sharon permission to have the gala there which really upsets Nikki. Chris tells Paul about her Isabella dream but Paul thinks it was just from all that has been going on. After he leaves, Chris grows more unstable and has visions of Isabella. Weber visits Michael and presses for info but Michael assures him he knows nothing. He tells Michael the old man has disappeared and that he is going to be watching Michael.

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