Wednesday 7-30-03 Recaps

Wednesday 7/30/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

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ATWT by Tara

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B&B by Kathy

Stephanie pays the man who stole Nick's boat. Ridge & his kids walk in as the man is leaving. Stephanie says he's the plumber. She will keep his kids while he's out with Brooke. He hasn't heard from her so he leaves her a message to meet at the Cafe. Macy tells Sally about Deacon's proposal. She's happy after Macy says it's not 'cause of the restraining order but 'cause it's really what she wants. Sally can see that. Nick & Brooke are stranded on the island. They try to make the best out of their situation. She hopes they'll be rescued soon. He says her family will come look for her but they won't be found soon. He convinces her to gather things for the night. They come back with berries, limbs, and leaves. He makes a fire while she cooks berries. They eat and kid about each other's talents. She says there's a lot about him to love. He asks if that's what she wants to call it. Meanwhile, Amber rushes over to Deacon's to apologize for the restraining order; She had nothing to do with it. He doesn't believe her. She wants him to trust her. He doesn't want to and says it doesn't matter 'cause she's not in charge. He will get his son he thinks. Macy barges in and says her mom was happy about his proposal. Amber goes bonkers and says it's 'cause of the restraining order and they want her son but will never get him! She leaves and Deacon thinks things went well! (LOL)

Days by Kristi

Belle breaks a way from the kiss and lets Phillip know that her heart belongs to Shawn. She tells him that she is sorry for sending him mixed signals. She tells him she knows it has been hard getting over Chloe and she is there for him. Shawn walks in and asks what going on. She tells Shawn it is about Chloe and tells Phillip his secret is safe.

Nicole is having a hard time sleeping and is dreaming of her father when he made her do porn. She screams out and Brady comforts her. Later she asks him to leave and they both have memories of their times together.

Sami tells Rex and Cassie what she knows and at first they get an attitude with her. Later they realize they have no choice but to listen to her and Sami has no problem rubbing it in. She informs them that Tony is falling in love with her and that she can expose them at any time.

Shawn and Bo talk about Hope and Shawn is really worried. Bo calms him down and they get a call from Hope. The cell phone messes up and Bo feels that there is more. They go to see Maya and she tells them that she has the latitude and Tony has the longitude. Later while Shawn is talking to her Bo looks through her stuff and finds the latitude. He tells Shawn all they have to do is get the longitude and they will find Hope.

GH by Meghan

Jason told Courtney to breathe in and out slowly while she sat down, feeling nauseous. Jason told her that it had worked while Carly was pregnant with Michael. Courtney said she wasn’t pregnant, and Jason said he was just drawing a parallel. Courtney agreed with Jason that having a baby wouldn’t be good for either of them at the moment. At home, she did a home pregnancy test. She looked at the result with dread, and it confirmed that she was in fact pregnant (YAY)!!!!

Skye held Kristina in her nursery, and the baby wouldn’t stop crying. Alice came in, and wondered what was wrong with the baby. Skye said she didn’t know, and Alice thought maybe something was wrong. Skye took the baby to the hospital, while Alice called Alexis without Skye knowing. When Bobbi brought Kristina out of the exam room, she looked around for Skye. She asked Alexis where she went, but Alexis didn’t know. Eventually Bobbi gave in and handed her her daughter. Skye walked out of the elevator with Mac following. They arrested Alexis for violating a court order.

At the hospital, Lydia tried to convince Nikolas that she really loved him and that’s why she attempted to kill herself. Nikolas tossed the note down, and told her she was a liar, and Lucky chimed in saying all Lydia cared about was the money attached to Nikolas. Lucky asked Nik if he was going to marry Lydia, and he said he was.

GL by Sylvia

Danny and Michelle show up at Company to celebrate Spaulding’s involvement with the Fifth Street project. Shayne set a fire at the cabin to distract Ben so he could rescue Marina. Ben overtook Shayne in a struggle and threatened to inject him with insulin if Marina didn’t back off. Danny took Tony to task for going to New York with Eden to see Vinnie Salerno. Michelle told Marah that Eden was all over Tony while she (Marah) was in Milan. 

Jeffrey O’Neil confronted Darcy about her past with Vinnie Salerno. Frank stormed the cabin just as Ben grabbed Marina with the syringe in his hand. Jeffrey wants Darcy’s help in bringing down Vinnie Salerno. Ben told Marina he loved her just before he stabbed himself in the stomach with the syringe. Marina held Ben’s hand while he asked her not to forget him. 

OLTL by Kym

No update today. Sorry, I'm sick.

Passions by Ashley

PC by Beth

Alison lets Caleb know in no uncertain terms that his attempt to kill Jamal wasn't a good move. Caleb offers to have the band play at her fashion show in a mutually beneficial arrangement that would bring business to the gym and give the band a chance to try out a new song. Lucy is dumbfounded by Rafe's determination to stay out of whatever Caleb is planning. She doesn't understand how he can do it, but Rafe explains his promise to Alison that they will have a normal life. Because of what she's sensing in the universe, Lucy intends to cancel plans for a picnic, but Rafe urges her to go on the picnic and give Christina the normal life that Lucy won't give herself. At the hospital, Ian pages Chris to broach the subject of dealing with the aging process. Kevin overhears and agrees to keep the secret if it will benefit his daughter, who is also a vampire. When Lucy and Christina arrive to take Ian on the picnic, Christina invites Kevin to go with them. At Body and Soul, Reese tells Jack that she's been too busy to even think about returning his calls. After talking about their families, Ricky invites Reese over for some arroz con pollo that his mother gave him. Jack tells Jamal about his girlfriend's abrupt change of heart, and when he mentions making a wish involving her, Jamal fills him in on the ring's powers. Unconvinced, Jack tests Jamal's theory by asking Reese what would have happened if he really had proposed. Contrary to last night, Reese isn't interested in a long-term relationship with him. Jack is annoyed with Jamal for not telling him about the ring's powers sooner, because he would have made his wishes count. Pointing out that the ring is dangerous, Jamal says that he's glad it's at the bottom of the river. When Alison takes Caleb to see Rafe, she's surprised when her fiance agrees to let the band play.

Y&R By Rachel

JT visits Brittany’s workplace and learns all about her gig as a singer named Marilyn who strips. Michael coaxes Lauren to display NE’s Safra. Chris is plagued with dreams of a blood-faced screaming Isabella. Chris believes she is losing her mind as she is having a hard time separating fantasy from real life. Wes tells her a type of amnesia is possible (fugue state). Paul tells Victor all about Isabella’s disappearance and possible murder and Chris being the number one suspect. Sharon meets with the Anges for the Gala event and makes plans to host the Gala at the house. When Nikki finds out she says it is her house and Sharon does not have her permission to host the party at the ranch.

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