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Tuesday 7/29/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

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ATWT by Tara

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B&B by Kathy

Ridge talks to Stephanie about being worried about Brooke not coming home last night since she was stranded on a boat in the fog with Nick. Stephanie thinks he has more to worry about like what they did. Ridge knows he doesn't, but she's not too sure. He wants to be with her. Bridget goes to Amber's to look for Brooke. She's informed about Brooke's date with Nick, Deacon & Macy wanting his kids, etc. She's happy for Brooke but is shocked about Macy & Deacon. They talk about why they're not a good together or messing with the kids. Bridget thinks they will have a problem with Deacon. Nick & Brooke are awaken by the sunlight on the boat. They go outside and she sees some islands that she wants to travel to. He's surprised but decides to take her to them. He gives her choices of bikinis to wear. On the island they camp by the waters. They play with his harmonica, tan, drink, eat snacks, and talk. Nick says he's happy to be with her and is surprised several times during the day that she doesn't want to go to back to L.A. yet. They embrace and kiss and she notices their boat gone! They have no idea where it is. Then a guy steering the boat is shown talking to Stephanie. Her idea has been accomplished: Steal the boat so Brooke & Nick will be stranded on the island and can't come back anytime soon! Then Ridge & Bridget talk about Brooke, Nick, and Ridge.

Days by Kristi

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GH by Meghan

Jason moved Ric after the cops left the house at Martha’s Vineyard. Sonny went back home where Michael bombarded him with questions about Carly. Sonny decided to take Michael to get ice cream. At Kelly’s they talked about Carly, and then Sonny sent Michael into get the ice cream. Faith came over and pulled a gun on Sonny. At the penthouse, Courtney started feeling sick, and had to sit down. Jason wondered if she was getting sick, and she said she didn’t think so.

Lydia OD’d purposely on pills and vodka. Lucky found her passed out and Stefan called a helicopter to rush her to GH. She woke up to Lucky, and he asked her what happened, and why she took the pills. Nikolas walked in, holding a letter Lydia wrote, and asked her if she was going to tell Lucky, or if he would have to tell him.

Nikolas and Emily talked outside of Kelly’s. Emily told him that she couldn’t be with him, because she loved Zander. They kissed, and Zander picked that moment to walk up. He knocked Nik off his chair and they started throwing punches at each other. Emily tried to stop them, and when they did she told Nik to leave. Zander announced that he was through with Emily.

GL by Sylvia

Vinnie Salerno agrees to give Eden an alibi to get her off the hook for one the murders. Bill admits to Marah that he has it pretty bad for Eden. Marina is still tied up in the cabin with Ben. Ben insists that they can have things the way they were before the whole mess with Ramona and Eden. He tries to convince Marina that their love can save him. Harley, Blake and Ross discover that Ben was sexually molested by his teacher when he was away at school in Switzerland. Ben tells Marina that they are going to make love and it will be perfect, like all ‘young and pure’ things should be. Ross hates to admit it, but things certainly do seem to be falling into place with the murders.

Shayne ominously tells God that he’ll ‘trade one baseball career’ for her (Marina). At the cabin, Ben is kissing Marina who likes like she is going to be sick.

OLTL by Kym

Kevin & Blair start making out, but she stops it. Kelly asks Dorian what her husband's been up to. Walker thinks of K&B together & almost loses it, until Jessica shows up. She tells Walker she's turning herself in & again he tries to talk her out of it. They both get into an argument about whether she should. Antonio & Cris talk about their girl problems. Gabrielle finds herself locked inside the drawer & starts to panic & scream, but nobody hears her. Nora finds out the call about Matthew was a fake one made by Troy. He tells her to do what he says or Matthew's dead. She pleads with him to tell her where Gabrielle is. Asa buys Sarah's record company & fires the producer. Kelly tells Dorian that Kevin became more obsessed with money & power over the years. Natalie & Cristian start out arguing over the wedding plans, but wind up making up. Asa has a chat with Riley about how he's treating Sarah. Riley tells him about her throat problems. Walker dreams of giving the Badhra to Blair, maybe on their wedding day. Nora is dragged back to her house & when Sarah shows up to get something, she slips Troy's hospital ID into Sarah's purse.

Passions by Ashley

Kay and grace have a close moment when a code blue is called in NICU and her baby again fights for her life. Kay becomes infuriated when she realizes Miguel broke his promise and left their baby to talk to Charity. Julian and Rebecca are in shock of what kind of baby Tabitha delivers. All three of them are brought to hell's chambers to worship the new baby demon. Gwen and Ethan are unaware of all the people staying at the crane apartment and they arrive ready for relaxation. Meanwhile, Theresa tells all to her friends and how fate will bring her and Ethan back together. Fox hopes the same will happen for him and Whitney. Sheridan pleads for Luis to save her but he is unaware she is in danger. He watches the DVD and believes that Sheridan is in fact in Paris.

PC by Beth

Using Chris as her model, Elizabeth works to create the clothing line for the new gym. Alison stops by her hotel room, letting herself in instead of waiting for her mother to answer the door. She's stunned to see a bare-chested Chris with his pants around his ankles. Although Elizabeth insists that she and Chris aren't together, Chris plays it up with kisses and terms of endearment. Seeing the sketches of the clothing designs, Alison is very impressed, but she doesn't believe her mother's claim to have had input. Ostensibly going to work, Chris excuses himself and then returns as "Georges," who makes it a point to tell Alison about her mother's creative genius. Olivia follows Caleb to the woods, where he is determined to contact his father and find out how to get the ring back. Olivia is terrified when Caleb is surrounded by fire and seems to get pulled down into it. While taking a break from his run, Rafe senses that Caleb is up to something. Vowing to keep his promise to Alison, he decides to let it go. Opening his eyes, Caleb informs Olivia that he knows how to get the ring back. Leaving her mother's hotel room, Alison is startled to find that Caleb is waiting for her in the hall. Jamal talks Imani out of leaving town.

Y&R By Judy

Nikki and Katherine have a chuckle at Jill's expense. Katherine says Jill's character is part her responsibility. She then asks Nikki what's going on in her life, she holds out but Kay wants to help her. Nikki brings up Sharon and Kay tells her she is jealous. Nikki breaks down admitting she thinks Sharon wants her out. Mitchell Sherman tells Jill that Kay might get better but, Jill thinks she is incompetent. He is hesitant to take legal steps to help Jill control Katherine's entire future and reminds her about Brock. She insists he helps. Brittany is not impressed when JT tells her he is back with Colleen. He then wants to know about her job and the extra money she hasn't told Raul about, rather than talk about it she leaves. Raul tells Lauren that Brit is going into work early and comes home late. Lauren asks questions and suggests he surprise her at the club. He tells Brit he wants to hear her sing, she gets worried and JT hears it all and decides to check it out. Victoria tells Michael that Victor should not have hired him. He tells her they are on the same team and says some funny things to her which gives her surprise. While trying to discuss business, Victor notes Nick's mood and asks if it is because he found him talking to Sharon. Nick wants answers about Michael but Victor doesn't give up the info. Sharon talks to Cody about Nick and his mentoring. Then Jack sits with Sharon and she comments about how much he is seeing Nick. Victor demands results from Michael.

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