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Monday 7/28/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

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ATWT by Tara

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B&B by Kathy

Rick & Sally talk at Insomnia. He doesn't like Deacon & Macy fighting for his kids. She thinks things are not all about the Forresters. He says Macy wants revenge on Brooke. She disagrees 'cause she cares for Deacon and his kids. He still thinks Macy wants revenge and they better stay away from the Forresters. In that conversation, Brooke phones Rick and says she's stuck out in the fog for who knows how long and he will have to watch her baby 'till she gets back. He agrees and feels she's safe since she's with Nick. Nick had just reeled in a fish with Brooke catching it in the net. He takes her inside the boat for dinner. She's amazed at his cooking skills. They eat, drink, and have a romantic time getting to know each other. Afterwards, Brooke discovers there's just one bed. Nick says "this isn't a cruise ship honey." They kid around about not being interested in each other romantically and have no attraction. Nick says the right words about them being alike stuck in a fog that he reaches in and kisses her. Meanwhile, Macy tells Deacon his proposal was too soon. He tells her he wants her for life and to raise his kids with him. Deacon says he's been waiting all his life for this moment. He takes her into the bedroom. Next we see them in the bed (after the fact) and he's telling her sweet words about wanting to live his life with her!

Days by Kristi

Kate and Alice stop by as Belle is showing Shawn some of her designs. They tell Belle about the fashion show and offer to let her display her designs. Shawn gets a call from Mickey and he leaves as Phillip show up. Later when Shawn meets Mickey he tells him that he has a proposition for him.

Cassie gets a sample of Phillip's hair and after she leaves John tells Phil that his work is done with the ISA. Phil tells John that he thinks he has something on Rex, but John tells him not to worry about it anymore and that the ISA will handle it. He gets the call about Tony and leaves.

After Nicole gets through freaking out she tells Brady the only reason Victor married her is because she was a porn star. Later in her room Nicole dreams that Brady and Victor are making fun of her. Later Brady tries to talk to her, but she tells him to leave her alone.

Lucas wants to take Sami home, but she insists on making sure that Tony is ok. Tony tells them he is fine and thanks Sami for trying to save him. Later they find out that Tony has slipped into a coma and Cassie comes in. Sami offers to watch after her and Lucas leaves to check on Tony. John shows up
and goes inside Tony's room. Sami informs Cassie that she knows the truth that Tony is not their father.

GH by Megan

Carly tried to convince Lorenzo that Sonny was a man of his word, and that he promised Lorenzo something, he would come through.

Emily told Zander that she couldn't marry him because of the cancer, although it was a cover for her feelings for Nikolas. Later, Zander went to her room and found her journal. He picked it up, and read the truth about Emily's feelings for Nikolas. Emily went looking for Elizabeth, but found Nik instead. She told him about Zander, and how she lied to him, about her feelings. At home, NIkolas announced that the add on to the will was a fake, and he wouldn't be marrying Lydia.

Sonny and Ric fought at Martha's Vineyard and then Jason showed up telling Sonny that the PCPD had showed up at the penthouse. Jason offered to kill Ric for Sonny. Moments later, Scott showed up at the door. He asked Sonny where Ric was, while Jason held him at gunpoint in another room.

GL by Barbara

Tony and Eden arrive at Salerno's house. They are led to a room with one bed and are locked in. Tony believes that they are being set up and taped. Eden tries to make the best of the situation and get next to Tony. Shayne calls Josh when he discovers Marina missing. Frank shows up at the cabin and practically attacks Shayne. The police discover that Marina may have been drugged and kidnapped. Meanwhile, Marina awakens to discover Ben driving. He takes her to a deserted cabin, wanting to make love with her. Blake and Harley discuss the case. Harley didn't receive all of the fax that Gus sent. There is a connection between Ben, the Switzerland boarding school and Ariana. Jeffrey arrives at the cabin offering to help Frank with the investigation and finding Marina. He offers to intercede with the FBI since he has "friends" in Washington. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Vicki tries to get Jessica to open up about what's bothering her. Starr asks Walker for help in finding Todd. In return, he wants help from her with keeping Blair & Kevin apart. Blair & Kevin fly to Bermuda for the purpose of keeping her out of town, but the plane is forced to land when a storm comes up. Asa asks Dorian to sell the Sun to him, but she says she has no authority to do that. Lindsay & Jenn are found by Joe & Bo. Troy drags Gabrielle off & puts her in a drawer at a morgue. The director of the asylum is arrested. He tells them Colin made him hold the women there. Nora tells Bo about Gabrielle going undercover & how Troy found out about it. Asa threatens Dorian with a hostile takeover of the Sun. Jessica tells Vicki that she's the one that killed Mitch & that she & Walker are in on the cover-up. Rex catches Jenn & Joe together again. Vicki confronts Walker about pressuring Jessie to keep quiet about Mitch. He tells her he would do anything to protect Jessica. Kelly comes back to Llanview looking for Kevin. Nora gets a call from a nurse telling her that Matthew's been in an accident. It's shown that Troy's behind the call.

Passions by Ashley

Gwen and Ethan nearly run into Theresa at the L. A. airport. Gwen keeps on sensing that Theresa is near and feels sick. Chad promises that he will make up the night to her since he spent most of it with Syd. Whitney is jealous but keeps it to herself. Literally, all hell is on the loose when Tabitha goes into labor. Rebecca and Julian stand by to help with the birth. Eve and Charity talk while Miguel bonds with Kay over their sick child. Beth gets Luis out of the basement before he can discover Sheridan and in the meanwhile a DVD arrives for Luis.

PC by Beth

While Elizabeth agonizes over what to do about the Georges fiasco, Chris arrives at her hotel room, ready to work on the problem. Elizabeth's solution is to kill off the fake Georges, but Chris points out that it would make the papers and just make things worse. When Elizabeth worries about how this will adversely affect Alison's opinion of her, Chris decides to make some sketches. He works all night, but after seeing his artwork, Elizabeth is resigned to telling Alison the truth. She tries to improve upon his sketches but falls short of her own expectations. Newly inspired, she uses Chris as her model. Ian broods about his conversation with Kevin, who asked him to do the right thing for Lucy and Christina. He tells Lucy that he doesn't want her to give up anything just to be with him. Lucy assures him that she's very lucky to be with him, and she knows that if the situation were reversed, he would never leave her. After Imani's hotel room is trashed, one lone figure huddles under the bedspread, trembling from terror. When Jamal orders Jack to hand over Caleb's ring, Jack tries to throw suspicion on Imani, but Jamal knows all about Jack's ability to pick pockets. Jack tries to leave, but Jamal grabs him and lowers his fangs toward his neck. Realizing what he's doing, he releases his friend. Although Jamal insists that he wouldn't have killed him, Jack knows better. Jack has no use for a ring that would make his best friend try to kill him. He gives it back. At daylight, he and Jamal go to the river, and Jamal tosses the ring into the water. Jamal goes to visit Imani, who tries to get rid of him. Ian has a nightmare in which he visits the graves of his loved ones many years in the future, yet he doesn't look a day older.

Y&R By Rachel

Both Phyllis and Damon try to forget about the kiss they shared yesterday. Damon is falling for Phyllis, while Jack and Phyllis call a truce over how they have been treating each other. Neil and Dru let Lilly know Sierra spilled the beans about the concert she went to last night Kevin and Wes informed them she has a boyfriend. Refusing to say much, Lily tells her parents not to worry Kevin does not want to see her again. Colleen and JT are very happy to be back together, but Colleen is dreading telling her dad the “good” news. Sierra and Colleen both agree that Kevin sounds like an idiot, but Lily thinks they have it all wrong and that she is the one that acted like a child. Lily is upset that she will never see Kevin again, until she receives an instant message from him. Jill admits to Kay that she did take her will, but says she was just curious and they are bound by blood and will make the best of it. Jill later tells Mitchell the attorney that Katherine has made no progress since coming home. Jill believes that she is the only one that can help Kay; she wants to have Kay declared legally incompetent.

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