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AMC by Shahla

Greenlee finds the letter Mary had written for Jackson. Just as she is about to open it, Juan shows up and whisks her away to SOS. Meanwhile, Mary takes out Greenlee’s birth certificate and asks the Valley Inn manager to arrange for a wedding present. Erica and Jackson prepare for their wedding rehearsal in the reception room. Bianca runs into Michael outside, but thankfully, Kendall shows up just in time. After Michael leaves, Kendall asks Bianca what they were talking about. Bianca dodges her question and goes back in to help her mother with the wedding. Kendall tells Jackson that she can tell Bianca is hiding something. Jackson looks really annoyed and tells Aidan he wishes Michael would just leave them alone. Aidan gets an idea and says he’ll go take care of things. When Michael is at home, three masked men barge in, tie Michael up and throw him into a garbage bin. They then come back to Michael’s apartment and unmask. It’s Aidan, Tad and Boyd! Boyd runs through Michael’s computer files and says they’ve hit the jackpot. Lena shows up at the wedding rehearsal and asks to talk to Bianca. She then proposes to Bianca and takes out two wedding rings. Bianca is overwhelmed, but she tells Lena that she cannot accept the proposal. After Lena leaves, Bianca runs off to a bar with Maggie. There she starts drinking heavily, trying to drown her sorrows. Back at SOS, Greenlee spots Jackson and hands him Mary’s letter. Jackson wonders what Mary has to say to him.

ATWT by Tara

Rosanna and Lucy have one of their motherly talks at Fairwinds. Ro tells Lucy that Craig is driving her crazy and she needs to have a day for herself. She says she cannot get any work done. Lucy asks Ro if she thought that her and Aaron had done the wrong thing by making love on the camping trip. Ro eases her mind by giving the advice that if they love each other and were careful she had made the right decision. Ro doesn't tell Lucy where she is going to hide away for the day as to avoid Lucy having to lie for her. Meanwhile Paul is showing off his new rented pad to Jen. Quite plush I might add. He makes her an offer to move in with him. He also adds that her and Will deserve better than Barbara. Jen leaves and when Paul exits the room in walks Rosanna to find the peace she does not get. Paul and Ro squabble over who's penthouse it is. Apparently Craig had rented her place behind her back. He thought he had troubles with the poison ivy. Wait till Ro gets hold of him over this. Ouch! Bonnie gets Sara a job at the club in Oakdale bussing tables by the pool. Sara doesn't seem pleased with her new employment as neither is Jessica at Bonnie's hand in it all. Jess and Bonnie argue over Sara possibly being Marshall's daughter. Marshall came in for some lunch and who do you think served and deliberately spilled water on him? Sara accused him of it and he started yelling at her. It is Bonnie to the rescue with a shout "Don't you dare touch her!" Back at the Police station Jessica relays her fears to Margo about Sara and Marshall. The Stewart household is a nightmare of doubts on all's mind except Susan's. She yells at all there that Dr. Kovorkian, oops, I meant Decker is trying to get to her when calls to the hospital and Police Station were futile. Rick tells Star that he only did it to end the suffering of terminally ill patients. What about Bob and Gordo you ask? So did Star. He makes what I am afraid is a grave mistake by demanding 200 thousand more and calling Rick a "Morbid freak who gets off on playing God" Rick went berserk and attacked him. The outcome? Well, it did show the "Morbid Freak" digging the ground up. Hmmm. Could it be a final resting spot for the greedy reporter? Susan is about to go find Rick when he bursts the door covered in dirt and psychotically exclaims "Hello Sweetheart, are you ready to get married?". Katie is convinced that Simon is in Australia. Possibly at the sheep farm he had inherited. She tells Mike that she is going. Mike who seems to be unable to resist rescuing damsels in distress demands to go to. After all wasn't she there for him in Montana? He made a strong case and she relented.

B&B by Kathy

Nick sees his mom on his boat straightening up his clothes, etc. She says she's doing it 'cause he has a big date with Brooke and she likes her! She leaves and throws his bag of dirty socks to him. Amber gets home and finds shock in the fact Rick & Brooke issued Macy a restraining order. She thinks it's a bad idea 'cause it will push Deacon even more to get his kids. She likes Macy and thinks she's not out for revenge on Brooke. Brooke & Rick think the opposite. Rick finally gets Amber alone and convinces her things will be O.K. Ridge knows about Brooke's date 'cause Rick told him earlier. He thinks that's not a problem! Deacon & Macy talk then kiss. She's served the restraining order (as I said before). They're both upset and Deacon calls his lawyer. Then he tells Macy that Brooke & Rick are the only ones behind this and they will not get away with it! Macy knows this means they think she's a threat to his kids. They don't want to stay away from each other but they have to. Deacon finally thinks of a brilliant idea: They can't restrain her if she's Mrs. Deacon Sharpe! She wants him to get serious but he is! He says he loves her and she's wonderful to his kids. He asks her to marry him! Then they kiss!

Meanwhile, Brooke meets Nick on his boat. He loves her outfit. He doesn't think he can keep his eyes on the (boat's) course if she's that cute. She says he'd better take her out on the boat 'cause he promised her a sail away! She needs it 'cause of Macy, Deacon, and the restraining order. It was Ridge's lawyer that started all this she tells him. That makes Nick want to change the subject. He orders her not to talk about all that tonight. They go out on the end of the boat where they can see (nothing really but) fog. He romances her with words as he puts his head close to hers. He thinks the moment is very special for them both.

Days by Kristi

Kate is sitting at a table at the Brady Pub when Cassie walks by and kicks her brief case. The two of them exchange a few words and Cassie storms out. She runs into Phillip who surprises her with a bunny she names Whiskers. Meanwhile back inside Kate and Roman discuss Cassie and Rex and they talk about how weird Rex is. Mimi overhears and interrupts saying if they knew the truth they wouldn't feel that way. She quickly covers up with a story and Phil joins her at a table where she defends Rex again.

Nicole tells Brady about her childhood and tells him that her father never physically abused her but forced her to do things. He tries to ask what but she leaves crying and tells him to please not feel sorry for her. Later Brady asks Victor and Victor spills about Nicole doing porn. She overhears and runs in screaming at him.

Rex tries to figure out what is going on with his mood swings and head aches. He tells Cassie to get a strand of hair from Phillip to test to see if brain tumors run in their family. He is later joined by Mimi. He apologizes for mistreating her and she says she forgives him. Then she warns him that Phillip is up to something.

Sal stabs Tony and as he falls Lucas jumps on Sal and knocks him out. Lexie shows up and they take Tony into the operating room. Sami then overhears Lexie saying that if Sami hadn't said Tony's name he might not be in so bad of shape. Sami starts crying when she realizes it is her fault. Later the doctor tells
her she is healed and can speak.

GH by Meghan

Carly and Sonny hugged on the yacht, and she cried because she was so happy to see Sonny. Carly asked about Michael. Alcazar came in and told them their time was up. Sonny kissed Carly, told her that he loved her, and promised he would have her and the baby home soon. At the penthouse, Elizabeth turned when she heard Ric call her name. She realized that Jason had just made it look like he had killed Ric. Elizabeth told Ric that she would never go back to him; she was done with him. Sonny came home, and dragged Ric out of the house, and into the house at Martha’s Vineyard. Sonny suggested that late was better than never, and told Ric that it was time to finish what happened that day. Sonny pushed Ric, and he fell down the entire flight of stairs. “Oh shucks” Sonny said when he walked down after him seeing Ric was still alive. “Should we try again”.

Scott came in when Elizabeth was sitting down. He asked her what happened to Ric. Elizabeth said she didn’t know where Ric had gone; she hadn’t seen him. Scott told Elizabeth that he was sure she didn’t want to see Ric die a slow and painful death. She agreed, and told Scott that Sonny and Jason had Ric.

Nikolas and Emily talked in her bedroom. Nikolas told her that he had never planned on falling in love with her, but somewhere along the line, it had happened. She told Nikolas that he went from being her friend to be the man that had half her heart. They kissed again. Nikolas said they should be together, but Emily said they couldn’t be. . Nikolas and Emily kissed one more time, and then he opened the door to leave. Zander stood outside. Zander started talking about when he kidnapped her, and when they almost crossed over to Canada. He moved over to the window, got down on one knee, and asked Emily to marry him (yeah).

Lucky and Lydia went through Darius’s belongings in one of the tunnels. Lucky found a note that was written to Emily from Zander, saying for her to meet him on the bluffs. When Lydia didn’t see what the big deal was, Lucky told her the note was a fake.

GL by Barbara

Frank and Darci help out at Company. Darci offers to chip in for Marina's college fund. Darci calls Frank her boyfriend. Frank is pleased. Marah and Josh meet and talk about her trip to Italy and Reva. Eden and Tony set out to prove she is innocent. They head to NY to see Vinnie Salerno. Shayne and Marina prepare to have a romantic dinner. They get cozy. Marina tells Shayne that she regrets not being with him last year. Marina is kidnapped by Ben. Stay tuned.

OLTL by Kym

Kevin continues to harass Blair about selling the Sun. Gabrielle goes undercover with a wire to try & get Troy to let something slip. Vicki & Natalie discuss Jessica's weird behavior. Jessica tries to talk Bo into not taking Antonio's badge & he tells her someone saw her car at the crime scene. She continues to deny she's protecting anybody. Joey goes to the asylum & questions the director about Lindsay & Jenn being there, but he tells him there's nobody by those names. Jerry Lee Howell attacks Jenn, but Lindsay jumps on him & nearly strangles him with a pillowcase. Walker goes all over town, trying to track down Blair. Gabrielle convinces Troy she cares about him & he convinces her into going back to his place. Walker finds out Blair & Kevin are out together & calls Kelly telling her to get down here to stop them. Christian's in big trouble with Natalie for forgetting the wedding invitations in NYC. Joe calls Bo to come to the asylum, because he located the names of the women on the director's computer. Dorian tells Blair to cool it with Kevin, but Blair says she's setting him up to get caught by Kelly. Walker barges into Llanfair & starts acting very "Todd-like" demanding Vicki stop Kevin from hitting on Blair. Troy spots the wire on Gabrielle. Kevin plans on taking Blair to Bermuda for an exclusive story. Antonio warns Walker that he's rechecking his alibi for the night of Mitch's murder. Walker tells him to back off, because it's only going to hurt Jessica. Nora & the police break in on Troy & find them gone.

Passions by Ashley

Tabitha gets a visit from Julian to talk about the baby. But before they can talk he is attacked by the baby's serpent tail. Meanwhile, Julian is being followed since Rebecca believes he's cheating on her. Fox plans to keep Chad and Whitney apart. Syd eyes up Chad and Whitney does not like it and begins to wish she'd leave. Ethan and Theresa just miss each other when he heads to the coach part of the plane. Luis searches the basement with all the obstacles in his way while Sheridan starts to awake from a sleep and say his name.

PC by Beth

Having had enough of Casey's erratic comings and goings from his life, Ricky tells her to either stay with him or stay away for good. Casey sadly informs him that she wishes he hadn't said that. After she vanishes before his eyes, Ricky immediately regrets his words, but it's too late. Jamal swears that he had the ring in his pocket, but it's not there now. He claims to have stolen it in an effort to keep Rafe and Caleb from killing each other, because he just wants peace. As for how he got his hands on it, he was there when Rafe killed Joshua, and the smoke was his cover as he grabbed the ring. Claiming him as one of his own tribe, Caleb grabs Jamal and vows to make him pay for losing his family ring. Rafe responds by grabbing Olivia in the same manner and threatening her life if Jamal isn't released. Not willing to risk her life, Caleb releases Jamal. At home, Jack is dumbfounded when Reese sees him with the ring and assumes that it's for her. Her answer is an ecstatic "yes!" When Jack claims that he's holding the ring for his brother, Reese tries unsuccessfully to cover her disappointment. After making love, Reese is excited about living with Jack and wonders where to put her clothes. Near panic, Jack gets the ring and wishes that Reese would focus on someone else. Reese immediately decides to go home. She finds Ricky outside the house and fixates on him. Alison informs Rafe that she is glad that Jamal took the ring. When she begs him to choose her for once, he does, and he claims that he always will. Caleb informs Olivia that he has to go "home" to take care of this problem, and it's not a place she can go as well. After putting the ring in the armoire for safekeeping, Jack is confronted by Jamal, who wants the ring back immediately.

Y&R By Rachel

Kevin comes on strong with Lilly and she gets nervous asking to slow thing down, but Kevin says he is not into playing games and tells her to leave. Sierra slips and tells Dru and Neil that Lily has a boyfriend named Kevin. Phyllis gets dissed by her husband who is too busy for her but has time to share drinks with Diane. Phyllis vents all her drama to Damon in his apartment – they then share a kiss. Kay, Nikki and Ester find out that Jill has stolen Kay will; they all suspect the Jill is after Kay’s money. Jill seeks Michael’s counsel in regards to Kay’s will, but Mike wants no part of it, yet advises her to have Kay declared incompetent and look for Brock to help. JT and Colleen reunite.

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