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Thursday 7/24/03 Short Recaps

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AMC by Shahla

Kendall, Greenlee, Mia and Simone all come over to Tad’s at different times to hire him as an investigator. They all want him to locate a tall, dark and handsome stranger who has recently come into town. Tad wonders why all the women in Pine Valley are chasing the same guy. Meanwhile, Juan (the handsome stranger) meets Liza at Fusion. He invites Liza out for dinner to discuss a business proposition, and Liza breathlessly accepts. David goes to see Bianca at Erica’s penthouse. Bianca tries to convince David that she’s feeling much better now that she’s focusing all her attention on her mother’s wedding. She tells him that she had been depressed lately because of her break-up with Lena. David doesn’t buy it and later asks Maggie to try to find out what’s really bothering Bianca. Kendall confronts Bianca on burning her clothes in the park. When Bianca doesn’t answer, Kendall grabs her to make her turn around. Bianca gets really upset and takes out all her anger on Kendall. “If it wasn’t for you, Michael wouldn’t have…” she starts to say. Kendall urges Bianca to finish her sentence, but Bianca quickly runs out. At the Valley Inn, Michael sits down for a meal with his date. Aidan and Jackson show up and tell his date that Michael is a sexual predator. Michael gets really furious and warns them that they’re messing with the wrong man. As he starts to leave, he spots Bianca and smiles deviously to himself. Erica instructs Reggie to make sure that Mary never gets close to Jackson during the wedding ceremony. Reggie promises Erica that he won’t let anything ruin her wedding day. Meanwhile, Mary calls Greenlee and tells her that she’s misplaced a very important letter. She asks Greenlee to look on her desk, hoping that Greenlee will finally read the letter she wrote for Jackson.

ATWT by Tara

Back to Fairwinds after the camping expedition Rosanna is desperately trying to get the Annual Cabbot Report done while the miserable poison ivy covered Craig is pitching fits. He is wanting to know when Lucy will return home. Rosanna teases with the remark "Perhaps they got married and are now on their honeymoon" Lucy and Aaron soon arrive and Aaron looks shocked at the site of the pasty faced Craig and says" Oh, man, that is the worst case of poison ivy ever" Rosanna sends them to the kitchen for some cold chicken and Craig states his fears of what Lucy's plans for college are. Lucy surprises dear old dad and said she wanted to get advice from him about it. At Memorial Chris and Ally approach Rick to tell him that Chris would be his best man at his wedding he seems to have forgotten. His concerns are elsewhere with Jeffrey Star a reporter who evidently has some pretty incriminating evidence against the good Doctor. Mr. Star tells him he knows all of his College history of being nicknamed "The Mummy." Also of his tactics at injecting himself with potassium chloride to get as close to death as he could get. Star demands 45 thousand dollars to keep the information to himself. Rick agrees to meet him in 45 minutes and is forced to stave off the blushing bride with promises of a surprise from his safety deposit box. Ally at the Stewart home dances with her beloved Chris and suggests they leave after the wedding to go skinny dipping. She confides in Hal that she thinks Rick is a "whack job." Over at Katie and Simon's love shack Mike is wondering if Henry is being truthful about the information on Simon when Katie gets a call from Margo to come down to the police station. While waiting for Katie to show up Margo reads the letter and decides to keep it for evidence and not give it to her. When Katie and Mike arrive Henry blurts out about the letter. Margo relents and hands the letter over. Katie asks Mike to read it. The letter stated that although he is far away his heart is with her. He is sorry he left but had to so that she would be safe. He also says he is a "marked" man and is probably dead. After the letter is read Katie vows to find Simon. She is adamant that he is still alive.

B&B by Kathy

Rick, Brooke, and Ridge meet with a family lawyer to discuss Brooke's kids and everyone involved. Brooke tells him the story about Deacon and Macy in their lives. Brooke doesn't know what to do but the lawyer does...He gets her permission to have a restraining order signed by the judge to keep Macy away from her kids 'till the court date. They're all relieved! Amber visits Deacon. He has a chat about him, Macy, and little Eric. She fusses at him like the Forrester's do with him. He reminds her she's not really in the family either. He finally convinces her to let him see little Eric. Macy enters and she's not happy about that. Amber wants her to stay away from the boy. Macy's not sure what her & Deacon will be doing in the future, but she loves little Eric and wants the best for him. They invite her to go with them to play on the beach. She accepts. She says she'll get her family to come to an agreement and let all of them love and care for little Eric.

Days by Kristi

Belle and Phillip are working out at the gym when Phil mentions that he might not have a job anymore. She figures out it is because she got involved and offers to talk to John. Phillip tells her that he doesn't want her to say anything. She tries to argue, but he insists. Shawn shows up and Phillip goes to work out. TEK comes over and tells him they haven't decided whether or not to fire him. Later Belle almost tells John about Phil, but she stops herself. John tells Phillip he will do everything he can to make sure he keeps his job. They talk about Mya and Tony as Phillip gets an idea and runs off.

Jen and Jack get back from their jog and decide to take a shower together. They start to go upstairs when Hope and Shawn show up. They tell them about Larry and when Jack and Jen's guest for in the house cancel they ask Hope to go on. Shawn leaves to go to the gym and Hope agrees to do the show.

Sami wakes up next to Lucas and freaks out and leaves. After he gets her to calm down he takes her to the hospital. The doctor tells her that she will soon get her voice back.

Tony Visits Mya in jail. He basically tells her that he is going to kill her. She freaks out and asks to go back to her cell. Later Sal shows up and she tells him to kill Tony. Lucas goes to Tony's house and they talk about Sami. He asks Tony if he is in love with Sami and Tony says he doesn't know (Lucas looks really jealous). Tony says that they need to reschedule the meeting and they both go the the hospital. Lucas goes to find the doctor as Sal sneaks up behind Tony with a knife.

GH by Meghan

Ned was upset, when Brook said she wasn't coming to visit but Skye assured him that he just had to let Brook Lynn know that he was there for her. He told her it was good advice, and Skye asked what he prize was. Ned handed Kristina to her, while Alexis looked on from a distance. Alexis called Stefan, and told him to do whatever he needed to get back Kristina.

Zander suggested that he and Emily move in together. Emily realized how little privacy she had at home, and eventually agreed to move in with Zander. They kissed, and Emily left.

At Kelly’s, Lydia sat down with Nikolas. She suggested they go for a drive in the country, or meet with the wedding coordinator. Nikolas told her no, and then got mad when she kept asking him to do something with her. Nikolas told Lydia that he only had sex with her because he couldn’t have Emily. Just then, Emily walked in and heard Nikolas tell Lydia that he was marrying her, but he loved Emily. Emily left with Nik soon behind her. and brushed off the comment as a fill in the blank name because Lydia was annoying. Emily nodded, and then said she didn’t believe him. Emily asked what he really felt for her, and he said she already knew. They kissed.

Sonny called Jason on speakerphone, and told him he had an order. Sonny told Jason to get rid of Ric. Sonny walked into the room, and him and Carly hugged. She told him to never let her go. He promised he would get her home.

Elizabeth went back to the house to see Ric. She told him that nothing she did anymore was about him. She asked if he had someplace to go that was safe. Ric wondered why she was helping him, and she told him that she wouldn’t be a good person if she let him stay in there for Sonny to kill. Jason let himself in, and then opened the panic room. He pulled his gun, and stared shooting. Liz ran over and screamed that he kill Ric. Jason dragged her out of there and back to Sonny’s penthouse.

Courtney came downstairs when she heard Liz screaming. Courtney asked what was going on, and Liz told her that her boyfriend had just emptied his gun into her husband. Liz realized that Courtney knew, and yelled at both of them saying they were sick. She started to run out the door, and then heard Ric’s voice telling her to wait. She turned around and saw Ric coming down the steps of the penthouse.

GL by Hilary

OLTL by Kym

Passions by Ashley

Chad and Whit spend time together at a club and listen to hit singer Mya preform. Fox takes Syd to see Chad. He thinks up a plot on how to get Whitney by using Syd. Theresa decides to see Chad and Whitney and boards a plane to L.A. to give Ethan and Gwen time for their baby. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan board the same plane in a different class to go to L.A. Luis declares that the something different about beth is she isn't pregnant. But meanwhile she has time to get Edna to help her reattach her sugar sack and she convinces him he was wrong.

PC by Beth

Using an outrageous disguise and a horrible fake accent, Chris manages to convince everyone but Elizabeth that he's Georges, the famous European designer. As Georges, he promises to design an entire clothing line for the gym, hold a fashion show, and invite the press. Elizabeth is appalled, but Chris doesn't see any reason to worry--until he actually thinks about it. Kevin is dismayed to learn that Lucy signed the divorce papers, but he understands that she felt she had no choice. After Ian apologizes to Kevin for his behavior at the house, Kevin lays out Ian's future as a vampire and asks him to do what's right for his loved ones. Upset about the questions everyone is asking, Imani packs her bags. Before she can leave her room, she hears a noise outside and realizes that her secret past has caught up with her. She locks the door and pulls the shades, wondering how "they" managed to find her. Jamal claims to have hidden the ring at the bike shop. Rafe refuses to allow Caleb anywhere near the ring. Before Rafe and Caleb fight it out, Jamal shouts at them to stop. He agrees to give Caleb the ring, but when he reaches into his pocket, it isn't there. Jack is pleased with himself for having gotten hold of Caleb's ring.

Y&R By Judy

Lily is at Kevin's apartment and he offers her a beer which she accepts. Then the conversation turns to her parents and why she left Paris. Lily seems to want to take it slow but Kevin is anxious and they kiss. Meanwhile Neil is worried about Lily and tells Dru that Lily has a boyfriend. Dru supports Lily's quest by saying she is intelligent and tells Neil to call her but only gets Lily's voice mail. JT compliments Colleen and invites her to the concert, good for her, she has made other plans with Eli. JT is pretty pitiful, goes to their special place to strum his guitar and sing. boo hoo. He is thinking of Colleen and then we see her come in. Jack is upset about Phyllis not sharing business info with him and Brad suggests someone else do the job. They are still wondering what Michael is doing at Newman. As Brad leaves Jack warns to leave Phyllis alone. Diane enters and Jack questions her about Michael. She says she doesn't know why he is at Newman but thinks they should go have a drink. Damon and Phyllis continue to slurp cocktails and Damon goes on about Jack and how hard it is to be in the middle of Safra and Jabot. Phyllis is lapping up the story. Brad calls Damon and says ease up but he hangs up. In comes Diane and Jack and is seen by a shocked Phyllis.


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